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Full text of "Ancestral chronological record of the William White family : from 1607-8 to 1895"

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Alan Tomlinson 

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Monument to the Pilgrim Fathehs. 

Samuel White, aged CO Years. 


1\ ■ 






FROM 1607-8 TO 1895. 



We dedicate this book to the descendants of William White, our ancestor, 
with filial love and pride for so noble a part taken in building up our 
republic, disseminating the Christian Religion through the Pilgrim blood, 
manifested to the present day. 


This Reprint Edition was 

prepared and published by 

Calvin D. Gruver 

Box 23 

State College, Arkansas 72467 

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Arno Press, Inc., New York 





Chapteb I. ...... . White Memorial. 

II. . . William White to the Fifth Generation. 

III. .... Posterity of John and Joseph. 

IV. . .... Posterity of Thomas. 
V. . . . . Posterity of Thomas Continued. 

VI. ..... Posterity of Cornelius. 

VII. ...... Posterity of Benjamin. 

VIII. . . . Posterity of Eleazer and Mercy. 

IX. ..... Posterity of Peregrine, Jr. 

X. . Miscellaneous Families Traditionally Claim- 
ing Descent From William. 

XL ......... Poetry. 


The head of each family is printed in small capitals ; the 
children given in Arabic numerals, 1, 2, 3 ; where grand- 
children occur, Roman numerals in parentheses are given, 
(I), (II), (III) ; any great grand-children are given with the 
Arabic enclosed in parentheses, (1), (2), (3). The genera- 
tion is given thus : William 1 . The letters q. v. denote that 
his or her family occurs elsewhere in the work. The sign -|- 
denotes that the person is given later as the head of a family ; 
b. stands for born, mar. for married, un. for unmarried, d. for 
died, bap. for baptised, dau. for daughter. 


The family record herein submitted to the William White 
posterity by Thomas White and Samuel White embraces not 
only records of families, but incidents, historical facts, and 
personal reminiscences which are calculated to show the 
great part taken in the colonization and building up of our 
great and prosperous country. 

Peregrine White being the first-born white child in New 
England, and the active part taken by Resolved's and Pere- 
grine's posterity in shaping and establishing our institutions, 
morally and religiously, offer and impart an elevating influ- 
ence extending throughout our vast domain. 

No traditional statements have been introduced into this 
work which do not rest upon substantial grounds, deemed 
equally entitled to credit to those of historical records. After 
the death of William White his widow married Gov. Edward 
Winslow, and Resolved and Peregrine were introduced into 
their family, receiving those principles of religion and love of 
freedom which have shown in the after life of their posterity. 
The character of this work is to disseminate into this large 
family a desire to imitate their virtues and pass lightly over 
the errors of our Pilgrim Fathers, and if this is accomplished 
the object of the authors will be attained. 

Thomas and Samuel White. 



It should be the pleasant duty of every descendant 
of that earnest band of men and women who took 
fortune and life in their hands, daring so much to 
secure a free home for us, to turn to that Past, and 
let our honored ancestry be an inspiration and bene- 
diction to our lives. 

Sacred writing records the close connection between 
posterity and ancestry when it says, " children's chil- 
dren are the crown of old men, and the glory of 
children are their fathers." 

Ancestors and descendants reflect honor or dis- 
honor upon each other. Virtuous and godly chil- 
dren are the gems in " the crown " of an honorable 
ancestry, and in filial honor they in their turn cherish 
them as their " glory." 

We are a derivation from the past, and ought to 
be considered and weighed in connection with it. 
And it will embalm in the memory of the living the 
lessons, example, and obligation of an honorable lin- 
eage. And as the ancient Romans, when emigrating 
to foreign climes, took with them the carved images 
of their fathers, setting them in the place of honor in 
their new homes, so it sets the lives of our fathers 
before us to be an inspiration to our lives which we 
can transmit to our children, bidding them to hold 
the sacred trust entire, and so teach their children. 


It is well for us to go back in that past which we 
would honor, and learn the causes that led to the 
emigration of our fathers and the planting of the 
germ of this great republic. 

Puritanism began to rise with John Wyclif in the 
fourteenth century. He could feel, think, and act. 
His great heart was moved when he saw the " honors 
of the church were given to unholy men ; priests do 
eat up the people as though it was bread." And he 
called for purity, for reform in the church of God ; 
he tended and watered the weak plant of liberty in 
the heart of man. Bold men like Wyclif, Huss, 
Luther, and Calvin looked to see what the Bible 
taught ; they read, thought, and decided for them- 
selves. Their decision was thundered in speech and 
action. Men gathered around them, for truth made 
them powerful ; it was fresh and clear, not smoth- 
ered with the ceremonies of an old organization 
which tends to corruption. 

The term Puritan was first applied to men of high 
standing in the Church of England, but soon became 
a term of reproach and ridicule and then persecution. 
King James I said of them, they were " pests in the 
church and commonwealth, liars and thieves." Men 
and women were murdered and exiled, yet these 
sturdy English men and women would not yield the 
God-given right to think their own thoughts and to 
worship God in the way they thought right. And 
now we thank them tenderly, reverently, for their 
" rebellion," for the world is reaping the harvest they 
sowed in tears and blood. This freedom to think 
and act had grown to such proportions in its century 


of persecutions, that kings and laws became to them 
as snares. Country and home lost their charms, and 
life and property were risked and often lost. They 
gathered together with difficulty and parted with 
fear, until in 1607 they resolved to become pilgrims 
and exiles to a strange land. Through the love of 
Jesus and the extreme persecutions they suffered, 
they became deeply attached to each other, and 
determined that naught but death would sever them. 
Under great difficulties they left England, thinking 
to better their condition in Amsterdam, Holland. 
Not finding sustenance there some went to Ley den. 
One thing gave them much comfort : Under the care 
and superintendence of their beloved pastor, John 
Robinson, they enjoyed great freedom of worship. 

But this proved to be a place not altogether satis- 
factory. America had been discovered, and with its 
discovery the character of its inhabitants had become 
familiar to them. Notwithstanding all its evils, the 
Pilgrims were determined to seek a place where they 
could worship God as they thought right and proper ; 
and we see them preparing to emigrate with almost 
every obstacle flung in their way which persecution 
could invent. 

Yet " sore was the trial and grievous their misery," 
before they were able to settle with their families and 
beloved pastor in the " fair and beautiful city of Ley- 
den " in 1609, which was their home for ten years, and 
their church increased to three hundred members. 

Yet they knew they had not found the home of 
"Religion and Freedom"; they must not rest but 
seek farther. " Old age and grim and grizzled pov- 


erty was coming on them as an armed man," and 
they must " lay the foundation for propagating the 
Gospel of Christ in those remote parts of the world." 

So they resolved to seek the new world, and on the 
morning of the 22d of July, 1620, a few persons at 
Delft-Haven knew that a small bark of sixty tons, 
called the Speedwell, was prepared for a voyage. 
The living freight of men, women and children 
gathered on her deck ; some old, but mostly young. 
They had come from Leyden, and with them came 
their pastor, John Robinson. They believed they 
had found the right way, and were now to go for- 
ward on it, leaving behind the greater part of their 
church and their minister. They were sad, but 
hopeful; their conversation was low, but earnest. 
Then their pastor, that " blessed apostle of piety," 
knelt down on the deck, and around him his com- 
panions; he stretched out his hands and cried from a 
bursting heart to the Lord. And we shall do well to 
remember what he said. 

The parting scenes on board the ship brought 
tears to the eyes of the by-standers, when they 
embraced each other with their beloved pastor, .Rob- 
inson. Oh, the prayer he sent up to heaven at that 
time, when most of them were to see each other no 
more, and their farewell look was given ! Our dear 
ancestors, Father William and Susanna "White, with 
their first-born, Resolved, received that last benedic- 
tion, never more to see their dear pastor. Though 
the seventh generation, we feel the blessing of that 
benediction and that prayer to-day. May we emulate 
their virtues and honor their memory. 


It would be hard to say which were the most 
bereft, those who went or those who stayed; but that 
going marks the march of man toward the future, 
and toward Freedom. They sailed for Southamp- 
ton, in England, where awaited the larger ship, the 
Mayflower, which was to lead the way to the new 
world. On the 5th of August, 1620, the two ships 
with one hundred and twenty persons stood out to 
sea; but soon the Speedwell began to leak, and they 
must return to Old England without delay. After 
eight days' delay in Dartmouth they again sailed, on 
the 21st of August; but soon the signals told of 
further trouble, and it was decided that the Speed- 
well should put back to England. (It was supposed 
to have been fraud on the part of the captain, he hav- 
ing been bribed by the Dutch.) And on the 6th of 
September, 1620, the Mayflower set sail for America, 
solitary and alone, but with courage and trust in 

The voyage was long and tempestuous, yet with 
an undaunted purpose she opened a way toward the 
setting sun. They had now been on the sea sixty- 
five days, when on the 9th of November the low line 
of the New World gladdened their eyes ; they thanked 
God. They were weary and sick. Bleak and barren 
as the shore was, it seemed delightful after the long 
voyage. On Monday, the 13th of November, six- 
teen men went ashore to explore, " with every man 
his musket, sword, and corselet, headed by Myles 
Standish." Winter had now set in, December with 
its cheerless skies and bitter winds had come, and 
they had found no place yet fit to rest. The captain 


of the Mayflower was impatient to be gone. They 
sought for a convenient harbor and a site to land. 
It seemed as if God was against them, but they 
would not give up ; their end was not yet to be. 
They finally gained the land, and found it a small 
island (now Clark's Island) " this being the last day 
of the week, they dried their stuff, fixed their pieces, 
rested themselves, and returned thanks for their 
many deliverances ; and the next day kept their 
first Christian sabbath ashore." This was the ninth 
of December, 1620 (O. S.). "On Monday we 
sounded the harbor, and found it good for our ship- 
ping. We marched into the land, and found a place 
very good for situation ; so we returned to our ship 
again with good news to the rest of our people, 
which did much to comfort their hearts." This 
Monday is what we know as Forefather's Day. 
It is hallowed time, and that ground is holy ground. 
But before they had found a place to land and settle, 
those men of justice and sense, Carver, Bradford, 
White, Brewster, and Winslow (the four latter edu- 
cated men), drew up, on the lid of Elder Brewster's 
chest in the cabin of the Mayflower, an instrument 
which established the principle of individual liberty 
as a right which has influenced the destiny of man 
through all succeeding history. And on the 11th 
day of November, 1620 (O. S.), each man was asked 
to sign this compact: 

" In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names 
are under written, the loyal subjects of our dread 
sovereign, Lord King James, by the grace of God 
of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King Defender 
of the Faith, and so forth, having undertaken, for 


the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian 
faith and honor of our King and country, a voyage 
to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Vir- 
ginia ; do by these presents solemnly and mutually 
in the presence and one of another, covenant and 
combine ourselves together into a civil body politic 
for our better ordering and preservation and further- 
ance of the ends aforesaid and by virtue hereof to 
enact, constitute, and frame such just and equal laws, 
ordinances, acts, constitutions, and offices from time 
to time as shall be thought most meet and convenient 
for the general good of the colony unto which we 
promise all due submission and obedience. In witness 
whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names 
at Cape Cod the 11th of November in the year of 
the reign of our Sovereign Lord, King James of 
England, France and Ireland the eighteenth and of 
Scotland the fifty-fourth, Anno Domini 1620. 

Family. . Family. 

Mr. John Carver, 


Samuel Fuller, 


Mr. Wm. Bradford, 


Mr. Christopher Martin. 


Mr. Edward Winslow, 


Mr. William Mullins, 


Mr. William Brewster, 


Mr. Wm. White, 


Mr. Isaac Allerton, 


Mr. Richard Warren, 


Capt. Miles Standish, 


John Woodman, 


John Howland. 

Stephen Hopkins, 


John Alden, 


Edward Tilly, 


John Tilly, 


James Chilton, 


Francis Cook, 


John Cranckston, 


Thomas Rogers, 


John Billington, 


Thomas Tinker, 


Moses Fletcher, 


John Ridgdale, 


Degory Priest, 


Edward Fuller, 


Thomas Williams, 


John Turner, 


Gilbert Winslow, 


Francis Eaton, 


Edmund Margson, 



Family. Family. 

Peter Brown, 1. Thomas English, 

Richard Britterige, 1. Edward Dotey, 

George Soul, Edward Lester, 

Richard Clark, Richard Gardiner, 1. 

*John Allerton, 1." 

This compact may also be found engraved on a 
stone in the yard of Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, Mass. 
This compact was signed by forty one men, who 
with their families constituted the one hundred and 
one. " This was the birth of constitutional liberty, 
thus was organized the Rights of Man." And the 
sixth signer of this remarkable compact was our hon- 
ored ancestor William White. 

It is recorded at Ley den that William Brewster 
was a fustian maker (maker of cotton cloth). Wil- 
liam White from London and Robert Cushman (who 
came to America later) from Canterbury were wool 
carders; Samuel Fuller from London was a say (silk) 
maker; Edward Winslow from London, and William 
Brewster were printers, and Degory Priest from 
London was a hatter. Other exiles from various 
parts of England were also recorded. 

On the passage from England one died and was 
buried at sea, and one hundred arrived at Plymouth. 
By the spring of 1G21 one half of their number were 
dead. Among that number was our father, William 
White, the foremost to face danger and fatigue. 
With us, his descendants, we not only cherish his 
memory, but feel a thrill of honor, decorated with 
pride, that we sprung from an ancestor whose princi- 
ples, morals, and virtues were so noble. In this col- 
ony, with such good and wholesome laws, based upon 

*This list is taken from Prince's New England Chronology, edited 1736. 


religion, education, and morals, with all the religious 
privileges man can desire, which has been handed 
down and improved year by year for two hundred 
and seventy-five years, establishing our present com- 
mon school system, which has penetrated our whole 

While we try to realize the past, the hand of an 
all-wise Providence shines through the whole rise 
and progress of our sainted fathers as they left Eng- 
land and colonized our country. We do not claim 
for them perfection, nor do we think them free from 
error ; yet the superstructure was so full of the life 
of Jesus Christ that it has illuminated our whole 
country, and we hope it will never be extinguished, 
the history of our Pilgrim Fathers and their offspring 
who settled New England, giving tone and laying 
the foundation for a glorious republic, and the rights 
to worship according to the dictates of their con- 
science. Yet it was a struggle of years before it was 
fully accomplished and the superstructure laid of 
our common-school system, which is the bulwark of 
liberty, and as long as supported and cherished will 
sustain a republican form of government. 

Besides the living monuments of the descendants 
of the Pilgrim Fathers is the stone monument to the 
Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth, Mass., as shown in the 
frontispiece and described as follows : 

The main pedestal is crowned with a gigantic 
figure of Faith, forty-one feet high, 216 times life 
size, holding in her left hand an open Bible, and with 
her right hand pointing heavenward. On the four 
wing pedestals are emblematical figures, representing 
Morality, Law, Education, and Freedom. 



William 1 son of Bishop John White, mar. Sus- 
anna Fuller in Leyden, Holland, July 1, 1612, by 
Rev. John Robinson. She was a sister of Samuel 
Fuller who also came in the Mayflower. 

Children : 

1. Resolved-\- b. in Leyden, 1614 ; mar. Apr. 8, 1640, 
Judith Vassall. 

2. Peregrine -\- b. in Cape Cod Harbor, Nov., 1620; mar. 
about 1647, Sarah Basset. 

William White's "Breeches Bible." — A Well-Pre- 
served Book That Came Over In The May- 
flower. — Interesting Historic Facts In The Orig- 
inal Memoranda. 

There seems to be in Hartford a genuine and 
unquestionable copy of an old Bible printed in Lon- 
don in 1588, and a part of it in 1586. It was 
brought over in the Mayflower. A still earlier edi- 
tion was printed at Geneva, twenty-six years earlier. 
The later one is owned by Mr. S. W. Cowles, 891 
Main street, who bought it, two or three years ago, 
of Charles M. Taintor of Manchester. 

The book is bound, in old style, in boards and 
leather, but whether it is the original binding we can- 
not say. At all events the book is wonderfully well 
preserved. It is sixteen years older than a copy, con- 
taining the same famous translation, which is (or 
was) owned by Horace Johnson. This edition is 
called the Breeches Bible because of the translation 

"William White, His Book, 1G08. 


of the original word, in describing the shame follow- 
ing Eve's "fall," not as an "apron," but "breeches" 
made of sewed fig-leaves. What greatly adds to the 
interest and value of this edition owned by Mr. 
Cowles is the evident fact that the book was owned 
by William White, in England, in 1608; was brought 
over by him in the "Mayflower" on that now world- 
famous voyage; and that it contains, in ancient 
handwriting, on the margin of the pages, and on 
blank pages, a good deal of writing by White, whose 
son, Peregrine, has become noted historically as the 
first white child born on these shores. This old 
Bible actually contains the elder White's record of 
this domestic event, as well as other facts in his 
family record — his marriage, etc. Here is a part of 
the record, written on the margin of one of the leaves 
of this old Bible : 

Sonne born to Susanna White, Dec. 19, 1620. yt six o'clock 

Then follows a line or more not very distinct, but 
clearly referring to the domestic event as a cause of 
"thanksgiving." The letter e, as in "meet," is 
always written much as people now make an o. 

There is a great deal of scribbling on the blank 
pages, as on those separating Old and ISTew Testa- 
ment, Apocrypha, and the original old hymns by 
Sternhold and Hopkins ; for these latter, with the 
alleged music, are contained in the book, and were 
printed two years before the main part. This scrib- 
bling, and childish work of picture-making, seems to 
have been done after William White's death, and 
apparently by some of his children or grandchildren. 


One grotesque little image, in very pale ink on the 
margin of a leaf, has under it the name, Peregrine — 
as if meant for him. 

The leaf-margins, for a considerable space, are 
much covered with writing — for paper was scarce in 
those early days — and some lines almost cover others, 
making it difficult occasionally to decipher all. 

Perhaps the oldest of all the entries is this, — in 
pale ink, on one of the margins, and in a handwrit- 
ing that fitted with the fashion of writing in the year 
of Milton's birth : 

William White, 

his Book, 


Another scene, and one more historic, is referred 
to in this entry : 

Left Delft haven, in Holland, sailed for Southampton, 
August 1619. 

Another memorandum, or rather two, are these : 

Leyden, Holland, March 1609. 

At Amsterdam, Holland, April, Anno Domini 1608. 

Here is another, — of much historic interest now. 
It must be borne in mind that the dates of the 
month are according to old style : 

William White sailed from Plymouth in ye ship Mayflower 
ye 6th day of September, Anno Domini 1620. Nov. ye 9th 
came to the harbour called Cape Cod Harbour, in ye daunt- 
less ship. 

And perhaps a later had added, — 

And brought back for William Brewster 1622-3. 

The book had apparently passed into the posses- 


sion of the Brewsters soon after White's death, in 
1621. Their entries are usually dated "1622-3." 

It is a notable circumstance that the children's 
rude drawings of objects, when they include the 
" metin-house," make it just like the "old original" 
four-side roof, with a projection at the apex, that was 
built in 1638-'40 for the First church in Hartford. 

On one margin is a picture of an Indian, drawing 
a bow, and here is written, — 

Wee [were] greeted thus when wee came in on ye shore. 

Another entry is this : 

Some of our strong men went on board [on shore?] and 
put to flight the natives whom we saw. They being afraid 
of the Powder from our gunns. 

Here is a memorandum, made at the time, of an 
occurrence which has become as famous, in poetry 
and in history, as the Conquest of England by the 
Normans, 1066, or the Declaration of Independence, 

Landed yt Plymouth. December ye 11th, 1620. 

One margin contains these entries by two different 
persons apparently: 

This book is the property of William White and his wife 
Susanna who embarked on board the Mayflower from Ply- 
mouth, England. 

We road with great Comfort on board ye Ship Lyon [in 
some entries written Lion]. The promises we find in this 

We took this Book with our Company on board ye ship 
Lion, 18th July A. D. 1632. Returned yt to William 
Brewster for Mr. William White who came with the Ply- 
mouth Company and was made the Propertie of William 


Brewster for his Estate — His Book — Brought back to Ply- 

These memoranda, and many more, are on the 
margins of the leaves of the Book of Common 
Prayer, which precedes the Bible. One event — and 
to the lonely and anxious settlers, after that awful 
first winter in the New World, it was indeed an 
event — and a saddening one too — was the departure 
of the little vessel that had borne them across the 
pathless deep. It is thus referred to in the antique 
memorandum : 

Ye Ship Mayfloiver departed from us, in ye month of — 
March ye 12th, 1621. 

We found ye ship Lion, 1632, and was greatly rejoysed. 
Came Roger Williams on board Ship. 

There is more, but it runs into the print and is not 
very legible. A good picture of the ship Lion is 
drawn on the margin. 

The margin of one page has this, in a peculiarly 
marked " ancient " style of hand-writing, such as was 
customary in Shakespeare's time: 

John Carver, Sonne of James Carver, Lincolnshire, Ye 
man, called by ye grace of God, Governor of our Colony, 
Dec. ye 10th, 1620, for one year. 

Some of the family records, as that of John How- 
land, date back to the days in Old England, before 
the Mayflower and her voyage had been thought of. 
Some of the pictures of Indians, drawing the bow, 
seem to be the work of older persons than children. 
One touching reference is made to the necessity of 
levelling the graves, that were made in that terrible 
first winter, in order that the spying Indians might 


not know the truth as to the actual number the little 
colony had lost. (It lost fifty, just half.) 

Governor William Bradford appears, among others 
of the Mayflower company, in these " marginal 
notes " in the genealogical line. 

The name of " John Cole, Cole's Hill," can be 
deciphered out of much overlying scribbling; there 
was and is such a hill in Plymouth. 


While the imprint of the Old and " Newe " Testa- 
ment in this antiquated volume bears date 1588, the 
title page to the collection of Sternhold and Hop- 
kin's hymns is dated 1586. The earlier edition 
printed at Geneva, in 1560, was from a translation 
by "three English exiles" — Whittingham, Gilby, 
and Sampson. This later edition of 1588 says on its 
title page that it is 

" Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and con- 
ferred with the best translations in diuers Languages, with 
most profitable Annotations vpon all the hard places, and 
other things of great importance, as may appear in the 
Epistle to the Reader." 

It is of course printed in the old-time " black let- 
ter," much like German text. The binding seems to 
have been renewed, but it is getting very old and 

The collection of Sternhold and Hopkins' ( " and 
others' ") songs — an arrangement for singing David's 
Psalms which would have made David crawl — was 
followed in the attempted congregational " singing " 


in the Bay Colony for a long time. The title-page 
in this old Bible thus introduces them: 

Whole Book of Psalms. 

Collected into English meetre by Thomas Sternhold, John 
Hopkins and others. 

Conferred with the Hebrue, with apt Notes to Sing them 

Set foorth and allowed to be sung in all Churches, of all the 
people together before and after Morning and Evening 
Prayer : as also before and after Sermons, and moreouer 
in priuate houses, for their godly solace and comfort: 
laying apart all ungodly songs and balades, which tend 
onely to the nourishing of vice, and corrupting of youth. 

One of the prayers is " A Prayer Against the 


Not much seems to be known of this old Bible 
during the centuries that have elapsed since the first 
Pilgrims had it. It is clear that after being brought 
over in the Mayflower, it went back, after White's 
death in 1621, to England, and was again brought 
back; this time in 1622-23. Its subsequent experi- 
ences are not recorded. Mr. Cowles bought it in 
1892 of Charles W. Taintor (now deceased) of Man- 
chester. The price he paid for it was $12. At 
present he might perhaps get twelve times twelve 
dollars for it. 

Mr. Taintor's father wrote this note about the old 

volume : 

Manchester, Dec. 28, 1892. 
S. W. Cowles, Esq., 

Dear Sir : In regard to the Old Breeches Bible, there can 
be no rational doubt that it was brought over to Plymouth 

S. W. Cowles. 


by Mr. William White, who died there before April A. D. 
1621. The White family records, written on the blank pages 
and margins of the old Bible, are sufficient to confirm such a 
belief, for no other family in Plymouth, without they were 
allied to the Whites by consanguinity, would have been likely 
to have written so much on the leaves in connection with 
and respecting the White family. 

It seems that the Bible passed from the White family into 
the Brewster family, as the name of Brewster occurs in the 
book frequently — (probably written by a son or grandson of 
Elder William Brewster). The historical facts recorded on 
its leaves were written (to judge from the style of the 
handwriting) two hundred years ago, when those facts were 
fresh in the memory of the writer. It was also the fashion 
of those days to write passages of Scripture on blank pages 
and margins of books as we find them in this old Bible. A 
portion of the writing was doubtless done by the son or 
grandson of William White, and a portion by a Brewster of 
collateral generation from the emigrants. 

Yours truly, 

Charles M. Taintor. 

The owner has this note : 

I bought this book from Mr. Charles W. Taintor, Man- 
chester, in December, 1888 (I think). Called to see him in 
December, 1892, learned he had died about one year ago. 
His father looked over the entries in the book and afterwards 
sent me this letter. Also called on Judge Adams : see his 
letter on the opposite page. S. W. Cowles. 

Hartford, June, 1893. 

This is the letter from Judge Adams : 

Hartford, Dec. 30, 1892. 
From such examination as I have been able to give to the 
Bible above referred to, this morning, I see no reason to 
doubt that the volume was owned by William White, as 
early as 1608, and brought over by him in the Mayflower. 

S. W. Adams. 


State Librarian Hoadly, perhaps as good an 
authority as any in New England, substantially con- 
firms Judge Adams's view. — Hartford Times. 

William White was one of that little " handful of 
God's own wheat " which had been nailed by adver- 
sity, tossed and winnowed until earthly selfishness 
had been beaten away from them, and left them pure 
seed, fit for the planting of a new world, and their 
journal says at that time, " being now passed the vast 
ocean, and sea of troubles before their preparation to 
seek out a place for habitation, they fell on their 
knees and blessed the Lord, the God of Heaven, 
who had brought them over the vast and furious 
ocean and delivered them from all peril and 
miseries thereof." Therefore it was with this faith 
and trust in God that our little band were able to 
lift up their voices in prayer and song mingling with 
the sound of winds and waters, consecrating our 
American shores. 

He had done what he could and was called up 
higher soon after his arrival here. William White 
d. March 14,1621 (some record as it February 21), 
and his widow, Susanna, mar. (2nd) May 12, 1621, 
Edward Winslow, Jr., of Droitwich, Eng., q. v. 

Mrs. Susannah (White) Winslow deceased Oct. 
1680. She was our Foremother, whom it is meet we 
should rise up and call blessed. 

We must think of her as the brave young mother, 
who had left the old home of tender, living ties and 
holy graves, for the hardships of the new and untried 
life ; think of her with her babe in the tossing May- 
flower, when 


" 'Twas bleak and wild on old Cape Cod, 

'Mid the fierce November gale, 
While there the little Mayflower roamed 

With a lingering stranger's sail; 
And close a fair young creature clasped 

Her helpless infant's form, 
And cheerily sang through the chilling blast, 

' Oh ! a mother's heart is warm.' " 
Let our hearts thrill with reverence when we mention 
our Foremothers, our Forefathers. 

Resolved 2 White came to New England with his Pilgrim 
parents, Mr. William White and wife. He was born in Ley- 
den, Holland, about the time they resolved to seek a new 
home in the wilds of the western world, and received his name 
from that circumstance. He is supposed to have been six 
years of age at the time of the Mayflower's arrival. 

He mar. Judith, daughter of Mr. Wm. Vassal, of Scituate 
April 8, 1640. Their children were : 

1. William, b. April 10, 1642; d. at Marshfield, 1695. 

2. John, b. March 11, 1644. 

3. Samuel, b. March 13, 1646; removed to Rochester, Mass. 

4. Resolved, b. November 12, 1647. 

5. Anna, b. June 4, 1649. 

6. Elizabeth, b. June 4, 1652; mar. July 17, 1672, Obadiah 

Wheeler ; children (I) Obadiah, b. mar. Hannah Fletcher. 

He sold lands in Concord to Peregrine White, Jr., in 1710. They 
had a son Peregrine. 

7. Josiah, b. Sept. 29, 1654. 

8. Susannah, b. 1656; mar. Uriah Johnson.* 
Mrs. Judith White d. 1670. 

She was a mother and woman worthy of her times ; like 
Wickliffe she could see, hear, and act. When the Quakers 
were persecuted in court she could not sit still and hear them 
denounced with threatened persecutions and death, but 

♦Old Colonial Records, 1633 to 1689. 


(woman as she was, who had been taught to sit in 
silence in the church) arose and sternly rebuked the corn- 
plainer for his unchristianlike talk and behavior ; and to her 
bravery, and influence over her husband's half-brother, Gov. 
Josiah Winslow, he refused his signature to the circular sent 
by Massachusetts Bay Colony, and that no worse persecu- 
tions are found written on the Old Colony Records, she is 
entitled to the grateful remembrance of the Pilgrim daugh- 
ters. Green as Green Harbor be her memory. 

Resolved, mar. (2d), August 5, 1674, Abigail, widow of 
Wm. Lord, of Salem, b. 1606. She made her will in 1682 
and was living in 1684. He owned lands in Scituate in 1638 
at the place afterwards sold to Lieut. Isaac Buck, a half mile 
south of the Harbor. In 1640 he had a grant by order of the 
Colony Court, of 100 acres upland marsh on Belle House 
Neck adjoining Mr. Vassal's farm on the south-east. He had 
also other lands adjoining by deed of gift from Mr. Vassal in 
1646. In 1662 he sold his house to Isaac Buck and removed 
to Marshfield. He seems to have had two houses, the one 
near Buck's Corner and the other at Belle House Neck. In 
Marshfield he settled near his brother, Peregrine, on the 
South river. None of their children settled at Scituate. 
Their posterity is found in Bristol County as well as 
Plymouth. Some of them may have removed to Barbadoes. 

He was one of the original twenty-six purchasers of the 
first precinct in Middleboro, March, 1662, from the Indian 
chief, Wampatuck. They returned to Plymouth during 
Phillip's war. Several of them sold their shares and did not 

Resolved d. not far from 1680. He made two depositions, 
which are on file in the office of the Clerk of Courts. 

Peregrine 2 son of Wm. and Susanna (Fuller) White, 
b. in the cabin of the Mayfloiver, as she lay in Cape Cod Har- 
bor, November 20, 1620; and derived his name from their 
perigrinations — the name "Peregrine" signifying "A Pil- 
grim in a strange land." He was the first native-born New 


Englander. He came to Green Harbor with the family of his 
step-father, Gov. Edward Winslow, after 1632. He mar. 
about 1647, Sarah, dau. of William and Elizabeth Bassett 
(passengers in the Fortune, November 10, 1621.) He settled 
on an estate given him by his father-in-law, lying between 
North and South rivers, not far from their united outlet to 
the ocean. This tract was early granted to Mr. Bassett by the 
freemen of the Colony. Mr. Bassett was one of the land com- 
mittee of the Colony and was a large land holder. He resided 
in Duxbury ; removed to Bridgewater, probably about 1645 
or '48, as at that time Bridgewater was settled by freemen 
from Duxbury. All Duxbury freemen were given lots to 
remove there, but only few moved. But many of their sons 
settled there afterwards. Mr. Bassett d. in Bridgewater, 
1667. He left a large and valuable library for that period 
to his son-in-law, Peregrine White. Children : 

1. Daniel -{- b. in Marshfield, 1649 ; mar. Hannah Hunt. 

2. Sarah-\- b. in Marshfield, October, 1663; mar. Thomas 

3. Mercy -|- b. in Marshfield; mar. Wm. Sherman Feb. 3, 
1697; died 1739. 

4. Jonathan, b. in Marshfield, June 4, 1658 ; mar. Feb- 
ruary 2, 1682, Esther Nickerson. It is stated that he probably 
married a second time. The date of his birth he carried to the 
Yarmouth Register office, May 18, 1700. Children: 

(I.) Deacon Jonathan, mar. 1717, Dorcas Hamblin. 

(II.) Ebenezer, mar. 1727, Mary Smith. 

(III.) Joseph, b. 1702; mar. 1737, Lydia Baker. They had 
Deacon Joseph. Joseph Sr. died June 4, 1782. 

(IV.) Esther, mar. 1707, John Joyce. 

(V.) Mary, mar. 1729, James Russell. 

(VI.) Sarah, mar. 1741, Barnard Lambert. 

(The record of the children of Jonathan received from town 
of South Yarmouth.) 

Jonathan settled on Indian land in South Yarmouth at which 
place tombstones are to be seen of four generations, the third, 
fourth, fifth, and seventh from Peregrine. The spot where the 

28 white' family. 

old house used to stand is still known. He also lived in Middle- 
boro, Mass. Jonathan's grandson, Joseph Jr., had a son Pere- 
grine, who had six children, (I.) Peregrine, now about 84 years. 
(II.) William, 82. He has a cane which was brought over in the 
Mayflower by William White and handed down from generation 
to generation. (III.) Alfred, aged about 79. (IV.) Abner, 
aged 75. (V.) Rufus, aged 71. (VI.) Henry Kirk, who died 
in Brookline and was buried in Dartmouth, Mass. They live in 
South Yarmouth and are engaged in the coasting trade. 

5. Peregrine Jr. -f- b. in Marshfield, 1660 ; mar. Susanna . 

6. Silvanus, d. 1688. 

Capt. Peregrine d. Jul. 20, 1704. His wife Sarah d. Jan. 
20, 1711. 

The offices he held in town (Marshfield) affairs are as 
follows : Nov. 1651 " Voted at Town-meeting that Mr. White 
look to all such persons as live disorderly in the Township, 
and give them warning, and in case they do not redress their 
course of life, that he shall use such means to redress such 
abuses as he finds in such persons." He was chosen one 
of the raters, (now selectmen) 1651-1655, representative to 
General Court, 1659 ; grand juryman, 1660 ; selectman 1661 
to 1665. As early as 1637 he was one of thirty volunteers "to 
assist them of Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut in their 
wars against the Pequin Indians." One of the jury to lay 
out highways, 1667 ; selectman, 1672 ; deputy to General 
Court, 1673 ; foreman of a jury to lay out roads in Marsh- 
field, 1675. Chosen one of Council of War, of which he was 
an active member " in tongue and gun," 1673. After which 
he is styled Capt. White. On Marshfield's town record 
bearing date 1644, there are thirty-three Freemen of which 
Peregrine White's name is the twelfth. 

Receipt. " Nov. 11, 1677-8, Received by mee, John Wil- 
liams, for use of Abraham Blush, of Perrigrine White the 
sume of thirty shillings for rent, I say received by mee, 
John Williams, which is the one halfe. 

John Williams." 


" 5 June 1651. Surveyors for the Hiewaies Marshfield 
Anthony Snow, Peregrin White." 

•' 4 May 1651. Leiuetenant Perigren White Ppounded to 
take up his Freedom." 

" 6 Feb 1665-6. Leift" Perigrine White, Ensigne Marke 
Eames, Anthony Snow, John Bourne and Willam Foard, Sen r 
are appointed by the Court to bee the selectmen of the town 
of Marshfield." 

" 3 d June 1668. The Celectmen of Marshfield Leiftenant 
Peregrine White, Ensigne Marke Eames, Anthony Snow." 

" Deputy to serve att Court 3 June 1662. Leift Perrigrine 

" In reference unto the request of the Kinges commis- 
sioners in the behalfe of Leiftenant Peregrine White desireing 
that the Court would accommodate him with a portion of land 
in respect that hee was the first of the English that was 
borne in these ptes and in answare unto his owne petition 
prefered to this Court respecting the p'mises The Court 
have granted unto him two hundred acrees of land lying and 
being att the path that goes from Bridgewater to the Bay 
adjoyning to the Bay line " 2 October 1665. (This land went 
into his stepfather's possession.) 27 Sept., 1642 Mr. Edward 
Winslow acknowledged in Court that he had given to his son 
Peregrine "those his lands lying at Eele River." 

"6 March 1673-4 According to a graunt of the Court bearing 
date June 1662 and by a Court order bearing date 1671 Leif- 
tenant Peregrine White and John Nelson layed out 1000 
acrees of land lying and being neare the Old Indian way att 
Teticutt Rivier, about a mile westerly where Namaseakett 
Rivier runs into Teticutt and soe runs easterly marked and 
numbered by the river syde ten lotts of one hundred acrees in 
a lott running half a mile in length southerly and one hun- 
dred lotts in breadth as may appear by a draught thereof. 
vizS: — 3 lott To Leiftenant Peregrine White. 

4 March 1673-4 Winslow Gov r " 

1672-5 June "Leift Peregrine White and Willam Nelson 
Sen r were appointed by the Court to lay out or divide certain 


meddows belonging to Pachague Necke and the inlargement 
of Upland on Bridgwater syde of the rivier and the peti- 
tioners of Pachauge Neck aforesaid to defray the charge 
thereof 1672 June 5 Celect men of Marshfield Leift White, 
John Bourne, Ensigne Eames." 

"Deputie to serve at Court 15 Sept, 1673 Leift n White." 

27 September, 1642. 

" It is also agreed & concluded that Captaine Miles Standish 
shall goe captaine to lead those forces that shallbe sent forth 
and that M r Thomas Prince shall go w tb him to be his 
counsell and advise in the warrs &c and that Willm Palmer 
shallbe leiftennant and Perregrine White be the auncient bear- 

7 July 1637 

Among " the names of the souldiers that willingly offer 
themselves to go upon the s d Service, with M r Prince & the 
Leiften 1 was Perregrine Whites." 

10 June 1662 

"A deputie of every towne in the goument was appointed 
to take account of the Treasurer vizS of those that were att 
the Court Marshfield Leiftenant Peregrine White " June 10 

3 June 1652 

" The Constables of Marshfield Anthony Snow, Leiftenant 
Perigren White." 

6 Oct. 1659 

"Peregrine White one of the deputies impowered to acte in 
the ordering and settling of the trad att Kennebecke which 
was interupted by reason of some troubles amongst the In- 

6 June 1660 

" The Grand Enquest Leift" Peregrine White." 

5 March 1660-1 
" impanelled on a jury to enquire how Jeremiah Burroughs 

came by his death " Peregrine White. 

2 Oct. 1658 

" Appointed one of the " Councill of Warr" Leift Pere- 
grine White." 


3 June 1652 

" Leiftenant Peregrine White admitted a Freeman and 


8 June 1655 

" The Milletary officers settled according to the request of 
the seuerall townes are as followeth For Marshfield M r 
Josias Winslow Jun r . for Captaine; for leiftenant M r Pere- 
grine White ; for Ensigne Marke Eames." 

Taken from the Old Colony reports. 

On the Marshfield church records appears the following in 
Rev. Edward Thompson's hand-writing (record previous hav- 
ing been lost or destroyed) : " Capt. Peregrine White, the 
first born child of New England was admitted into the 
church in the 78th year of his age." On the occasion of 
which Rev. Mr. Thompson preached from Matt. 20: 6-7. 
"And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others 
standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the 
day idle? They say unto him, Because no man hath hired 
us. He said unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and 
whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive." 

It is stated that he was a son always filial and loving, 
visiting his mother daily, riding on a large black horse, his 
coat buttoned with buttons the size of a silver dollar. In 
the Boston Weekly Neivs Letter of July 31, 1704, the fifteenth 
number of the first newspaper printed in New England, ap- 
peared the notice of his death. "Marshfield, July 20, Capt. 
Peregrine White of this town died here the 20th inst., aged 
83 years and 8 months. He was vigorous and of a comely 
aspect to the last." 

The exact spot of his interment is unknown, but probably 
in the Winslow burying-ground where his mother was buried. 
An old book, "The Life of John Eliot," written by Cotton 
Mather about 1695, once owned by Peregrine, is now in the 
possession of E. L. B. Howard, Cambridge, Mass. It bears 
the autograph of Peregrine White, 1702, two years previous 
to his death. 

The following is taken from a tomb-stone in the Winslow 


cemetery at Marshfield, in memory of the pastor that preached 
the sermon at the time of Peregine's being admitted into the 
church : 

Here Lyes Y e Ashes 

Of Y e Reverend Learned 

& Pious M r Edward Tompson 

Pastor of Y e Church Of Marshfield 

Who Suddenly 

Departed This Lyfe March 

Y e 16 th 1705. 

Anno Aetatis Suee 40 

Here In a Tyrants Hand Does Captive 

Lye A Rare Synopsis Of Divinity, 

Old Patriarchs Prophets Gospel Bishops Meet 

Under Deep Silence In 

Their Winding Sheet, 

Here rest Awhile In Hopes 

And full Intent 

When Their King Calls 

To meet in Parliament." 

He was the grandson of Rev. Wm. Tompson of Braintree, 

was the fourth pastor of the Marshfield church, 14 October, 

1696. He preached the sermon for his own ordination from 

Isaiah IX, 10, and had before 1690 been a teacher. He 

deceased suddenly, March 16, 1704 or 5, aged 40. 

Daniel 3 eldest son of Peregrine White, succeeded to the pater- 
nal estate, mar. August 19, 1674, Hannah Hunt of Duxbury. 
Children : 

1. John-\- b. April 26, 1675; mar. February 18, 1700, Susan- 
nah Sherman. 

2. Joseph-^- b. March 1, 1678; mar. December 21, 1710, 
Elizabeth Dwelley. 

3. Thomas -\- b. May 8, 1680 ; mar. Rachel . 

4. Cornelius + b. March 28, 1682; mar. May 22, 1706, Han- 
nah Randall. 

5. Benjamin -\- b. October 12, 1684; mar. December 2, 1714, 
Faith Oakman. 


6. Eleazer-\- b. November 8, 1686; mar. 1712, Mary Doggett. 

7. Ebenezer -j- b. August 3, 1691 ; mar. 1712, Hannah Doggett. 
Daniel White d. May 6, 1724. aged 75 years. Hannah Hunt 

was a descendant of William Hunt who came over from England 
about 1635 and settled in Concord, Mass., where the old house 
now stands. It is very old, consisting of only four rooms. The 
old chest he brought with him is also in Concord. The house he 
first lived in was a mere wigwam built on the side of a hill where 
the hill formed a part of the house. He was a well educated 
man, well off in England and quite intelligent as was all the party 
that settled in Concord who came over with him. 

John 4 first son of Daniel and Hannah (Hunt) White, mar. 
February 16, 1700, Susannah, dau. of Samuel Sherman. Chil- 
dren : 

1. Hannah b. March 28, 1702. "First school dame" in the 
town; d. un. July 29, 1775. 

2. John-\- b. August 17, 1704; mar. January 10, 1724, 
Joanna Sprague. 

3. Abijah-\- b. October 8, 1706 ; mar. Anna Little. 

4. Sarah -f- b. May 31, 1710; mar. Isaac Phillips. 

5. Rebekah b. December, 1713; d. 1716. 

6. Silvanus b. July 24, 1718 ; d. 1742, aged 24 years. 

7. Jesse -f-b. December 7, 1720; mar. Catherine Charlotte 
Wilhelmina Phillipena Warner, a German lady. 

John White d. September 7, 1753, aged 78 years. Susannah 
d. December 22, 1766, aged 87 years. John White was a 
religious man, and gave a tract of land on which to erect a Bap- 
tist church, which was raised June 17, 1745, but was never used 
by that denomination. It was called Trinity church and was con- 
nected with the Episcopal church St. Andrews of Hanover, the 
rector officiating there one Sabbath in four. Mr. Davenport was 
the first minister who preached there. Mr. Griswold also officia- 
ted there. A new church was erected in 1826, two miles north 
west of the first building, only an old graveyard marking the site. 

Joseph 4 second son of Daniel White, mar. Elizabeth Dwelley 
of Hanover, December 21, 1710. Children : 
1. Deborah b. 1712. 


2. Ruth b. 1715. 

3. Elizabeth b. January 10, 1720. 

4. Joseph -f- b. 1725. 

Joseph White resided on his paternal grandfather's estate 
(Peregrine White), but upon removing to Lebanon, Conn., sold it 
to his nephew, Abijah White. Joseph White was a conscientious 
man ; once he mistook the Sabbath day, and was on his way to 
the mill with a load of apples, when he was informed of his mis- 
take ; he stopped immediately, took off his oxen, leaving his cart 
on the spot, and strictly observed the next day for the Sabbath. 
Mrs. Joseph White d. in Lebanon, Conn. 

Thomas 4 third son of Daniel White, mar. Rachel , set- 
tled in Scituate, moved to Dorchester, then removed to Bolton, 
Mass. Children : 

1. Samuel -j- b. about 1735 ; mar. Sarah Fosgate. 

2. William -\- b. in Scituate, 1736 ; mar. Lydia Goodale. 

3. James-\~ b. March 28, 1744; mar. October 5, 1768, Hul- 
dah Goodale. 

4. Thomas -{- mar. Molly French of Hollis, N. H. 

5. Esther, mar. Smith. 

6. Mary. 

(The following is what I have collected from ancient documents 
which came into my possession at the decease of my parents, 
which were preserved and treasured by them, making a clear 
record of the White family for six generations, which I have with 
pleasure prepared for all who may take an interest in our an- 
cestry. T. W.) 

I find a deed dated in the eighth year of the reign of George III. 

Thomas White, Jr., to Marbell of Scituate, province of 

Massachusetts Bay. He, by profession, was a cord wainer. 
Thomas bought a farm in Dorchester, sold out, and moved to 

He died about the year 1770 ; and his wife, Rachel, died about 
1794. His son, William, then bought out the farm at the age of 
about 33, and agreed to support his mother during her natural 
life. I have the bond stating what he should give yearly, viz. : 



September 25th 1770 
for value received I promise to pay to my mother Rachal white 
one third part of the Dwelling house where I now Dwell the nor 
west part and is to be one third quantity and quality and pay her 
one pound a year During her natural life as witness my hand. 

William white. 
this within ritten paid for one year 1771 

this within ritten payed for one year more 1772 

paid one year more 1773 

paid one year more 1774 

paid one year more 1775 

paid one year more 1776 

paid one year more 1777 

paid one year more 1778 

paid one year more 1779 

paid one year more 1780 

paid one year more 1781 

paid one year more 1782 

paid one year more 1 783 

paid one year more 1 784 

paid one year more 1785 

paid one year more 1786 

paid one year more 1787 

paid one year more 1788 

paid one year more 1789 

paid one year more 1790 

paid one year more 1791 

paid one year more 1792 
remains 0-6-9 

The following old documents are copies of the original papers : 

Reaconed and Settled with Thomas White of Bolton and 
Receiv d By Sundries (viz) one Cow. Seven Barrils of Syder & 
One pair of shoes The sum of four pounds Nineteen Shillings in 
full of all acct Dues Debts or demands to To This 18th day of 
June A D 1757 

M r W m Holden 


April 16 1759 
Rec ved of Will" 1 White Five Pounds Six Shillings & Eight Pence 
by y e hand of Mr. Gofs as Part of aturn in an expedition againft 

Bolton march 1 st 1762 

This may sertifie that we have afsefsed Thomas White for the 

poll of his son James White in full to all the Rates in said Town 

for the year 1761. 

Nath 11 Longley ) £ , , 

Sam" Nay % \ afsefsoi ' s - ***Jl 

This May sertifie that I have Rec d the Rates of Thomas White 
for his sou James for the year above written. 

James Houghton, Constable. 

I have a deed bounded as follows : ' ' Commencing at Widow 
Jones cow pasture bars, running to a stake southerly 35 rods, 
thence easterly to a stake and stone 90 rods, thence northerly to 
the road leading to Shawmut, thence on said road to first men- 
tioned bounds 37 acres more or less including rope walk." 

Bolton November* ye 20 1756 
I The Subscriber Abraham Whitney of Harvard Promise to 
Receive and Except a note of Hand which Mr. Ebenezer Knight 
Hath against said Whitne}' of fifty three Pounds Six Shillings and 
Eight Pence in the Line of fifty three Pounds Six Shillings & 
Eight Pence of Mr. Thomas White and in cafe Said White 
delivers Said Knights note to Said Whitney then Said Whitney 
Promifes to Deliver up a note of fifty three Pounds which Said 
Whitney has bairiug Even Date which note is to be Delivered 
within three months from the Date hereof 

Abraham Whitney 
. John Marshall 
David Alexander 

Isaac Royal of Dorchester, Mass. deeded "a certain tract of 
laud with a dwelling house thereon " in consideration of One 
Hundred pounds money upon the province aforesaid, to Thomas 
White, cordwainer. 

Marlborough August 28 th 1794 

then received of Pmoch White Administrator on the estate of 


Samuel White late of Bolton Deceased for my soport During my 

naturel life her 

Rachal O White 
Atest Robert White mark 

James White 

Dublin June 18, 1799. This clay agreed with Appleton & 

Adams to make for them ten potash barrels to be delivered at 

their store within 16 days the barrels to contain 31 gallons or 

more full bound for which I am to receive 3/6 per barrel in goods. 

William White. 
Thos. Whites 
filed May 28, 1770 

Probate 6 
Copy & Record 6 : 6 
War't 2 : 6 

June 15, 1770. 

In the name of God, Amen, the sixth day of July 1768. I 
Thomas White, of the town of Bolton, in the County of AVorces- 
ter, in New England, Yeoman, being weak of body, but of per- 
fect mind and memory thanks being given to God, therefore, 
calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is 
appointed for all men once to die, to make and ordain this my 
last will and testament, that is to say, principally and first of all, 
I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God, that gave 
it, and my body I recommend to the Earth, to be buried in a 
desent christian burial, at the descretion of my Executor, nothing- 
doubting, but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same 
by the mighty power of God, and as touching such worly estate, 
wherewith it has pleased God, to bless me in this life, I give, de- 
mise, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. 

Imprimas. I give and bequeath, to Rachel, my dearly beloved 
wife, the one third part of of my real estate, during the time she 
remains my widow, and also a third part of my houshold goods, 
and also a third part of my other personal estate. 

Item. I give to my oldest sou Samuel White, one quarter part 
of my real-estate, reckoning in what I have already given him 


being the place where he now dwells and also after the desease of 
my beloved wife, or after her remaining my widow, he is to have 
one quarter of the thirds that I have given to my wife, viz : the 

Item. I give to my second son William White, one quarter part 
of my real-estate, and after the desease of my wife as above said, he 
is to have one quarter of the thirds that is to say the real-estate. 

Item. I give to my third son James AVhite, one quarter part 
of my real-estate, and also his part in the thirds, as I have given 
to his bretheren. 

Item. I give to my fourth son, Thomas White, one quarter 
part of my real-estate, and also a quarter part of the thirds, viz : 
the real-estate at the decease of my wife. 

Item. I give to my eldest dafter Esther Smith the sume of 
thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence lawfull money to be 
raised and levied out of my estate. 

Item. I give to my youngest dafter Mary White, the sume of 
thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence lawfull money, to be 
raised and levied out of my estate, furthermore I also give to 
Rachel my dearly beloved wife, all the remaining part of my 
estate, the true intent of the thing is that she should have all the 
estate and movable efects that shall be left over and above what 
is given to the before mentioned persons. 

Furthermore, I likewise constitute, make and ordain my son 
James White to be my sole Executor of this my last will and tes- 
tement and I do hereby uterly disalow, revoak, and disanul, all 
and every other former testement wills leasies and bequests and 
Executors by me in any waies before named willed and bequeathed, 
ratifying and confirming this and no other, to be my last will and 
testement, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal, the day and year above writen. 

Thomas White. Seal. 

Signed, sealed, published, promised and declared by the said 
Thomas White, as his last will and testement in the presents of 
us the subscribers. 

Obediah Wheeler, 
Obadiah Wheeler, juner 
Abraham Wheeler 
Moses Wheeler. 


Worcester, May 28, 1770. Obadiah Wheeler and Abraham 
Wheeler two of ye witnesses to ye within will (being of ye sect 
called Quakers) personally agreed and affirmed under the penalty 
of perjury, that they saw ye within named Thomas White signhd 
& heard him publish, pronoun & declared as this written instru- 
ment to be & contain his last will and testement & that when he 
so did he was according to their best judgment of sound and dis- 
posing mind and that they with Obadiah Wheeler Jr. and Moses 
Wheeler ye other wittnesses subscribed their names together as 
witnesses of ye execution thereof in ye testators presence. 
Before me, 

John Chandler 

Judge Probate. 
A copy. 

Attest : Geor<;e H. Harlow, Register. 

Cornelius, 4 fourth son of Daniel White, b. in Marshfield 
March 28, 1682; mar. Hannah Randall, May 22, 1706. Re- 
sided in Marshfield until 1743, when he removed to Hanover, 
where he died. His children: — 

1. Lemuel -\- b. in Hanover, 1706. 

2. Cornelius, Jr.,-\- b. 1708. 

3. Paul+ b. 1711. 

4. Joanna -(- b. 1713; mar. Nathaniel Phillips. 

5. Da,niel+ b. 1716. 

6. Gideon + b. July 19, 1717. 

7. Benjamin -\- h. 1721. 

Cornelius White, Sr., lived at White's Ferry, where he was a 
shipbuilder and a man of means. 

Benjamin, 4 fifth son of Daniel and Hannah (Hunt) White, 
b. October 12, 1684; mar. Faith, dau. of Tobias Oakman of 
Marshfield, December 2, 1714. Had :— 

1. Abigail, b. November 5, 1715; mar. John Stetson. 

2. Tabitha, b. October 30, 1717; d. un. 1742. 

3. Lydia \-\- b. August 1, 1719 ; mar. Thomas Holmes. 

4. Judith -4- b. November 6, 1721. 

5. Benjamin, Jr., -4- b. January 23, 1724. 

Benjamin White d. of consumption May 3, 1724, in his for- 


tieth year. His widow mar. (2d) Thomas Foster of Marshfield. 
Had :— 

6. Thomas, Jr., b. May 4, 1735 ; mar. Mary . 

7. Deborah, b. March 10, 1737; mar., 1760, Anthony Water- 

Mrs. Faith (White) Foster d. December 26, 1758, aged 61 
years. Mr. Thomas Foster d. February 6, 1758, aged 72 years. 

Eleazar, 4 sixth son of Daniel White, b. November 8, 1686 ; 
mar. Mary, dau. of Samuel Doggett, 1712. Children: — 

1. Nehemiah-\- b. February 14, 1713. 

2. Peregrine, b. 1715. 

3. Eleazer, b. 1717. 

4. Elkanah, b. 1719. 

5. Mary, b. 1721. 

6. Beniah, b. 1724. 

7. Penelope, b. 1727. 

8. Thomas, b. 1729. 

9. Rebecca, b. 1731. 

Ebenezer, 4 seventh son of Daniel White, b. August 3 r 
1691; mar. Hannah Doggett, 1713. Children: — 

1. Obediah, b. 1716. 

2. Rebecca, b. 1718. 

3. Hannah, b. 1724. 



William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 John. 4 

John, Jr., 5 son of John and Susannah White, mar. Joanna 
Sprague, January 10, 1724. Children: — 

1. John 3d -f- b. 1732. 

2. Susannah, mar. Ezekiel Young. 

3. James. 

4. Hannah. 

5. Andrew. 

6. Nathan. 

His (supposed) grandson, Nathan, Jr., has a son, Fred W., 
who is teller in the People's Savings Bank, Worcester, Mass. 

May 6, 1736, a letter was sent by John White, Jr., to Mr. 
Elisha Callender, Elder of the Baptist Church in Boston, and 
appended to the letter was this: "Rev. Sir, — We, the Subscri- 
bers, in behalf of the whole Society of Baptists at Marshfield, do 
desire you to come to Marshfield and there administer the ordi- 
nance of Baptism to the persons above named ; and also that one 
of the brethren of the Church who dwell in Boston may accom- 
pany yourself. And the reason we are thus desirous is 
and we also have a great desire to see yourself once more at 
Marshfield doing your ministerial office. And further, we would 
inform you that those persons who have desired baptism, are per- 
sons of unblemished character, and persons who we believe are 
well grounded in the Christian faith. Sir, this comes from your 
hearty well-wishers : 

Thomas Doggett 
Nathax Sprague 
Timothy Rogers 
Jeremiah Crocker 
John White, Jr. 


Aiji.jah, 5 son of John and Susannah White, b. October 8, 
1706; mar. Anna Little. Children: — - 

1. Abijah, b. November 17, 1745; d. February 8, 1746. 

2. Deborah, b. August 20, 1746; d. October 19, 1746. 

3. Abijah, b. December 8, 1747. 

4. Sarah, b. March 29, 1749; d. 

5. William, b. August 9, 1752; mar. Little, his cousin. 

Their children : — (I) John, insane; d. un. (II) Priscilla, d. 
young of consumption, un. (Ill) Anna, d. insane. (IV) Sybil, 
d. un. ; was the last to inherit the homestead, which was sold pre- 
vious to her death. (V) William ; mar. Hall. One son, 

Ashton, mar. Bradley and has one child, Amy. A few 

years ago there was an item in the Boston Transcript erroneously 
stating him to be the last lineal descendant of the " first born." 

6. John, b. September 9, 1753. 

7. Susannah, June 13, 1756. 

8. Anna, b. October 27, 1739. 

9. Priscilla, b. October 17, 1740. 

Abijah White purchased the paternal estate of his uncle, Joseph 
White, upon his removal to Lebanon, Conn., and his grand- 
children were the last of the name and family to occupy it. 
Abijah White was the famous Marshfield Loyalist, and d. in Bos- 
ton, October 29, 1775; was buried in King's Chapel yard; ser- 
vices by Rev. Dr. Walters. His widow d. in Marshfield, March 
11, 1791. 

Sarah, 5 dau. of John and Susannah White, b. May 31, 
1710; mar. Isaac Phillips, January 25, 1727. Children b. in 
Marshfield : — 

1. Isaac, b. December 16, 1728; mar. Priscilla Turner, 1754. 

2. David, b. August 17, 1731 ; mar. Lydia Hatch, 1758. 

3. Sarah, b. April 4, 1735; mar. Thomas Hartley, 1752. 

4. Anna, b. March 15, 1737; mar. Thomas Dingley, 1756. 

5. James, b. March 30, 1739; removed to Baltimore. 

6. Rebekah-\- b. May 21, 1742 ; mar, Jabez Dingley, 1763. 

7. Joseph, bap. December 1, 1749; d. in infancy. 

8. Solomon, b. December 1, 1750; d. December 4, 1770, aged 
20 vears. 


Isaac Phillips d. September 18, 1787; Sarah (White) Phillips 
d. February 15, 1788. They lived in the marriage relation sixty 

Jesse, 5 son of John and Susannah White, b. December 7, 
1720; niar. a German lady, Catherine Charlotte Wilhelmina 
Sybellina Warner. Children : — 

1. Sybeline, b. November 14, 1744. 

2. Sybelim, b. March 28, 1748. 

3. ChHstiana, b. July 29, 1750; mar. Wm. Lewis, and had 
Samuel, b. 1788, and Daniel. 

4. William; mar. Little; had Sybil, John, and Anna. 

5. John. 

6. Anna. 

Rekekah, 6 daughter of Isaac Phillips and Sarah White, 
b. in Marshfield, May 21, 1742; mar. Jabez Dingley, March 
20,1763. Children: — 

1. Jabez, Jr.,-\- b. February 25, 1765; mar. Selah Peterson. 

2. Rebecca -\- b. October 14, 1768; mar. Luther Thomas, 1799. 

3. Elizabeth, b. September 2, 1776; mar. Isaiah Bradford, 

4. Isaac, b. August 4, 1782; mar. Mrs. Rebecca (Carver) 
Freeman, 1811; mar. (2d) Sarah, dau. of Tobias White, May, 

Jabez Dingley d. July 15, 1809, aged 72 years. Rebecca 
(Phillips) Dingley d. June 14, 1817, 76 years. 

Japez Dingley, Jp., 7 b. February 25, 1765; mar. Selah 
Peterson, 1793. Children: — 

1. Nancy, b. May 23, 1794; mar. Benjamin White, son of 
Luther and Mary (Deleno) White, 1815; had: (I) Mary Ann, 
b. 1816; d. 1818. (II) Benjamin Dingley, b. September, 1818; 
d. of consumption, December 20, 1842, in his 25th year. His 
mother d. October 15, 1818, leaving her infant son of six weeks 
old to the care of his paternal grandmother. 

2. Harvey, b. August 31, 1796; mar. Henrietta Bessey. 

3. Celia, b. June 7, 1800; d. an. 

4. Jabez, b. 1810; mar. Fliza Boynton, 1831. 


5. Ichabod, b. 1812; mar. Eunia Boynton, 1835. 
Jabez Dingiey and his family removed to Maine about 1820. 
He and his wife died there. 

Rebecca, 7 dau. of Jabez and Sarah (White) Dingiey, b. 
October 14, 1760; mar., 1799, Luther Thomas. Children: — 

1. Marcia Abiah, b. August 9, 1800. 

2. William Foster, January 10, 1802. 

3. Sarah, b. February 20, 1807. 

Rebecca (Dingiey) Thomas d. March 30, 1808. Luther 
Thomas mar. (2d) Anne Hewitt. He d. April, 1831, aged 75 
years. Miss Marcia Abiah Thomas d. in Marshfield of dropsy, 
September 14, 1879, aged 79 years, 1 month, 5 days. She was 
Marshfield's honored historian, working untiringly to rescue from 
oblivion, preserve and hand down correctly to coming generations, 
the history of the past, with its hardships and triumphs. Con- 
sidering herself a link between the past and future, she left 
money (from her not abundant means) assisted by friends, to 
erect a monument on the Ancient Burying Hill, to the early set- 
tlers of Green Harbor, determined that 

"They should not sleep forever 

Unhonored in their graves, 
Who braved for us the battle shower, 

And walked the stormy waves. 
Their dust is calling from the ground, 

With strong and steady cry ; 
For unlettered are their spots of rest, 

And their names are passing by." 

The brother died unmarried, July 26, 1883, aged 81 years. 
Sarah remains alone in the old home, an able, intellectual 
woman. When she passes away, an untold amount of correct 
historical knowledge will be lost. The only descendants of that 
family are the family of their half-brother, Luther Thomas, Jr. 

Dr. John White, 6 son of John, Jr.; b. 1731; mar. Polly 
Wadsworth, a relative of the poet Henry W. Longfellow. He 
was a soldiei in the Revolutionary army, and a resident of 
Blandford, Mass.; d. 1791. Children: — 

1. Vassel-\- b. 1761; mar. Mary Kingsley. 


2. John ; served in the Revolutionary army from Massachu- 
setts ; settled in Central New York. 

3. Samuel; settled in Chenango county, New York. 

4. Ebenezer; was a Methodist preacher in New York. 

5. Sallie ; mar. Lloyd. 

6. Fanny Maria; mar. Kingsley. 

7. Mary or Polly; mar. Blair. 

Vassel, 7 son of Dr. John and Polly (Wadsworth) White; 
mar. Mary Kingsley, b. 1776. Served four enlistments in the 
Revolutionary army from Massachusetts. Was made totally 
deaf while in the army, which prevented him from pursuing 
the study of medicine, as he had desired. He was a man of 
some intellectual power and ambition. Removed from 
Becket, Mass., to Litchfield County, N. Y.; d. 1830. His 
wife, Mary (Kingsley) White, d. 1846. Children: — 

1. Vassel -4-, b. 1792; mar. Lucy Brown. 

2. Whitman, b. 1794; d. 1795. 

3. John, b. 1797; mar. 

4. Mary-\-, b. 1799; mar. Tompkins of Bloomington, 

111. (Twin.) 

5. Rebecca -f-, b. 1799; mar. Briggs of Eaton, N. Y. 


6. Sarclis, b. 1801; d. 1827, childless. 

7. Amos Kingsley, b. 1803; was a physician ; d. 1842, child- 

8. Albert, b. 1805 ; d. 1850, childless. 

9. Sarah Eliza -(-, b. 1807; mar. (1st) Avery; (2d) 

Charles Northrop. 

10. Milton-\-, b. 1809; mar. Fanny Bennett. 

11. Elijah Kingsley -{-, b. 1811; mar. Sarah Kellogg. 

12. Harmony Amanda, b. 1813 ; mar. Lysander Robinson ; 
she d. 1880. They had : (I) Henry T., b. 1848 ; d. 1886, child- 
less. (II) Nellie, b. 1855; resides in Utica, N. Y. 

13. Julianna, b. 1815 ; mar. James Mason of Utica, N. Y. ; 
she d. 1879. They had: (I) Emma A., b. 1855; mar. R. F. 
Murray of Chicago, 111. 


14. Fanny Maria, b. 1817; mar. S. Kershaw; d. 1875, child- 

15. Whitman, b. 1819 ; d. 1837, childless. 

Following is a copy of a hymn written by Vassel White, on 
the occasion of the dedication of a church in central New York : 


With joyful hearts and tuneful songs 

Let us approach the mighty Lord ; 
Proclaim His honors with our tongues 

And sound His wondrous truth abroad. 

His glorious name on golden lyre 

Strike all the tuneful choir above, 
And boundless nature's realms conspire 

To celebrate His matchless love. 

A Heaven of Heaven is His bright throne, 

And cherubs wait His high behest, 
Yet for the merits of His Son 

He visits man in humble dust. 

In temples sacred to His name 

His saints assemble round His board, 

Raise their Hosannas to the Lamb 
And taste the supper of the Lord. 

Vassall White, 1761-1830. 

Vassel, Jr., 8 son of Vassel and Mary (Kingsley) White ; 
mar .» Lucy Brown; he was a physician, residing in Curtis- 
ville, Berkshire Co., Mass.; d. 1856. Children: — 

1. Whitman Vassel -J-, b. 1834; mar. Louisa Reed. He was 
a surgeon in War of the Rebellion, serving in 47th Regt. N. Y. 
Vols., and also 57th Regt. Mass. Vols. 

2. Newton, b. 1836; d. 1861, childless. 

3. Eliza B., b. 1838; mar. H. S. Durancl of Chicago, 111. 

4. Lucy B., b. 1841 ; resides in Curtisville, Mass. 

John, 8 son of Vassel and Mary (Kingsley) White; mar. 
; settled in Eaton, N. Y.; d. 1844. Children: — 

1. Charles W., b. 1819; mar. ; he d. 1893. Had a son, 

Charles Perkins, b. January 18, 1869. 


2. Edwin 0., b. 1821; mar. ; d. 1888. They had: 

(I) Adelia Sophia, b. September 16, 1847; mar. Tucker- 
man, and had Edwin Gilbert, b. July 30, 1867, and Earl AVhite, 
b. August 19, 1876. (II) Adelaide Sophronia, b. April 19, 
1853 ; mar. Miller, and had James Edgar, b. May 8, 1879. 

3. Soj)hronia E., b. 1823; d. 1854; un. 

4. Henry Kirke, b. 1825; mar. . They had: (I) Henry 

Draper, b. October 2, 1865. (II) Jessie Beatrice, b. December 

10, 1867. (Ill) Emma Elisabeth, b. May 28, 1873; mar. 

Barnard, and had Beatrice, b. June 5, 1893. 

5. Harriet E. -\-, b. 1827 ; mar. Coman. 

6. Jahin A., b. 1829 ; d. 1888, childless. 

7. Leander J., b. 1831; mar. . They had: (I) Henry 

Kirke. (II) Charles B., d. (Ill) John. (IV) Neil S. 

8. Clara F., b. 1833; un. 

9. Franklin W., b. 1836; mar. ; d. 1890. They had: 

(I) Clara Frances, b. December 15, 1881. (II) Walter S., 
b. October 16, 1883. (Ill) May Eliza, b. December 15, 1885. 

10. Hannah Mary, b. 1839; mar. Hecox ; childless. 

11. Ellen L., b. 1841; mar. Bennett. They had: 

(I) Lynn J., b. July 11, 1864, mar., and had Verr, b. March 27, 
1887, Vera, b. October 12, 1888, and Barbara, b. October 13, 
1891. (II) Ella, b. April 19, 1868; d. September 3, 1874. 

Harriet E., 9 dau. of John and White; mar. 

Coman. Children : — 

1. Hattie C, b. 1849; d. 1870; un. 

2. John S., b. 1857; mar. . They had: (I) Benjamin 

W., b. 1885. (II) Henry, b. 1890. (Ill) Lawrence, b. 1892. 

3. Henry B., b. 1858; mar, . They had: (I) Harriet, 

b. 1889. (II) Dorothy, b. 1892. 

Mary, 8 dau. of Vassel and Mary (Kingsley) White ; mar. 
Tompkins of Bloomington, 111. Children : — 

1. Martha -\-, b. 1824; mar. J. Edward. 

2. Amanda, b. 1826; d. 1865. 

3. Whitman, b. 1835; mar. Lucy Stone; he d. 1860. They 
had : (I) Alice. (II) Mary Alkine. 


4. Vassel, b. 1838; mar. Mary E. Howell. They had: 

(I) Jones Elbert. (II) Charles. (Ill) Harry. (IV) Fanny B. 
(V) Mary. 

Martha, 9 dau. of Mary (White) Tompkins ; mar. J. Ed- 
ward. Children : — 

1. John M., b. 1845. 

2. Mary F., b. 1847. 

3. Albert, b. 1849. 

4. Frances A., b. 1852. 

5. Martha Antoinette, b. 1858. 

6. Charles H., b. 1859. 

Sarah Eliza, 8 dau. of Vassel and Mary (Kingsley) 
White; mar. (1st) Joel Avery; (2d) Charles Northrop. 
Children : — 

1. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1829; mar. D. N. Curtis of Canaan 
Centre, N. Y. They had : (I) Charles N., b. 1855 ; d. 1875 ; un. 

(II) Anna Louise, b. 1864 ; mar. Rev. J. Perry Beaver. They 
have: (1) Olive C, b. 1887. (2) Ruby A., b. 1889. (3) Grace 
I)., b. 1892. (4) Charles E., b. 1894. 

Milton', 8 son of Vassel and Mary (Kingsley) White; mar. 
Fanny Bennett; resided in Litchfield and Utica, N. Y.; he 
d. 1891 or '92. Children: — 

1. Fanny Mercelia, b. 1836; mar. Benjamin F. Harvey; she 
d. 1875. They had: (I) Fannie. (II) Judson W. (Ill) Vera 
C. (IV) Ella M. (V) Lena M. 

2. Susan Cornelia ; mar. Henry Johnson of Rome, N. Y. ; no 

3. Milton Deloss, b. 1845 ; mar. Mary L. Race. They have : 
(I) Emma White. 

4. Vassel Whitman, b. 1848; mar. Emma A. Hallenbeck. 
They have : (I) Fanny A. ; resides in Utica, N. Y. 

5. Abigail Minerva, b. 1851 ; mar. Irving 1). York. No 

Elijah Kingsley, M. D., 8 son of Vassel and Mary 


(Kingsley) White ; mar. Sarah Kellogg ; b. 1815. Sarah 
(Kellogg) White d. 1890. Formerly of Florida and a mem- 
ber of the first constitutional convention of Florida. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Henry Kirke, b. 1840; mar. Emily Blanchard. He is an 
attorney at law in St. Joseph, Mo. They have : (I) Hilda Kirke, 
b. 1883. (II) Anna Blanchard, b. 1885. (Ill) Sarah Kellogg, 
b. 1887. (IV) Emily Mildred, b. 1889. (V) Helen Gertrude, 
b. 1893; d. 1895. (VI) Marion, b. 1894. 

William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 Joseph. 4 

Joseph, 5 son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Dwelley) White, 
b. October 14, 1725 ; mar., 1744, Martha Sawyer. Lived in 
North Woodstock, Conn. Children: — 

1. Cornelius -\-, b. March 24, 1746; mar. April 25, 1771, 
Miriam Brackett. 

2. Peregrine -j-, b. August 13, 1747; mar. Rebecca Bacon. 

3. Rachel. 

4. Joel; mar., and lived in several different places. 

5. Martha. 

6. Mary, b. August 30, 1757. 

7. Anna, b. April 10, 1760. 

Cornelius, 6 son of Joseph and Martha (Sawyer) White ; 
mar., April 25, 1771, Miriam Brackett, b. November 22, 
1752. Children: — 

1. John; b. February 1, 1773; d. September 14, 1775. 

2. Joel; b. January 11, 1775; d. May 7, 1776. 

3. Joseph-\-, b. Febuary 23, 1777; mar., July 31, 1803, 
Olive Johnson. 

4. Azubah. b. May 23, 1779; d. May 31, 1872; un. 

5. Lucy, b. March 15, 1781 ; d. July 15, 1872; un. 

6. Am-\-, b. September 15, 1783; mar., November 25, 1813, 
Lucia Leavens. 

7. Freeland, b. December 19, 1786; d. August 30, 1871; un. 

8. Patta, b. February 8, 1790; d. April 13, 1795. 

9. Marvin, b. September 19, 1792; mar. ; d. July 15, 

1860, childless. 


10. Salem, b. February 27, 1795; d. August, 1834; uu. 
Cornelius lived in North AVoodstock, Conn., where he died. 

Pekegeine, 6 son of Joseph and Martha (Sawyer) White ; 
mar. Rebecca Bacon. Children : — 

1. Erastus. 

2. Celura. 

Both of whom lived and died ou the paternal estate. 

Joseph," son of Cornelius and Miriam (Brackett) White ; 
mar., July 31, 1803, Olive Johnson of North Brookfield, 
Mass. Children : — 

1. Lucy Ann-\-, b. November 7, 1804; mar. George L. Baker. 

2. Olive J., b. March 25, 1806; d. February 9, 1884. 

3. Adelia, b. December 30, 1808; d. January 24, 1884. 

4. Cornelia, b. March 24, 1801 ; d. April 10, 1877. 

5. Peregrine, b. November 14, 1815; mar. Jane E. Turner; 
d. February 2, 1875, childless. 

Joseph removed to Exeter, N. Y. 

Asa, 7 son of Cornelius and Miriam (Brackett) White ; 
mar., November 25, 1813, Lucia Leavens. Children: — 

1. Emily 4-, b. November 4, 1814; mar. Martin Dyckman. 

2. Lyman L., b. April 23, 1817; d. 

3. Frances F., b. June 13, 1818; d. December 11, 1821. 

4. Warren W., b. November 25, 1821 ; mar. . Resides 

in Putnam, Conn. 

5. Asa L., b. November 14, 1823; d. 

Lucy Axx, 8 dau. of Joseph and Olive (Johnson) White ; 
mar. George L. Baker; she died February 24, 1837. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. James Edwin, b. January 31, 1833; d. November 9, 1844. 

2. Adelia White, b. February 9, 1835 ; adopted by her uncle, 
Peregrine AVhite ; resides in Peekskill, N. Y. 

Emily, 8 dau. of Asa and Lucia (Leavens) White ; mar. 
Martin Dyckman. Children : — 
1. William. 

Peregrine White's Watch. 


2. Catherine. 

3. Warren. 

4. Lucia White. 

5. Walter. 

Joseph, son of ; said to have been a captain in 

the English navy ; mar. Catherine Andrews, and settled in 
Boston, Mass. Children : — 

1. Josiati -j- ; mar., September 6, 1744, Sarah Holbrook of 
Braintree, Mass. Both died in 177G. 

2. Benjamin -\- ; mar. Katherine Andross. They had Benja- 
min. Benjamin, Sr., died before 1747. 

3. Sarah; mar. Greeuough. 

4. Abigail; mar. Parkman. 

Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Katherine (Andross) 
White of Boston; mar. . Children: — 

1. Susan ; mar. Charles Holmes of Boston, Mass. They had 
Susan, who married Alpheus Hardy, who was a merchant in Bos- 
ton. He died and his widow now resides on Joice St., Boston, 

2. Abigail. 

3. Mary. 

4. Eliza. 

The above three remained unmarried, living to a green old age 
in Boston, in the original old brick house, the bricks of which it 
was built were brought from England. 

5. Margaret; mar. Rev. Hezekiah May. Had eight children, 
four boys and four girls, all of whom died except Benjamin 
White, who was born in Bangor, Me., where his father had gone 
as a missionary, September 3, 1808. 

Benjamin White May has in his possession a silver watch, 
made in London, Eng., by T. Gardner, in 1655 — the date being 
on the inside of the watch — and owned by Peregrine. Being 
handed down from father to son, and as Benjamin W. May has 
no children, it goes to his nephew, who bears the same name, and 
is a member of the firm of May, Park & Co., bankers, Tionesta, 
Pa. The watch was on exhibition in the government building at 
the World's Fair in Chicago, as a colonial relic. 


JOSIA ft, son of Joseph and Katherine (Andrews) White, 
mar., September 6, 1744, Sarah Holbrook of Braintree. Set- 
tled in Boston, Mass. Both d. 1776. Children: — 

1. Sarah, b. June G, 1745; d. October 13, 1751. 

2. Elizabeth, b. Jul} 7 27, 1747; mar. Newcomb of Ran- 
dolph, Mass., d. 1818. 

3. Abigail, b. September 14, 1749; mar. Jeremiah Niles. 

4. Sarah, b. October 19, 1752 ; mar. Tory. 

5. Joseph, b. February 27, 1755; a printer, lived in Charles- 
town ; was twice married. 

6. Lucy, b. June 20, 1758. 

7. Mary, b. January 12, 17G0; mar., March, 1779, Samuel 
Richards of Boston. Removed to Dedham, Mass., 1803; d. 
January 20, 1836. 

Following is a copy of the Will of Joseph White, also his Coat 
of Arms : — 

In the name of God, Amen. This ninth day of March Anno 
Domini One thousand seven hundred and forty seven, and of the 
reign of George II. of Great Britain the twenty-second : 

I Joseph White, of Boston, in the County of Suffolk and Pro- 
vince of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Being at present 
but weak and infirm of body, but of a Sound and disposing Mind 
and Memory, Thanks be rendered to Almighty God therefor, and 
knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to die, aud being 
desirous to settle and adjust my temporal affairs in such a man- 
ner that no remainder standing nor contentions may arise thereon 
after my decease, Do make and ordain this my Last Will and 
Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by Me at any time 
heretofore made. 

First and principally, I commend my precious and immortal 
soul into the hands of God my Creator and Redeemer, relying 
solely on his grace, in and thro the merits and satisfaction of my 
Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for the pardon of all my Sins 
and gracious acceptance with him, and my body I commit to the 
Earth to be decently interred at the direction of my Executors 
herein after named. 

Imprimis : — My just debts and funeral expenses I would have 
to be paid and discharged with all convenient speed next after 
my decease. 


Item : — To my dear and well beloved wife Katharine White I 
give the Sum of Twenty pounds, over and above what I have 
heretofore engaged to give her in our Marriage Contract. 

Item : — To my only surviving Son Josiah White I give be- 
queathe, and devise my Mansion house in Weymouth with the 
Land thereto belonging, and all other my Lands whatsoever and 
wheresoever the same shall or may be found in Weymouth afore- 
said. Also I give and devise to my said Son Josiah one full 
Moyety or half part of all that, My brick house and Land in Bos- 
ton aforesaid, my said Son to have that part of the said brick 
house which I now dwell in, with all the privileges and passage 
ways whatsoever to the same belonging. Likewise I give and 
devise to the said Josiah that piece of Land of mine which lyes 
between Mr. Mathers Meeting house and Mr. Lee's land, with 
the chaise house, Stable, and Cow house thereon standing, To 
have and to Hold the sd Mansion house in Weymouth aforesaid 
with all my Lands whatsoever in the sd Township, Together with 
the full Moyety or half part of my Brick house and Land there- 
unto belonging in Boston aforesaid and the Land between Mr. 
Lee's Land and the said Meeting house, with the buildings thereon 
as aforesaid, unto him my Son Josiah White and his heirs and 
assigns forever. I further give my said Son my great Bible, my 
Desk, my silver sword and my walking Canes. 

Item : — To my Grandson Benjamin White I give, devise and 
bequeathe the other Moyety or half part of my sd Brick house 
and land, the same being in the tenure and occupation of Mr. 
Peleg Wiswall. The said brick house with the yard and Land 
behind the same I would have to be divided upon a strait line 
from the street, and to run exactly through the Middle of the 
Entry way between the two tenements and through the yard and 
back land on the same line, until it comes to Mr. Thomas Lee's 

To have and to hold the said Moyety or half part 01 the said 
Brick house and Land to my sd Grandson Benjamin White, and 
to him and his heirs and assigns forever. The said Moyety to be 
in the hands and improvement of my Son Josiah until my said 
Grandson arrives to lawful age. And the Rents of the said 
Moyety to be employed toward the Maintenance and bringing up 



of my said Grandson. But in case he dies before he comes to 
Lawful age, then, and in such case, I give and devise the said 
Moyety or half part of the said Brick house and Land unto my 
Son Josiah, and to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item : — To my daughter Sarah Greenough I give the sum or 
value of One Thousand pounds old tenor, — that is to say — I 
give her my negro, Titus, (whom I value at four hundred pounds 
old tenor) and six hundred pounds in old tenor Cash. 

Item : — To my daughter Abigail Parkman I give the sum of 
One thousand pounds old tenor. 

Item : — To my daughter in Law Katharine Andross I bequeath 
the sum of Fifty pounds Old tenor. All the Rest, Residue, and 
remainder of my Estate not before herein by Me disposed of I 
give and bequeathe the same to and among my said son Josiah, 
my Daughters Greenough and Parkman, and my Grandson Ben- 
jamin White, to be equally divided among them, Share and share 

Lastly : — I do hereby Nominate, Constitute and Appoint my sd 
Son Josiah, and my Sons in Law John Greenough and Elias 
Parkman to be the Executors of this My Last Will and Testament. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 
day and year first written. 

Joseph White and a Seal. 

Signed, Sealed, Published, pronounced and declared by the sd 
Joseph White the Testator, to be his Last Will and Testament in 
the presence of us : — 

Peleg Wiswall, 
John Tudor, 
John Proctor. 

Examined by . 

Suffolk ss. By the Hon'ble Edward Hutchinson, Esq., 
Judge "of Probate. The within Written Will being presented 
for Probate by Josiah White and John Greenough, two of the 
Executors therein named, (Elias Parkman, the other Executor, 
being since deceased). Peleg Wiswall, John Tudor and John 
Proctor made oath that they saw Joseph White Esq., the Sub- 
scriber to the Instrument Sign and Seal and heard him publish 
and declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament, and that 



-when he died he was of sound disposing Mind and Memory 
according to these Deponents best discerning, and that they set 
to their hands as Witnesses thereof in the sd Testators presence. 

Edward Hutchinson. 
Boston, May 28th, 1757. 

Vid Probate Records. 

Ljb. 1751 & 1752, Page 130. 


Translation—" Whom fortunes call." [Literally translated, " To whom the 

fates call."] 



William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 Thomas. 4 

William, 5 son of Thomas and Rachel White, b. 1736; 
mar., July 3, 1766, Lydia Goodale, of Salem, b. November 20, 
1740. She was great aunt to ex-Gov. David H. Goodell of 
New Hampshire. Children : — 

1. Lydia, b. January 9, 1767; mar. May 7, 1802, Josiah 
Atwood of Packersfield (now Nelson). She d. October, 1851, 
leaving no children. 

2. Molly -{-, b. December 25, 1768; mar. Benjamin Phelps. 

3. Judith, b. October 11, 1770. 

4. William -\-, b. March 27, 1772; mar., March 13, 1795, 
Esther Maynard. 

5. David-\-, b. ; • mar, September 29, 1801, Thankful 


6. Amy-\-, b. October 14, 1775; mar., 1797, John Mudge. 

7. Rachel -{^Jo: in Templeton, Mass., June 11, 1777; mar. 
Hosea Dunbar^Jb. December 19, 1778. 

8. John-{-, b. March 22, 1781 ; mar. Polly Carlisle. 

9. Thomas -f-, b. January 20, 1783; mar., October 11, 1807, 
Rebecca D. Metcalf . 

10. Buth-\~, b. October 7, 1786 ; mar. Daniel Emerson, Jr. 
William moved from Bolton, Mass., to Templeton, from which 

place he moved to Marlborough, N. H., about 1778, where he 
purchased a tract of wild land, now owned by his grandson, 
Thomas. He sold his farm in Bolton for $2,600, taking his pay 
in Continental money, which proved nearly all worthless, leaving 
him a poor man with a growing family on his hands. 

Taking his family and goods upon a two- wheeled cart, which he 
made without iron, and drawn by a pair of steers, he came to 


Marlborough. He staid over night in Monadnock No. 4 (now 
Fitzwilliam) paying a $10 bill, Continental money, for his lodging. 
This was his last money except a $5 bill, which the writer has 
seen. It seems he kept a part, or all, of Lots 48 and 49, paying 
half down and taking a bond for a deed which he could not fulfil, 
as his money was worthless. Here in the woods he built a log 
house. Now comes the struggle between life and starvation. 
At one time he took a bag, finding his way by marked trees to 
Northfield, Mass., a distance of 26 miles. Here he worked for 
two bushels of grain, which he carried back to Marlborough on his 
shoulders. Becoming exhausted at Winchester, he sat down on a 
log. Near by was a log house, to which he went, asking for 
something to eat. The woman gave him a crust of rye and Indian 
bread, which was all she had. It seemed to him to be one of the 
best morsels he had ever eaten. He proceeded on to Swanzey, 
where he got his first meal. 

The following three years were so cold that no corn ripened in 
Marlborough ; with excessive snowy winters, in one of which the 
snow fell to a depth of six feet upon a level. In the spring the 
melting snow caused so much water in the " Branch" and " Robin 
Brook " that there was no passing off the hill. The seven fami- 
lies in what now constitutes District No. 7, becoming destitute 
for food, raised a flag on the hill back of William White's cabin. 
It attracted the attention of Mr. Phillips, who lived on a neigh- 
boring hill. On learning the situation, he and his son carried 
three bushels of potatoes to a narrow place in the "Branch," 
throwing them over one by one and relieving their pressing need. 

The first cow he bought caused great joy to them all. At the 
first milking, having no bread in the house, the children picked 
red clover blossoms which they ate with their milk. 

With all the hardships, none died young ; the average age being 
78 years, and the youngest, Ruth, was the first to die, aged 63 

William White attended church at the old Congregational church 
at the Centre. He was a large, stout man and a constant reader 
of the Bible, a large portion of which he had at his command. 

William White d. January 8, 1820, aged 84 years, and his 
wife, Lydia (Groodale) White, d. July 10, 1820, aged 80 years. 


Molly, 6 dau. of William and Rachel White ; mar. Benja- 
min Phelps, and lived in Goshen, Vt. Their children : — 

1. Benjamin, Jr.,b. 1794; mar. Tryphena MacDonald. Their 
children were : (I) Lydia. (II) William. (Ill) Delina. (IV) 

2. John, b. 1796. 

3. Reuben, b. 1798; mar., 1823, Polly Knapp, and (2d) in 
1850, Abigail Alexander. Their children : (I) Lorenzo, b. 1830. 
(II) Elvina, b. 1832. (Ill) Harvey, b. 1834. (IV) Hiram, 
b. 1836. 

Mrs. Molly (White) Phelps d. aged 85 years, and Benjamin 
Phelps d. 1869, aged 89 years. 

William, Jr., 6 son of William and Rachel White, b. March 
27, 1772 ; mar., March 13, 1795, Esther, dau. of Levi and 
Esther Maynard, b. January 29, 1770. Their children : — 

1. Esther, b. November 14, 1796; mar., Jivne, 1836, Cyrus 
Thatcher, b. May 9, 1799. She d. February 3, 1873, and he 
d. . 

2. Noah-\-, b. June 11, 1800; mar., April 25, 1822, Arvilla, 
dau. of David and Azubah (Greenwood) Lewis. 

3. Naomi, b. May 29, 1802; un. 

4. Hannah -\-, b. April 30, 1804; mar., May 5, 1825, Levi 

5. Levi, b. February 23, 1806; d. March 5, 1806. 

6. Delina-\-, b. July 5, 1807; mar., May 4, 1835, Elias A. 

7. Isaiah -f-, b. July 13, 1809; mar., March 3, 1834, Emily 
S. Parker of Phillipstown, Mass., b. April 13, 1806. 

8. William Ransom -(-, b. November 12, 1813; mar. (1st) 
January 20, 1841, Sarah Sargent. She d. February 7, 1843, 
and he mar. (2d) in 1847, Lucia Moultroup of Westminster, Vt. 

William White d. February 27, 1860, and his widow d. July 8, 

Noah, 7 son of William, Jr., and Esther (Maynard) White, 


b. June 11, 1800; mar., April 25, 1822, Arvilla, dau. of 
David and Azubah (Greenwood) Lewis. Children : — 

1. Almon B.+, b. May 8, 1823; mar., May 5, 1844, Eliza- 
beth Elwell. 

2. Levi T.+, b. November 12, 1824; mar., November 12, 
1846, Nancy Thatcher. 

3. Everett E.-\-, b. February 14, 1829; mar., October 20, 

1853, Mrs. Melissa A. Heard. 

4. Lewis D.+, b. September 9, 1832; mar., May 1, 1854, 
Emily M. Snow. 

5. Mary Ann -}-, b. March 1, 1837; mar., October 1, 1849, 
James Newell. 

6. Rosella D.-f-, b. September 16, 1838; mar.. April 25, 

1854, Milan Russell. Removed to Utah. 

7. Elvira M., b. January 11, 1846; mar. Albert D. Heath. 
Noah White d. July 24, 1869, and his wife d. November 6, 


Almon B., 8 son of Noah and Arvilla White; mar., May 5, 
1844, Elizabeth S. Elwell, b. in Bethlehem, N. H., October 1, 
1826. Children : — 

1. Henry A., b. in Winchendon, Mass., January 14, 1846; 
mar., October 29, 1872, Francenia A. Spaulding. Their chil- 
dren: (I) Fred Gk, b. February 25, 1875. (II) Lena M., 
b. February 5, 1878. (Ill) Josephine, b. April 14, 1884. 

He enlisted June 16, 1864, in Co. I, 1st Regt. Heavy Artil- 
lei-y; discharged June 15, 1865. 

2. Leonard B., b. in Winchendon, September 10, 1847; d. 
March 9, 1860. 

3. Carson A., b. in Whitefield, N. H., March 12, 1858 ; mar., 
April 27, 1891, Annie C. Thayer. They had: Lillian E., b. 
November 25, 1892. 

4. Laura A., b. in Whitefield, April 8, 1860. (Twin.) Mar., 
June 9, 1879, John Johnson. They had : Freddie J., b. Novem- 
ber 25, 1890. 

5. Charlie A., b. in Whitefield, April 8, 1860. (Twin.) Mar., 
April 27, 1892, Love Manchester. They had: Elizabeth L., b. 
January 4, 1891. 


Almon B. White enlisted from White field, N. H., as a private, 
and mustered into the U. S. service under Capt. Charles S. Burn- 
ham, in Co. I, Third Regt. N. H. Vol. Enlisted August 21, 
1862, to serve three years. The regiment, under the command 
of Col. John H. Jackson, was assigned to Hawley's Brigade, 
Terry's Division, 10th Corps. Promoted to corporal, November 
19, 1863. With his regiment participated in the following bat- 
tles : Pocotaligo, S. C, December 22, 1862; May River, S. C, 
November 3, 1862; Stone Inlet, S. C, December 17, 1862; 
Morris Island, S. C, November 9, 1863; Chester Station, Va., 
May 4, 1864; Drewry's Bluff, Va., May 13, 1864, where he was 
wounded in right shoulder and sent to Moors hospital, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., where he died June 24, 1864. 

Levi T., 8 son of Noah and Arvilla (Lewis) White ; b. Nov- 
ember 12, 1824 ; mar., November 12, 1846, Nancy, dau. of 
Elias and Caty (Woodward) Thatcher, b. March 7, 1827. 
Their children : — 

1. Vianna A., b. in Marlborough January 6, 1849; mar., 
November 2, 1869, Chas. W. Gould; d. February 1, 1871. 

2. Eliza A., b. in Marlborough, March 20, 1852; mar., Sep- 
tember 20, 1874, Charles H. Dustin, b. in Antrim, March 3, 
1850. He is a lineal descendant of Hannah Dustin of historic 
fame. They have: (I) Bertie R., b. in Hillsborough, June 23, 
1875. (II) Ernest H., b. in Marlborough, November 29, 1881. 
(Ill) Charlie H., b. in Rindge, November 25, 1892. 

3. Sarah K., b. in Marlborough, January 13, 1854; un. 

4. Loren E., b. in Marlborough, March 5, 1857; mar., Jan- 
uary 1, 1882, Jennie Eastman of Swanzey. Children: (I) Leon 
S., b. December 4, 1882. (II) Jennie B., b. April 9, 1885. 
She d. April 17, 1885, and he mar. (2d) October 2, 1886, Addie 
Wood of Hartland, Vt. Their children : (III) Bessie E., b. 
August 29, 1889. (IV) Reuben W., b. June 10, 1892. 

5. Sumner L., b. October 9, 1858; mar., June 25, 1887, Cora 
M. Capron. Children: (I) Herbert L., b. July 5, 1888. 
(II) Sumner C, b. March 1, 1892. 

6. David H., b. June 27, 1860. 

7. Charles E., b. May 27, 1862. 

Everett E. White. 


8. Nellie Mabel, b. in Keene, September 20, 1870 ; d. Decem- 
ber 16, 1870. 

Everett E., 8 son of Noah and Arvilla (Lewis) White ; 
mar., October 20, 1853, Mrs. Melissa A. Heard, b. in Leroy, 
Genessee Co., N. Y., August 14, 1828. Children : — 

1. Everett JR., b.' in Marlborough, January 27, 1855; mar. 
Lillian Snow of Manistique, Mich. They have : (1) Mabel, 
b. 1885. 

2. Charles L., b. in Rochester, Wis., March 10, 1857; mar. 
. They have Everett, b. 1886. 

3. Lulu Belle, b. in Burlington, AVis., February 7, 1861 ; mar. 
George Hickock of Oshkosh, Wis. 

4. Gerty Adelle, b. in Burlington, Wis., April 9, 1863; d. 
August, 1865. 

5. Daisy Dell, b. in Oshkosh, July 9, 1873 ; mar. Arthur L. 
McCray of Waupun, Wis. 

Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wis. 
I, Everett E. White, was born in Marlborough, N. H., Feb- 
ruary 14th, in the year 1829, in the old house formerly known as 
the Gates House, living in Marlborough until sixteen years old, 
when I went from there to sea, sailing from Newport, R. I., on 
the good old bark Damon, on a whaling voyage. After being 
out two months and taking one whale our vessel was struck by a 
white squall, which so disabled us that we had to put into the 
first port that we came to, which was in the Cape De Verde 
islands near the coast of Africa. After staying there four 
months I was put on board the bark Liberia Clipper and came to 
Baltimore, Maryland. From there I shipped on board a brig- 
then lying at Georgetown, Md., to carry flour to Kingston, 
Jamaica, West Indies. There I was taken sick with yellow fever 
and reported as dead, but recovered. After staying there ten 
weeks I got a chance to come to the U. S. on an English brig ; 
working my passage to New York in the autumn of 1847, without 
coat or shoes. Was taken to Sailors' Home, and after staying 
three or four days I enlisted for the Mexican War, which was 
then in progress. I was put on board the old receiving ship 
North Carolina. After being; on board about a month I was 


transferred to Norfolk, Va., and put on board the frigate Brandy- 
wine, which was then under way with sealed orders. When the 
orders were read we found that we were bound to the coast of 
Brazil to relieve the frigate Columbus, then just off the coast of 
China. After being on board nearly two years and capturing six 
or seven vessels, there was one then lying in the harbor of Rio 
de Janeiro which threatened to sink us if we tried to take her. 
Volunteers were then called for as our men were short. I heard 
the call, and being tired of the monotony and wishing to visit 
home once more, I was the first to respond to the call and was 
promoted as quartermaster and transferred to the brig Perry. 
After clue time we captured the vessel and I came to the states 
as one of the prize crew. We suffered untold privations on our 
voyage home. We thought we should be about forty days in 
coming home, so took sixty days' provisions. But we encoun- 
tered five gales of wind in succession, doubling the different 
capes and nearly drifting on to the Bahama banks, fiinally get- 
ting across the Gulf Stream and back to within signalling dis- 
tance of Brooklyn Navy Yard. We then hoisted the signal of 
distress and they sent out a boat manned with sailors and took 
us into port, not a man of us being able to stand on his feet. We 
were then seventy-six days out and nearly starved, having been 
on short allowance for several clays, but the doctor took us in 
hand and soon fixed us up ; and in about five or six days our dis- 
charges came on from Washington. I then took two short voy- 
ages and returned home to Marlborough, N. H., about the year 
1850. I then went to work for my brother Levi, and afterwards 
with Augustine Snow at Alstead, N. H. While at Alstead I was 
married. In 1855 I emigrated to Wisconsin where I remained 
until 1860. I went down south to work and was in a small town 
by the name of Fayette, Miss., on the day of Abraham Lincoln's 
election, and lived in the vicinity of Cole's creek until early in the 
spring of 1861, when I made my escape to Cincinnati, O., on 
the last boat that came up the river only three days before Fort 
Sumter was fired upon. I then went to recruiting for the three 
months' service, and when the call for three years' men came I 
enlisted in the Fifth Ohio Infantry as musician and was after- 
wards promoted as hospital steward and served during the war. 


from June 19, 1861, to July 26, 1865, being discharged as 
fife major of the regiment. I have since resided most of the time 
in Oshkosh, Wis., where I have followed the trade of jeweler, 
not being able to work at manual labor on account of a wound 
received during the war. 

My first battle was at Romney, Va., Oct. 26, 1861 ; 2d, Blue 
Gap, near Romney, Va., Jan. 7, 1861 ; 3d, Bloomery Gap, Va., 
Feb. 14, 1862; 4th, Winchester, Va., March 23, 1862; oth, 
Port Republic, Va., June 9, 1862; 6th, Cedar Mountain, Va., 
Aug. 9, 1862; 7th, White Sulphur Springs, Va., Aug. 23 to 25, 
1862; 8th, Second Bull Run, Va., Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, 1862; 
9th, Antietam, Md., Sept. 16, 1862; 10th, Dumfries, Va., 
Dec. 27, 1862; 11th, Chancellorsville, Va., May 1 to 4, 1863; 
12th, Gettysburg, Pa., July 1 to 3, 1863; 13th, Wauhatchie, 
Tenn., Oct. 28, 1863; 14th, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.,Nov. 24, 
1863; 15th, Missionary Ridge, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1863; 16th, 
17th, 18th, 19th, four battles in one day, Ringold, Ga., Greys- 
ville, Ga., Pea Vine Creek, and Taylor's Ridge, Nov. 27, 1863; 
20th, Rocky Face Ridge, May 5 to 9, 1864 ; 21st, 22d, 23d, the 
three battles as follows, — Tunnel Hill, Mill Creek, and Dug Gap, 
Ga.,May7, 1864; 24th, Reseca, Ga., May 15, 1864; 25th, 
May 25 to June 4, as follows, — May 26, 27, Dallas, Ga., New- 
hope church; May 28, 29, Burnt Hickory, Pumpkin Vine Creek; 
May 30, Altoona Hills, 1864; 30th, Pine Mountain, Ga., June 
14, 1864; 31st, Kennesaw Mountain, Ga., June 27, 1864; 
32d, Peachtree Creek, Ga., July 20, 1864; 33d, Atlanta, Ga., 
July 22 to Sept. 2, 1864, when we occupied Atlanta. After 
leaving Atlanta we were skirmishing and fighting nearly every 
day until we reached Savannah ; fighting every day in front of 
Savannah from Dec. 15 to 21, when we occupied the place. For 
some time after leaving Savannah, Ga., we marched through 
South Carolina, still fighting our way. Our next battle was at 
Chesterfield, S. C, March 2, 1865 ; next at Averysboro, N. C, 
March 16, 1865; then Bentonsville, N. C, March 19 to 21, 
1865. After that we lay encamped at Raleigh, N. C, until J. E. 
Johnson's surrender, April 26, 1865. From Raleigh we marched 
through to Richmond, Va., and looked over the old battlefield of 
the Wilderness, where we found many skeletons of the boys in 


blue still left unburied. Then on to Chancellorsville, Va., our 
old battle ground that we left some two years ago, where we found 
many skeletons that had been rooted out of the ground by the 
hogs, they having been hastily buried. It was here that I had 
quite a little adventure. While engaged in this battle there was 
a reb sharpshooter in a pine tree in front of our position, who 
gave us great annoyance, having killed five or six of my regiment. 
I told the boys this would never do ; that I would go out and put 
a. stop to it. So I climbed over the breastworks and went out to 
our picket line, but the picket would not let me out, and while 
walking his beat I run the picket line ; told him — the reb — to 
come down, and he came, gun and all, and I have the gun in my 
house at this time. From Chancellorsville we marched on to 
Alexandria, Va., and from there through Washington, where we 
lay for some time. It was here that I met my brother Lewis, 
whom I had not seen for years. From there we were sent to 
Louisville, Ky., and thence to CampDenison, Ohio, and mustered 
out of service. I was in the Fifth Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co. K 
and H, in the old 12th Corps, Army of the Potomac, and after- 
ward transferred to the Army of the Cumberland, 20th C. ; 
re-enlisted at Bridgeport, Ala. I have recently received the 
bronze veteran medal of honor from the state of Ohio for service 
rendered from '61 to '65, and I feel justly proud of the same. 
Yours truly, 

Everett E. White. 

Lewis D., 8 son of Noah and Arvilla (Lewis) White ; mar. 
May 1, 1855, Emily M. Snow. Children: — 

1. Theresa Elinor, b. December 29, 1856. 

2. Ernest Eli, b. September 1, 1860 ; drowned April 13, 1870. 

3. Minnie Eosella, b. May 27, 1862. 

Lewis D. enlisted September 23, 1864, in Co. L, 1st Regt. 
Heavy Artillery. He was sent to the forts around Washington, 
where he was detailed as mail carrier and postmaster, which posi- 
tions he held until the regiment disbanded. He was home on a 
furlough at the time, so did not get his discharge, but was trans- 
ferred to Co. A and sent to Portsmouth until his discharge, Sep- 
tember 11, 1865. He d. in Whitefield, N. H., September 17, 


James Newell, b. in Canada, March 17, 1828j came to 
Marlborough in 1848 ; mar., October 1, 1849, Mary A., dau. 
of John and Annie (Lewis) Sargent. She d. March 28, 
1852. He mar. (2d) May 17, 1853, Mary Ann, 8 dau. of 
Noah and Arvilla (Lewis) White. Children by second 
wife : — 

1. Ellen L., b. August 8, 1854; mar., December 21, 1871, 
Ralph F. Trumbull, a brakemau on the Cheshire R. R. He was 
killed by the cars December 10, 1872. Children: (I) Ralph F., 
b. July 21, 1873 ; d. January 27, 1875. She mar. (2d) July 18, 
1875, James W. Flemming, who. d. October 14, 1876. They 
had: (II) Agnes, b. July 3, 1876. 

2. George E., b. June 4, 1856; mar., April 3, 1878, Laura 

H. Howard of Gilsum, N. H. He mar. (2d) Cram ; has 

one child. 

3. Fred L., b. February 25, 1857; mar., August 18, 1880,. 
Hattie Griffith of Albany, N. Y. 

4. Will A., b. April 3, 1859. 

5. Eda L., b. May 20, 1860. 

6. Viola, b. February 4, 1864. 

7. Byrde L., b. December 4, 1865. 

8. Lettie A., b. May 23, 1867. 

9. Eloise L, b. December 2, 1868. 

10. Leon Duane, b. May 9, 1870. 

11. Everett White, b. November 11, 1871. 

12. Katie D., b. May 1, 1873. 

13. Italie A., b. May 3, 1877. 

14. Fay, b. November, 1878; d. January 2, 1879. 

15. Lee, b. November 16, 1879. 

James Newell served in the War of the Rebellion. 

Rosella D., 8 dau. of Noah and Arvilla (Lewis) White ; 
mar. (1st) Milan Russell; (2d) May 4, 1865, George 
Harrison, son of William and Hannah (Ellis) Harrison, 
b. in Manchester, Eng., August 24, 1841. Children: — 

1. George W., b. April 7, 1866; mar., August 28, 1889, Ada 
L. Bissell. Their children: (I) George B., b. September 9,, 
1890. (II) Ada C, b. November 1, 1892. 


2. Rosella A., b. October 20, 1867; mar., October 24, 1888, 
Joseph H. Storrs. Their children : (I) Joseph B., b. April 12, 
1891. (II) Rosella C, b. September 20, 1892. 

3. Lewis E., b. September 21, 1869. 

4. Anna May, b. December 14, 1871 ; mar., January 14, 
1893, Andrew Bjorklund. They have Winnifred, b. September 
7, 1893. 

5. Willie W., b. February 3, 1874. 

6. Gertrude, b. November 20, 1876. 

7. Ralph D., b. March 1, 1879. 

8. Charles B., b. December 27, 1883 ; d. February 4, 1884. 

9. Winfred H., b. August 14, 1885. 

In June, 1866, George Harrison was called to San Pete County, 
Utah, to fight the Indians, and remained there all summer. He 
is proprietor of Hotel Harrison in Springville, Utah. 

Hannah, 7 dau. of William, Jr., and Esther (Maynard) 
White, b. April 30, 1804 ; mar., May 5, 1825, Deacon Levi 
Thatcher of Marlborough, 1ST. H. Children : — 

1. Emetine B. -|-, b. September 16, 1827 ; mar., May 7, 1845, 
Curtis W. Capron. 

2. Aurelia H. -)-, b. January 10, 1831; mar., November 13, 
1849, Charles W. Capron. 

Mr. Levi Thatcher d. April* 14, 1887, and Mrs. Hannah 
Thatcher d. January 14, 1887. 

Emeline, 8 dau. of Levi and Hannah (White) Thatcher; 
mar., May 7, 1845, Curtis W. Capron, b. in Roxbury, N. H., 
March 8, 1822. Children: — 

1. Emma A., b. July 16, 1846; mar., March 16, 1865, Ed- 
win Fogg, who d. in Concord, N. H., January, 1891. 

2. Charles E., b. August 5, 1848; mar., November 2, 1868, 
Emma A. Mabury. 

3. Flora L., b. June 28, 1852; mar., March 16, 1870, 
Charles M. Fairbanks. 

4. Jennie A., b. August 22, 1858; mar., September 3, 1878, 
Willie A. Russell. 


5. Cora M., b. in Springfield, Mass., January 8, 18 v 70 ; mar. 
Sumner L. White, q. v. 

Aurelia, 8 dau. of Levi and Hannah (White) Thatcher ; 
mar., November 13, 1849, Charles W. Capron, b. in Roxbury, 
N. H., February 8, 1827. Children : — 

1. Maria A., b. June 28, 1852; mar., January 20, 1873, 
Henry H. Pease. They have: (I) Charles Henry, b. Septem- 
ber 18, 1875. 

2. Ellen C., b. July 28, 1857; mar., October 23, 1876, Ed- 
ward B. Holt. They hare : (I) Dean, b. . 

3. Lizzie M., b. October 12, 1859 ; d. January 11, 1860. 

4. George L., b. May 3, 1866; mar., October 10, 1889, Ella 
S. Towne. They have: (I) Elva May, b. August 11, 1890. 

(II) Herbert Lester, b. March, 1892. (Ill) Wilmer Towne, b. 
July 6, 1894. 

Delina, 7 dau. of William, Jr., and Esther (Maynard) 
White ; mar., May 4, 1835, Elias A. Thatcher, b. November 
20,1814. Children: — 

1. WillardE., b. November 10, 1835; mar., October 29, 
1858, Floralla C. Wyman. Their children were : (I) Willie A., 
b. November 13, 1860. (II) Henry A., b. November 14, 1861. 

(III) George W., b. June 2, 1862. 

Willard E. Thatcher d. in the army, December 31, 1862, at 
Offut's Crossroads. He was a member of Co. C, 14th Regt. 
N. H. Vols. 

2. Esther Z>.-f, b. February 13, 1838 ; mar. (1st) 1856, Thomas 
L. White. He d. June 18, 1867. She mar. (2d) November 6, 
1872, Charles V. Smith, q. v. 

3. Dorotha N., b. August 4, 1842; d. December 11, 1867; 

4. Ella A., b. October 17, 1846; mar., July 9, 1876, Frank 
H. Parker of Claremont, N. H. 

Isaiah, 7 son of William, Jr., and Esther (Maynard) 
White ; mar., March 3, 1834, Emily S. Parker of Phillipston, 


Mass., b. April 13, 1806. He d. September 25, 1837, and his- 
wife d. May 28, 1867. Children : — 

1. Rodolphus Harvey, b. February 15, 1835 ; d. April 4, 1835. 

2. Elmira Emily, b. July 9, 1836; mar., April 7, 1857, 
George H. Smith, b. August 7, 1835. He was a member of Co. 
E, 6th Regt. N. H. Vols., for three years. Was wounded in the 
foot, and while recovering did duty in the Lincoln Hospital, 
Washington. Their children are : (I) Willie Hale, b. February 
13, 1858 ; d. February 25, 1858. (II) Anna Louisa, b. March 
12, 1859; mar., January 5, 1881, W. D. Morrison of Marlow, 
N. H. One child, Helen, b. November 23, 1887. She mar. 
(2d) September 26, 1893, Asa M. Holt of Keene. Reside in 
Keene, N. H. (Ill) Ethel Bia, b. September 24, 1865; mar., 
February 3, 1883, Herbert A. Davis of Keene. Reside in 
Keene, N. H. They have : (1) Bertram Stuart, b. September 3, 
1883. (2) Alice Harriet, b. August 2, 1888. (3) Ralph Isaac,, 
b. June 5, 1894. .(IV) Sarah Belle, b. . September 22, 1867 ; 
mar., December 25, 1886, Alvin W. Davis of Keene. She d. 
November 7, 1888. (V) Harriet Buss, b. January 27, 1870; 
mar., March 9, 1889, G. Milton Towns of Keene. They have: 

(I) Charles Henry, b. January 9, 1893. (2) Son, b. August 
31, 1895. Resides in Marlborough, N. H. (VI) Bertha Inez, 
b. February 3, 1873; mar., July 11, 1895, Fred D. Hemen- 
way of Marlborough, N. H. She is a teacher of piano and vocal 
music. (VII) Leon Henry, b. July 16, 1875. (VIII) Margaret 
Lillian, b. December 31, 1877. 

William Ransom, 7 son of William, Jr., and Esther 
(Maynard) White; mar. (1st) Januaiy 20, 1811, Sarah, dau.. 
of David and Susanna (Becket) Sargent. Children : — 

1. Lucy Ann, b. September 13, 1841; mar. Walter E. Stock- 
well, b. in Palmyra, Mich., September 22, 1838. Their chil- 
dren: (I) Carrie M., b. May 23, 1863; mar. Norman Bassett. 

(II) Ada M., b. August 7, 1866 ; mar. (1st) James W. Garfield. 
They had : (1) George Wesley. She mar. (2d) Frank Day, and 
had: (2d) Maisie Frances, b. August 17, 1888. (3) Beulah 
Martha, b. April, 1893. 

Mr. Stockwell d. June 2, 1867, and she mar. (2d) November 


22, 1868, Marshall D. Adams, b. inCroyden, September 12, 1833. 
Mrs. Sarah White d. February 7, 1846, and he mar. (2d), 1847, 
Lucia Moultroup of Westminster, Vt. They had two children. 

2. Eleanor B., b. October 6, 1849; mar. Manley Yardley. 
They have one child, Bertie, b. February 21, 1871. She d. 
March 19, 1895. 

3. Naomi; mar. George Hill. Children: (1) Marshall E. 
(II) Junis. (Ill) Minnie. (IV) Lucy. (V) George. He d. 
January 12, 1879, and she mar. (2d) Fred AVhitcomb. 

David, 6 son of William and Rachel White ; mar., Septem- 
ber 29, 1801, Thankful Maynard, b. November 16, 1776. 
Their children : — 

1. Lydia-\-, b. in Roxbury, N. H., November 1, 1801; mar. 
Stephen Walker of Hartland, N. Y. 

2. David +, b. in Roxbury, N. H., March 23, 1803. 

Mrs. Thankful (Maynard) White d. and he mar. (2d) Eunice 
Shannon, b. June 3, 1799. 

3. Zophar -4-, b. November 11, 1805; mar., July 7, 1839, 
Adaline Williams of Mt. Holly, Vt., b. March 12, 1819. 

4. Gardner, b. May 29, 1808; un. He is in the insane asy- 
lum at Concord, N. H. 

5. Emily -4-, b. September 18, 1811 ; mar., October 6, 1830, 
Joseph E. Sandall. 

6. Jehiel -f-, b. October 21, 1813; mar., March 30, 1841, 
Sarah Cheney. 

7. Irene W. -4-, b. January 14, 1816; mar., November 2, 
1837, Barney Griff eth. 

David White d. February, 1848, and Mrs. Eunice (Shannon) 
White d. December 4, 1860. David White was an honest, up- 
right man, rendered lame the greater part of his life by an acci- 
dental cut in his knee. 

Lydia, 7 dau. of David and Thankful (Maynard) White ; 
mar. Stephen Walker of Hartland, N. Y. Children : — 

1. Martha, b. September 1, 1826; mar. Joel Johnson, b. 

April 23, 1816. Children: (I) Warren, b. ; mar. 

He has two children and lives with his parents. 

2. David, b. July 15, 1828 ; mar. and has two children. 



3. John, b. March 15, 1831; d. October 19, 1889; mar. and 
had five children. 

4. Nathaniel, b. February 19, 1836; mar. and had eight 

5. Ransom, b. September 7, 1841 ; mar. ; had no children. 
When a young girl Lydia (White) Walker moved with her 

uncle, John White, to Granville, N. Y. After her marriage 
living in Hartland until 1833, when they moved to Lenawee 
county, Mich. She d. August 7, 1882, aged 80 years, 10 
months, and her husband d. May 27, 1878, of paralysis. 

Zophar, 7 son of David and Eunice (Shannon) White, b. 
November 11, 1805 ; mar., July 7, 1839, Adaline Williams of 
Mt. Holly, Vt., b. March 12, 1819. Children : — 

1. Mary Jane, b. May 12, 1840; mar., February 24, 1857, 
Luther H. Starkey, b. September 15, 1837. Their children: 

(I) Freeman F., b. October 7, 1858; d. February 2, 1875. 

(II) Lena A., b. August 21, 1866; mar. (1st) March 24, 1885, 
C. Warren Shaw. He d. May 27, 1888, and she mar. (2d) 
October 7, 1891, C. Lewis Lincoln of Boston, Mass., b. October 
7, 1864. No children. (Ill) Arthur E., b. Juue 10, 1876. 

Mr. Starkey enlisted from Peterborough, N. H., December 11, 
1861, in Co. K, N. H. Vols., and was discharged near Hancock 
Station, Va., December 10, 1864, by reason of expiration of term 
of service. On the back of his discharge was the following 
statement written by the lieutenant-colonel commanding the 
regiment, P. P. Bixby : "Headquarters Sixth Regiment, N. H. 
Vols., Hancock Station, Va. Luthei H. Starkey has served 
faithfully in this regiment for three years, and he has never been 
known to utter a word of complaint in any shape or manner. 
His conduct is worthy of example by many who hold a higher 
position than he ever has. P. P. Bixby, Lieut. Col. Command- 
ing Regiment." 

2. Justina E., b. November 11, 1845; mar., March 13, 1864, 
Henry J. Jaquith of Mt. Holly, Vt. They have : (I) Leila, 
b. . (II) Oren, b. ; d. young. 

Zophar White d. in Marlborough, N. II., February 29, 1880, 
and she mar. (2d) September 5, 1889, Parker Shattuck of Wes- 
ton, Vt., who d. November 19, 1892. 


Emily, 7 dau. of David and Eunice (Shannon) White, b. 
September 18, 1811 ; mar., October 6, 1830, Joseph E. San- 
dall, b. in London, Eng., 1806. Their children : — 

1. E. Adaline, b. July 10, 1831; mar. Wm. W. Parker, and 
has : (I) Cara, b. July 27, 1857 ; mar. L. E. Waterman, Jr. 
(II) Hattie M., b. June 13, 1865. 

2. Edward Z., b. June 28, 1833 ; d. June 5, 1837. 

3. Mary E., b. July 16, 1839; mar. E. H. Chamberlain. 
Children: (I) Infant still bom, April 17, 1863. (II) Eugene 
C, b. August 9, 1864; mar. Fannie Fields. They have: 
(1) Paul Everett, b. May 15, 1889. (2) Gertrude Field, b. 
August 24, 1892. (Ill) William E., b. September 23, 1866; 
mar. Alice Colburn. They have: (1) Inez I., b. June 26, 1887. 
(IV) E. Lillian, b. July 26, 1869. (V) M. Stella, b. July 11, 
1873. (VI) Bessie M., b. September 1, 1875. 

Jehiel, 7 son of David and Eunice (Shannon) White, b. 
October 21, 1813; mar., March 30, 1841, Sarah G. Cheney, 
b. in Concord, N. Y., August 4, 1821. Children : — 

1. Emily, b. in Nelson, N. H., January 27, 1842; mar., Sep- 
tember 14, 1867, Thomas Mintz of Boston, b. in Plymouth, 
Mass., July 1, 1841. No children. 

2. Lucy J.-\-, b. in Nelson, N. H., February 23, 1843; mar. 
(1st) July 1, 1860, James C. Shepherd. He was killed August 
12, 1870, and she mar. (2d) Osgood J. Bemis. 

3. Cyrus Augustus -j-, b. November 5, 1844; mar., July 4, 
1867, Alvira Burgess. 

4. Hattie E., b. April 20, 1847; d. September 2, 1867. 

5. Edward J., b. April 10, 1854; mar. Mary E. Fisher. 
Children: (I) Archie E., b. June 7, 1883. (II) Berton E., b. 
October 26, 1885. 

Jehiel White lived in Nelson until 1858, when he came to 
Marlborough and located on the Amos Cummings farm. In 
1866 he removed to South Keene. From there he went to Swan- 
zey, where be was killed by the falling of a tree, February 15, 
1879. His widow mar. (2d) July 26, 1879, L. Warren Harris of 
Richmond, N. H. 


Irene, 7 dau. of David and Eunice (Shannon) White, b. 
January 14, 1816 ; mar., November 2, 1837, Barney Griffith 
of Swanzey, N. H. Children : — 

1. Edward S. -\-, b. April 11, 1839 ; mar. (1st) Addie Tyrell; 
(2d) Hattie Lapham. 

2. Rodney -(-, b. September 24, 1841 ; mar. (1st) September 
24, 1861, Mary E. Webster; (2d) 1864, Lizzie Swan; (3d) 
Rose Moxly. 

Edward S., 8 son of Barney and Irene (White) Griffith ; 
mar. (1st) Addie Tyrell. He mar. (2d) Hattie Lapham. 
Children : — 

1 . Carrie E. 

2. Grace Hattie, b. Nov. 23, 1874; mar. Henry Putnam. 
They have three children. 

Rodney, 8 son of Barney and Irene (White) Griffith ; mar. 
(1st) September 24, 1861, Mary E. Webster, who d. Decem- 
ber 1, 1863, and he mar. (2d) 1864, Lizzie Swan. He mar. 
(3d) Rose Moxly of Washington, Vt., b. October 14, 1841. 
Children : — 

1. Mary L., mar. (1st) George B. Jenna. They had two 
daughters. She mar. (2d) April 15, 1889, Frank C. Shattuck, 
by which marriage they have two children. 

2. Jessie B., b. March 10, 1876 ; mar. Printis L. Britton. 
They have: (I) Herman R., b. September 27, 1891. (II) 
Ralph H., b. October 20, 1892. Reside in East Alstead, N. H. 

Lucy J., 8 dau. of Jehiel and Sarah (Cheney) White ; mar. 
(1st) July 1, I860, James C. Shepherd, b. August 1, 1836, 
in Littleton, N. H. Children : — 

1. Newton Franklin, b. May 20, 1861 ; d. June 7, 1861. (Twin.) 

2. Newell Francis, b. May 20, 1861 ; d. May 21, 1861. (Twin.) 

3. Herbert F., b. August 27, 1862; mar., December 31, 
1891, Delia Lynch. Their children: (I) Adam H., b. December 
9, 1893. 

4. Sarah A., b. August 17, 1866; d. September 13, 1866. 
James C. Shepherd was murdered, August 12, 1870, near St. 


Augustine, Fla., for his money. She mar. (2d) November 25, 
1871, Osgood J. Bemis, b. January 16, 1848, in Marlborough, 
N. H. Their children : 

5. Ola Sarah, b. October 24, 1880. 

6. Eugene M., b. August 26, 1882. 

Augustus C., 8 son of Jehiel and Sarah (Cheney) White ; 
mar., July 4, 1867, Alvira Burgess. Children: — 

1. Hattie E., b. June 6, 1868; mar., August 21, 1889, Harry 
E. Pitcher. They had: (I) Raphael C, b. November 4, 1890. 

Amy, 6 dau. of William and Radial White, b. October 14, 
1775; mar., 1797, John Mudge, b. in Fitchburg, Mass., 
March 14, 1775. After living in Plymouth and Marlbor- 
ough, Vt., they removed to New York, living in Fort Ann 
and Grandville, also in Hartland, where they both died. 
Children : — 

1. Ezra, b. in Plymouth, Vt., March 29, 1798. He is a far- 
mer and resides in Hartland, N. Y. 

2. Elmira, b. in Plymouth, Vt., September 25, 1799; d. 
October 21, 1852. 

3. Ryland, b. in Plymouth, Vt., January 14, 1802. Now re- 
sides at Johnson Creek, N. Y. 

4. John -{-, b. October 14, 1803 ; mar., Octobers, 1835, Emily, 
dau. of James and Nancy Bishop of South Westerlowe, N. Y. 

5. Emma, b. April 30, 1805; mar. Orinel Hartwell, Novem- 
ber 24, 1825. She d. May 17, 1855. 

6. Ro sella, b. in Plymouth, Vt., January 16, 1808; mar., 
October 24, 1833, Erastus Dickey. 

7. Lorenzo, b. in Plymouth, Vt., December 26, 1809. Resides 
in Barry ville, Mich. 

8. Angeline, b. at Fort Ann, N. Y., June 28, 1812; mar., 
June 5, 1833, Rev. Ira Clark. She now lives at Zeclrow, Ohio. 

Amy (White) Mudge d. in Hartland, September 30, 1845, 
aged 69 years, and John Mudge d. June 5, 1834, aged 59 years, 
of consumption. 

John, Jr., 7 son of John and Amy (White) Mudge, b. 


October 14, 1803; mar., October 5, 1835, Emily, dau. of 
James and Nancy Bishop. Children : — 

1. Leander, b. July 30, 1836. 

2. Mary Lovine, b. January 8, 1839; d. December 6, 1865. 

3. Lorenzo, b. November 28, 1843. 

4. Loren, b. May 4, 1846; d. October 10, 1848. 

5. James, b. August 28, 1848. 

6. William, b. October 28, 1850. 

Rachel, 6 dau. of William and Lydia (Goodale) White ; 
b. June 11, 1777; mar. Hosea Dunbar, b. December 19, 
1778. Children: — 

1. Joseph L., b. September 3, 1808. 

2. Hannah, b. July 24, 1810. 

3. Hosea, Jr., b. May 4, 1812. 

4. Walter, b. August 14, 1816. 

5. Benjamin, b. January 14, 1819. 

6. John L., b. August 17, 1824. 

Hosea Dunbar d. August 9, 1849, and Kachel, his wife, d. 
November 2, 1855. All of the children are dead except Walter 
and Benjamin, who live in South Fairfield, Mich. 

John, 6 son of William and Lydia (Goodale) White, b. 
March 22, 1781 ; mar. Polly Carlisle, b. 1778. Children : — 

1. John, b. 1801 ; d. un.. 1892, aged 91 years. 

2. David -{-, b. October 20, 1805 ; mar. Hannah Cross. 

3. William -{-, b. October 3, 1807; mar. Armenia Sawyer. 

4. Zebina-\-, b. in Plymouth, Vt., November 3, 1809; mar. 
Polly G. Sheldon, Niagara, N. Y., January 17, 1830. 

5. Joseph-\-, b. in Plymouth County, Vt., 1811; mar. Sarah 
E. McNames, April 17, 1840. 

6. Polly -\-, b. September 4, 1816; mar. William McNames, 
January 2, 1836. 

John White d. July 31, 1859, and his wife, Polly (Carlisle) 
White, d. July 1, 1875, aged 97 years. 

David," son of John and Polly (Carlisle) White; mar. 

David White. 


(1st) Hannah Cross, b. August 10, 1804. She d. December 
23, 1845. He mar. (2d) Phebe Mudge. Children: — 

1. Allen N. -\-, b. April 21, 1827; mar. (1st) December 25, 
1849, Cynthia W. Baker; (2d) Maria Odell. 

2. Sally S., b. November 17, 1829 ; mar., February 11, 1846, 
Lauren Ayers. She d. March 3, 1859, and he d. August 14, 

3. Cyrena H. -)-, b. July 6, 1831 ; mar., December 25, 1859, 
Abraham Berry. 

4. Ransom, b. December 15, 1833; d. December 17, 1834. 

5. Lycander, b. March 26, 1835; mar., August 25, 1868, 
Angeliue Oliver. Their children : (I) Flora, b. December 13, 
1870. (II) Ezra, b. February, 1873. 

6. Miles G. -f-, b. September 9, 1837; mar. (1st) December 
12, 1859, Caroline Arnold; (2d) April 26, 1864, Charlotte J. 

7. Albert, b. November 23, 1847; mar.. March 12, 1871, 
Scelinda, dau. of Joseph White, q. v. 

Allen N., 8 son of David and Hannah (Cross) White; 
mar. (1st) December 25, 1849, Cynthia W. Baker. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Elmer C, b. October 4, 1851; mar., October 29, 1871, 
Eliza Onweller. Their children : (I) Cynthia M., b. May 11, 
1873. (II) Cora L., b. October, 1875. (Ill) Allen N., b. April, 

2. Lewis A., b. November 1, 1853; mar., July 22, 1877, 
Annie E. Morley. Their children: (I) Nellie E., b. July 28, 
1876. (II) Claude N., b. November 12, 1879. (Ill) MimaG., 
b. September 18, 1884; (IV) Clare O., b. May 11, 1888; d. 
December 24, 1888. 

3. Orlando H., b. August 25, 1856; mar., September 29, 

1886, Mary Underwood. 

4. Alva, b. March 29, 1861. (Twin.) Mar., December 31, 

1887, Effle Hines. They have : (I) Leo L., b. January 23, 1889. 

5. Alma, b. March 29, 1861. (Twin.) Mar., March 25, 
1885, Clarence Crowell. Their children: (I) William J., b. 
April 13, 1887. (II) Clyde N., b. April 6, 1889. (Ill) Violet 
E., b. September 23, 1891. 


6. 8yMcb, b. July 24, 1862; mar., January 24, 1888, Chris- 
topher Parker. They have : (I) Winfred, b. March 25, 1890. 

7. Arthur JST., b. July 4, 1868. 

Mrs. Cynthia White d. December 24, 1869, and he mar. (2d) 
October 12, 1870, Maria Odell. They had : 

8. Millard 0., b. September 17, 1873. 

Allen N. White d. March 26, 1877, and Maria, his wife, d. 
June 2, 1875. 

Cyrena H., 8 dau. of David and Hannah (Cross) White ; 
mar., December 25, 1859, Abraham Berry. Children : — 

1. Marvin A., b. December 8, 1850. 

2. Isaac Q., b. May 29, 1852 ; mar., March 8, 1873, Sophrona 
Richardson. They have: (I) Nellie, b. September 11, 1876. 

3. Hannah S., b. April 2, 1854; mar., September 10, 1882, 
Charles W. Knapp, who d. April 28, 1890, and she mar. (2d) 
Wilbur Sparks. Children: (I)Milo R., b. March 31, 1886. 
(II) Lulu L., b. November 20, 1887. 

4. Alida E., b. September 10, 1856; mar., July 5, 1874, 
Gideon W. Sager, who d. October 29, 1893. She d. May 27, 

5. Adelbert, b. September 20, 1859 ; d. December 28, 1859. 

6. Adella, b. September 20, 1859. (Twin.) Mar., October 6, 

1882, George Wilbur. Their children : (I) Adelbert, b. October 28, 

1883. (II) Ruby,*b. June 29, 1885. (Ill) Vernon, b. June 20, 
1887. (IV) Lena, b. January 26, 1890. (V) Gladis, b. Octo- 
ber 12, 1891. (VI) John, b. September 9, 1893. 

7. Mary S., b. March 24, 1865. 

8. Andrew _B., b. June 25, 1867. 

9. Mervile, b. March 8, 1872; d. January 5, 1873. 

Mile G., 8 son of David and Hannah (Cross) White ; mar., 
December 12, 1859, Caroline Arnold, and (2d) April 26, 
1864, Charlotte J. Stocking. Children: — 

1. Frank, b. 1860; mar. Winters. 

2. Regina E., b. July 21, 1865; mar., March, 1891, Frederick 
Price. One child, Charlotte, b. June, 1892. 


3. Elmer I., b. September 2, 1867. 

4. Robert D., b. May 21, 1870. 

5. Orin R., b. October 20, 1874. 

Zebixa," son of John and Polly (Carlisle) White ; b. 
November 3, 1809 ; mar. January 17, 1830, in Niagara, N. Y., 
Polly G. Sheldon. Resides in Jasper, Lenewee Co., Mich. 
Children : — 

1. Lioonia P., b. November 19, 1830; mar. 1850, Lucius 
Mason. They had eight children of whom five are now living. 

2. Henry S., b. June 4, 1833; mar., September 3, 1854, 
Jerusha S. Lowe. They had four children, three now living. 

3. Lucinda M., b. February 3, 1835; d. February 19, 1835. 

4. Cordelia F., b. September 16, 1836; mar., (1st) January 
3, 1855, Daniel Russell, who d. in the defense of his country in 
1862, leaving two daughters. She mar. (2d) Smith H. Parks. 
They had seven children, two now living. 

Zebina White d. in Fairfield, Mich., February 18, 1891, aged 
82 years. Mrs. Polly (Sheldon) White is still living with her 
son Henry on the old homestead, where they settled fifty-five years 

William, 7 son of John and Polly (Carlisle) White ; mar. 
Armenia Sawyer ; b. September 15, 1809. Children : — 

1. Elvinia R., b. February 20, 1830. (Twin.) Mar., January 
3, 1850, Alfred Fraser. 

2. Emily F., b. February 20, 1830. (Twin.) Mar., May 1, 

1856, E. W. Redhead. 

3. William R.,b. December 12, 1834; mar., (1st) June 1, 

1857, Mary Brennon ; (2d) Lydia A. Bliss. 

4. Frank D., b. February 12, 1837; mar., October 19, 1860, 
J. P. Benedict. 

5. Loretta A., b. September 18, 1841; mar., June 13, 1861, 
Warren A. Bailey. She d. December 12, 1880. 

6. Melissa G., b. July 19, 1843; mar., December 11, 1860, 
Henry Jacobus. 

7. Wesley F., b. September 30, 1846; mar., June 27, 1865, 
Sarah S. Mann. 


8. Hosea W., b. February 17, 1852; mar., August 3, 1872, 
Matilda Rogers. 

Mrs. Armenia (Sawyer) White d. July 11, 1877. 

Joseph, 7 son of John and Polly (Carlisle) White ; mar., 
April 17, 1840, Sarah E. McNames. Children : — 

1. Warner H.-\-, b. February 26, 1842 ; d. November, 1842. 

2. Francis M.-\-, b. June 21, 1843; mar., January 2, 1867, 
Philenda A. Conklin. 

3. Sarah Ann -4-, b. April 17, 1845; mar. William Gruver. 

4. Scelinda L.-\-, b. October 6, 1847; mar., March 12, 1871, 
Albert White. 

5. Mary M., b. June 27, 1852; d. November 13, 1894, aged 
42 years. 

6. Inez E.-\-, b. June 4, 1854; mar., June 4, 1873, William 
S. Ay res. 

7. Alzina E.-\-, b. January 5, 1859; mar., December 29 
1878, John W. Bell. 

8. John W., b. July 8, 1861. 

Francis M., 8 son of Joseph and Sarah (McNames") White ; 
mar., January 2, 1867, Philenda A. Conklin. Children: — 

1. Orville M., b. May 21, 1869; mar., January 9, 1889, Ruth 
O. Wotring. 

2. Clayton E., b. August 14, 1872. He is a commercial 
printer in South Fairfield, Mich. 

3. Edith E., b. October 11, 1874. 

4. Elvie M., b. August 20, 1877. 

5. loon C, b. January 25, 1880. 

6. Ella E., b. September 29, 1885. 

Francis M. White served as a soldier in the War of the Rebel- 
lion from the year 1861 to 1865. Wounded at charge of Fort 
Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina, July 18, 1863. 
Enlisted November 23, 1861, in Company F, 67 Regiment, Ohio 
Volunteer Infantry ; discharged December 7, 1865. One of the 
foremost regiments at the surrender of Lee, at Appomattox, April 
9, 1865. 


Sarah Ann, 8 dau. of Joseph and Sarah (McNames) 
White; mar. William Graver. Children: — 

1. Sarah EsteUe b. June 6,18 72. >mu\, July 4.1$$J Grant 
Wood. They have : (I) Jay, b. April 15, 189Z 

2. Joseph W., b. November 8, 18l4r 

3. Frank Everett, b. October 19, 1883. 
They reside in Gowrie, Iowa. 

Scelinda L., 8 dau. of Joseph and Sarah (McNames) 
White, mar., March 12, 1871, Albert White. Children: — 

1. Leslie A., b. March 18, 1872. 

2. Sarah A., b. November 15, 1873. 

3. Harvey A., b. September 19, 1876. 

4. Vernon E., b. May 21, 1882. 

5. Victor E., b. May 2, 1888. 

' Inez E., 8 dau. of Joseph and Sarah (McNames) White, 
mar. June 4, 1873, William S. Ayres. Children: — 

1. Clifford J., b. August 25, 1874. 

2. Bertha A., b. January 21, 1877. 

3. Cyrus L, b. January 12, 1881; d. January 4, 1883. 

4. Harriet, b. January 31, 1883; d. March 11, 1883. 

5. Leo W., b. April 21, 1885. 

Alzina E., 8 dau. of Joseph and Sarah (McNames) White; 
mar., December 29, 1878, John W. Bell. Children : — 

1. Lra J., b. December 23, 1879. 

2. Bessie 0., b. January 24, 1882. 

3. Lloyd F., b. September 24, 1883. 

4. Herman G., b. February 4, 1886. 

5. Zuella M., b. April 29, 1889. 

6. Winford, b. December 28, 1891. 

Polly, 7 dau. of John and Polly (Carlisle) White ; mar., 
January 2, 1836, William McNames, b. February 29, 1812. 
Children : — 

1. Mary, b. June 10, 1838. 

2. Abram, b. February 17, 1839. 


3. Sarah, b. July 14, 1842. 

4. Henry, b. January 8, 1844. 

5. Lucinda, b. December 21^.1848. 

6. Perlina, b. November 5, 1850. 

7. Casper, b. April 13, 1853. 

William McNames d. August 12, 1891, aud his wife, Polly, 
d. January 8, 1888. 

Thomas White, Sen. 



William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 Thomas, 4 
William. 5 

Thomas, 6 son of William and Lydia (Goodale) White, 
b. January 20, 1784; mar., October 11, 1807, Rebecca D., 
dau. of Asa and Mehitable (Upham) Metcalf. Children: — 

1. Lorenzo Bow -(-, b. September 23, 1808; mar., March 12, 
1829, Arvilla Converse. 

2. Sophia -\-, b. September 11, 1811; mar. (1st) Luther Con- 
verse, who d. May 18, 1843. She mar. (2d) Samuel Blodgett. 

3. Thomas-{-, b. January 2, 1818; mar., September 10, 1838, 
Lucretia B. Lewis. She d. August 14, 1876, and he mar. (2d) 
Mrs. Miriam F. Robinson. 

4. Rebecca, b., March 5, 1823; mar. (1st) Edmund Needham. 
He d. and she mar. (2d) Luke Blodgett. She d. January 18, 
1893, of erysipelas resulting from a fall. 

Thomas White d. October 16, 1865, of typhoid fever, aged 
83 years. For a number of years he suffered much from bodily 
infirmities. He was a worthy , member of the Methodist church 
for sixty years, and he walked with and feared God. He was 
ready, waiting, longing even to depart and be at rest with Jesus. 
His partner in life d. the 12th of April, the same year. She had 
joined the same church sixty-nine years before, being the eleventh 
member when the church was formed in 1796. They lived 
together fifty-nine years. Their house was sought and loved by 
the circuit preachers, who ever found with them a welcome home. 
The writer recollects many greetings and partings with the 
injunction, "Farewell, prove faithful, and by the grace of God 
we'll meet in that better land." 


Death-bed Reflections. 

Marlborough, N. H., October 15, 1865. 
By the death-bed of my father now sitting by his side 1 pen 
these lines. He has been a kind parent to me, whom I have 
loved. Many times I have listened to him when in secret prayer, 
heard him pour out his soul to God for the salvation of his dear 
children, and have seen him rise from his knees with his cheeks 
bedewed with tears. Oh ! what auxiety he has felt for me. I 
believe his prayers have not all been in vain. God will hear the 
fervent prayer of his saints, and after years of toil take them to 
himself where, I have faith in God, my sainted father will join 
mother who has just gone before, where fathers, mothers, broth- 
ers, sisters meet to part no more. Oh, what a glorious meeting 
that will be ! Will that be for me to enjoy ? Blessed thought. 
Shall it be my lot? Yes, if I do right and live right, which may 
God grant. O Lord, give me grace and wisdom to accomplish 
my mission. I believe but few enjoy what I do tonight. My 
mother was given to me eighty-two years, father almost eighty- 
three years, and all their children yet alive ; the youngest, forty- 
two ; the eldest, fifty-seven. One quarter of my children have 
already gone to the other world. While I reflect upon the past, 
God's mercy shines clear through my existence into the future. 
I will rely still upon Him who has said, "I will never forsake 
those that put their trust in me." 

Oh, death-bed scene, a solemn place, 
Yet one of joy, not sadness ; 
So soon to exchange this world of care 
For one of joy and gladness. 

Best, father, rest, thy sorrows are past, 
In glory thou shalt rest at last ; 
So soon to enjoy that blest repast 
With mother and dear ones at last. 

The time has come, just half-past four, 
When our dear father breathes no more. 
The spirit's flown, the goal is won ; 
Enter thy rest we will not moan. 


With streaming eyes our faith doth soar 
Up to the bright eternal shore, 
Where Jesus stands with out-stretched hands 
To receive the dear ones in his arms. 

Now oub father and mother dear 
Having left this earthly choir, 
Methinks by faith I see and hear 
Thee sing as in the days of yore. 

Singing so sweetly on that shore, 
With saints and angels ; yea, and more, 
Salvation through th' atoning blood 
Of Christ, the Paschal Lamb of God. 

Lorenzo Dow, 7 son of Thomas and Rebecca (Metcalf) 
White, b. September 23, 1808 ; mar., March 12, 1829, Arvilla, 
dau. of Amasa and Zeruiah (Capron) Converse. Children : — 

1. Granville L., b. April 1, 1831 ; mar., January 31, 1854, 
Sarah A., dau. of Josiah and Sarah TV". (Lewis) Bemis. jhe 
d. September 4, 1879. Their children : (I) Emery B., b. Octo- 
ber 31, 1857; d. August 14, 1859. (II) Lester G., b. October 
23, 1862; mar., January 10, 1886, Carrie R. Stiles, b. in Strat- 
tou, Vt., January 26, 1870. One child, Therou Lester, b. in 
Harrisville, N. H., November 22, 1891. Lester G. d. November 
30, 1894. 

2. Emetine -{-, b. July 16, 1832; mar. John McRoy. 

3. Thomas Leroy-\-, b. March 6, 1836 ; mar., 1856, Esther D. 

4. Alfred M.+, b. July 26, 1838; mar. Marietta Holt of 
Nelson, N. H. 

5. William Wesson, b. December 7, 1841 ; mar., September 
29, 1864, Kate Doyle of Kingston, Canada. 

6. Luther A., b. February 23, 1844. Was severely burned by 
the premature discharge of a cannon, July 4, 1861, which caused 
his death September 9, 1861. 

7. Ambrose, b. ; d. February 18, 1849. 

8. Maria L., b. June 23, 1848; d. May 9, 1879 ; un. 

9. Eliza S., b. September 4, 1850; mar. James Kenney. 
They have : (I) Fred. She d. February 19, 1893. 

10. Irving A., b. August 28, 1852; mar., March 20, 1872, 


Eliza Temple of Alstead, N. H. They have (I) Eululoo Temple, 
b. March 24, 1876. (II) Gordon F., b. April 20, 1883. Resides 
in Marlborough, N. H. 

11. George W., b. May 26, 1856; mar. January, 1877, 
Georgie A. Lamphere of Dennisonville, Conn. Children : (I) 
James H., b. in Plainfield, Conn., December 5, 1877. He mar. 
(2d) Carrie A. Griffith of Keene, N. H., and has: (II) Blanche 
B., b. in New Durham, N. H., November 30, 1885. (Ill) Alma 
J., b. in Keene, N. H., July 23, 1888. Resides in New Durham, 
N. H. 

12. Ellery C, b. July 8, 1858; mi. 

Mrs. White d. May 26, 1872 ; and he d. January 1, 1895. 

Thomas Leroy, 8 son of Lorenzo D. and Arvilla (Con- 
verse) White ; mar., 1856, Esther D. Thatcher. Children : — 

1. Orren L., b. February 23, 1859; mar., in Fitchburg, 
Mass., October 26, 1891, May E. F. White, b. December 4, 
1859. Children: (I) Florence M., b. June 24, 1892. (II) 
Mattie E., b. June 30, 1893. Resides in Marlborough, N. H. 

2. Edna, b. October 1, 1862. 

Thomas Leroy had the honor of being the first volunteer in the 
state to enlist in the War of the Rebellion, enlisting in Keene, 
N. H., with the three mouths' men, and afterwards in the Sixth 
Regt. N. H. Vols. At one time, he had his cartridge bag shot 
into, which fell to the ground. At another time with a friend, 
George Henry Temple, while on the retreat from the second bat- 
tle of Bull Run, a ball passed to the ground between them. On 
looking up into a tree near by, he saw the rebel that had shot at 
him. Taking aim at him the rebel soon fell to the ground. 
Leroy took the rebel's carbine aud cartridge belt, throwing away 
his own old Springfield rifle. He died from disease contracted 
in the army, June 18, 1867. His widow married (2d) November 
6, 1872, Charles V. Smith, b. May 31, 1845. They have (I) 
Dora, b. November 13, 1875. 

Alfred M., 8 son of Lorenzo D., and Arvilla (Converse) 
White ; mar. Marietta Holt of Nelson, N. H. Children : — 

1. Eva, b. ; mar. Charles Hudson. Resides in Ames- 
bury, Mass. 


2. Frederic A., b. in Nashua, N. H., May 8, 1860; mar., 
January 5, 1887, Carrie M. Hall. They have (I) Ruth Marietta, 
b. June 2, 1891. Resides in Rinclge, N. H. 

Alfred M. White was a member of the Second Mass. Reg., 
and served his country faithfully in the War of the Rebellion. 
He was shot in the back in the Battle of Antietam, where he died 
on the battle field, Oct. 8, 1862. 

Emeline, 8 dan. of Lorenzo D. and Arvilla (Converse) 
White ; mar., March 22, 1852, John McRoy, b. in Ballygaw- 
ley, Ire., March 12, 1828. Children : — 

1. Mary J., b. in Troy, N. H., February 13, 1854; mar., 
September 21, 1871, Milan Blanchard. Resides in Leominster, 

2. Edward, b. in Marlborough, N. H., October 10, 1857; 
mar., April 2, 1878, Jennette Simmons. 

3. Weston, b. in Marlborough, N. H., December 4, 1859; 
mar. 1 Sarah Totten. 

4. Florence, b. in Marlborough, N. H., September 24, 1861; 
mar. George Wheaton. 

Mrs. Emeline McRoy died. He mar. (2d) May 20, 1891, Mrs. 
Martha S. Collins. 

Sophia, 7 dau. of Thomas and Rebecca (Metcalf) White, 
b. September 11, 1811; mar. (1st) Luther Converse, b. Feb- 
ruary 22, 1809, who d. May 18, 1843, and she mar. (2d) Sam- 
uel Blodgett. She d. February 5, 1873. Children: — 

1. Louisa -\-, b. ; mar., July 16, 1848, Bradley E. Olms- 

tead of St. Albans, Vt. 

2. Henry Miles -\-, b. February 22, 1832; mar., September 5, 
1854, Rectina L. Ryder. 

3. Amasa, b. 1837; d. June 16, 1842. 

4. Wesley ; mar. Removed to the West. Children : (I) Annie. 
(II) Eunice. 

Henry Miles, 8 son of Luther and Sophia (White) Con- 
verse; mai., September 5, 1854, Rectina Ryder, b. in Hartley, 
C. E., July 26, 1837. Children : — 

1. Sophia, b. July 31, 1855; mar. Parker. 



2. William Luther, b. in Keene, N. H., August 8, 1858. 

3. Harriet L., b. in Orford, Canada, September 5, 1860. 

4. Elora Louisa, b. in Orford, Canada, April 28, 1862 ; 
mar. Buzzell. 

5. Wesley Miles, b. in Springfield, Mass., May 22, 1864. 
Lives with his parents at Cherry River, Canada, Province of 

Louisa, 8 dau. of Luther and Sophia (White) Converse ; 
mar., July 16, 1848, Bradley E. Olmstead. Children : — 

1. Mary L., b. ; mar. William Bywater. Resides in 

Minona, Iowa. 

2. Alvin Soule, b. in Minona, la., October 4, 1857; mar., 
August 29, 1883, Nellie M., dau. of Charles and Harriet 
(Stowell) Smith, b. May 28, 1866. Their children: (I) Hattie 
Louisa, b. September 6, 1888; d. September 8, 1888. (II) 
Marietta Gertrude, b. July 5, 1890. (HI) Carrie Louise, b. 
November 25, 1891. (IV) Bradley Henry, b. April 11, 1894; 
d. January 10, 1895, remaining just long enough to endear him- 
self deeply in the hearts of his parents. They reside in Minona, 

Thomas, Jr., 7 son of Thomas and Rebecca (Metcalf) 
White, b. Jan. 2, 1818; mar., September 10, 1838, Lucretia 
B., dau. of John and Lucretia (Bemis) Lewis, b. in Roxbury, 
N. H., February 5, 1816. She d. August 14, 1876, and he 
mar. (2d) January 1, 1880, Miriam (Ferrin) Robinson of 
Lowell, Mass., b. in Hopkinton, N. H., August 28, 1811. 
Children : — 

1. Thomas Herbert, b. in Marlborough, N. H., May 22, 1839 ; 
mar., January 1, 1861, Fidelia E., dau. of Joel and Julia 
(Albee) Bancroft, b. in Nelson, N. H., June 15, 1839. Their 
children: (I) Leslie Rod olphus, b. August 16, 1864; d. March 
13, 1889. (II) Bertha Cornelia, b. May 22, 1870. Resides in 
Harris ville, N. H. 

2. Homer Edward -\-, b. in Dublin, N. H., June 12, 1840; 
mar., June 1, 1863, Abbie L., dau. of George and Louisa (Far- 
well) Ellis, b. in Swanzey, IS. H., October 9, 1841. 

3. Asa MetcalJ —\- , b. in Marlborough, N. H., November 17, 

Rodolphus I. White. 


1841 ; mar., March 1, 1862, Mary I., dau. of William and Abi- 
gail (Olney) Knight, b. August 6, 1846. 

4. Rodolphus Isaiah, b. in Marlborough, N. H., May 11, 
1843. He was a member of Co. C, Second Regt. N. H. Vols. 
He d. in the army, on the Lower Potomac, in the brigade hospital, 
at Camp Beaufort, Md., December 20, 1861, of typhoid fever 
brought on by exposure. 

5. Arthur Amasa, b. November 22, 1846, d., of typhoid 
fever, October 31, 1865. 

Lines written upon the death of Arthur by his father, caused by 
his painful pleadings : — 

Father, you are a praying man, 

Pray for me that I may live and useful be, 

For God has said that prayer shall be heard, 

And good I '11 be, for a good boy 

I 've always meant to be. 

And if I 'm spared in future life, 

The will of God may be, a good boy 

I'll always be, and serve Him faithfully. 

Pray, father, pray for me. 

Father prayed in agony that his dear son might live. 

But prayer is not heard ; faith 

Cannot reach the throne of Him we love, 

But a sweet return of "Thy will be done" 

Comes to the heart of grief. 

How hard it seems, — "Thy will be done." 

Pray, father, pray for me. 

If we could see as God doth see, 

How reasonable that prayer would be ! 

The future is veiled, we cannot see, 

Like a confiding child, I'll cast my all on Thee, 

My Saviour, who taught me to say, 

On earth Thy will be done. 

What can I do ? My child does cry, — 

Pray, father, pray for me. 

The father prayed, but bereavement's dart doth enter 

the heart. 
Death cannot be stayed ; the River of Death he must 



With the delirium of disease his last words were these, — 

"Grandpa, grandpa, take me home, take me home ! " 

His eyes are now closed in death, 

And we have laid him away in the cold grave 

For to stay until the last day, 

When Ave expect he will not say, — 

Pray, father, pray for me. 

So soon again death has visited us, — our dearly beloved 
Arthur, aged 18 years, 11 months, and 8 days, died Tuesday 
morning at half past two. Solemn scene, — sad will be the recol- 
lection of this night of sorrow. While we around the death bed 
of our dear one poured out our souls in anguish to God in prayer 
that we might all be united when we, too, should leave this world 
of sorrow and sadness. That we might be an unbroken number 
in that world of joy and gladness where no sorrow nor death will 
ever come. We had anticipated much joy with the dear departed 
one. He was mild and lovely, ever ready to join with us in sing- 
ing the social family songs. He had a quick ear, loving music. 
He was foremost of our number, and the joy and bliss we have 
experienced will long be remembered. Congestive typhoid fever, 
that cruel scavenger of death, caused delirious moments of pain- 
ful pleadings to be "carried home." He had a great desire to 
live. His love of home and friends was strong. He, too, anti- 
cipated life and happiness in the future. "So soon, so soon 
passing along, right along." He left this world of sorrow and 
sadness for one of joy and gladness, just fifteen days after the 
death of his grandfather. The last audible expression a few 
moments before he breathed his last, throwing out his arms and 
looking around, was, "Grandpa, grandpa, take me home." 

6. Sarah Angeline, b. January 24, 1849 ; d. February 15, 

7. John Milton, b. in Marlborough, N. H., January 7, 1850; 
mar., March 26, 1871, Etta S., dau. of Charles and Harriet 
(Stowell) Smith; b. in Worcester, Mass., March 28, 1852. She 
d. August 1, 1889. 

White. — Died, in Dublin, August 1, 1889, Sister Etta (Smith) 
White, daughter of Charles and Harriet Smith, and wife of Mil- 
ton J. White, aged 37 years. 


Sister AVhite experienced religion some twenty years ago under 
the preaching of Rev. Irad Taggart, pastor of the Methodist 
church in Marlborough, where she then resided. She ever after- 
wards adorned her profession by a well-ordered life and Christian 
character. She loved the church services, especially the Sabbath- 
school, where she was early led by her pious parents. She was 
always cheerful, genial, and pleasant, and had a smile for every- 
one. Her funeral was held in the Methodist church in Marl- 
borough where her parents reside and where she had lived all her 
life with the exception of a few months at the close of life. Rev. 
J. W. Bean officiated at the funeral, which was very largely 
attended, the church being crowded. Mr. Brown spoke of her 
evenness of disposition. He said, "As you found her one day, 
so you always found her." The Grange of which she was a mem- 
ber attended the funeral in a body, and furnished some very 
beautiful and appropriate music. She was also buried in accord- 
ance with the rites and ceremonies of the Grange. A profusion 
of flowers adorned the beautiful white casket. She parted with a 
dear sister only about a year ago, Mrs. Amy G. Peaslee, and has 
two sisters and a brother left — Henry C. Smith, Miss Carrie A. 
Smith, and Mrs. Nellie M. Olmstead, of Monona, Iowa. " Blessed 
are the dead who die in the Lord." 

He mar., (2d) March 31, 1890, Emma O. Barrows; b. in 
Pomfret, Vt., June 15, 1854. Her children were : (I) Lillie E., 
b. in Derry, N. H., November 26, 1873; d. April, 1880. (II) 
Cora A., b. in Bethel, Vt., December 5, 1876. (Ill) George F., 
b. in Salem, N. H., February 7, 1882. 

Mr. White has one son, Harry Herbert (adopted), b. in Marl- 
borough, February 28, 1874; mar. May 9, 1891, Cora A. Dus- 
tin. They have: (I) Mildred Jessie, b. March 11, 1894. (II) 
Elsie Emma, b. May 7, 1895. 

8. Ashley Newell -4-, b. in Marlborough, N. H., August 21. 
1851 ; mar., July 9, 1872, Julia A. Clark, b. March 28, 1854. 

9. Augustus A., b. in Marlborough, October 23, 1852 ; d. Jan- 
uary 8, 1853. 

10. Leslie Leman, b. in Marlborough, May 21, 1854; mar., 
October 17, 1877, Hattie N., dau. of William and Abigail (Olney ) 
Knight, b. April 28, 1856. Children: (I) Grace Hattie, b. July 


6, 1878. (II) Lewis Alberto, b. June 10, 1880. (Ill) Win- 
fred Leslie, b. July 7, 1883. (IV) Lucretia Blanche, b. Febru- 
ary 16, 1887. (V) Ernest Dutee, b. December 18, 1888. (VI) 
Bernard, b. April 21, 1891. (VII) Hazel Madeline, b. April 24, 
1894. They reside in Marlborough, N. H. 

11. Sarah Angeline, b. in Marlborough, N. II., March 29, 
1856 ; mar. (1st) Lucius Ornsby, October 1, 1872. Children: 
(I) Harry Herbert, b. February 28, 1874. (Adopted by Milton 
J. White). She mar. (2d) George W. Shattuck, January 10, 
1880, who was b. April 15, 1843. Their children: (II) George 
Alberto, b. March 5, 1883. (Ill) Forrest Lynwood, b. September 
18, 1891. 

George W. Shattuck enlisted into the United States service as 
corporal in Co. K, Sixth Regt. N. H. Vol. Infantry, October 
21, 1861, and was mustered in November 28, 1861. Left the 
state December 25, 1861, and sailed for Annapolis January 7, 
1862, disembarking at Hatteras Island and was assigned to 
Nagle's First Brigade, Reno's Second Division, Ninth Corps,. 
Was discharged December 19, 1863, to Camp Nelson, to re-enlist 
as veteran December 20, 1863, in Co. K. of the same regiment, 
and with his regiment participated in the following battles : 
Camden, N. C, April 19, 1862; Manassas, Va., August 30, 
1862; Chantilly, Va., September 1, 1862; South Mountain, Md., 
September 14, 1862; Antietam, Md., September 16-17, 1862; 
Fredericksburg, Va., December 11-16, 1862; Wilderness, Va., 
May 5-7, 1864; Spottsylvania, Va., May, 1864; North Anna, 
Va., May 23-27, 1864; Bethesda Church, Va., May 30, June 6, 
1864 ; ColdHarbor, Va., May 31, June 12, 1864 ; Petersburg, Va., 
June 10, 1864; Mine Explosion, Va., July — . Was in Veteran 
Reserve Corps 159 Ind. at the mine explosion at Petersburg; 
was wounded August 8, 1864, in the left shoulder by a gun shot 
when he was sent to the hospital, where he remained for some 
time. After the ball was removed he returned to his regiment 
and was honorably discharged December 11, 1865. 

Peterborough (N. H.) Transcript states the following : 

' ' It was said of the Sixth, that no regiment in the state and none 
in the army had won a prouder name or made a more honorable 
record, and none had seen more severe campaigning or done bet- 


ter service, or been oftener under fire. Few regiments went 
through the war with so much harmony of feeling among officers 
and men with so little grumbling. When calls were made for 
names of men to whom medals should be awarded for especial 
gallantry on the field, few were ever given, for the reason that it 
would have seemed invidious when all did their duty so unflinch- 

They reside in Marlborough, N. H. 

12. Mary Clough, b. in Marlborough, N. H., November 8, 
1858; mar., September 5, 1880, Fred T. Jewett, b. November 1, 
1857. Their children : (I) Mabel Ann, b. March 13, 1882 ; d. 
October 17, 1885. (II) Mamie Lucretia, b. August 22, 1885. 
(Ill) Ethlyn Louise, b. March 2, 1887. (IV) Cassie Fidelia, 
b. November 5, 1894; d. February 2, 1895. They reside in 
Marlborough, N. H. 

I, Thomas White, was born in Marlborough, on the old farm of 
my grandfather, William White, whom I well remember, although 
but two years of age when he died, as a venerable looking old gen- 
tleman leaning on two canes. Always having a fondness for old 
people whom I reverenced and loved and in memory often recall 
their faces. I remember in my earliest days, the earnest personal 
prayers of my Christian parents, who taught me the blessedness of 
pure and undefiled religion. Making a confident of my dear mother 
in my early life work, which has been a great blessing to me all 
my life. My parents in the support of their parents, had 
a hard time to supply the comforts of life. At the age of four- 
teen, I matured plans to raise money to liquidate my father's 
debts, working six months for Elias Hardy of Dublin, for which 
he paid my father forty-two dollars. I spent a happy season at 
his house, and he, appreciating my work, gave me all the holi- 
days and twenty-five cents to spend at muster. He said to my 
father, — " He is a good boy and well earned his wages." I con- 
tinued to work out, and when eighteen years of age, had my 
father's debts paid and the mortgage lifted. 

At twenty I took a job of making brick at Whitehall, N. Y., of 
a Mr. Goodale, who was a contractor and builder, manufacturing 
his own material. After I had made 400,000 of brick, he refused 
to pay me. It was during the panic of 1837. 


My uncle, living at Polley's Landing, undertaking to collect, 
sued my employer, whose wealth consisted of real estate. The 
court granted my claim, but when the injunction was issued no 
property was to be found, as he had deeded it to his son and 
daughter. In after years his son and daughter refused to return 
a dollar to him, and he and his wife spent their last days in the 

About this time I married, and was in debt for six hundred dol- 
lars, but I labored energetically for several years building roads, 
never making a failure although young and inexperienced. Suc- 
cess followed me. I went to Montreal, where I engaged in the 
manufacture of spruce beer. The business being distasteful I 
continued it but three years, paying all my debts and returning to 
the states bringing home $2,400, with which I bought my father's 

For several years I was a salesman of nursery stock, and was 
also engaged in selling Colton's atlas and maps. AYhile thus 
engaged, passing from New York to New Haven, I was in the 
terrible railroad disaster at Norwalk, Conn., where over fifty 
were killed and many wounded. The accident was caused on 
account of the draw-bridge not being closed and the engineer 
being under the influence of liquor. Going through the bottom 
of the car, I was thrown into the river where the water and mud 
was about sixteen feet deep. When I '.arose, I was hauled into a 
boat severely injured. I was confined to my bed about four 
months, and have never fully recovered yet have been able to 
labor some. 

Father of twelve children ; two sons enlisting in the late war, 
one of whom died in camp ; the other being wounded returned 
home, and was a great sufferer until released by death. I also 
buried another son the same year my father and mother died. 
Eleven years later the mother of my twelve children died. I mar- 
ried again, and have lived with my second wife nearly sixteen 

Prosperity in earthly affairs has fairly attended my efforts. I 
have received my full share of joy and sorrow, and while I review 
the past it is with swelling gratitude, the bright side of God's love 
fully to the front. While I recall the faces of those dear neigh- 

Thomas Clayton White. 


bors and friends of my youth, I seem to see them face to face in 
memory as fresh as to-day. It seems that good predominates far 
over the evil. With thanksgiving and gratitude my heart flows 
full of praise and adoration to the One who has so kindly 
bestowed upon me these unspeakable favors of life. 

1 would not claim perfection, for the "mistakes of my life 
have been many ; " but no vicious sins can be laid at my door, 
which affords me much comfort and joy. I have always been 
free from the use of liquor, tobacco, and profane language. 

Homer E., 8 son of Thomas and Lucretia (Lewis) White ; 
mar., June 1, 1863, Abbie L. Ellis. Children : — 

1. Walter Harris, b. September 4, 1867; mar., November 24, 
1891, Alice L. Pratt of Brooklyn, N. Y. They have: (I) 
Thomas Clayton, b. in Everett, Mass., September 29, 1892. 

2 and 3. Twins, b. April 3, 1873; d. young. 
They reside in Maiden, Mass. 

Asa M., 8 son of Thomas and Lucretia (Lewis) White ; 
mar., March 1, 1862, Mary I. Knight. Children: — 

1. Homer Asa, b. in Marlborough, July 27, 1864; mar., 1885, 
Bertha J. Hankey, b. in Germany, June, 1861. Their children: 
(I) Maude Pauline, b. Hillsborough Bridge, N. H., July 13, 
1886. (II) Homer Asa, b. in South Keene, N. H., March 14, 

2. Bertrand Arthur, b. in Dublin, N. H., November 10, 1867 ; 
mar., 1889, Mabel I. Burrill, b. in Lynn, Mass., March 17, 1870. 
Their children: (I) Rupert Bertrand, b. in Marlborough, N. H., 
April 16, 1890; d. February 26, 1892. (II) Ray Burrill, b. in 
Marlborough, N. H., April 17, 1891; d. February 21, 1892. 

(III) Ina May, b. in Marlborough, N. H., March 30, 1893. 

(IV) Edith Irene, b. February 19, 1895. They reside in Marl- 
borough, N. H. 

Asa M. White was a member of Co. C, Second Regt. N. H. 
Vols. He suffered much from rheumatism, caused by exposure 
in the army, which finally caused his death, May 4, 1891. He 
was wounded at Williamsburg, Va., but escaped serious injury 
as the ball passed through his cauteen and knapsack. 


Ashley N., 8 son of Thomas and Lucretia (Lewis) White ; 
mar., July 9, 1872, Julia A. Clark of Chester, Vt. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Arthur Allford, b. May 28, 1873; mar., January 5, 1893, 
Mary J. Collins of Springfield, Mass., b. December 1869. They 
have : (I) Harold Ashley, b. in Milford, N. H., December 4, 
1893. (II) Arthur, b'. in Milford, N. H., February 13, 1895. 

Resides in Milford, N. H. 

2. Perley Clifford, b. October 5, 1874; mar. Louise Sharon of 
Keene, N. H. They have : Leila Pearl, b. December 23, 1893 ; 
d. 1894. 

3. Ruby Tully, b. August 2, 1881. 

4. Ethel Lucretia, b. April 27, 1887. 
Resides in Marlborough, N. H. 

Daniel Emerson, b. Plaistow, N. H., April 19, 1747. Came 
to Marlborough, as early as 1771 and settled on the farm where 
he d. July 11, 1829. He mar., January 19, 1775, Lucy, dau. of 
Lieutenant Joseph and Eunice (Matthews) Collins, the first 
marriage recorded in the town records. He was somewhat eccen- 
tric, as the following anecdote shows : He went to the clerk and 
requested to be published the following Sabbath to a lady 
with whom he had but a slight acquaintance. On his return 
home he met the lady and addressed her as follows: "Well, 
Lucy, I have been to be published ! " " Been to be published?" 
"Published to you." " Published to me ?" " You may forbid it 
or not just as you please. If you don't want me you must forbid 
it." She did not forbid it, although surprised, and their marriage 
took place. The first Methodist preaching in Cheshire county 
was at Mr. Emerson's house the last of November, 1793, he rid- 
ing to Ashburnham, Mass., to secure it. Their children: 

1. Sally, mar., Dec. 21, 1777, Win. Comstock of Sullivan. 

2. Anna, b. May 27, 1782; mar. Samuel Fife. 

3. Daniel, b. Jan. 9, 1790; mar. May 30, 1809, Ruth, 6 dau. 
of William and Lydia (Goodale) White. Settled on the home 
farm where he lived some twenty years. About 1835, he 
removed to Newfane, N. Y. From there he went to Barry, III., 
where he d. October 23, 1872. Ruth (White) Emerson d. 


November 9, 1849. Their children : (I) Ozro, b. 1810 ; d. abou 
1822. (II) Asbury, b. April 23, 1812. Resides in Barry, 111. , 
un. (Ill) Gilman, b. June 11, 1815; mar. Orinda Sawyer. 
Children: (1) Julia. (2) Oliver. (3) George. (4) Elbridge. 
(5) Quincy. (6) Eugene. Gilman removed to Illinois where he 
d. July 22, 1854. Orinda d. 1892. (IV) Minot, b. August 26, 
1818; mar. Eliza Woodard. Children: (1) Annabel. (2) 
Marion. (3) Ella J. (4) Luella. Minot d. in McGregor, 111., 
1873. (V) Lucy, b. September 26, 1820; mar. William Dalton. 

Children : (1) Mary. (2) . (3) Solon. Lucy d. in St. Louis, 

Mo., in 1868. (VI) Ira, b. August 24, 1823; mar. Sarah J. 
Roberts. He has been a Methodist preacher over thirty years 
and presiding elder several times in Illinois. Resides in Edin- 
burgh Illinois. (VII) Amos, b. July 12, 1825 ; mar., (1st) 1846, 
Jane Taylor. She d. and he mar., (2d) 1854, and he resides in 
Bells, Texas. Children (1) Harriet, d. young. (2) Mary Emma, 
d. aged 16 years. (3) William, b. 1863. (4) Eddie, b. 1864 ; 
mar., and lives in Sherman, Texas, where he is a merchant. 

James, 5 son of Thomas and Rachel White, b. March 28, 
1744; mar., October 6, 1768, Huldah, dau. of David and 
Lydia (Putnam) Goodell, b. in Salem, April 5, 1750. He 
came to Marlborough about 1781, and located near his brother 
William. He was a carpenter and shoemaker by trade, and as 
he was industrious earned a good living. He d. in Wind- 
ham, Vt., November 25, 1821, and his wife d. in Marlborough, 
August 11, 1806. Children : — 

1. Huldah and her mate, b. September 8, 1770. 

2. Ruth, b. June 1, 1772. 

3. James Jr.-\-, b. May 9, 1774; mar. Sally Norris. 

4. Ezra, b. October 26, 1777. 

5. Judith -\-, b. September 5, 1780; mar. Luther Tenney. 

James Jr., 6 son of James and Huldah (Goodell) White, 
b. May 9, 1774 ; mar. Sally Norris, b. January 24, 1778. He 
d. December 19, 1857, and his wife d. July 19, 1858. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. James -(-, b. June 19, 1796; mar. Lucinna Hazelton. 


2. Sally+, b. July 21, 1798; mar. Barnabas Giles of Wind- 
ham, Vt. 

3. Elijah, b. September 3, 1801 ; mar. Jerusha Mack, lives in 
Windham, Vt. 

4. Azubah -{-, b. September 20, 1803; mar. Daniel French. 

5. Calvin-}-, b. October 6, 1810; mar. Mary Richardson. 

6. Hiram, b. November 28, 1812; d. March 27, 1817. 

7. Hiram, b. March 6, 1818; d. October 27, 1820. 

Judith, 6 dau. of James and Huldah (Goodell) White, b. 
September 5, 1780; mar., December 4, 1800, Luther Tenney. 
Lived in Windham, Vt. He d. February 16, 1840, in his 
sixty-ninth year, and his widow d. September 25, 1869, in her 
ninetieth year. Children : — 

1. Luther, Jr., b. October 7, 1801. 

2. Calvin, b. October 13, 1803. 

3. Elmira, b. April 11, 1806; d. August 15, 1809. 

4. Arvilla, b. May 9, 1808. 

5. Elmira, b. March 24, 1811. (Twin.) 

6. Elzina, b. March 24, 1811; d. March 15, 1853. (Twin.) 

7. Judith-\-, b. June 29, 1813; mar., January 28, 1835, 
James Gould. 

8. Leonard, b. September 16, 1816; d. August 26, 1863. 

9. Eleanor, b. April 6, 1819. 

10. Abigail, b. April 22, 1822. 

Judith, 7 dau. of Luther and Judith (White) Tenney; 
mar., January 28, 1835, James Gould, b. January 28, 1813. 
Children : — 

1. Aaron L., b. January 21, 1836; d. February 17, 1892. 

2. Abigail E., b. August 4, 1837. 

3. James W., b. July 7, 1842. 

4. Charles G., b. May 5, 1844. 

Judith (Tenney) Gould, d. November 21, 1891. 

James, 3d, 7 son of James, Jr., and Sally (Norris) White ; 
mar. Lucinna Hazelton of Windham, Vt., where he settled. 
He d. December 26, 1863. Children : — 

1. James A.-\-, b. February 26, 1824; mar., July 3, 1851, 
Ellen C. Fairbanks of Springfield, Vt. 


2. Hiram L., b. February 4, 1826; mar., November 29, 1849, 
Phila Houghton ; settled in Windham, Vt. ; d. March 20, 1860. 

3. Laura L.,b. November 29, 1829; mar., April 20, 1853, 
Augustus Blaisdell. Lives in Nashua. 

4. Sally M., b. May 2, 1833; d. September 24, 1834. 

5. Azubah, b. October 29, 1835; mar., June 30, 1853, Ariel 
P. Stephen of Weston, Vt. Settled in Nashua. 

6. Cynthia C, b. May 5, 1838; mar., February 23, 1864, 
Henry Moors of Windham, Vt. 

7. Hannah E., b. May 25, 1840; mar. Beckwith. Set- 
tled in Nashua. 

8. George W., b. July 20, 1843; d. January 12, 1867. 

James A., 8 son of James, 3d, and Lucinna (Hazelton) 
White ; mar., July 3, 1851, Ellen C. Fairbanks of Spring- 
field, Vt. Children : — 

1. James C, b. in Nashua, N. H., August 29, 1852; mar., 
December 22, 1875, Emma L. Dame. They had: (I) Inez F., 
b. October 10, 1876 ; d. October 12, 1877. (II) Mabel L., b. 

May 18, 1879. (Ill) Helen, b. . James C. d. at Winona, 

Minn., April 10, 1888. 

Composed for and dedicated to the order of Odd Fellows of 
Marlborough, in memory of James C. White, who died in Winona, 
Minn., April 10, 1888, this being the first death in this lodge of 
nineteen years standing. Truly God has blessed you. 

Thomas White. 
" Our brother is with us no more, 

God in wisdom has called him away ; 
Life's trials and sorrows are o'er, 
He has flown to yon regions of day. 

"Should we grieve for a mortal thus blessed ? 

Should we sigh for a spirit released ? 
Our brother hath entered his rest, 

Where all is enjoyment and peace. 

" Our brother the first to depart 
To our Father's blest mansion on high. 

Oh, why should we take it to heart ? 
E'er long we, too, homeward shall fly. 


"Death opens the way to our rest ; 

We know where our dear ones have gone ; 
They await in yon home of the blest. 

Oh, why for immortals then mourn." 

2. George W., b. March 1, 1855; d. November 19, 1858. 

3. Carrie E., b. July 22, 1872. 
Resides in Marlborough, N. H. 

Sally, 7 dau. of James, Jr., and Sally (Norris) White, b. 
July 21, 1798 ; mar., 1817, Barnabas Giles, b. August 30, 
1792. Children : — 

1. Sally, b. April 30, 1818; mar., January 24, 1843, Jona- 
than T. Brintnell. Children (I) Aurilla E., b. May 9, 1845; 
mar. Leslie M. Lawrence. They have : (1) Mary E., b. Octo- 
ber 13, 1874. (II) Charlie S., b. January 15, 1858; d. March 
18, 1864. 

2. Elmira, b. October 26, 1820; mar., May 18, 1841, Mason 
Brintnell- d. August 3, 1859. They had two daughters. 

3. Barnabas, Jr.-f-, b. May 20, 1823; mar., December 4, 
1851, Abby M. Houghton. 

4. Harvey, b. March 12, 1826; d. July 30, 1827. 

5. Sophia H,, b. August 18, 1828; mar., October 3, 1850, 
Isaac Whitney. They have two daughters and one son. Resides 
in Windham, Vt. 

6. Emeline, b. November 19, 1831; mar., June 2, 1852, Ira 
Atwood. They have one son. Resides in Chester, Vt. 

Barnabas d. June 10, 1868, and Sally, his wife, d. August 2, 

Azubah, 7 dau. of James, Jr. and Sally (Norris) White ; 
mar. Daniel French. Children : — 

1. Daniel, b. October 17, 1824; mar., March 25, 1851, Lucy 
Atwood. He d. July 4, 1890. 

2. Calvin C, b. March 11, 1826; mar., March 25, 1851, 
Elmira Howard. She d. June 3, 1876, and he mar., (2d) Octo- 
ber 12, 1880, Huldah S. Davis. Resides in Chester, Vt. 

3. S. Elmina, b. February 17, 1836; d. 1853. 

Calvin, 7 son of James and Sally (Norris) White, b. Octo- 


ber 6, 1810 ; mar. Mary Richardson of Vershire, Vt., b. June 
8, 1811. Children : — 

1. Elisha Orlando, b. May 1, 1837; mar. Roxanna Strong, of 
Mt. Taber, Vt. 

2. Jerusha Emeline, b. December 2, 1840; mar. Horace Wil- 
der of Wallingford, Vt. 

3. Elijah Elliott, b. May 6, 1842; drowned September 19, 

4. Lorenzo Mason, b. August 7, 1843; mar., December 20, 
1866, Hattie J. Clark, of Chester, Vt. Children: (I) Hattie 
Effle, b. June 22, 1868 ; mar. Frank Wheeler. Their children : 
(1) Maud E., b. May, 1889. (2) Laura, b. May, 1890. (II) 
Lillie B., b. January 13, 1870. (Ill) Clarence M., b. August 
13, 1872. 

5. Calvin R., b. August 20, 1845 ; mar., Mary A. Coleman of 

6. William Warner, b. February 28, 1847; mar., and lives in 
Jamaica, Vt. 

7. Mary Alfaretta, b. July 17, 1849 ; mar. Daniel Howard. 

8. Charles Liberty, b. August 18, 1851 ; mar., and lives in 
Wallingford, Vt. 

9. Elizabeth E., b. August 13, 1853 ; mar. Leroy Howard. 

Calvin served six months in the Rebellion, in the Ninth Ver- 
mont ; Elisha one and a half years in the Eleventh Vermont ; 
L. Mason, three years in the Ninth Vermont ; William, six 
months in the Eleventh Vermont; and Calvin R., two years in 
the Second Vermont ; uncommon patriotism, making a rare record 
of a father and four sons serving the country. 

Barnabas, Jr., 8 son of Barnabas and Sally (White) 
Giles ; mar., December 4, 1851, Abby M. Houghton. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Effa M., b. September 14, 1853 ; d. July 25, 1854. 

2. Elsie S., b. October 13, 1855; mar., January 1, 1874, 
Jefferson Gould. They have one child living. She d. Septem- 
ber, 1879. 

3. Herbert B., b. January 27, 1858; d. February 10, 1858. 

4. Horace E., b. March 11, 1859; mar., January 4, 1886, 


Julia E. Holt. They have (I) Herman H., b. January 26, 1889 ; 
d. January 28, 1889. (II) Bertha A., b. March 10, 1890. 

5. Leora M., b. April 19, 1861; mar., November 13, 1873, 
Joseph Morse. They have one son. 

6. William A., b. May 11, 1864. 

7. Frank H., b. November 3, 1870 ; mar. July 22, 1891, Min- 
nie D. Waterhouse. They have: (I) Norma M., b. June 21, 

Abby (Houghton) Giles d. April 3, 1880. 

Thomas Jr., 5 son of Thomas and Rachel White, b. in 
Scituate, Mass. ; mar. Molly French, b. in Hollis, N. H. 
Removed to Dublin about 1774. Removed to Cornish before 
1820, where he died. Children : — 

1. Molly +, b. 1775. (Twin.) Mar., August 23, 1796, Sam- 
uel Lewis. 

2. Esther, b. 1775. (Twin.) Mar. John Riggs. 

3. Susannah -\-, b. 1777; mar., January 3, 1799, Abijah 

4. Oliver-\-, b. 1779; mar., 1804, Hannah Williams. 

5. Betsey -(-, b. April 9, 1781; mar., February 19, 1801, 
Stephen Williams, b. April 21, 1782. 

6. Abigail, b. 1784; mar., 1814, Holbrook. 

7. Aaron-\-, b. December' 20, 1788; mar., 1806, Rebecca 

8. Moses, b. January 17, 1791 ; mar. Clarisa Martindale. 

9. John-\-, b. July 20, 1793; mar. (1st) Lucy, .dau. of 
Matthew Davis. (2d) Patience Morse. 

10. James, b. August 3, 1796; mar. Mary Belding. They 
had six children. Went West. 

Molly, 6 dau. of Thomas, Jr., and Molly (French) White ; 
mar., August 28, 1796, Samuel Lewis. Children : — - 

1. Thomas; mar. Mary Turner. Both dead. 

2. Arial; mar.; had four children. 

3. Sidney ; mar. Nabby Wesgate. Had seven children. 

Susannah, 6 dau. of Thomas, Jr., and Molly (French) 


White ; mar., January 3, 1799, Abijah Williams. Children : — 

1. Ann; mar. Michael Morey. Had seven children. 

2. Susan; mar. Enos Burnham. 

3. Sena; mar. Jacob Hart. Had two children. 

4. Elvira ; mar. Alvin Cummings. Had five children. 

5.; mar. Franklin Clement. Had two children. She 
d. 1838, and he married (2d) Sallie Clement. Had two children. 

6. Abijah; mar. Lucina Lewis. Had four children. 

7. Stephen; mar. Hannah Hoit. Had two children. 

Oliver, 6 son of Thomas, Jr., and Molly (French) White; 
mar., 1804, Hannah Williams. Children : — 

1. Noah; mar. Submit Rounds. Had two children. 

2. Hannah ; mar. Amasa Davis. Had three children. 

3. Roxy ; mar. Harvey York. 

4. Reuben ; mar. Sally Westgate ; d. . 

5. Leonard. Followed the sea as a whaler for several years. 

6. Calista; mar. Charles Coats of Windsor, Vt. He d. 1886. 

Betsey, 6 dau. of Thomas, Jr., and Molly (French) White ; 
mar., February 19, 1801, Stephen Williams, b. April 21, 1782. 
Children : — 

1. Betsey, b. June 11, 1802; mar. Uriah York. Had five 
children. She d. April 15, 1878. 

2. Stephen, Jr., b. December 23, 1803; d. March 15, 1811. 

3. Mary, b. May 26, 1805 ; mar. Daniel Stearns. Had nine 

4. Almira, b. September 1, 1810; mar. Benjamin F. Bugbee. 
They had nine children. He d. March 8, 1887. She d. Octo- 
ber, 1885. 

5. Step>hen, Jr., b. October 18, 1812; mar. (1st) Melenda 
Hall; (2d) Rhoda Lambarton. Had four children. 

6. Abijah, b. July 13, 1816; mar. Emma Stearns. They had 
five children. He d. April 22, 1886. 

7. Charles, b. October 2, 1820 ; mar. Louise White. They 
had eight children. 



8. George P., b. March 30, 1823; mar. Caroline E. White. 
They had one child. 

Stephen Williams d. September 13, 1859. His wite, Betsey, 
d. March 5, 1860. 

Aaron, 6 son of Thomas, Jr., and Molly (French) White ; 
mar., 1806, Rebecca Williams. Children : — 

1. Smith, b. 1806; mar. Lydia Westgate ; (2d) Prudy Fer- 

2. Bebecca, b. November 15, 1810 ; mar. Beniah Colby. They 
had : (I) Rodney. (II) Dudley. Both of whom reside in Han- 
cock, N. H., where she died. 

3. Achsa, b. February 9, 1812 ; d. May 8, 1837. 

4. Lois, b. October 11, 1815; mar. Charles Williams. They 
had eight children. 

5. John, b. July 19, 1817; mar. (1st) Lucinda Hastings; 
(2d) Helen Williams. Has one child. He resides on the home- 
stead in Cornish, N. H. 

6. Stillman, b. March 18, 1820; mar. Nancy Ferrington. 
Has one child. 

7. Lucinda, b. April 23, 1823 ; mar. Caleb Austin. Has four 

8. Caroline E.,h. February 23, 1826; mar. George P. Wil- 
liams. Has one child. 

9. Esther E., b. July 16, 1828; d. January 11, 1843. 
Rebecca (Williams) White d. November 21, 1846, and he mar. 

(2d) 1853, Mrs. Ruth (Robie) Follansbee. He d. in East 
Andover, N. H., April 4, 1880, aged 91 years. 

White. — Ruth White, the daughter of Paine and Susan Robie, 
was born at East Andover, N. H., July 10, 1806, and died at 
Wells Beach, Me., July 17, 1891, aged 85 years and 7 days. 
She was converted when young, was baptized by Rev. Elijah 
Watson, and united with the Free Baptist church at East Ando- 
ver, of which she remained a worthy member until death. She 
was married to John Follensbee of Hill, N. H., March 13, 1836, 
by Rev. E. Watson. She was left a widow with two little girls to 
care for, July 7, 1844. Later her two daughters became Chris- 
tians and united with the same church. The younger of them 


died at the age of fourteen years. In the fall of 1853 she was 
married to Aaron White of Cornish, N. H. He died in April, 
1880. After this, until her death, she made her home with her 
daughter, the wife of Rev. H. B. Huntoon. Sister White was 
one of the true and tried ones, and as long as her health would 
permit she was found at the house of God, and was ready for 
every good word and work. During the last few weeks of life 
she was a great sufferer, and for a time was helpless. Her trust 
in God was firm until the end. During her sickness all was done 
that willing hands could do for her comfort. It can be truly 
said of her, ' ' Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord : Yea, 
saith the Spirit, for they do rest from their labors and their works 
do follow them." She was buried from the Congregational 
church in East Andover, July 18. Funeral services were con- 
ducted by Revs. Lewis (Cong.) and Hall (Free Baptist). 

L. E. Hall. 

John, 6 son of Thomas, Jr., and Molly (French) White ; 
mar. (1st) Lucy Davis. (2d) Patience Morse. Children : — 

1. Freeman A., b. April 13, 1833; mar., October 11, 1860, 
Jane E. Freeman of Cavendish, Vt. She d. September 18, 
1869. They had: (I) Grace L., b. March 12, 1866; mar. 
Ahuon Cass of Richmond. He mar. (2d) Abbie Blanchard of 
Weathersfield, Vt., May 18, 1870. She d. July 5, 1885. He 
mar. (3d) February 22, 1888, Mrs. Mary M. Parkhurst of Lud- 
low, Vt. She d. January 16, 1890. He mar. (4th) March 24, 
1891, H. Annette Peck of Troy, N. H. Resides in Keene, 
N. H. 

2. Lucy E., b. February 28, 1835; mar., 1862, Charles Judd 
of Claremont, N. H. Their children are : (I) Wilber H. b. 
December, 1863; d. September 3, 1865. (II) Walter C, b. 
October, 1867. (Ill) Etta G., b. December, 1872. (IV) Min- 
nie B. 

Resides at Claremont, N. H. Mr. Judd was among the sharp- 
shooters most of the time in the War of the Rebellion. 

3. Serepta C, b. January 27, 1837; mar. E. S. Folsom of 
Tvmbridge, Vt., October 3, 1860. Children are: (I) Elmer W., 
b. January 4, 1862. (II) Wilbur M., b. August 19, 1864. 


(Ill) Frank T., b. February 23, 1865. (IV) Charles P., b. May 
30, 1869. (V) Fred W., b. October 12, 1874. (VI) Arthur G., 
b. November 21, 1875. (VII) Clara M., b. July 12, 1878. 
(VIII) Ethel S., b. September 11, 1882. Serepta d. January 27, 
1893. Resides in Tunbridge, Vt. 

4. Benjamin F., b. March 10, 1839 ; mar. Cynthia Grandy of 
Claremont. Their children: (I) Bessie, b. March 11, 1875. 
Resides in Claremont, N. H. 

5. Ayxea J., b. October 21, 1840; mar. Abel Howe of New- 
port, N. H. They had one child. She d. . He resides at 

Newport, N. H. 

6. Ellen A., b. April 14, 1842; mar., November 24, 1868, 
John P. Putnam. Children: (I) Willie E., b. August 24, 1869. 
(II) Mary E., b. January 18, 1870. (Ill) Clarence. 

Mr. Putnam was engaged in the War of the Rebellion, being a 
prisoner at Libby and Belle Isle for several months. 

Samuel, 5 son of Thomas and Rachel White, b. about 1737 ; 
mar. Sarah Fosgate. Samuel White, d. October 12, 1788. 
Children : — 

1. Enoch -4- , b. December 18, 1757; mar. March 3, 1801, 
Hannah Hale. 

2. Robert, b. January 11, 1759; d. insane, July 5, 1815; un. 

3. Rachel, b. March 8, 1761 ; mar., January 12, 1786, Phin- 
eas Sampson of Harvard. 

4. David, b. September 16, 1763; died young. (Twin). 

5. Jonathan, b. September 16, 1763. (Twin.) Mar. Chil- 
dren: (I) John H. 

6. Sarah, b. November 27, 1768; went to Ohio with Dr. Ben- 
jamin Hill ; d. ud. 

7. Benjamin -j-, b. June 24, 1770; mar. Roxanna Andrews. 

8. Beulah-\-, b. April 30, 1773; mar., May 16, 1798, Royce 

Enoch, 6 son of Samuel and Sarah (Fosgate) White ; mar., 
March 3, 1801, Hannah, dau. of Ambrose and Mercy Hale, 
of Stoddard, N. H., b. April 23, 1776, Children :— 

1. Lucy Hale -f-, b. June 29, 1802; mar., January 19, 1820. 
Charles McCollester. 


2. Samuel -\ , b. December 23, 1803; mar., May 23, 1833, 
Harriet ST. Wade. 

3. Hannah -\-, b. December 2, 1810; mar. April 13, 1837, 
Willard Converse. 

Mrs. Hannah (Hale) White, d. March 22, 1820, and he mar., 
(2d) April 26, 1823, Mrs. Zeuriah (Capron) Converse. Their 
child : 

4. Ambrose C, b. December 4, 1824; mar., July 1, 1847, 
Maria J. Foskett, dau. of Simon and Abigail (Converse) Foskett, 
of Westminster, Mass., b. November 25, 1827. Their children: 

(I) Emma M., b. May 24, 1848; d. February 13, 1855. 

(II) Milan A. b. October 13, 1849; mar., November 17-, 1870, 
Georgianna Paul, b. February 15, 1853. Children : (1) Lizzie E., 
b. April 19, 1871. (2) Willard A., b. May 1, 1874. (3) Clar- 
ence A., b. October 20, 1878. (4) Milena M., b. November 17, 
1883 ; d. February 26, 1888. (Ill) Ella M., b. July 7, 1859." 

Ambrose C. d. June 6, 1860, and his widow d. December 15, 

Enoch White came from Bolton, Mass., to Marlborough, N. H., 
June, 1797, having been appointed guardian of his brother Rob- 
ert, who was insane. Robert had previously purchased the farm 
now owned by Kilburn Southwick, and commenced to erect new 
buildings. Enoch occupied the farm until 1833, when he sold to 
his son Samuel. Enoch White was one of the first to volunteer 
when Washington needed aid, enlisting in the service of the Rev- 
olutionary War, from Bolton, Mass. Following is a copy from 
an old book which belonged to his father, Samuel White, pur- 
chased by him in 1764 : 

A list of towns which I went through going to Bennington and 
Half Moon in the American Revolutionary War, July 30, 1777 : 
Left Bolton, in the Bay State, and went to Lancaster, Starlin, 
Shuesbury, Holden, Rutland, Bare, Petersham, New Salem, 
Shutsborough, Amherst, Hadley, North Hamten, Chesterfield, 
Withington, Patridgefield, Gageborough, New Providence, 
Whosick, Pownal, Bennington, Dutch Whosick, Mapleton, Pits- 
field, Half Moon. Came home September 3, 1777. Also a list 
of towns I went through going to Rhodeisland, September, 1781 : 
Left Bolton, Massachusetts bay, and went to Marlborough, 


Southborough, Hopkinton, Milford, Bellingham, Cumberland, 
Rehoboth, Swanzey, Waring, Bristol, Pary, Rhodeisland. Came 
home November 30, 1781. Enoch White. 

Lucy H., 7 dau. of Enoch and Hannah (Hale) White ; 
mar., January 19, 1820, Charles McCollester, b. January 9, 
1794. Children: — 

1. Levi G., b. November 4, 1820; mar., May 28, 1842, Lucy 

2. Harriet S., b. April 22, 1822; mar., November 10, 1841, 
Edwin O. Ellenwood. 

3. Lucy A.-\-, b. September 22, 1826; mar., September 20, 
1846, Stephen S. Mason. 

4. Laura K.,b. February 19, 1834; mar., March 31, 1858, 
Elmer J. Starkey. Their children : (I) Cora J., b. August 21, 
1859; d. December 11, 1860. (II) Eva E., b. December 8, 
1863 ; d. March 4, 1884. (Ill) Sadie B., b. August 6, 1873. 

5. Cynthia A., b. November 18, 1835; d. January 20, 1837. 

6. Charles 0.+, b. February 27, 1838. (Twin.) Mar., May 
18, 1859, MaryE. Blood. 

7. George 0.+, b. February 27, 1838. (Twin.) Mar., April 
18, 1858, Sarah C. Fitch. 

8. Edwin D., b. July 13, 1841; d. October 5, 1862, in the 

Charles McCollester d. February 3, 1845. She d. January, 

Samuel, 7 son of Enoch and Hannah (Hale) White ; mar., 
May 23, 1833, Harriet N., dau. of Daniel and Demmis 
(Bjlish) Wade, b. January 28, 1818. He lived on the home 
farm until 1849, when he moved to Fitchburg, Mass. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Charles H., b. July 3, 1834; mar., October 11, 1873, 
Elizabeth A. Wheeler of Newburyport, Mass., b. June 29, 1843. 
He is a fine musician and resides in Boston. They have : (I) 
Charles Henry, b. June 28, 1875. 

2. Daniel A.+, b. August 12, 1836; mar., June 20, 1861, 
Ellen Hastings of Berlin, Mass., b. June 9, 1841. 

Hakbiet Newell (Wade) White. 

Samuel White. 


Mrs. Harriet (Wade) White d. July 18, 1880. Mr. White 
now resides with his son Daniel in Bolton, Mass. The following 
was taken from a Boston paper : — 

Mr. White, now 91 years old, walks to Clinton and back fre- 
quently, and walks briskly, too. He shows the good old Puri- 
tanical stock from which he came, for he is of the fifth genera- 
tion from Peregrine White, the first white child born in this 
country, who first saw the light on board the Mayflower in 
Provincetown harbor. 

Mr. White is of medium height, thick set, elastic in his move- 
ments, a powerful man even to-day, with a bright blue eye, 
healthy complexion ; rich, heavy voice, and mentally as brisk as 

He wears side whiskers of diminutive proportions, which are 
white, and with his white, silky hair, give him a distinguished 

He is in conversation highly entertaining, loves a joke and can 
make impromptu witticisms with marked frequency. As he is 
interesting in conversation, he can best tell his story. 

"I was born," he said, "in Marlborough, N. H., December 23, 
1803 ; lived there until '49, working on my father's farm most of 
the time ; was married May 23, 1833, and have two children, 
Daniel, who is a merchant in Clinton, and Charles H., who lives 
at Somerville Highlands. 

"From Marlborough I went to Fitchburg; was there a year 
working in a mattress factory, then worked in Clinton as a 
laborer for four years, then worked three years in Nashua in a 
door shop. Lived in Orange four years ; Baldwinville, where I 
did jobbing ; back to Fitchburg, there fourteen years in mattress 
factory and railroad shop ; then came to Bolton, and have been 
here fourteen years taking care of Dan's farm; but we don't do 
much farming, only cut a little hay. It is cheaper to buy than it 
is to fight potato bugs. 

"I find it troubles me to walk, and when I can't get around, 
when I get to be a burden, I want to get away, to be put away. 
Both of my boys are musicians, but there is not a bit of music in 
me, although I sing some in the woods to the squirrels and birds. 


I never was what you might call sick, that is, not within my 

"My life has been an uneventful one. In politics I was an 
Andrew Jackson man to the backbone, and wish we had such a 
man in this country to-day. I cast my first vote for John Qnincy 
Adams the second time he was nominated. If we could have 
Jackson back I would put in half a bushel of votes for him if I 

" This country never had but two presidents who had the 
three necessary qualifications for presidents. Do you know that? 
The qualities are good statesman, good financier, good military 
man. Those presidents were Washington and Jackson. Lincoln 
had the first two, but he had no more idea of military than a set- 
ting hen. Grant was good in his place, but others might have 
done as well had they had the chance. 

" I threw my last vote in a presidential election for Grant. 
After that I got disgusted with the whole political situation. 
There is too much buttonholing for votes, too much begging for 
votes, too much running around for effect. I want the office to 
seek the man. 

"I was a member of the Marlborough, N. H., light infantry 
seven years, first as a private, then bass drummer, next fourth 
sergeant, finally captain. The militia was better in drill and 
readiness for service in those days than at the present time in my 
opinion. I delighted in the military. I may be a little egotisti- 
cal, but I think that in those days I could do that matter consid- 
erably brown. 

' ' I have many letters of inquiries from all over the country 
about Peregrine White and my branch of the family, which keeps 
me quite busy replying to them. I can trace my ancestry to 
Bishop John White of England, who was the grandfather of the 
original Peregrine White. 

' ' Peregrine had a brother named Resolved, who was so named 
in honor of the resolutions reached by the Whites to embark for 
this country. I have a grandson, Peregrine, in Berlin, who is the 
station agent there, another in the same town, Christopher S., 
who is postmaster. 

"My long life and vigorous health I attribute to three things. 


I never used liquor or tobacco and always paid my printer in 

Mr. White has written much for the Boston papers in the past, 
contributing both prose and poetry, and has written in blank 
verse a pamphlet entitled " Reminiscences of the White Family," 
and is now engaged in preparing a part of a coming history of the 

The readiness with which Mr. White recalls names, dates, and 
events is really remarkable. 

He uses glasses only when reading, is up in the morning with 
the lark, can do a heavy day's work without fatigue, has a vigor- 
ous mentality and in the retention of his faculties, with his preser- 
vation of physical force, is indeed a remarkable man. 

Hannah, 7 dau. of Enoch and Hannah (Hale) White; 
mar., April 13, 1837, Willard Converse, b. May 27, 1811. 
She d. March 11, 1852. Children: — 

1. Willard Enoch, b. December 21, 1840; mar., 1861, Char- 
lotte Smith. Enlisted in the army and d. at New Orleans. One 
of his two daughters married John Tower. 

2. Samuel Ambrose -j-, b. January 3, 1843; mar., June 8, 
1867 x Ellen Munson, b. 1849. 

3. Cynthia Abbie-\-, b. February 5, 1845; mar., 1864, Wil- 
liam Blackburn, b. 1832. 

4. George Washington, b. December 17, 1847; mar. Blood 

of Nelson, N. H. He is now in San Francisco. A son, Charles 
C, resides in Gaston, Ohio. 

Obituary. — Another of our old settlers has gone to his long 
home. Willard Converse is no more. Like a full ripe shock of 
corn he has been gathered to his fathers. Willard Converse was 
born May 27, 1811, in Marlborough, N. H. In 1848 he moved 
to Rock Prairie, Wis., four miles from Janesville. He came to 
Iowa in 1856, settling in Winnesheik county on the border of 
Howard. Here in 1884 his wife passed before him to the better 
land. Since that time he has made his home with his children — 
Mrs. William Blackburn and S. A. Converse — where his presence 
was always a benediction and a blessing. Another daughter, the 


oldest of the family, resides in Worcester, Mass. Four children 
who grew to manhood and womanhood preceded him to the spirit 
world. Willard Converse was no ordinary man. Strong in those 
principles which have made New England such a power in these 
United States, he has endeavored always to live true to them in 
the new West where his lot was cast. As a Christian he realized 
that the spirit was more than the letter and the life than any 
creed. Old age did not with him, as with too many, bring a 
jaundiced eye and a soured disposition. He was of those " whose 
thoughts are widened with the process of the times." Sound in 
wisdom, gentle in manner, and kind in disposition his counsel 
was often sought by those in need of guidance and help. Such a 
man is sure to be missed, but he cannot be forgotten. Such lives 
never die. 

"He being dead yet speaketh, 

He sets as sets the morning star, 

Which goes not down behind the darkened west, 

But melts away into the lights of Heaven." 

Lucy Ann, 8 dau. of Charles and Lucy (White) McColles- 
ter; mar., September 20, 1846, Stephen Spaulding Mason, b. 
June 8, 1821. She d. January 13, 1875, and he d. December 
16,1878. Children: — 

1. Hartley D., b. July 23, 1847; mar., October, 1872, Eliza 
Bean. Their children (I) Willie H., b. March 3, 1874. 

2. Orson L., b. August 1, 1849. (Twin.) Mar., July 4, 
1874, Martha F. Starkey. They had : (I) Gertrude R., b. March 
31, 1879. 

3. Orin L., b. August 1, 1849. (Twin.) Mar., July 4, 
1872, Susan M. Palmer. He d. December 28, 1875. She mar. 
(2d) Melbern A. Wood. They had : (I) Gracie Ann, b. Nov- 
ember 17, 1875. 

4. Ella E., b. August 1, 1851 ; mar., October 26, 187i, Wil- 
liam H. Reyoum. 

5. Lettie A., b. August 29, 1853; mar., July 4, 1874, Edwin 
Hall of Hancock. He d. November, 1874. 

6. Willie F., b. December 1, 1855. He was caught in a shaft 


in the wooden ware shop of W. W. & J. M. Richardson and 
instantly killed, October 20, 1870. 

7. Eddie C, b. February 23, 1858. 

8. Myrtie E., b. August 23, 1860. 

9. Orley S., b. October 29, 1862. 

10. Fred S., b. February 15, 1865. 

11. Bertie C, b. July 8, 1867. 

Charles O., 8 son of Charles and Lucy (White) McCol- 
lester; mar., May 18, 1859, Mary E. Blood. Children: — 

1. Stella. 

He enlisted in the War of the Rebellion. Was killed at Bull 
Run. She mar. (2d) Washington Greenwood of Peterborough, 
N. H. 

George O., 8 son of Charles and Lucy (White) McColles- 
ter; mar., April 18, 1858, Sarah C, dau. of Josiah and Lucre- 
tia (Herrick) Fitch. Children : — 

1. Harry. 

2. Willie. 

Daniel A., 8 son of Samuel and Harriet (Wade) White ; 
mar., June 20, 1861, Ellen Hastings of Berlin, Mass., b. June 
9,1841. Children: — 

1. Christopher S., b. August 13, 1863; mar., June 30, 1891, 
Mary S. Southwick of Berlin, Mass., b. in Hopedale, August 29, 

2. Lelia £., b. December 1, 1865; mar., October 29, 1891, 
Fred W. Morse, b. at Berlin December 6, 1865. 

3. Charles L., b. April 12, 1868; d. May 1, 1887. 

Lines suggested by the death of Charles Leslie White, who 
died in Berlin, May 1, 1887, aged 19 years and 19 days, being 
the seventh generation from Peregrine White, the first child born 
of English parents in New England, on board the Mayjloiver, in 
Cope Cod harbor, November 20, 1620. Dedicated to the parents, 


brothers, sisters, and other relatives and friends of the deceased, 
by his grandfather, Samuel White : — 

"Death Loves a Shining Mark." 

Death holds a claim on mortal man, 
Youth may be called ; Age must obey ; 

Man's life at best is but a span, 
Too soon, alas ! it fades away. 

Too soon the cruel spoiler came, 

Too soon death took him from your side ; 

Too soon has ended life's bright flame, 
Too soon this lad of promise died. 

Too soon the tears of grief must flow, 

Too soon the parting hour has come, 
Too soon, too soon, dear friends, you know, 

Too soon the summons came, "Come home." 

Too soon, dear parents, ah ! too soon, 
Death called him to the upper sphere ; 

His life work done before its noon, 
He was too pure to linger here. 

Too soon, dear brothers, ah ! too soon, 
Your dear companion's call was given ; 

To you his friendship, life's best boon, 
Has ended in the joys of heaven. 

Too soon, dear sisters (blessed name,) 
Too soon your hearts with sorrow riven ; 

Too soon we part ; we'll meet again 
Where parting hands are never given. 

Too soon, dear friends and neighbors all, 

This lovely youth has gone to rest, 
Ere life's bright dawn with nature's call 

Had ope'd the bud love's hand had pressed. 

Too soon, too soon the summons came, 
Too soon death took a parents' pride, 
Too soon has closed life's flickering flame, 
Too soon this darling boy has died. 

Samuel White. 
Clinton, May, 1887. 


4. Daisy H., b. September 20, 1873. 

5. Peregrine H., b. July 20, 1875. He is a publisher of a 
paper (Berlin News) in Berlin, Mass. 

Following is a programme of a concert given by Daniel A. 
White and family : — 

One of the most interesting and satisfactory musical entertain- 
ments which was ever offered in this town came off in Bigelow 
Hall last Monday evening. The night was stormy, but the hall 
was some two-thirds filled, the occasion being the concert by 
Daniel A. White's family of Bolton, formerly of this town. The 
amateur quintette comprised Mr. White, violin ; Mrs. White, 
piano; Master Chris. (15), cornet ; Miss Lelia (13), French horn, 
and Master Charlie (10), 'cello. The concert commenced with 
" Centennial March " (by E. H. Bailey) by the quintette. This was 
followed by the song, "Dreaming of Mother," Master Charlie taking 
the solo. Operatic selections. Vocal selections, in which, after 
a prelude, little Daisy (5 years) appeared on the platform and 
gave in a very clear voice the solo, " Come Where the Wild Flowers 
Bloom," the others giving the refrain. Very hearty applause fol- 
lowed this part, but the little vocalist was too much overcome by 
her feelings to respond. Next came a potpourri of popular mel- 
odies with solos from horn and cornet, the first part of the pro- 
gramme concluding with " The Lord is My Shepherd," rendered 
in an admirable manner by the quintette. Part two opened with 
a concert medley, commencing with Plezel's quartette with violins, 
succeeded by a waltz by the quintette ; it concluded with operatic 
selections from Ermini, upon commencing which Charlie took the 
baritone, Lelia exchanged the horn for the E flat tenor, and 
Chris, and his father held B flat cornets, — the rendering of the 
entire medley evincing much skill on the part of the youthful per- 
formers. Then followed " Grandfather's Old Arm Chair," Miss 
Lelia giving the solo, andante, and polka by the quintette. Trio, 
"Crows in the Cornfield, — representing a movement by crows 
(with good caws) upon a field, and the wounding of the young 
crow who would not listen to advice, and in answer to "Why 
not?" was shot. The concluding selection was from " Robert le 
Diable," in three parts, brilliantly executed. The amateurs won 
hearty applause from the audience, and deserve much credit for 


the perseverance and industry which must have preceded so 
artistic an entertainment. — Clinton Courant. 

Samuel A., 8 son of Willard and Hannah (White) Con- 
verse; mar., June 8, 1867, Ellen Munson, b. 1849. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Abbie J., b. 1868. 

2. Willard Lincoln. 

3. Myron Beecher. 

4. Charles Crosat. 

5. Clara E. 

6. Arthur Blaine, b. 1884. 

7. Ruth Converse, b. August, 1890. 

Mr. Samuel A. Converse resides in Cresco, Iowa, where he is 
an extensive farmer. His farm is known as "Willow Farm," 
and consists of from five to six thousand acres. He is an 
importer of the Red Polled cattle. He has also served as repre- 
sentative and senator. 

Cynthia A., 8 dau. of Willard and Hannah (White) Con- 
verse mar., 1864, William Blackburn. Children: — 

1. Willard C, b. 1868. 

2. Merrill M., b. January, 1876. 

Mr. Blackburn is an extensive farmer in Iowa. 

Benjamin, 6 son of Samuel and Sarah (Fosgate) White, 
b. 1771; mar. Roxanna Andrews, b. 1776. Children: — 

1. Edwin-{-, b. in Hoosick, N. Y., March 29, 1802; mar., 
March 11, 1827, Amanda Morse. 

2. Paulina, b. 1804 ; d. 1830, in Jefferson, N. Y. 

3. Alfred S.+, b- March 7, 1809 ; mar. Julia A. Snyder, b. 

4. Albert R., b. 1811 ; d. un. in 1875, in Jefferson, N. Y. 
Benjamin White died in Jefferson, N. Y., 1839. 

Edwin, 7 son of Benjamin and Roxana (Andrews) White, 

Alfked S. White. 


b. May 29, 1802; mar., March 11, 1827, Amanda Morse, 
b. 1808. Children: — 

1. Roxana, b. in Jefferson, N. Y., 1827; d. in Marion, N. Y., 

2. Lyman, b. in Jefferson, N. Y., 1829 ; d. in Marion, N. Y., 

3. Marcia, b. November 16, 1831 ; mar. Everett. They 

have no children. Reside in Marion, N. Y. 

4. Levi, b. in Jefferson, 1830; mar., 1875, . They have : 

(I) May, b. 1876. (II) Rosy, b. 1879. (Ill) Lorry, b. 1882. 
(IV) Grace, b. 1887. Resides in Hillsdale, Mich. 

5. Alfred, b. in Jefferson, 1833 ; mar., 1856, . They 

have: (II) Ednah, b. 1857; mar. 1878. (II) Jay, b. 1860. 
He d. December 10, 1892, in Rushville, N. Y. 

6. Emeliae-\-, b. in Jefferson, 1836; mar., 1855, J. H. 
Ketchum. Resides in Neillsville, Wis. 

7. Lovilla,b. in Marion, N. Y., 1840; mar., 1864, John 
Jones. They have: (I) Vinnie S., b. 1866. (II) Tommy, b. 
1874. (Ill) Earl, b. 1878. Reside in Neillsville, Wis. 

8. Alvin, b. in Marion, N. Y., 1843; mar., 1866, . They 

have: (I) Eva, b. 1868; mar., 1889, Robert Simpson. (II) 
Lulu, b. 1873; mar., 1894, Charles Lutz. 

9. Julia, b. in Marion, N. Y., 1845; mar., 1872, Ira Jones. 
They have : (I) Grace, b. 1874; mar., 1894, William Rathbone. 

(II) Bessie, b. 1876. (Ill) Chattie, b. 1884. Reside in 
Duluth, Minn. 

10. Mariah, b. in Marion, N. Y., 1847; d. in 1848. 

Edwin White lived in Jefferson, N. Y., until 1837, when he 
moved to Marion, N. Y., where he lived 39 years. In 1876 he 
went to Neillsville, Wis., where he d. June 1, 1882. 

Alfred S., t son of Benjamin and Roxana (Andrews) 
White, b. March 7,1809; mar. Julia A. Snyder. Children : — 

Three d. in childhood. 

1. Meroah L., b. 1844; mar. James Tanner, b. 1844, known 
as "Corporal," the soldier orator, and ex-Commissioner of Pen- 
sions of Washington, D. C. Their children : (I) Ada, b. 1866. 


(II) Nettie, b. 1868. (Ill) James Alfred, b. 1874. (IV) Earl 
White, b. 1876. 

2. George C, b. 1852; mar. Mary N. Clay of East Albany, 
N. Y. Children: (I) Susie Cross, b. 1875; d. 1879. (II) 
Alfred S., b. 1876. (Ill) Irene, b. 1880. (IV) Grace Tan- 
ner, b. 1883. (V) Edwin Paul, b. 1888. 


Mr. James Tanner, widely known as "Corporal" Tanner, was 
born at Richmondville, Schoharie county, N. Y., April 4, 1844. 
His early life was spent on a farm, and his educational privileges 
were those of the district school. While a mere boy he taught in 
an adjoining district, manifesting the thoroughness and force of 
will that have since characterized him, and proving to anxious 
friends that he was fully competent for the work. After a few 
months' experience as teacher, at the outbreak of the war, 
although not yet eighteen, he enlisted as private in Company C, 
87th New York Volunteers. He was soon made corporal, with 
assurance of further promotion, had not a terrible disaster befallen 
him. His regiment was hurried to the front, and, with Kearney's 
Division, participated in the Peninsular campaign, and the battles 
of Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, the siege of Yorktown, the seven 
days' fight before Richmond, and at Malvern Hill. 

After leaving the Peninsula, the 87th fought at Warrenton, 
Bristow Station, and Manassas Junction. 

Corporal Tanner served with his regiment through all the 
engagements, until wounded at the second battle of Bull Run. 
There the 87th held the extreme right of our line, with Stonewall 
Jackson's corps in front. During a terrific shelling from the 
enemy, the men were lying down, when a fragment from a burst- 
ing shell completely severed the corporal's right leg at the ankle, 
and shattered the left so badly as to make amputation necessary. 

Carried from the field, he lost consciousness, and on recovering, 
found that the surgeons had amputated both legs, four inches 
below the knee. Meanwhile the Union lines had been broken and 
the army was in full retreat. The corporal's comrades were 
forced to leave him at a farm house, where the rebel army, in 

James Tannek. 

Mrs. Maroa L. Tanner 


close pursuit, soon made him prisoner with the other wounded. 
Paroled after ten days, he was taken to Fairfax Seminary Hospi- 
tal ; then commenced his long struggle for life, with all the odds 
against him — but a good constitution and a determination to live, 
brought him through the long, doubtful days. Through all his 
sufferings his courage never left him, and when he began to im- 
prove, his first thought was, "What can I do, thus crippled, to 
hold my place among men ? " His manhood and ambition could 
not brook the thought that he must take an inferior place because 
of his misfortune. After treatment in the hospital, and recuper- 
ation at his old home in Schoharie county, he was able to walk 
about on artificial limbs. He was appointed deputy-doorkeeper 
in the assembly, and subsequently held various positions under 
the legislature, which he filled with great credit. He then 
accepted a clerkship in the War Department, under Secretary 
Stanton. On the night of President Lincoln's assassination he 
was employed to take notes of the first official evidence, and then 
stood by the bed of the dying President. In 1866 he returned to 
Schoharie county, and studied law with Judge William C. Lamont. 
The same year he married a daughter of Alfred C. White, of 
Jefferson, N. Y., and they now have four beautiful children, two 
daughters and two sons. He was admitted to the bar in 1869. 
Soon after, he was appointed to a place in the New York Custom 
House, and removed to Brooklyn. On competitive examination 
he rose to the position of deputy collector, and served four years 
under Gen. Chester A. Arthur. He was the Republican nominee 
for assembly in 1871, in the Fourth Kings County District, but 
was counted out in the election frauds of that year. Nominated 
for register by the Republicans in 1876, when the Democratic 
county majority was nineteen thousand, he was defeated by less 
than two thousand. 

Connected with the Grand Army of the Republic since its early 
days, no man is better known to enjoy the esteem and confidence 
of his comrades in greater degree than Corporal Tanner. They 
know him to be a trustworthy leader, a man of sound judgment, 
ripe experience, and true heart. It was but natural, therefore, 
that in 1876 they elected him Commander of the Grand Army in 
the Department of New York. He assumed command at a time 


when discouragement and disappointment pervaded the organiza- 
tion, growing out of the neglect of the State of New York to pro- 
vide for her helpless and homeless disabled veterans. Public 
sentiment was not yet aroused. Appeals had been made to pri- 
vate charity and also to the legislature, but in vain. Repeated 
failures had engendered prejudice and opposition to the project. 
The outlook was discouraging, the task herculean, to combat 
apathy, and rouse dormant public opinion. The veterans them- 
selves, stung by the ingratitude of those for whom they had suf- 
fered, began to despair. At this juncture Commander Tanner 
threw himself heart and soul into the work, a born leader, thor- 
oughly qualified. Having been a sufferer, he felt the sufferings 
of others ; intellectually 'a giant, he set forth in glowing words 
the veterans' needs, the debt of gratitude due from the state to 
her maimed defenders, and the shame of degrading them to the 
condition of alms-house paupers. Calling to his assistance that 
true patriot, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, the good work was 
inaugurated by a mass meeting in Brooklyn, when $13,000 were 
subscribed. Mr. Tanner traversed the state from end to end, 
making appeals, public and private, to the people. Undaunted 
by obstacles, he fired the heai-ts of patriotic and benevolent men, 
so that at last a flood of petitions poured in upon the legislature, 
and tardy justice was meted out. The magnificent " Soldiers' 
Home " was erected at Bath, Steuben county, where six hundred 
disabled, homeless veterans can find the repose and comforts of a 
home; truly a " monument, more durable than bronze," to Com- 
mander Tanner for his zealous efforts and self-sacrificing labors 
in behalf of justice and charity. 

Perhaps to no one are the soldiers more indebted for assistance 
in pension matters than to Mr. Tanner. No man has done more 
to assist in securing just pension legislation than he. Not only 
in personal interviews with members of Congress, but as a mem- 
ber of the committee appointed by the National Encampment of 
the G. A. R., he has been untiring in his efforts. Repeatedly has 
he appeared before committees of the Senate and the House of 
Representatives, urging in eloquent terms the claims of the 
thousands of disabled men. And many who to-day receive the 
benefits of increased pensions are largely indebted to the unsel- 


fish and untiring efforts of the subject of this sketch in their 
behalf. For his trips to Washington, and for the strength and 
time employed, he has received no remuneration, meeting the 
expenses out of his own private purse. His interest in ex-soldiers 
is not a sordid sentiment, as is proved by the records of his 
office. For the past seven years that he has held the position of 
tax collector of the city of Brooklyn, there has been paid to ex- 
soldiers in his office, in their salaries, the modest sum of nearly 
one hundred thousand dollars. These men received their appoint- 
ment from Mr. Tanner, and but illustrate the abiding interest he 
feels for all old veterns ; and the constant application made to 
him by needy soldiers for assistance in securing employment is 
the living proof of the faith of his comrades in his unswerving 
interest in their welfare. 

A man with positive convictions, with also the courage of his 
convictions, he is nevertheless broad and charitable toward his 
foes. A life-long sufferer, because of wounds received in the 
war, he has nevertheless proved to be the inspiration of help to 
thousands who fought on the other side. While on a visit to 
Richmond, Va., some months ago, in conversation with several 
ex-Confederate soldiers, mention was made of the suffering condi- 
tion of the maimed and disabled ones of the South. Their home- 
less and needy condition was contrasted with the condition of 
federal soldiers in the North. The government could not, in jus- 
tice, provide for them. Mr. Tanner suggested that the citizens 
take the matter in hand, build and equip a home, and then ask 
the state to care for it. Upon his suggestion the work was under- 
taken by philanthropic men in Richmond. 

To assist them in their work, appeals were made to the old sol- 
diers of the North. In Brooklyn, under direction of Mr. Tanner, 
a meeting was held in the Academy of Music, on the 6th of May 
last, addressed by Reverends Henry Ward Beecher and I. M. 
Foster, at which $1,600 was realized to assist in the erection of 
the home. The suggestion thus made in the interest of the old 
foes of the past, has resulted in securing $25,000, with a pros- 
pect of as much more, with which to provide home comforts for 
needy Confederates. And this fact is recognized and appreciated 


by the men of the South, that the inspiration of this humane 
enterprise found its birth in the heart of James Tanner. 

Upon the inauguratiou of the work in Richmond, he was made 
one of the trustees, but declined the honor ; at the same time 
assuring the friends of the enterprise that in the knowledge that 
some crippled, homeless soldier was provided with the comforts 
of life, he would find the greatest satisfaction. 

In November, 1877, Mr. Tanner was appointed collector of 
taxes for the city of Brooklyn, which office he held for eight 
years, through Democratic and Republican administrations alike, 
with universal acceptance. He instituted many reforms in the 
office, reducing expenses one half, and extending greater facili- 
ties to the tax-payers. The most perfect system prevails, and a 
saving to the city of a large amount has been effected. 

He possesses the confidence of the Republican voters of all 
classes, and his election to the chair of the Republican General 
Committee of Brooklyn resulted in harmony and good feeling. 

He was appointed commissioner of pensions by Benjamin Har- 
rison, but owing to what was deemed his too great liberality to, 
and too ready sympathy for, his comrades in arms, was asked to 
resign after five months' service. He then opened an office in 
Washington for the prosecution of pension claims. In January, 
1894, his sufferings became so severe that he was forced to sub- 
mit to a re-amputation of both legs. 

As a public speaker he has few superiors, being eloquent, logi- 
cal, and witty. In debate he is always self-possessed and meets 
opponents boldly, having the "courage of his convictions." 
Genial, social manners make him a favorite among a large circle 
of acquaintances, while his talents and sterling' manhood are 
esteemed universally. 

By nature he is a positive, outspoken man, obedient to his con- 
victions of right without regard to expediency or popularity ; such 
a man is sure in the end to have the confidence, respect, and sup- 
port of his fellows. With an abiding faith in the final triumph of 
the right in all questions, he has learned to labor and to wait. 
Being yet a young man, there is doubtless a brilliant future 
before him, if his life and health are spared. 

Alfred S. White, son of Benjamin and Roxanna (Andrews) 


White, was born in Hoosick, Rennselaei county, N. Y., March 7, 
1809. When four years of age he came with his parents to the 
town of Jefferson, Schoharie county, N. Y., and settled upon the 
farm now owned and occupied by his only surviving son, George 
C. White. Here he spent about eighty years of his life ; his 
death, however, occurred in the town of Richmond ville, N. Y., 
at the residence of his son George (who temporarily resided in 
that village) on the 29th of September, 1892. 

Mr. White was proverbially known by his townspeople as an 
honest man, and he possessed in the highest degree a sense of 
honor and justice. His kindness and charity to his fellow-beings, 
especially to those in unfortunate circumstances, is well remem- 
bered. At different times he held the offices of supervisor and 
school commissioner of his town, but from distaste for public life 
he refused to accept further honors. His father, Benjamin, was 
generally known as "Schoolmaster White," he having taught 
common schools for thirty consecutive years, thus leaving the 
care of the farm and family upon the boy Alfred at a very early 
age. At this date, April 12, 1895, Alfred White's widow, Julia 
A. (Snyder), is still living, being in fairly good health and nearly 
82 years of age. Only two of their five children lived to mature 
life, three having died in childhood; Meroah L. (Tanner), born 
in 1844, and living in Washington, D. C, and George C, the 
writer of this sketch, occupies the old homestead, and who will 
always remember with love and tenderness the kind and self- 
sacrificing father, who was ever ready to help to a better life his 
son, his family, and his neighbors. For many years a member of 
and a pillar in the M. E. church, he died in the faith and now 
rests with the saints from his weary toils in this world. 

G. C. W. 

Emeline, 8 dau. of Edwin and Amanda (Morse) White ; 
mar., 1855, J. H. Ketchum. Children: — 

1. James Edioin, b. in West Bend, Wis., 1857; mar., 1891. 
They have : (I) Eva, b. 1892. 

2. Ella L., b. in West Bend., Wis., 1860; mar., 1882, John 
Huntley. They have: (I) Alice F., b. 1883. (II) Ethel 
Marion, b. 1885. (Ill) Harvey Lee, b. 1886. 


3. Orson Lux, b. in West Bend, Wis., 1865; mar., 1888. 
They have : (I) Walter L., b. 1890. (II) John Harvey, b. 1892. 

Beulah, 6 dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Fosgate) White ; 
mar., May 16, 1798, Royce McCollester. Children: — 

1. Loring, b. in Marlborough, N. H., October 20, 1798. 

2. Ira, b. in Marlborough, N. H., May 22, 1800. 

3. Betsey, b. in Keene, N. H., July 8, 1801. 



William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 Cornelius 4 . 

Lemuel, 5 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) White, 
b. in Hanover, 1706 ; mar. Anna Scott or Little. Children : — 

1. Anna, b. 1739. 

2. Priscilla+b. 1740. 

3. Sylvanus, b. 1742. 

4. Abijah, b. 1745. 

5. Deborah, b. 1746. 

6. Abijah, b. 1747. 

7. Sarah, b. 1749. 

8. William, b. 1752. 

9. John, b. 1753. 

10. Susanna, b. 1756. 
Removed to Connecticut. 

Cornelius, Jr., 5 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) 
White, b. in Hanover, 1708; mar. Sarah Hewitt of Bridge- 
water, 1740. Children b. in Marshfield: — 

1. Charles, b. October 11, 1740. 

2. Alice, b. September 4, 1742. 

3. Sarah, b. June 16, 1744. 

4. Ruth, b. April 11, 1746. 

5. Luce, b. June 8, 1748. 

6. Cornelius, 3d, b. June 4, 1750; d. October 16, 1751. 

7. Cornelius, 3d, b. February 15, 1752; d. July 10, 1753. 

8. Olive, b. April 5, 1754. 

9. Cornelius, b. June 22, 1756. 

10. Warren, b. October 10, 1758. 

11. Peleg, b. August 12, 1760. 


Paul, 5 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) White ; 
mar. Elizabeth Curtis, February 24, 1737. Children: — 

1. John-\-, b. May 16, 1739. 

2. Nathaniel, b. 1742. 

3. Christopher, b. November 4, 1743. 

4. Joanna, b. 1744. 

5. Hannah, b. December 4, 1745. 

6. Patience, b. 1747. 

7. Peregrine, b. December 23, 1748. 

8. Daniel, b. 1752. 
Removed to Connecticut. 

Daniel, 5 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) White, 
b. in Hanover, 1716; mar. Abigail, dau. of Samuel Turner. 
Children : — 

1. Daniel; mar. Margaret . Children: (I) Nancy, b. 

1786. (II) Samuel, b. 1788. (Ill) George, b. 1791. (IV) 
Sarah, b. 1793. (V) Daniel, b. 1795. (VI )Cornelius, b. 1797. 
(VII) Eliza, b. 1799. 

2. Abigail. 

3. Catherine. 

4. Lewis. 

5. Urania. 

6. Lydia. 

7. Samuel. 

8. Lydia. 

9. Temperance. 

Joanna, 5 dau. of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) White, 
b. 1713; mar., 1737, Nathaniel Phillips. Children : — 

1. John, b. 1739 ; lost at sea, aged 23 years. 

2. Nathaniel, b. 1742. 

3. Joanna -f-, b. 1744; mar. Thomas Turner. 

4. Patience, b. 1747. 

5. Daniel, b. 1752. 

The widow of Nathaniel Phillips, 4th, is now living in Marsh- 
field, and has a chair that once belonged to Peregrine, and said 
to have come over in the Mayflower . It is a chair and table 
combined, made of pitch pine, and in perfect preservation. 


Gideon, 5 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) White, 
b. July 19, 1717 ; mar. Joanna Howland, b. May 7, 1716, a 
great grand-daughter of John Howland, who came in the 
Mayflower and settled in Plymouth. Children : — 

1. Cornelius, b. 1744, foundered at sea, September 22, 1779, 
aged 35 years. 

2. Elizabeth, b. April 1, 1756; d. December 26, 1756. 

3. Elizabeth', mar. Capt. Hamilton L. Earl of England. They 
had: (I) Eliza Frazer ; mar. Lieut., afterwards Gen., Durnford 
of the English army, son of Lieut. -Gov. Durnford of Pensacola. 
Their son, Fred G. D. Durnford, is a civil and mining engineer, 
for the last twenty years in the East Indies. 

4. Gideon -f-, b. 1752. 

5. Experience; d. May 5, 1756, aged 9 days. 

6. Thomas; d. April 10, 1757, aged 10 months and 10 days. 

7. Joanna; mar., about 1770, Pelham Winslow. They had : 
(I) Mary, b. 1771 ; mar. Henry Warren. (II) Joanna, b. 1773 ; 
mar. Dr. Nathan Hayward, late sheriff of Plymouth county, 
Mass. Their daughter, Mary Winslow, b. 1798, mar. William 
S. Russell. They lived in Plymouth, in the house bought by 
Cornelius White in 1741, and which was occupied by six genera- 
tions of the family. 

8. Hannah, b. 1747; d. January 3, 1841, aged 93 years. 
"This stone is erected by her surviving connextions to perpetuate 
the memory of Hannah White, daughter of Gideon and Joanna 
White, who died January 3, 1841, aged 93 years. Her long pil- 
grimage on earth was ennobled by the practice of the duties of 
Christianity, cheered by its hopes, and sustained by its faith." 

Gideon White and Edward Winslow bought land in Plymouth 
in 1753 of the former's brother-in-law, Consider Howland, 
which, in 1775, was conveyed entirely to him by his father, Cor- 
nelius White. We find him administrator of John Lothrop's 
estate in 1767. Mr. Gideon White departed this life March 6, 
1779, aged 62 years. 

Mrs. Joanna White, wife of Captain Gideon White, died Sep- 
tember 23, 1810, in the 95th year of her age. She was inti- 
mately acquainted in the family of Elder Faunce, receiving many 
interesting particulars from him in i elation to the Pilgrims, which 


she was accustomed to relate with much satisfaction to her num- 
erous family connections and friends. 

Benjamin, 5 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Randall) 
White, b. February 4, 1720; mar., 1743, Hannah Decrow. 
Children : — 

1. Fenniah, b. March 24, 1744; d. August 9, 1763. 

2. Robert -\-, b. May 3, 1747; mar. Mary Crooker ; (2d) 
Anna House. 

3. Hannah, bap. September 7, 1754. (Twiu.) Mar. Daniel 
Crooker of Pembroke. 

4. Benjamin, Jr.-}-, bap. September 7, 1754. (Twin.) Mar., 
1780, Mary Chamberlain. 

5. Cornelius -j-, b. July 9, 1755; mar., 1787, Sarah L. Hill. 
Benjamin White d. in Hanover, February 10, 1786, aged 65 

years. His widow d. March 22, 1814, aged 94 years. It is said 
that Benjamin fell in love with Miss Hannah Decrow, who was a 
young lady of powerful build and great beauty, but who was not 
considered good enough for the son of an opulent shipbuilder and 
ferryman. This young Ben appears to have been a favorite with 
his father, and was threatened with banishment if he persisted in 
his attentions to Miss Decrow. The young man married her, 
and it is said that, true to his word, his father banished him to 
Hanover. This was about 1743, when Mr. White, Sr., pur- 
chased of Jeremiah and Walter Hatch many hundred acres of 
heavy timber land on what is now Centre street, the old habita- 
tion being on the spot now owned by Frank Fish. Mr. White, Sr., 
gave him this valuable tract of territory, started him in house- 
keeping in great style for those days, and gave him also a horse, 
two cows, a yoke of oxen, and a gundalow, which he kept at 
North river bridge. Mrs. White was a resolute, God-fearing 
woman, and, in opposition to her more worldly companion, she 
was bound to have her children baptized in the true faith, as we 
find by the church records of Rev. Benjamin Bass, dated Septem- 
ber 7, 1754, — "Were baptized four children of Benjamin White 
(his wife owning the covenant), Penniah, Robert, Hannah, and 
Benjamin (the father's name) who was not considered in the 
baptism of the children." 


John, 6 son of Paul and Elizabeth (Curtis) White, b. May 
16, 1739; lived in Framingham, Mass.; mar. Sybel Buckmin- 
ster, b. July 27, 1731. Moved to Spencer, Mass. Children: — 

1. Thomas, b. Nov. 25, 1757. Lived id West Boylston, 
Mass. Among his children was Dea. Joseph White, among 
whose children were Nelson, Winsor, and Wayland, who lived in 
Winchendon, Mass. 

2. Thadeus, b. July 16, 1759. Lived in Vermont. 

3. Abigail, b. May 3, 1761. 

4. Mary, b. November 11, 1762. 

5. Benjamin, b. August 8, 1764. Lived at LeRoy, N. Y., 
twenty miles from Rochester. 

6. Joel-\-, b. May 3, 1766. Lived at Almond, N. Y. 

7. Sybel, b. February 13, 1768. 

8. Nancy, b. May 25, 1769; mar. William Mason of Palmer, 

9. Jonathan, b. April 20, 1771. Lived in Moline, N. Y. 

10. Betsey, b. July 1, 1774; mar. Joseph Mason of Spencer,, 

11. Amos, b. February 6, 1776. 

12. John Bradshaw, b. February 1, 1778; never married. 
Lived and died on the homestead, Spencer, Mass. 

Joel, 7 son of John White, b. in Spencer, Mass., May 3, 
1766; mar. Abigail Outting, b. October 27, 1774, at Royalston,. 
Mass., and moved with his young family to Alleghany Co., 
N. Y., and took up a farm in Alfred, N. Y., then a part of Al- 
mond. Also made brick in several places. Children : — 

1. Sally, b. January 24, 1794; mar. James Robbins, Rindge, 
N. H. 

2. Serena -f-, b. October 3, 1795; mar. Col. David Crandall, 
Almond, N. Y. 

3. Silas, b. September 3, 1797; went down Mississippi river; 
never heard from. 

4. Louisa, b. August 26, 1799; mar. Nathan Jones; d. in 
Erie, N. Y. 

5. Benjamin Franklin, b. July 21, 1801. 


6. Rhoda, b. April 29, 1804; mar. Geo. D. Chamberlain. 
Their son, Almond, is now living at Sand Beach, Mich. 

7. Joel, b. April 10, 1806. 

8. Alonzo -\-, b. May 6, 1808 ; mar. Elizabeth Lincoln Davis. 
Lived in Leicester, Mass. 

9. Elizabeth, b. July 11, 1811 ; mar. Willard Brown. Lives in 
Young America, 111. 

10. Abigail Elvira, b. September 4, 1814 ; mar. Mr. Drake. 

This letter is written for the information of James Robbins and 
Sally (White), his wife: 

My dear relatives. — With pleasure I take my pen in hand to 
inform you that I and my small family are well, through the 
divine goodness of Providence. It is hopeful that you are enjoy-, 
ing the same blessing. Dear friends, I feel thankful for the 
favors that have been heretofore and are now being bestowed on 
me by the hand of the Giver of all good ; that I am enabled at 
my advanced age to write you and in a small degree have the 
command of my mental powers of mind. Perhaps this may be 
the last time that I shall be enabled to do so, for I am sensible 
that my glass of life is most run. Dear nephew and niece : My 
age and infirmities have of late detained me in retirement. A 
spark of joy seems to be kindled in my heart as I turn to give a 
glance over the past. I thought I could see nothing which would 
dim the path of my last days, more especially when I behold the 
promising flock of children, grand-children, and great grand-chil- 
dren. Infirmities of old age wish for the reflection of a well- 
spent life, which would be a great comfort to me in the last days 
of my pilgrimage, if I for myself could only think so. The early 
impressions of my childhood come stealing back to me through the 
long list of years that are past. My memory is very good in 
matters that are favorable to me, but those which are not I wish 
to forget. In looking back to our forefathers, the Pilgrims that 
first came over to this country, I find by the old history that we, 
Sally, sprung from the Whites, Mussys, Buckminsters, and 
Reeds, which are the blood of four nations, — the Whites 
from England, Mussys from France, Buckminsters from Scotland, 
and the Reeds from Denmark. All of them had a different turn 
of mind from each other. I perceived my brothers and sisters are 


not alike. One seems to be of the White, another Mussy, another 
Buckminster, and so on. I have observed that in my children, to 
the third generation, the White blood is to take care of one, the 
Mussy inclined to please, the Buckminster steady and firm, and 
the Reeds to use every one alike. I don't wish to weary you in 
reading my scribbling, and so I will close and turn my mind to 
something more interesting to you, that is a visit from you this 
season would be very pleasing to me and my relatives, if you can 
make it convenient ; if not write to me something about your 
family, also my brother Thomas and his sons and daughters, like- 
wise my sister Mason and her family, for I wish to hear from 
them all. This letter is from your uncle Thaddeus, dated at 
Washington, Vt., on the 16th day of July, 1846, it being my 
birthday which makes me 87 years of age. My time in this 
world is short, my head must soon be laid upon the pillow of 
death. Oh, may I be through grace prepared to meet my dissolu- 
tion with becoming resignation to the Divine Will. My sincere 
desire is that we may all become harmless as a little child and be 
enabled to proclaim the light, the true light that lighteth every 
man and woman that is born into the world, and be made heir of 
Righteousness and joint heir with Jesus Christ, our Lord. 

From your uncle, 

Thaddeus White. 

Alonzo, 8 son of Joel White, mar. Elizabeth Lincoln Davis ; 
b. May 25, 1812. Lived in Leicester, Mass., and d. January 
16,1893. Children: — 

1. Josejjh Mason, d. in infancy. 

2. Eleanor Cutting, b. about 1838; d. 1862. 

3. Henry Arthur -4-, b. June 12, 1841 ; mar. Cynthia Ellen 

4. Mandana Elizabeth -(-, b. 1844; mar. Geo. E. Marsh. 

5. Catherine Emily -}-, b. 1847 ; mar. Braman Grout. 

6. Clarence Alonzo -f-, b. May 25, 1851 ; mar. Sarah Warren. 

Henry Arthur, 9 son of Alonzo White, mar. Cynthia E. 
Whittemore, b. June 5, 1839. Mar. at Leicester, Mass., by 


Rev. John Nelson, D. D., and lived at Leicester, Mass. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Everett Alonzo, b. Leicester, Mass., June 13, 1867. 
Amherst, class '89. Address, June, 1894, Boston, Mass. 

2. Herbert Otis, b. Leicester, Mass., November 19, 1871. 
Amherst,, class '95. 

Mandana Elizabeth, 9 dau. of Alonzo White; mar. Geo. 
E. Marsh, 1862, at Leicester, by Rev. John Nelson, D. D., 
and lived in Leicester, Mass. Children: — 

1. Edward Lester, b. . Amherst, class '88 ; Yale Divinity. 

Now settled at Yarmouth, Mass., First Congregational church. 

2. Arthur White, b. . Harvard Medical, class '94. 

3. Hattie Louisa; d. 

4. George Albert. 

5. Ruth Woodcock; d. 

Catherine Emily, 9 dau. Alonzo and Elizabeth White; 
mar. Braman Grout in Leicester, Mass., by Rev. A. H. Cool- 
idge . Children : — 

1. Fred Braman. Worcester, Mass., Polytechnical, class '94. 

2. Elizabeth; d. 

3. Harry. 

4. Grace. 

5. Gertrude. 

6. Alvan Lory. 

Clarence, 9 son of Alonzo White; mar. Sarah Warren. 
Lived in Leicester, Mass.; now living in Sumner, Wash. 
Children : — 

1. Infant son ; d. 

2. Olive Wheeler. 

Serena, 8 dau. of Joel and Abigail (Cutting) White; mar. 
Col. David Crandall of Almond, N. Y. Children : — 

1. Henry W.-\-, b. ; mar. Elizabeth Lockhart. 

2. Sarah ; mar. Alfred Lockhart. Resides in Washington, 
D. C. 


3. Mary -j- ; mar. H. Dartt. Resides in Beatrice, Neb. 

4. Adaline ; mar. Terry. They have : (I) Ella, who 

d. . 

5. Leonard -\- ; mar. Francis Barnard. 

6. Elizabeth B. ; mar. Dr. E. W. Robertson. Their children : 
(I) Addie, mar. R. P. Gerlach. (II) Mary D., mar. W. W. 
Nicola. (Ill) Lulu E. 

Reside in Cleveland, O. 

Henry W., 9 son of David and Serena (White) Crandall ; 
mar. Elizabeth Lockhart. Children : — 

1. Grace; mar. C. Andrews. 

2. Mary; mar. Gilmore. 

3. Frances; mar. C. Pugh. Their children: (I) Raymond. 
<II) Mary. 

4. Sarah ; mar. D. Hopkins. 

Mary, 9 dau. of David and Serena (White) Crandall; mar. 
H. Dart. Children: — 

1. Sarah; mar. S. Gibbs. Their children : (I) Jessie. (II) 
Mamie. (Ill) Glen. 

Leonard, 9 son of David and Serena (White) Crandall ; 
•mar. Frances Barnard. Children : — 

1. Charles; mar. Martha Johnson. They had: (I) Evelyn. 
<(H) . 

2. Harry; mar. Blanche Stowe. 

Gideon, Jr., 6 son of Gideon and Joanna (Howland) White ; 
la. 1752; mar. 1787, Deborah, dau. of Miles Whitworth. He 
was an officer in the English army. Children : — 

1. Joanna, b. 1788; mar. 1807, Wm. Davis, Plymouth, b. 

2. Miles W., b. 1789 ; mar. 1812, Marcia, dau. of John Davis 
of Boston. Children : (I) Ellen, mar. Edward Baldwin. (II) 
Thomas. (Ill) Miles W. 

3. Deborah F., b. 1791; mar. Thomas B. Gannett of Cam- 


4. Nathaniel W., b. 1793. 

5. Gideon Consider -4-, b. 1795 ; mar. Rachel Crowell. 

6. Cornelias -\-, b. 1797; mar. 1824, Agnes Crowell in Shel- 
burne, N. S. 

7. John D. W., b. 1799 ; mar. Maria Rowland of Sbelburne, 
N. S. 

8. Sarah W., b. 1801 ; mar. Thomas B. Gannett. 

9. Thomas Rowland, b. 1806; mar. 1831, Cornelia Ogden. 
They had, (I) Cornelia, b. 1832. (II) Nathaniel Whitworth, 
b. 1837. 

Rev. T. H. White held the painting of the Howland coat of 
arms, 1865. 

Being loyal to the crown Capt. Gideon White, with twenty oth- 
ers, was considered by the committee of correspondence, inspec- 
tion, and safety, to be " inimical to the United States," and was 
requested, February 11, 1778, to sign "An act for prescribing 
and establishing an oath of fidelity and allegiance." Instead of 
signing he went to Nova Scotia. 

Joanna, 7 dau. of Gideon, Jr., and Deborah (Whitworth) 
White; mar. 1807, William Davis of Plymouth, Mass. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. William Whitworth, b. 1808. 

2. Rebecca, b. 1810; mar. (1st) Ebenezer G. Barker, (2d) 
George S. Tolman. 

3. Hannah White, b. 1812; mar. Andrew L. Russell. 

4. Sarah Bradford, b. 1814. 

5. Charles Gideon, b. 1820. 

6. William Thomas, b. 1822; mar. 1849, Abby Burr, dau. of 
Thomas Hedge. They had (I) Abby Warren, b. 1854; mar. 
Alexander Jackson of Boston. (II) Howland, b. 1855. (Ill) 
Catherine Wendell, b. 1859. (IV) Alice Whitworth, b. 1864. 

7. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1824. 

Gideon Consider, 7 son of Gideon, Jr., and Deborah 
(Whitworth) White; mar. 1816, Rachel Crowell of Shel- 
burne, Nova Scotia. Children : — 

1. Elizabeth C. 

2. Cornelius. 


3. Agnes, b. 1822; mar. (1st), John A. Gannett, and (2d), 
Winslow Warren. 

Cornelius, 7 son of Gideon, Jr., and Deborah (Whitworth) 
White; mar. 1824, Agnes Crowell of Shelburne, Nova Scotia. 
Children : — 

1. Katherine Johnston, b. 1825. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 1827. 

3. Cornelius, b. 1830 ; d. 

4. Agnes, b. 1831. 

5. Gideon, b. 1833. 

6. Joann Davis, b. 1836. 

7. Sai-ah Jane, b. 1838. 

8. Mary Brinley, b. 1842. 

9. Cornelius, b. 1846. 

Joanna, 6 dau. of Nathaniel and Joanna (White) Phillips, 
b. 1744; mar. Thomas Turner. Children : — 

1. Joanna -\-, b. in Pembroke, December 20, 1771 ; mar. Dea. 
Seth Whitman. 

2. Thomas, b. December 22, 1782 ; mar. Deborah Stockbridge. 

3. Dr. Charles, b. ; mar. Ruth, dau. of Capt. Ichabod 


Joanna, 7 dau. of Thomas and Joanna (Phillips) Turner, 
b. December 20, 1771 ; mar. Dea. Seth Whitman, a most 
worthy man, who d. in Pembroke, November 15, 1839, aged 
77 years. His wife died several years previous. Children: — 

1. Charles Henry -(-, b. October 3, 1807; mar. May Deleno. 

2. Ann Phillips, b. May 20, 1809 ; mar. Elisha Deleno, 
December 9, 1838; d. June 10, 1841, aged 32 years. No issue. 

3. Seth, Jr.-j-, b. January 31, 1811 ; mar. Sarah Goodspeed ; 
(2d) Mary T. Mann. 

4. Thomas TurnerA-, b. February 16, 1813 ; mar. (1st) Rebecca 
Barker ; (2d) Jane (Sampson) Fuller. 

Charles Henry, 8 son of Seth and Joanna (Turner) 



Whitman, b. October 3, 1807 ; mar., January 17, 1831, Mary 
Deleno. Children : — 

1. George Turner, b. November 28, 1831 ; d. August 9, 1838. 

2. Ann Eliza, b. March 29, 1834; d. September 19, 1858. 

3. Henry Barker -4-, b. July 28, 1838; mar. Ruth E. Thomas. 

4. Seth Bernard, b. December 17, 1839 ; d. April 9, 1841. 

5. Peter Salmond-\-, b. November 23, 1842; mar. Anna 

6. Charles Turner, b. February 14, 1847. 

7. George Raymond, b. October 1, 1849; d. October 4, 1851. 
Charles Henry Whitman d. in Pembroke, August 24, 1872. 

Seth Whitman, Jr., 8 b. January 31, 1811 ; mar., April, 
1839, Sarah C. Goodspeed, b. at Duxbury, 1814; d. without 
issue, February 8, 1841. He mar. (2d) September 23, 1846, 
Mary T. Mann, b. in Pembroke, July 15, 1820. Children: — 

1. Herbert Tabor -f-, b. December 19, 1848. 

2. Mary Thomas -4-, b. March 15, 1851. (Twin.) 

3. Sarah Chipman-\-, b. March 15, 1851. (Twin.) 

4. Jennie Allen, b. April 26, 1863; d. September 28, 1863. 
Seth Whitman d. April 14, 1891. 

Thomas Turner, 8 son of Seth and Joanna (Turner) 
Whitman, b. February 16, 1813 ; mar. April 25, 1841, Rebecca 
P. Barker, b. at Pembroke, April 11, 1819, d. January 28, 
1851. Children: — 

1. Ann Phillips, b. July 16, 1842; d. January 26, 1849. 

2. John Turner +, b. October 16, 1847; mar., -1884, Ida M. 

He mar. (2d) December 31, 1851, Mrs. Jane (Sampson) 
Fuller, b. in Duxbury, September 7, 1824. They had: 

3. Alice Parker -f-, b. March 6, 1856. 
Thomas Turner Whitman d. July 19, 1890. 

Henry Barker, 9 son of Charles H. and Mary (Deleno) 
Whitman, b. July 28, 1838; mar., January 3, 1863, Ruth E. 
Thomas, b. in Middleborough, July 29, 1840, d. March 28, 
1881. Children: — 

1. George Henry -\-, b. October 26, 1863, at Hanover. 


2. Harry Thomas, b. at Duxbury, March 19, 1866. 

3. Robert Ells, b. at Pembroke, March 1, 1873. 

4. Charles Sumner, b. at Stoneham, July 31, 1879; mar. (2d) 
Mrs. Mercy B. (Cobb) Atkinson, June 5, 1888. A harness 
maker. Residence, Braintree, Mass. 

Peter Salmond, 9 son of Charles H. and Mary (Deleno) 
Whitman, b. November 23, 1842; mar., November 11, 1867, 
Anna Florence Keene, b. at Duxbury, August 20, 1846. He 
was a member of the firm of Thomas Pierce & Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I., one of the largest boot and shoe dealers in that 
city. He died, greatly lamented, April 7, 1877. Children: — 

1. William Faunce, b. October 8, 1868. 

2. Arthur Barstow, b. January 13, 1871. 

Herbert Tabor, 9 son of Seth and Sarah (Goodspeecl) 
Whitman, b. December 19, 1848; mar., October T3, 1874, 
Albertina M. Marks, b. April 10, 1856. Children : — 

1. Herbert Seth, b. at Quiucy, July 16, 1876; d. September 
22, 1876. 

2. Anna Gertrude, b. at Quincy, January 25, 1878. 

3. John Gilbert, b. at Quincy, July 15, 1880. 

He is one of the firm of Whitman & Buck, civil engineers and 
surveyors, 16 Water St., Boston, Mass. Residence, Wollaston 
Heights (Quincy), Mass. 

Mary Thomas, 9 dau. of Seth and Sarah (Goodspeed) 
Whitman, b. in Pembroke, March 15, 1851 ; mar., September 
13, 1878, Capt. John C. Dawes, b. in Kingston, June 20, 
1850. One child b. in Kingston : — 

1. Theodore Faxon, b. October 22, 1881. 

Sarah Chipman, 9 dau. of Seth and Sarah (Goodspeed) 
Whitman, b. in Pembroke, March 15, 1851 ; mar., April 15, 
1875, Herbert Soule, b. in Kingston, March 25, 1848. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Herbert, b. June 21, 1877; d. June 22, 1877. 

2. Whitman Cook, b. April 7, 1879. 


John Turner, 9 son of Thomas T. and Rebecca (Barker) 
Whitman, b. at Pembroke, October 16, 1847; mar., January, 

1884, Ida M. Alexander, b. in Walpole, Mass., August 7, 
1854. Children : — 

1. Ruth Turner, b. November 12, 1884. 

2. Alice Wilhena, b. October 14, 1888. 
Residence, Winthrop, Mass. 

Alice Parker, 9 dau. of Thomas T. and Rebecca (Barker) 
Whitman, b. at Pembroke, March 6, 1856; mar., June 7, 

1885, Edwin Pierce Litchfield. One child b. in Pembroke : — 
1. Harry Wheatland, b. May 23, 1886. 

Residence, Pembroke, Mass. 

George Henry, 10 son of Henry B. and Ruth (Thomas) 
Whitman, b. at Hanover, October 26, 1863; mar., October 13, 

1886, Marietta Jane Call, b. in Franklin Falls, N. H. One 

child : — 

1. Ruth Adelaide, b. March 25, 1890. 

Robert, 6 son of Benjamin and Hannah (Decrow) White, 
b. in Hanover, May 3, 1747 ; mar. (1st) Mary Crooker, April 
25,1771. Children: — 

1. Penniah, bap. August 8, 1772; d. November 9, 1774. 

2. David, bap. September 9, 1779; d. September 10, 1779. 

3. Martin. Removed to Connecticut. 

4. Richmond. Removed to Connecticut. 

5. Charles; d. young. 

6. Elijah; d. young. 

Mrs. Mary (Crooker) White d. July 1, 1773. He mar. (2d) 
Anna House, March 20, 1777, and d. at Thompson, Conn., 1835. 

Benjamin, Jr., 6 son of Benjamin and Hannah (Decrow) 
White, b. in Hanover, September 7, 1754; mar. May Cham- 
berlain of East Bridgewater, 1780. Children: — 

1. Lewis, b. August 7, 1785. Accidentally shot, April 3, 1813. 

In the Hanover cemetery at the grave of Lewis White, first 
son of Benjamin, and May (Chamberlain) White, are these 


lines, written by his sweetheart, Elizabeth Magoun ; also the 
traditional sequel of the shooting : — 

In Memory of 

Lewis White, 

Who was accidentally shot, April 3d, 1813, 

Aged 31 years. 

How can my trembling hands support my pen, 
While sorrow mourns the loveliest, best of men. 
The tear shall flow, can genuine sorrow sleep ? 
Know certainly in streams our eyes shall weep. 

He 's gone, forever gone ; Lewis has taken flight 
To yonder world of joy, of peace, and light. 
Gone to behold his Saviour and his God ; 
O may we tread the path that he has trod. 

Elizabeth Magotjn. 

Mr. White was shot in the cellar of the house now occupied by 
Mr. Morrill A. Phillips, in South Hanover. After digging the 
cellar, the workmen, as was customary in those days, indulged in 
some sports, wrestling, shooting, etc. A man named Makepeace 
threw up a hat. As it came down, when directly in a line with 
White's head, Lieut. Enos Bates fired, killing him instantly. Mr. 
Bates, chilled at the sight, was assisted to his home, where he 
lingered until the following February, when he died. The story 
is told that he was never warm again, cold even in the noonday 
sun of summer. 

2. Cyrus -(-, bap. August 7, 1785. 

3. Mary, bap. October 15, 1786 ; mar. Reuben Peterson, Jr., of 
Duxbury, April 26, 1812. Lives in Plymouth. 

4. Sylvia, bap. September 26, 1790; mar., May 4, 1806, 
Ezekiel Stetson. Removed to Maine. 

5. Benjamin, b. 1791 ; d. May 8, 1793. 

6. Benjamin -\-, b. August 27, 1795; mar. Mary Hall. 
Benjamin White d. in Hanover, July 12, 1839, aged 88 years, 

and his widow d. March 27, 1841, aged 86 years. 

Cornelius, 6 son of Benjamin and Hannah (Decrow) 


White, b. in Hanover, July 9, 1755; mar. Sarah L. Hill of 
Pembroke, May 21, 1787. They had : — 

1. Cornelius, Jr., b. January 26, 1788. 

Mrs. Sarah (Hill) White died, and he mar. (2d) Rebecca 
Bates of Hanover, December 30, 1801. They had : 

2. Albert, b. April 24, 1802. 

He was a fine man and useful citizen. He was justice of the 
peace and town clerk from 1832 to 1839, and in 1840 and 1842 ; 
also a school teacher. He mar. Lydia Bates, May 1, 1836. 
No children. 

Cornelius White d. March 30, 1841, aged 86 years, and his 
widow d. April 1, 1843, aged 78 years. 

Cyrus, 7 son of Benjamin and Mary (Chamberlain) White > 
bap. August 7, 1785; mar. Ruth S. Keen of Pembroke,. 
August 10, 1806. Children : — 

1. Sylvia; mar. Leonard Green of Sharon. 

2. Lydia, d. 1827, aged 16 years. 

3. Mary-\-, b. August 24, 1810; mar. Algernon Josselyn. 
Settled in Hanson. 

4. Cyrus -\-, b. November 2, 1811. 

5. Leivis+, b. 1813. 

6. Deborah, b. 1814; d. April 6, 1817, aged 3 years. 

7. Benjamin -{-, b. December, 1816. 

Cyrus White went to Ohio in 1817, since which time he has 
not been heard from. His widow d. in Hanson, June 27, 1881, 
aged 94 years. 

Benjamin, 7 son of Benjamin and Mary (Chamberlain) 
White, b. November 27, 1795; mar. Mary Hall of East Bridge- 
water. Settled in Marshfield. Children: — 

1. George, b. 1832; mar. Frances Weston. 

2. Mary H., b. 1833; mar. George Church. 

3. Lewis E., b. 1835; mar. 

4. Benjamin F.-\-, b. 1837 ; mar. Clark. 

5. Harriet S., b. 1841. 


Death of Benjamin White of North Marshfield at a Ripe Old Age. 

Hanover, Mass., Jan. 15, 1881. — Mr. Benjamin White of 
North Marshfield died yesterday morning, after an illness of 
about two months, at the advanced age of 95 years. 

Mr. White was born in the town of Hanover, August 27, 1795. 
He was a direct descendant of Peregrine White, fifth generation. 
Peregrine White was the son of William White, who came in the 
Mayflower and landed at Plymouth in 1620. Mr. White was 
educated in the public schools of his native town and spent his 
early life on his father's farm. He lived in Hanover over 52 
years. On May 8, 1831, he married Miss Mary Hall of Marsh- 
field, who survives him, and is 83 years of age. He was a 
staunch Democrat and has always read The Globe. 

He leaves a widow, three sons, two daughters, a number of 
grandchildren, besides a very large number of friends to mourn 
his loss. 

His funeral will take place from his late residence in North 
Marshfield Friday afternoon at 1.30 o'clock. 

Benjamin F., 8 son of Benjamin and Mary (Hall) White ; 
mar. Clark. Children : — 

1. Alberta, b. 1868. 

2. Osmond, b. 1864 ; mar. Carrie Gerrish. A daughter b. 
December 12, 1891. 

Mary, 8 third dau. of Cyrus and Ruth (Keen) White, b. in 
South Marshfield, August 21, 1810 ; mar., October 9, 1833, 
Algernon Josselyn of Hanson. Children: — 

1. Mary Elizabeth, b. July 19, 1834; d. December 28, 1860. 

2. Maria Evelyn -+-, b. May 15, 1836. 

3. Ellen Frances -f, b. July 12, 1837. 

4. Rusha Anne -)-, b. January 16, 1839. 

5. Edgar Algernon -|-, b. August 13, 1846. 

Algernon d. in Hanson, November 29, 1862, aged 52 years. 
His widow, Mary (White), d. July 28, 1883. 

Cyrus, 8 fourth child of Cyrus and Ruth (Keen) White, 


b. in South Marshfield, November 2, 1811 ; mar. (1st) Betsey 
H. Bonney of Hanson, about 1833. Children: — 

1. Lew, b. April 1, 1834; d. 1890. 

2. William; d., aged 1 year. 

3. Cynthia A. ; d., aged 1 year. 

4. William Lloyd, b. March 28, 1847. (Twin.) 

5. Wendell Phillips, b. March 28, 1847. (Twin.) 

Betsey (Bonney) White d. January 28, 1866, and he mar. (2d) 
April 11, 1866, Almira A. White of Hanson. 

Lewis, 8 fifth child of Cyrus and Ruth (Keen) White, 
b. in Hanover in 1813; mar. Catherine Chandler of Duxbury, 
who d. July, 1847. He mar. (2d) Anne Bell, and (3d) 
Experience Fish. Children : — 

1. Laura A. , b. May, 1836. 

2. Catharine L., b. September, 1838. 

3. Lucy T., b. August, 1840. 

4. Algernon J., b. January, 1843. 

5. Sylvania G., b. June, 1845. 

6. Jidius E., (by 2d wife), b. 

7. Nathan L., (by 3d wife), b. ; mar., October 2, 1884, 

Alice Cobb of Hanson, Mass. 

Benjamin, 8 seventh son of Cyrus and Ruth (Keen) White, 
b. in Hanover, 1816 ; mar. Dolly Josselyn of Hanson. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Louisa, b ; d. young. 

2. Ellen P., b. ; mar. (1st) Alvin Kiley and had: (I) 

Chester. Mar. (2d) Alden Reed and had : (II) Florence. 

Maria Evelyn, 9 second dau. of Algernon and Mary 
(White) Josselyn, b. in Walpole, Mass., May 15, 1836; mar., 
October 31, 1865, Calvin Tilden Phillips of Hanover. No 
children. He d. in Hanover, January 15, 1892. 

Ellen Frances, 9 third dau. of Algernon and Mary 
(White) Josselyn, b. in Foxboro, Mass., July 12, 1837; mar., 


April 19, 1857, Nahum Thomas of Pembroke, Mass. He d. 
in Hanover, Mass., January 19, 1859, leaving one son; — 

1. Nuhum Irving, b. in Hanson, Mass., February 12, 1858. 
Lives in Portland, Me. 

Rusha Anne, 9 fourth dau. of Algernon and Mary (White) 
Josselyn, b. in Foxboro, Mass., January 16, 1839; mar., April 
13, 1859, Hira W. Bates of Hanover, Mass. Children: — 

1. Edith Allen -4-, b. February 27, 1860. 

2. Anne Williams -\-, b. March 4, 1864. 

Rusha A. d. in Hanover, Mass., August 21, 1882. 

Edgar Algernon, 9 son of Algernon and Mary (White) 
Josselyn, b. in Lowell, Mass., August 13, 1846; mar., Nov- 
ember 7, 1889, Emily Ayers of Pembroke. 

Edith Allen, 10 first dau. of Hira W. and Rusha (Josselyn) 
Bates, b. in Hanover, Mass., February 27, 1860; mar., Decem- 
ber 31, 1882, Horace M. Stetson of Scituate, Mass.; d. in 
Whitman, May 7, 1893, without children. 

Anne Williams, 10 second dau. of Hira W. and Rusha 
(Josselyn) Bates, b. in Hanover, Mass., March 4, 1864; mar., 
April 6, 1882, Albert E. Bates of Whitman, Mass., who d. in 
Hanover, Mass., February 28, 1887. She mar. (2d) Joseph 
Bartlette White of Hanson, April 20, 1892. 

William Lloyd, 9 fourth child of Cyrus and Betsey 
(Bonney) White, b. in Hanson, Mass., March 28, 1847 ; mar., 
October 22, 1870, Sarah E. Shaw of Hanson. Lives in Whit- 
man, Mass. Children: — 

1. Zenas. 

2. Otho. 

His wife d. in 1892. 

Wendell P., 9 fifth child of Cyrus and Betsey (Bonney) 
White, b. in Hanson, Mass., March 28, 1847 ; mar., Decem- 
ber 12, 1864, Clara W. Bates of Hanson. Children : — 

1. Eben. 

2. Percy. 


Laura A., 9 first dau. of Lewis and Catharine (Chandler) 
White, b. May, 1836; mar. Ira Bailey. Children: — 

1. Ida. 

2. Fletcher. 

3. Adeline. 

Catharine L., 9 second dau. of Lewis and Catharine 
(Chandler) White, b. September, 1838; mar., January, 1859, 
Edwin B. Dwelley of Hanover, Mass. Children: — - 

1. E. Forrest, b. in Hanover, August, 1864; mar., June, 
1890, Mamie Turner of Abington. 

2. Percy White, b. in Hanover, September, 1866; mar., Nov- 
ember 8, 1891, Sarah Bailey of Hanover. 

Lucy T., 9 third dau. of Lewis and Catharine (Chandler) 
White, b. Aug., 1840 ; mar., in 1856, Samuel Rogers, and 
had: — 

1. Hattie, b. in Abington, Mass., 1860; d. 1888. 

Algernon J., 9 fourth child of Lewis and Catharine 
(Chandler) White, b. January, 1843 ; mar., August 24, 1864, 
Charlotte Smith. Children: — 

1. Harry. 

2. Lottie; d. young. 

Syl VINA G., 9 fifth child of Lewis and Catharine (Chandler) 
White, b. June, 1845; mar., December 23, 1864, William O. 
Beals of Hanson, Mass., and had one child, who died, aged 
10 years. 

Julius E., 9 first child of Lewis and Anne (Bell) White, b. 
about 1849; mar. Lottie Sears, October 29, 1876, and has 



Lydia, 5 dau. of Benjamin and Faith (Oakman) White, b. 
August 1, 1719; mar. Thomas Holmes, who lived near Cole- 
man's Heights, Scituate, Mass. Children: — 

1. Sarah, b. 1751; mar. Benjamin James. They had: (I) 
Sally, b. 1772. (II) Benjamin, b. 1774. (Ill) John, b. 1776. 
(IV) Mercy +, b. 1778; mar. Dr. Peleg Ford. (V) Polly, b. 
1781. (VI) Elisha, b. 1785; mar., 1808, Lydia Young 
Little, q. v. 

Mercy, 7 dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (Holmes) James; 
mar. Dr. Peleg Ford. Children: — 

1. Nancy; mar. Lemuel Packard. They had : (I) Nancy, who 
mar. Edgar Billings, and have : (1) Anna James. 

Judith, 5 dau. of Benjamin and Faith (Oakman) White, b. 
November 6, 1721; mar., 1740, Joseph Brewster of Duxbury. 
Children : — 

1. Zadock, bap. 1742. 

2. Mary; mar. Silas Freeman, 1763. 

3. Joseph; mar. Deborah Hunt, April 13, 1773. 

4. Nathaniel, b. 1755 ; mar. Dimmock. 

5. Ruth; mar. Samuel Sampson. 

6. Truelove, bap. 1760; mar. Lydia Brewster. 

Joseph Brewster d. September 3, 1791, in his 73d year. His 
widow d. March 26, 1794, in her 73d year. 

Benjamin, 5 only son of Benjamin and Faith (Oakman) 
White, b. in Marshfield, January 23, 1724; mar., 1748, Mercy, 
dau. of Gideon Thomas and wife, Abigail Baker. Children: — 

1. Benjamin, Jr.-\-, b. at Marshfield Ferry, December 18, 


2. Tobias -J-, b. at Marshfield Ferry, May 1, 1753. 

3. Gideon Thomas -\-, b. at Marshfield Ferry, June 15, 1755. 

4. Luther -f-, b. at Marshfield Ferry, May 31, 1758. 
Benjamin White d. September 8, 1783, aged 58 years and 7 


Benjamin White was never a robust man, but was both active 
and useful during the Revolutionary period. He lived in times 
which tried men's and women's souls. He was weighed in the bal- 
ance of rectitude, and, his descendants can thank God, was not 
found wanting. Marshfield was the centre of loyalists, number- 
ing three hundred persons. It was not easy or pleasant then to 
prove true to the inherited principles of "Individual Rights" 
taught and subscribed to in the cabin of the little Pilgrim vessel. 
They found themselves obliged to do as their foreparents had 
done before them, take their lives and fortunes in their hands, 
going boldly forward, leaving the issue to the All Father. 

Mr. Benjamin White represented the town of Marshfield in the 
Provincial Congress held at Watertown, May 31, 1774. John 
Hancock was chosen president, and they dared in that assembly 
of 240 to declare Gen. Thomas Gage "An inveterate enemy of 
the country, disqualified to serve the colony as governor, and 
unworthy of obedience." June 12, Gen. Gage issued his procla- 
mation offering pardon to all "the rebels, excepting Samuel 
Adams and John Hancock, whose offences are of too flagatious a 
nature to admit of any other consideration than that of condign 
punishment," and martial law was established. He was one of 
the "Committee of Correspondence," and acted as town clerk 
when Nehemiah Thomas, the legal clerk, was absent at provin- 
cial assemblies of those times. In December, 1774, "Gen. Bal- 
four, with his fine Queen's Guards," at the urgent invitation of 
the Marshfield loyalists, took up his quarters in town, and British 
vessels were lying in the bay "to protect them," as they said, 
"from their rebel neighbors." Then the "rebels" feared that 
the town's supply of powder was in danger, and Benjamin White, 
with some of his neighbors, took ox-carts and at midnight went 
to Capt. William Thomas's, where the powder was stored, loaded 
it carefully into the cart and carried it with great care and cau- 
tion to his barn, and even storing some under the bed in the 


spare room. Benjamin AVhite was one of the committee to collect 
the tea after it was voted not to use it, and it was stored in 
Nehemiah Thomas's house. He did not feel satisfied with this, it 
looked as if saved for future use. When the Whigs of the vicinity, 
in the ardor of their patriotism, seized this tea, carrying it into a 
field near by, where there was a large rock which was " flat on ye 
top," poured the tea thereon, when Benjamin White and his 
brother-in-law, Jeremiah Low, two staunch old AVhigs, God bless 
them ! applied the torch with much rejoicing. This was known 
ever afterwards as "Tea Rock." Mr. White lived to see his 
beloved country free, to know that " Independence" had not only 
been declared but achieved, when he was called up higher. He 
died of consumption, September 8, 1783, aged 58 years, 7 months. 
His wife, Mrs. Mercy Thomas White, was a worthy descendant 
of Gov. William Bradford, who was rightly named the "Father 
of the Colony." Mrs. White was a true, good woman, and true 
helpmeet. She survived her husband until May 27, 1803, and 
died, aged 83 years. 

Benjamin White, 6 son of Benjamin and Mercy (Thomas) 
White, b. at Marshfielcl Ferry, December 17, 1849; mar., 
1778, Lucy, dau. of- Arthur Rowland. 

Mr. White was a tanner by trade, carrying on the business 
with his brother, Luther White. Grand jurymen at that time 
were chosen by ballot vote of the town. He received the unani- 
mous vote of the town for twenty years, and although re-elected, 
declined further service. Marshfield's "honored historian" says 
of him: "He was a gentleman much beloved and respected." 
The following is inscribed on his gravestone : 

"To the memory of Mr. Benjamin White, who died August 7, 
1819, in the 70th year of his age. 

" Time cannot wash from grateful memories' view 
A friend so kind, so constant, and so true." 

His widow survived until March, 1836. 

Tobias, 6 second son of Benjamin and Mary (Thomas) 
White, b. at Marshfield Ferry, May 1, 1753 ; mar. Hannah 


Damon of Scituate, in 1777. Settled in Duxbury. Occu- 
pation, farmer. Children: — 

1. Mercy -+-, b. August 24, 1778; mar. Capt. Asa Hewett. 

2. Sarah, b. July 3, 1780; mar. Isaac DiDgley of Marshfield, 
May, 1831 ; d. without issue, May, 1855, aged 75 years. 

3. Gideon Thomas -)-, b. January 21, 1783; mar. Hannah 

4. Benjamin, b. in Duxbury, July 1, 1785; d. young. 

5. Hannah -(-, b. January 6, 1790 ; mar. Homer Whiting. 

6. Elizabeth Thomas, b. May 26, 1792; mar. Samuel House. 

Mr. Tobias White d. June, 1819, aged 66 years. Mrs. Han- 
nah (Damon) White d. June, 1837, aged 84 years. Mr. White 
was a Revolutionary soldier. 

Gideon Thomas, 6 third son of Benjamin and Mercy 
(Thomas) White, b. at Marshfield Ferry, June 15, 1755; 
mar. Sarah, dau. of Isaac and Desire (Bates) Crooker, Nov- 
ember 15, 1781. He was a tanner and settled in Pembroke. 
Children : — 

1. Nabby+, b. October 7, 1782. 

2. Sarah; d. an infant. 

3. Lucy, b. January 17, 1786; mar. Malachi Holmes of 
Kingston; d. June 8, 1838. 

4. Sarah -\-, b. July 13, 1789; mar. Stephen Burgess. 

Mrs. Sarah (Crooker) White d. December 18, 1792, aged 34 
years. Mr. White mar. (2d) widow Lydia (Cushing) Tracy, 
June 19, 1793. Their children : 

5. Gideon Thomas, Jr., b. 1794; d. un., November 26, 1853, 
aged 59 years. 

6. Anna-\-, b. August 4, 1797; mar. Robert Holmes. 

7. Charles, b. December 27, 1799. (Twin.) Died un., Decem- 
ber 22, 1831, in his 32d year. 

8. Ruth-+-, b. December 27, 1799. (Twin.) Mar. (1st) 
Washington Hall ; (2d) Judah Hall. 

9. Mary Cushing +, b. April 29, 1805; mar., April 3, 1822, 
Robert Barker, living in Pembroke. 

Mrs. Lydia (Tracy) White d. January 7, 1824, aged 62 years. 

Thomas Foster White. 

Hannah (Clakk) White. 


Deacon White mar. (3d) Mrs. Sarah (Loring) Little, May 5, 

Deacon Gideon Thomas White was deacon of the first church 
in Pembroke thirty-nine years, and d. there April 4, 1836, aged 
81 years, 9 mouths, and 19 days. 

Mrs. Sarah (Little) White d. July 19, 1845, aged 69 years. 

Luther, 6 youngest son of Benjamin and Mercy (Thomas) 
White, was born at Marshfield Ferry, May 3, 1758, and mar. 
1788, Mary Deleno, a direct descendant of Philip de la Noye, 
the French Hugenot, who had joined the Pilgrims in Leyden, 
and arrived in this country 1621, aged 19 years. Children: — 

1. Benjamin-\-, b. April 3, 1790; mar. (1st) Anna Diugley, 
1815 ; (2d) Mrs. Elizabeth (Robbins) Dotin. 

2. Thomas Foster-^-, b. Feb. 10, 1802; mar. Hannah Clark. 
Mr. Luther White was a shoemaker by trade, and also owned the 
tanyard with his brother Benjamin. After his marriage he lived 
with his mother in the Thomas house a few rods southeast of 
the present house where their eldest son Benjamin was born, 
April 3, 1790. In 1800 Luther White carted his lumber to a saw 
mill near Henry Whiting's (Reuben Delano place) to be sawed for 
his new house. It was commenced and raised August, 1801, 
finished and ready to occupy that fall. Their youngest son, 
Thomas Foster, was born in the east room, February 10, 1802, 
where he died, April 2, 1887, aged 85 years, 1 month, and 22 
days. A few weeks after his birth his cousin, Thomas Foster, 
paid him a visit, and being childless, asked to bestow his name 
upon the new babe, and was allowed to do so. The west cham- 
ber was finished for a shoe shop. The bench which he used still 
remains in the house. His death, which occurred October 27, 
1818, aged 60 years, was a great and irreparable loss to his 
family. His widow, Mrs. Mary (Deleno) White, d. March 3, 
1831, aged 67 years. 

Philip Deleno, father of Mary (Deleno) White, was admitted a 
freeman, January 1, 1632, and early removed to Duxbury, where 
he settled a little northwest of Alden's on the north side of Mill 
brook. His farm was confirmed to him in 1637, extending from 


the marsh on the northern part of the town, to Alden's on the 
south ; from Bumpus's land on the west to the sea on the east, 
comprising about forty acres. He was a man of much respecta- 
bility, was employed in surveying lands, and was often one of the 
grand inquest of the colony, vide General Register. Two of his 
great grand-children, Joseph, 3d, and his brother Zebediah, were 
employed on a fishing schooner belonging to Elijah Sampson of 
Duxbury. It was taken in the early part of the Revolutionary 
War, and burned by the enemy off the beach within sight of the 
town. The schooner was commanded by Capt. Lewis Drew, and 
manned by Ezra Howard, Joseph Deleno, Zebediah Deleno, Abi- 
atha Alden, and Zadoc Bradford. They were all taken to New 
York and put on board the Jersey prison ship, where they all died 
excepting Alden and Bradford, who returned with the sad news. 
Another brother, Jesse, enlisted when sixteen years of age in the 
Revolution, serving through the war with much suffering. When 
he was discharged he was paid in Continental money. As an 
illustration of its depreciated value, on the way home he paid $40 
for a breakfast. 

Hannah, 7 dau. of Tobias and Hannah (Damon) White, 
b. January 6, 1790 ; mar. Homer Whiting. Children: — 

1. Robert Randall. 

2. Eveline, b. ; mar. James B. Curtis. 

3. Warren Thomas, b. in Hanover, March 24, 1810; mar. 
(1st) Henrietta Churchill; (2d) Mrs. Mercy W. Ames; d. in 
Marshfield, February 21, 1882, aged 71 years, 10 months, 27 days. 

4. Charles. 

5. Frank. 

Hannah (White) Whiting d. in Hanover, March, 1834, in her 
45th year. 

Sarah, 7 dau. of Tobias and Hannah (Damon) White, 
b. in Duxbury, July 3, 1780; mar. Isaac Dingley of Marsh- 
field, May, 1831 ; d. in Marshfield, May, 1855, aged 75 years. 

Gideon Thomas, 7 son of Tobias and Hannah (Damon) 


White, b. in Duxbury, Mass., January 21, 1783 ; mar. Han- 
nah Peaks of Scituate, Mass. Children: — 

1. Elizabeth Thomas; mar. James B. Curtis; d. young,, 
leaving no issue. 

2. Priscilla; mar. Charles Whiting; d. young, leaving no 

3. Benjamin; mar. twice; d. 1890, leaving one son, Gideon 

Gideon Thomas White d. in Duxbury, August, 1863, in his 
eighty-first year. 

Elizabeth Thomas, 7 dau. of Tobias and Hannah 
(Damon) White, b. in Duxbury, Mass., May 26, 1792; mar. 
Samuel House of Hanson, Mass., November, 1844; d. in 
Hanson, July 15, 1866, aged 74 years. 

Mercy, 7 dau. of Tobias and Hannah (Damon) White, b. in 
Duxbury, August 24, 1778; mar. Capt. Asa Hewett of 
Marshfield, November 3, 1799. Children: — 

1. Asa, Jr., b. 1800; mar. Catherine* Hatch, 1825. Had two 
children : (I) Catherine ; mar. Thomas Ames. (II) Asa Winter. 

2. Fanny, b. 1803 : d. un., 1843, aged 40 years. 

3. Charles, b. 1805; mar. Caroline Smith, 1833. 

4. Ann, b. 1809. (Twin.) Mar. Paraclete Alden, 1825. 

5. Hannah, b. 1809. (Twin.) 

6. Thomas, b. 1811; mar. Crissie Monroe, 1840. 

7. George, b. 1816; mar. (1st) Lydia C. Stevens; (2d) Susan 
Packard, 1854. Children: (I) Lydia S., b. ; mar. Fred- 
erick W. Sprague. 

8. Mercy, b. 1820; mar. (1st) Elijah Ames ; (2d) Warren T. 
Whiting. Has three children: (I) Mercy White, b. 1857. 
(II) John, b. 1858. (Ill) George Hewitt, b. 1860. 

Capt. Asa Hewett, d. in Marshfield, 1857, in his eighty-first 
year. His widow, Mrs. Mercy (White) Hewett, d. in Marsh- 
field, 1872, in her ninety-fourth year. 

Benjamin, 7 son of Luther and Mary (Deleno) White, b. 



in Marshfield, April 3, 1790; mar. Anna, dau. of Jabez and 
Selah (Peterson) Dingley. Children: — 

1. Mary Ann, b. September 15, 1816; d. of croup, May 15, 

2. Benjamin Dingley, b. September, 1818; d. of consumption, 
December 20, 1842, in his twenty-fifth year. 

Mrs. Anna (Dingley) White d. October 15, 1818, in her 
twenty-fifth year. A fine woman, much beloved, and her loss 
seemed irreparable. He mar. (2d) widow Betsey A. (Robbins) 
Doten, b. 1820. 

Benjamin White had in his youth learned the tanner's and cur- 
rier's trade of his uncle, and was employed in his tan-yard. He 
was an excellent workman, and called a good sailor. When 
business was dull he made voyages to sea, sometimes with Capt. 
Eben Fish. Benjamin White d. suddenly, October 9, 1856, aged 
aged 66 years, 7 months, and 3 days. Betsey (Doten) White 
<d. April, 1872. 

Thomas Foster, 7 son of Luther and Mary (Deleno) 
White, b. in Marshfield, February 10, 1802; mar. Hannah, 
dau. of Loeth and Rebecca (Thomas) Clark of Plymouth, 
November 16, 1824, by Rev. James Kendall. Children : — 

1. Hannah Thomas -\-, b. in Marshfield, March 13, 1826. 

2. Mary Ann-\-, b. in Marshfield, June 17, 1827. 

3. Luther, b. in Plymouth, April 13, 1829; mar., April 30, 
1882, Mary Ann Church. Resides in Marshfield, Mass. 

4. Mehitable Mercy -\-, b. in Plymouth, November 21, 1830. 

5. Peregrine Foster -+-, b. in Plymouth, November 21, 1832. 

6. Sarah Elizabeth -}-, b. in Marshfield, April 26, 1837. 

7. Edward -j-, b. in Marshfield, April 10, 1835. 

8. Betsey James -f-, b. in Marshfield, February 3, 1843. 

The following is a newspaper clipping reporting his eighty- 
second birthday : — 

"Mr. Thomas F. White of Marshfield. passed his eighty- 
second birthday February 10, 1884, which was the occasion of 
the gathering of twenty-five children and grandchildren to listen 
to the interesting story of the past, and take heart for the future. 
It was a meeting long to be remembered. The mother was a 


native of Plymouth, and a sister of Mr. John Clark now living in 
Plymouth, aged eighty-four. A sister, Miss Rebecca Clark, now 
presides over the household at Marshfield, with all the care and 
economy which gave dignity and lustre to the Pilgrim names. 
After the bountiful repast, fertile wit, which largely included the 
moral sentiment, music by the grandchildren, and the reading of 
an original retrospective paper by Mrs. Bosworth of Pembroke, 
one of the children, completed the afternoon." 

Mrs. Hannah (Clark) White d. in Marshfield, July 22, 1876, 
aged 72 years, 7 months, greatly lamented by husband, children, 
relatives, neighbors, and friends. " Her children rise up and call 
her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her." She has 
gone to receive that praise from the Master, none which can be 
greater. "She hath done what she could." And she did much. 
Silver and gold she had little to give, but such as she had, an 
ever helping hand in sickness and trouble, a cheerful, kind word 
to all her associates, was ever ready to be given when needed. 
As many little springs, tiny in themselves, form together finally 
in one grand body of, water to bless those around it, so her quiet 
words, her "line upon line, precept upon precept," comes back 
to her children and children's children with a new force and 
meaning as time wears on. Thank God that we are her children, 
and bless Him for the great gift of her life, the memory of which 
we will keep green and fragrant in our lives. 

Thomas Foster White died suddenly, April 2, 1887, in the room 
in which he was born 85 years, 1 month, and 22 days before. 
He was a man of strict integrity, one of whom it could be said, 
"His word was as good as his bond." He had a kind, loving 
heart, and we never fully realized the loss of our mother until we 
must add to it the bitter words "Father is dead." Only those 
who have been blessed with good parents know the length, 
breadth, and height of "Mother is dead! Father is dead!" 
"He gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well, 
is our hope and balm." 

Hannah Thomas, 8 dau. of Thomas Foster and Hannah 
(Clark) White, b. in Marshfield, March 13, 1826 ; mar. Daniel 
E. Ewell of Marshfield, 1846. Children : — 

1. Daniel James -)-, b. in Marshfield, September 7, 1846. 


2. Hannah Elizabeth -j-, b. in Marshfield, December 11, 1847. 

3. Lois Nelson -{-, b. in Marshfield, March 4, 1850. 

4. Foster Thomas -4-, b. in Marshfield, February 4, 1852. 

5. Alvali Herburn, b. in Marshfield, January 4, 1854; mar. 
Emma Smith of Rockland. Resides in Brockton, Mass. 

6. Ida Rebecca-\-, b. July 26, 1855. 

7. Emory Austin -4-, b. January 27, 1858. 

8. Charles Sumner, b. November 26, 1859 ; d. September 26, 
1864, aged 4 years, 10 months. 

9. Mehitable Mercy -4-, b. in Marshfield, April 30, 1862. 

10. Frank Elbridge -4-, b. in Marshfield, January 10, 1865. 

11. Sarah Meria-\-, b. in Marshfield, September 11, 1867. 
Mrs. Hannah (White) Ewell d. in Marshfield, July 3, 1881, 

aged 55 years, 3 months, 22 days. She acted well her part in 
life. Few people ever lived who could have done what she did 
through life. She was a good daughter, and her aged father was 
doubly stricken at her death. A faithful wife, a loving, unweary- 
ing mother, a kind sister, and constant friend. Her children 
revere and bless her memory. 

Daniel E. Ewell d. October, 1891. 

Mary Ann, 8 dau. of Thomas Foster and Hannah (Clark) 
White, b. in Marshfield, June 17, 1827; mar. Joseph G. 
Thurber of Attleboro, May, 1850. Children : — 

1. Bethania Luella-\-, b. in Attleboro, March 29, 1851; mar. 
John Ray Blanchard. 

2. Lynda Ide-\-, b. in Attleboro, July 31, 1853; mar. Henry 
Russell of Manchester. 

3. William-\-, b. in Attleboro, July 30, 1855 ; mar. Alice Tur- 
ner ; (2d) Minnie . Resides in Chicago, 111. 

4. Thomas White, b. in Attleboro, February 11, 1858; mar. 
Jennie Belle Short, June, 1885. 

Luther, 8 son of Thomas Foster and Hannah (Clark) 
White, b. in Plymouth, April 13, 1829; mar. Mary Ann 
Church, April 30, 1882. Resides in Marshfield, Mass. 

Mehitable Mercy, 8 dau. of Thomas Foster White, b. in 

Peregrine F. White. 

Sarah E. (White) Boswokth. 


Plymouth, November 21, 1830; mar. George J. Peterson of 
Duxbury, April, 1856. Children: — 

1. Infant daughter, b. April 26, 1857. 

Mrs. Mehitable M. (White) Peterson d. in Duxbury, May 11, 
1857. She was an intelligent, energetic, ambitious woman; 
feeble from her birth, yet she overcame her physical weakness by 
aid and force of her mental gifts, which she labored to improve 
and cultivate. Her early death was almost a death blow to her 
mother, from which she never recovered. She prayed she might 
be spared the sorrow of parting with another child by death. She 
had her prayer granted. 

George J. Peterson d. in Marshfield, of pneumonia, March 2, 

Peregrine Foster, 8 son of Thomas Foster White, b. in 
Plymouth, November 21, 1832; mar. Margaret Ann Paine of 
Dorchester, Mass. Children: — 

1. Edward Francis, b. October 4, 1860; mar., 1883, Nellie 
Walker of Worcester. 

2. William Foster -}-, b. September, 1863. 

Mrs. Margaret (Paine) White d. of consumption, in Worcester, 
September 9, 1882, in her fiftieth year. Peregrine Foster White 
mar. (2d) Mrs. Sarah E. Douglass, March 19, 1884. Resides in 
Worcester, Mass. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 8 dau. of Thomas Foster and Hannah 
(Clark) White, b. in Marshfield, April 26, 1837; mar. Henry 
Bosworth, January, 1856. Children: — 

1. Carrie Jennings -(-, b. in Pembroke, October 10, 1856. 

2. Anna-\-, b. in Pembroke, March 17, 1858. 

3. Henry -\~, b. in Pembroke, November 21, 1859. 

4. Edward Clark, b. in Pembroke, May 19, 1861 ; d. in Pem- 
broke, May 21, 1861. 

Resides in Pembroke, Mass. 

Edward, 8 son of Thomas Foster White, b. in Marshfield, 


April 10, 1839 ; mar. Amelia Briggs Paulding, August 30, 
1862. Children : — 

1. Amelia Edward, b. in Duxbury, December 7, 1863. 

2. Rebecca Clark -4-, b. in Duxbury, February 2, 1865. 

3. Edward Thomas -4-, b. in Duxbury, October 10, 1866. 

4. Charles Bradford, b. in Marshfield, December, 1867. 

5. Leon Woodbridge, b. in Marshfield, April 7, 1869; mar., 
1893, Mary Blake of Boston. 

6. Luther, b. in Marshfield, October 11, 1870 ; d. October, 1870. 

Betsey James, 8 dau. of Thomas Foster White, b. in 
Marshfield, February 3, 1843 ; mar. George J. Peterson, 1859. 
Children : — 

1. George Prescott-\-, b. in Marshfield, March 28, 1861. 

2. Charles Fremont, b. in Marshfield, June 7, 1863. 

3. Alice Carsewell-\-, b. in Marshfield, March 30, 1865. 

4. Clark White, b. in Marshfield, October 11, 1867; d. Octo- 
ber 12, 1867. 

5. Irving Greenleaf, b. May 29, 1875. 

Daniel James, 9 son of Hannah T. White and Daniel E. 
Ewell, b. in Marshfield, September 7, 1846 ; mar. Sophia 
Cameron of Providence, R. I., 1871. Children: — 

1. Charles Foster, b. in Providence, R. I., January 20, 1872. 

2. Daniel Levi, b. in Manchester, Conn., March 5, 1875. 
Mrs. Sophia (Cameron) Ewell d. in Connecticut, July, 1891. 

Hannah Elizabeth, 9 dau. of Hannah T. White and 
Daniel E. Ewell, b. in Marshfield, December 11, 1847 ; mar. 
Albert Olliver of Providence, R. I., November 16, 1871. 
Children : — 

1. Albert Wesley, b. in Providence, October 20, 1872. 

2. Mabel Elizabeth, b. in Marshfield, September 24, 1874. 

3. Florence Hannah Clark, b. in Providence, October 15, 1877. 

4. Almira Josephine, b. in Providence, June 5, 1880. 

5. Lois Nelson, b. May 31, 1883. 

6. Linda Ide Thurber, b. April 4, 1885. 

7. Bertha Luella Thurber, b. 1887. 


Lois Nelson, 9 dau. of Hannah T. White and Daniel E. 
Ewell, b. in Marshfield, March 4, 1830 ; mar. George Dirk of 
Attleboro Falls, January, 1870. Children: — 

1. Charles Gifford, b. April 24, 1876; d. in Attleboro Falls, 
of scarlet fever, March, 1881, aged 4 years, 11 months. 

Foster Thomas, 9 son of Hannah T. White and Daniel E. 
Ewell, b. in Marshfield, February 4, 1852; mar. Eva M. 
Baker of Worcester, 1872. Children: — 

1. Elbridge Foster, b. in Neponset, 1875; d. there, 1876. 

2. Grace Florence, b. in Marshfield, June 6, 1878. 

Mrs. Eva (Baker) Ewell d. of consumption. Foster Thomas 
Ewell mar. (2d) Nellie O. Clark of Marshfield, September 6, 1885. 

Ida Rebecca, 9 dau. of Hannah T. White and Daniel E. 
Ewell, b. in Marshfield, July 26, 1855; mar. Henry Esten of 
Providence, R. I., 1872. Children : — 

1. Lillian Belle, b. in Providence, October 9, 1872. 

Mrs. Ida Ewell Esten d. of consumption in Providence, R. I., 
April 22, 1881, aged 25 years, 8 months, 26 days. 

Mehitable Mercy 9 , dau. of Hannah T. White and Daniel 
E. Ewell, b. in Marshfield, April 30, 1862; mar. Frank H. 
Drew of Providence, R. I., November 25, 1880. Children: — 

1. Frank Ewell, b. in Providence, 1881; d. October 15, 1881. 

2. Gertrude Lois, b. in Providence, October 9, 1882. 

3. Herbert Foster, b. in Providence, September 18, 1884 ; d. 
April 4, 1885. 

Frank H. Drew d. in Providence, of typhoid fever, March 12, 
1886, aged 29 years, 6 months. One of our young men gone that 
we needed so sorely. He was worthy here, reward there. 

Emory Austin, 9 son of Hannah T. White and Daniel E. 
Ewell, b. in Marshfield, January 27, 1858; mar. Jennie Ells- 
worth Rogers, December 31, 1881. Children: — 

1. Jennie Ellsworth, b. in Marshfield, December 20, 1886. 

Mrs. Jennie E. Ewell d. in Marshfield, December 20, 1886. 
Her loss cannot be written in words, but it is indellible on the 


hearts of her friends. She was a woman faithful in the little 
events of life as well as the great. Her like we shall rarely see 
again. She is among the many young, useful members of our 
family who have been called higher and our eyes are holden to see 
how they can be spared here. 

Frank Elbridge, 9 son of Hannah T. White and Daniel 
E. Ewell, b. in Marshfield, January 10, 1865; mar. Annie 
Williams of Hanover, April 14, 1886. Children: — 

1. Bernice May, b. in Campello, Mass., June 17, 1891. 

Sarah Meria, 9 dan. of Hannah T. White and Daniel E. 
Ewell, b. in Marshfield, September 11, 1867; mar. James 
Wilson of Providence, R. I., September 16, 1890. Child: — 

1. Austin Maitland, b. in Providence, July 19, 1891. 

Bethania Ltjella, 9 dau. of Mary Ann White and Joseph 
G. Thurber, b. in Attleboro, March 29, 1851; mar. John Ray 
Blanchard of Attleboro, September, 1872. Children: — 

1. Bertrand Ray, b. in Attleboro, June 3, 1873. 

2. Joseph Thurber, b. in Attleboro, January, 1875 ; d. Octo- 
ber, 1875. 

3. Ruth Melissa, b. in Attleboro, May, 1877. 

4. Levi Clark, b. iu Attleboro, January, 1879. 

Mrs. Bertha (Thurber) Blanchard d. of consumption, in Attle- 
boro, March, 1887, aged 36 years. 

John Ray Blanchard d. of consumption, in Attleboro, June, 
1889, in his thirty-eighth year. 

That is one of the sad stories in our family history. A father 
and mother so useful, so much needed, taken, and three orphan 
children left to the care of the grief broken maternal grand- 
parents. Their trust was in the Good Father, but it was hard to 
leave when the hands, heart, and head were so much needed. 
God bless those who are left. 

Linda Ide, 9 dau. of Mary Ann White and Joseph G. 


Thurber, b. in Attleboro, July 31, 1853; mar. Henry R. 
Manchester, 1872. Children: — 

1. Luther Russell, b. in Attleboro, August, 1873. 

2. Mary Francis, b. in Attleboro, October, 1875. 

3. Joseph Seabury, b. in Attleboro, December 22, 1879. 

4. Henry Rolland, b. in Attleboro, 1881 ; d. 1881. 

Mrs. Linda (Thurber) Manchester d. in Attleboro, of con- 
sumption, December 27, 1882, in her thirtieth year. We loved 
her and needed her, but thank God who giveth His beloved rest 
here and more there. 

William, 9 son of Mary Ann White and Joseph G. Thur- 
ber, b. in Attleboro, July 30, 1855; mar. Alice Turner. 
Children : — 

1. Jessie, d. . 

2. Joseph Thomas, d. . 

William Foster, 9 son of Peregrine F. White, b. Septem- 
ber, 1763; mar. Mary L. Bacheldor of Pennsylvania, 1885. 
Children : — v 

1. Mabel Foster, b. in Worcester, October 27, 1886. 

2. Ruth Margaret, b. in Worcester, March 9, 1893. 

Carrie Jennings, 9 dau. of Sarah E. White and Henry 
B os worth, b. in Pembroke, Mass., October 10, 1856; mar. 
Frank Abbot Reed of Hanover, Mass., April 22, 1883. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Dora Elizabeth Gushing, b. in Hanson, November 24, 1884. 

2. Grace Appleton, b. in Hanover, May 5, 1889. 

Frank Abbot Reed d. of Blight's disease, in Hanover, June 27, 
1889, aged 35 years, 21 days. 

"Life's race well run, 

Life's work well done, 

Life's crown well won, 

Now comes rest ! " 

Anna, 9 dau. of Sarah E. White and Henry Bosworth, b. in 


Pembroke, March 17, 1858 ; mar. Henry Briggs Hatch,. 
November 8, 1879. Children : — 

1. Harold Briggs, b. in Whitman, July 30, 1889. 

2. Elizabeth Burton Jennings, b. in Whitman, July 27, 1893, 

Henry, Jr., 9 son of Sarah E. White and Henry Bosworth y 
b. in Pembroke, November 21, 1859; mar. Nellie W. Hill r 
April 5, 1885. Children: — 

1. Henry Lorenzo, b. in Kingston, July 13, 1886. 

2. Russell Wilson, b. in Whitman, November 16, 1889. 

Rebecca Clark, 9 dau. of Edward and Amelia B. White, 
b. in Duxbury, February 2, 1864 ; mar. James H. Bent, Nov- 
ember 26, 1885. Child: — 

1. Canie Bradford, b. in Marshfield, July 16, 1889. 

Edward Thomas, 9 son of Edward White, b. in Duxbury, 
October 10, 1866 ; mar. Mary E. Tilden, 1887. Children : — 

1. Elizabeth Russell, b. in Marshfield, January 9, 1888. 

2. Roy Edward, b. in Duxbury, April 13, 1890 ; d. October, 

George Prescott, 9 son of Betsey James White and 
George J. Peterson, b. in Marshfield, March 28, 1861 ; mar. 
H. Jennie Carpenter of Attleboro, Mass., December 21, 1882. 
Children : — 

1. Ethel Prescott, b. in Attleboro, April 10, 1884. 

Residence, Providence, R. I. 

Alice Carsewell, 9 dau. of Betsey James White and 
George J. Peterson, b. in Marshfield, March 30, 1865; mar. 
Moses Thayer of Worcester, Mass., December 27, 1890. 
Children : — 

1. Charlotte Florence, b. in Worcester, October 12, 1891. 

Nabby, 7 dau. of Dea. Gideon Thomas White, b. in Pem- 
broke, Mass., October 7, 1782 ; mar. James Simmons of Dux- 
bury, December 11, 1805. Children: — 

1. Levi, b. June 7, 1807; d. July 25, 1808. 


2. Nobby, b. May 8, 1809; d. September 29, 1819. 

3. Levi-\-, b. May 29, 1811 ; mar. Sarah L. Pinkham. 

4. Sarah, b% September 30, 1813 ; d. September 27, 1819. 

5. Lydia, b. January 25, 1815 ; d. September 25, 1815. 

6. Lydia, b. November 9, 1817; d. September 28, 1819. 

7. Nobby White 4-, b. January 30, 1820; mar. James M. 

8. James -f-, b. April 15, 1823; mar. Harriet Bartlett. 

9. Sarah C, b. January 22, 1826; d. January 7, 1844. 
Nabby (White) Simmons d. in Duxbury, October 19, 1843, 

aged 61 years, 12 days. 

James Simmons d. August 8, 1867. 

Sarah, 7 dau. of Gideon T. White, b. in Pembroke, July 
5, 1790 ; mar. Stephen Burgess of Middleboro, May 5, 1816. 
Children : — 

1. Sarah White -4-, b. in Middleboro, Mass., March 31, 1817. 

2. Lucy Holmes, b. in Middleboro, Mass., December 19, 1818. 
After the death of her mother she lived with her aunt, Lucy 
(White) Holmes, in Kingston, Mass., where she d., un., May 22, 

3. Nancy White -\-, b. in Middleboro, Mass., April 29, 1820. 

4. Alanso?i Thomas, b. in Middleboro, Mass., August 14, 
1822 ; d. un., in Providence, R. I., April 21, 1874. 

Mrs. Sarah (White) Burgess d. in Middleboro, April 7, 1825. 
Stephen Burgess d. in Middleboro, May 1, 1854. 

Anna, 7 dau. of Dea. Gideon T. White and second wife, 
b. in Pembroke, August 4, 1797 ; mar. Robert Holmes of 
Kingston, July 9, 1826. Children : — 

1. Lydia; mar. Benjamin Thomas of Pembroke. 

2. Samuel; mar. Mary Reed. 

Anna (White) Holmes d. in Kingston, August 21, 1842, aged 
45 years, 17 days. 

Ruth, 7 twin dau. of Dea. Gideon T. White, b. in Pern- 


broke, Mass., December 27, 1799 ; mar. (1st) Judah Hall of 
Kingston, December 6, 1822. Children : — 

1. George. 

2. Charles. 

3. Elisha. 

She mar. (2d) Washington Hall. 

Mrs. Ruth (White) Hall d. in Kingston, Mass., April 5, 1838, 
aged 39 years. 

Mary Cushing, 7 youngest child of Dea. Gideon T. White, 
b. in Pembroke, April 29, 1805 ; mar. Robert Barker, April 
3,1822. Children: — 

1. George Cushing -j-, b. March, 1826; mar. Hannah E. Syl- 

Mrs. Mary C. (White) Barker d. in Pembroke, Mass., January 
7, 1892. 

Robert Barker d. in Pembroke, March 18, 1879, in his seventy- 
ninth year. 

Levi, 8 son of Nabby White and James Simmons, b. in Dux- 
bury, May 29, 1811; mar. Sarah L. Pinkham of St. Andrew's 
Bay, Florida, December 21, 1834. Children ; — 

1. Samuel James -\-, b. September 10, 1835. 

2. Alonzo Drew, b. December 7, 1836; mar. January 31, 
1869, Rebecca Brooks of Groton, Mass. Residence, Keene, N. H. 

3. Ann Lowry, b. October 21, 1838; d. November 11, 1838. 

4. Isaac Lowry, b. October 15, 1839 ; d. June 27, 1861. 

5. Edward Thomas, b. November 2, 1841; mar., April 10, 
1873, Domie Hall, Middletown, Conn. Residence, Springfield, 

5. Levi Pinkham -f-, b. July 16, 1844. 
Sarah (Pinkham) Simmons d. 1888. 

Abby White, 8 dau. of Nabby White and James Simmons, 
b. in Duxbury, Mass., January 30, 1820 ; mar. James Magoun 
Harrub of Plympton, May 12, 1844. Children : — 

1. James Magoun, Jr., b. January 1, 1845 ; d. January 1, 1845. 

2. Sarah Abbie -4-, b. January 24, 1846. 


3. Mary Alice, b. March 1, 1848; d. March 20, 1866. 

4. James Magoun, Jr., b. October 13, 1849 ; d. April, 1885. 

5. Lois Ames, b. May 20, 1851 ; d. November 1, 1851. 

6. Clara Loretta-\-, b. June 12, 1852. 

7. Rachel Magoun, b. June 10, 1854; d. February 7, 1883. 

8. Helen Florence +, b. April 13, 1856. 
James Magoun Harrub d. in Plympton. 

James, 8 son of Nabby White and James Simmons, b. in 
Duxbury, April 15, 1823 ; mar. (1st) Harriet Bartlett of 
Maine. Children: — 

1. Manfred E., b. April 11, 1847; d. September 3, 1848. 

2. Manfred A., b. December 24, 1849 ; d. May 1, 1880. 

3. Clarence A.-\-, b. June 15, 1852. 

Mrs. Harriet (Bartlett) Simmons d. November 21, 1863. 
James Simmons mar. (2d) Caroline C. Gipson, Rindge, N. H., 
March 23, 1867. Residence, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Sarah White, 8 dau. of Sarah White and Stephen Bur- 
gess, b. in Middleboro, March 31, 1817; mar. Alvan F. 
Stevens, April 7, 1839. Children : — 

1. Alvan Thomas, b. in Providence, R. I., June 2, 1846; 
mar. Mary J. Livingston. Have one son : (I) Alvin L., b. Sep- 
tember 8, 1869. 

2. Ida Burgess -f , b. September 17, 1848; mar. C. E. Wes- 

3. Sarah C, b. September 18, 1851. 

4. Clinton T.-\-, b. July 16, 1856; mar. Lucy J. Green. 
Mrs. Sarah White (Burgess) Stevens d. in Providence, R. I., 

August 30, 1884. 

Nancy White, 8 dau. of Sarah White and Stephen 
Burgess, b. in Middleboro, t April 29, 1820; mar. Nathaniel 
Sherman Perry of Pembroke, October 14, 1847. Children: — 

1. Mary Stardey -f-, b. June 27, 1849; mar. Louis B. Howe. 

2. Charles Stephen, b. October 10, 1853; d. June 5, 1857. 

3. Samuel Erwin, b. May 17, 1859; mar. Mabel H. Loring, 
December 19, 1888. 


4. Chester Burgess, b. April 3, 1862 ; mar. Josephine Cooper, 
October 31, 1886. 

Nancy W. (Burgess) Perry d. in Pembroke, January 5, 1892. 
Natnaniel S. Perry d. in Pembroke, January 7, 1892. 

George Cushing, 8 son of Mary Cushing White and 
Robert Barker, b. in Pembroke, March, 1826 ; mar. Hannah 
E. Sylvester of North Bridgewater, December, 1852. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Mary Elizabeth -\-, b. in Pembroke, October /, 1853. 

2. Robert, b. in Pembroke, January 17, 1859. 

Mrs. Hannah E. (Sylvester) Barker d. in Pembroke, August 
23, 1883, aged 53 years. 

George Cushing Barker d. January 4, 1891. 

Sarah Abby, 9 dau. of Abby White Simmons and James 
M. Harrub, b. in Plympton, January 24, 1846 ; mar. (1st) 
Thomas Morton Cole, June 16, 1864. Residence, Boston, 
Mass. Children : — 

1. Katie Florence -\-, b. January 16, 1866. 
Thomas Morton Cole d. July 26, 1866. 

Mrs. Cole mar. (2d) Dr. Win. Penn Hammond, September 17, 
1873. Residence, Charlestown, Mass. Children: — 

2. Elizabeth Parker, b. July 9, 1874. 

Clara Loretta, 9 dau. of Abby White Simmons and 
James M. Harrub; mar. Thomas W. Blanchard, 1874. 
Children : — 

1. Fred Field, b. in Plympton, December 1, 1874. 

2. Ralph Harrub, b. in Plympton, December 3, 1890. 

Helen Florence, 9 dau. of Abby White Simmons and 
James M. Magoun, b. in Plympton, April 13, 1856 ; mar. 
Horace C. Cole, April 24, 1878. Residence, Kingston, Mass. 
Children : — 

1. Lucy Chase, b. in Kingston, September 8, 1882. 

Samuel James, 9 son of Levi Simmons, t>. September 10, 


1835 ; mar. Abbie W. Wright, Plympton, Mass., November, 
1863. Residence, Springfield, Mass. Children : — 
1. Lillian Etta, b. September, 1864. 

Levi Pinkham, 9 son of Levi Simmons, b. July 16, 1844 ; 
mar. Hannah Baker of Marshfield, October 24, 1869. Resi- 
dence, Duxbury, Mass. Children : — 

1. Annie Pinkham, b. February 13, 1876. 

Clarence A., 9 son of James Simmons, Jr., b. June 15, 
1852; mar. Nettie Belle Moore of Southwest Harbor, Mt. 
Desert, Me., October 11, 1888. Residence, New York City. 
Children : — 

1. Manfred Ell erton, b. March 22, 1890. 

2. Edla, b. July 25, 1892. 

Mary Stanley, 9 dau. of Nancy White Burgess and 
Nathaniel Sherman Perry, b. in Pembroke, June 27, 1849 ; 
mar. Louis B. Howe, November 24, 1881. Residence, Pem- 
broke, Mass. Children : — 

1. Charles Francis, b. December 12, 1882. 

2. Ida Burgess, b. July 27, 1884. 

3. Henry Erwin, b. January 17, 1886. 

Katie Florence, 10 dau. of Sarah Abbie (Harrub) and 
Thomas Morton Cole, b. January 16, 1866; mar. Dr. Charles 
D. Sarvin, October 14, 1885. Residence, Charlestown, Mass. 
Children : — ■ 

1. Katherine Morton, b. June 12, 1887. 

Mrs. Katie Florence (Cole) d. July 19, 1887. 

Mary Elizabeth, 9 dau. of George C. Barker, b. in Pem- 
broke, October 7, 1853; mar. Ichabod T. Loring, 1881. 
Children : — 

I. Minnie Sumner, b. in Pembroke, January, 1883. 

Mrs. Mary E. (Barker) Loring d. of consumption, 1886, in her 
thirty-third year. 


Ida Btjegess, 9 clau. of Sarah White Burgess and Alvan 
F. Stevens, b. in Providence, R. I., September 17, 1848 ; 
mar. Charles E. Westcott. Children : — 

1. Ellery Burgess, b. November 17, 1873; d. June 1, 1892. 

2. Clinton Stevens, b. April 16, 1877. 

Mrs. Ida B. Stevens d. in Providence, R. I., August 30, 1884. 

Clinton F., 9 son of Sarah White Burgess and Alvan F. 
Stevens, b. July 16, 1856 ; mar. Lucy S. Green. Children : — 
1. Bessie White, b. May 10, 1881. 



William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 Eleazar. 4 

Nehemiah, 5 son of Eleazar and Mary (Doggett) White T 
b. February 14, 1713 ; mar. . Children : — 

1. Philip 4-, b. 1734; mar. Campbell. 

2. Nicholas -(-, b. 1735; mar. . They had: (I) Abra- 
ham-}-, b. 1756 ; mar. Esther B. Wood. (II) 01ive+, b. May 1, 
1759; mar. 1780, Abel Turner. (Ill) Peregrine-}- ; mar. in Mid- 
dletown, Vt., February 23, 1806, Eunice Perry, at which place 
he d. in 1815 ; his wife d. in Wells, Vt., about 1856. (IV) Har- 
riet ; d. un., about 1800. 

Nicholas White d. in Middletown, Vt., 1802. 

Philip, 6 son of Nehemiah White, b. 1734 ; mar. (1st) 
Campbell. Children: — 

1. Philip. He was drafted into the service of the Revolution, 
but his mother being in ill health, his father procured a substi- 
tute, and three days after the substitute left for the army 
Philip, Jr., was thrown from a horse and killed, at the age of 

2. Lois, b. about 1757 ; mar. Hyde, who d. in Tinmouth, 

Vt., 1795. Their son Stephen is a respected citizen of Walling- 
ford, Vt. 

3. Daughter', d. young. 

4. Phila-\-, b. in 1763 ; mar. Fox. 

5. Nehemiah -f-, b. in Woodstock, Conn., 1765; mar. Mercy 
Miller of West Springfield, Mass. 

Philip, Sr., removed from Woodstock, Conn., to Tinmouth, Vt., 
about 1780, where he bought a farm situated in the eastern edge 
of the township. In 1793 a strip of land in the eastern part of 
Tinmouth was set off to the town of Wallingford, so that, after 


1793, Philip White was a resident of WaJlingford, Vt., without 
changing his place of residence. It is handed down that Philip 
had several brothers who emigrated to Kentucky about the time 
Philip came to Vermont. His mother-in-law, Susanna Campbell, 
married for a second husband a man by the name of Carpenter, — 
probably grandfather of the Dr. Carpenter who was for twenty 
years President of the Vermont Medical School, Burlington, Vt. 
Her name is in " Thompson's History of Vermont" as one of the 
few instances of longevity in the Green Mountain State. She 
died in February, 1817, at the age of 100 years and 6 months. 
Four months before this she attended the funeral of her grandson, 
Nehemiah White. 

Philip White was in the service in the Revolution. The gun 
which he carried, manufactured in 1742, or about that time, in 
London, is now in the possession of his great-grandson, Nehe- 
miah White, of Galesburg, 111. The gun was also carried by 
Philip in the " Old French War." He died October, 1822, aged 
88 years. The anecdote is told, that probably in 1775, when, 
after the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill, thousands 
flocked to Boston and placed the city under siege, Philip went into 
service, the work at home being left in charge of his daughter, 
Lois, a strong and resolute girl of eighteen or nineteen. While 
milking a fractious cow, the cow wheeled around and, running 
one of her long and pointed horns under the large roll of hair on 
Lois's head, actually swung her clear around, perhaps more than 
once. She used to say this was the worst case of " hair-pulling" 
she ever experienced. 

Philip White resided for many years in a part of the house with 
his son Nehemiah, when he was at one time visited by his grand- 
nephew, Rev. Nicholas White, who was a Methodist preacher. 
Philip was an ardent Calvinist in theological belief. When the 
time for family devotions came Philip objected to the proposal of 
Nicholas to offer prayer, saying (alluding to the ardent devotions 
of the early Methodists): "Too fiery, Nicholas, too fiery." 
Whereupon the young preacher went into the part of the house 
occupied by Nehemiah and held worship there. This, indeed, 
serves to show how far the gulf between the different denomina- 
tions of Christians has been filled since then. 


Phila, 7 dau. of Philip and (Campbell) White ; mar. 

Fox, who was long known as one of the most prominent 

citizens in Wallingford, Vt. One of their sons, John, prac- 
tised medicine in Wallingford nearly fifty years, and had two 
sons who became physicians, W. C. Fox and George Fox, the 
latter practising in Rutland, Vt. 

Nehemiah, 7 son of Philip and (Campbell) White ; 

mar. Mercy Miller of West Springfield, Mass. Children: — 

1. Philip. 

2. Alvin. 

3. Justin Morgan -(-, b. 1802; mar. . 

4. Nehemiah, b. 1803. 

5. Willard. 

6. Orsamus; mar. . Has one grandson. 

7. Sylvia; mar. Rev. Nathaniel Pine, who, between 1834 and 
1840, was stationed at New Ipswich, N. H. 

8. Sophia. 

9. Lucinda. 

10. Cynthia. 

Mercy (Miller) White's mother was sister to Justin Morgan of 
Stockbridge, Vt., — whose ownership of a remarkable horse is well 
known, — from whom her third son received his name. She is 
also an aunt of Frank Miller, whose princely fortune was made 
by the sale of a " blacking" by that name. 

Justin Morgan, 8 son of Nehemiah and Mercy (Miller) 
White; mar. . Children: — 

1. Nehemiah, b. in Wallingford, Vt., 1835. Has one son, 
Willard Justin, who, with a grandson of Orsamus White, are the 
only ones to perpetuate the name in this line. 

Nehemiah White was President of Lombard University in 
Galesburg from 1875 to 1892 ; since which time he has been in 
charge of the Ryder Divinity School, a department of the same 

Abraham, 7 son of Nicholas White, b. 1757 ; mar. Esther 
Banister Wood, b. 1761. He d. at Georgia, Vt., November 2, 


1821, and his wife d. at the home of her son, Rev. Nicholas 
White, in New York City, July 13, 1845. Children: — 

1. Clure-\-, b. in Wallingford, Vt., December 8, 1781; mar. 
Mary Cook, b. in Milton, Vt., December 2, 1788. 

2. Vamum ; d. when about eighteen years of age. 

3. Nicholas -4-, b. in Middletown, Vt., June 8, 1786; mar., 
1804, Artemisia Cooley, b. in Westford, Vt., March 20, 1788. 

4. Annis -j- 5 b. February 11, 1792; mar., December 3, 1811, 
David Johnson Dauforth. 

Clure, 8 son of Abraham and Esther (Wood) White, b. 
December 8, 1781 ; mar. Mary Cook, b. in Milton, Vt., Decem- 
ber 2, 1788. Children: — 

1. Julia Elvira -f, b. in Milton, Vt., May 17, 1806; mar., 
May 3, 1841, William Manley, b. in New York City, June 29, 
1807, and d. in Waterport, N. Y., April 20, 1854. She d. in 
Gaines, N. Y., March 16, 1883. 

2. Harley Clark, b. in Milton, Vt., April 22, 1808; d. un. at 
Gaines, N. Y., January 1, 1894. 

3. Mary Ann -(-, b. in Milton, Vt., April 17, 1813; mar., 
August 3, 1835, Harvey Anderson. She d. at Gaines, N. Y., 
September 13, 1850, and he d. at Mendon, Mich. 

4. Caroline Clarisa-\~, b. in Milton, Vt., July 31, 1815; mar., 
February 10, 1847, Ambrose Preston, b. April 6, 1813, and d. at 
Brockport, N. Y., August 4, 1855. 

5. Erasmus Darwin -J-, b. in Burlington, Vt., December 18, 
1818; mar., May 14, 1848, Eliza Hotchkiss Beardsley. He d. at 
Gaines, N. Yr, November 13, 1854. She d. in Flint, Mich., 
June 14, 1878. 

'6. Martha Mahala, b. in Huntington, Vt., May 3, 1820; d. 
un. in Gaines, N. Y., September 26, 1842. 

7. Esther Banister, b. in Milton, Vt., August 23, 1822; d. 
un. in Gaines, N. Y., September 28, 1885. 

8. Emeline Augusta, b. in St. Albans, Vt., April 29, 1826; 
mar., March 15, 1871, Joseph P. Merrill of Chicago, 111., where 
she d. May 28, 1875. 

9. William Vernon, b. in St. Albans, Vt., November 24, 
1828; d. un. in Goshen, Ind., April 2, 1859. 

Rev. Nicholas White. 


10. Capt. Carlos Lorton, b. in St. Albans, Vt., August 23, 
1831; mar. in Gaines, N. Y., March, 1855, Amoret Knapp. 
He was Assistant Adjutant-General on the staff of Brigadier- 
General John E. Smith, Third Division, Fifteenth Army Corps. 
Died during the siege of Atlanta, at Cartersville, Ga., August 
21, 1864. 

Clure White d. in Quincy, 111., September 15, 1839, and his 
wife d. in Gaines, N. Y., February 5, 1872. 

Rev. Nicholas, 8 son of Abraham and Esther (Wood) 
White, b. June 8, 1785 ; mar., 1804, Artemisia Cooley, b. 
March 20, 1788. He was a Methodist clergyman. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Polly, b. in Milton, Vt., September 5, 1805; d. December 
3, 1806. 

2. Solomon Cooley-\-, b. in Milton, Vt., July 14, 1807; mar. 
Henrietta Tichenor. He d. at Augusta, Ga., January 30, 1874. 

3. Amzi S.-\-, b. in Georgia, Vt., January 30, 1809; mar. 
Mary Jane Lupton. He d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., February 25, 
1886. She d. in Brooklyn, Vt. 

4. Orrin, b. in Georgia, Vt., March 29, 1811 ; d. February 2, 
1853, in Aspinwall. (Twin.) 

5. Orria-\-, b. in Georgia, Vt., March 29, 1811 ; mar. Henry 
Clift of Carmel, N. Y. He d. November, 1863, and she d. 
August 7, 1888. (Twin.) 

6. Sarah Maria -f-, b. in Fairfax, Vt., September 2, 1813; 
mar. Ezra Bull at Danbury, Conn. She d. February 19, 1877. 

7. Polly Meroa-\-, b. in Starksborough, Vt., October 23, 1815 ; 
mar. Rev. Charles P. Clark, at Milton, Vt. She d. July, 1850. 

8. Artemisia W.-\-, b. in Colchester, Vt., February 21, 1818; 
mar., May 29, 1836, John M. Pease. He d. September 29, 
1856, and she mar. (2d) September 6, 1871, Rev. Edwin E. 
Griswold, who d. in Danbury, Conn., April 3, 1878. She resides 
in Plainfield, N. J. 

9. Seymour L.-\-, b. in Georgia, Vt., November 23, 1820; 
mar. Margaret Berry. 

10. Eliza Jane-\-, b. in New Paltz, N. Y., November 27, 
1824 ; mar., March 28, 1844, John J. Snydam, b. in Middlebush, 


N. Y., May 15, 182L; d. November 7, 1858, in Illinois. She 
resides in Kendall, 111. 

11. Elizabeth A. -\-, b. in New York City, June 15, 1827; 
mar., August 17, 1842, Marvin V. K. Jones. He d. in Cross- 
well, Mich., October 23, 1893. 

12. Julia A., b. in Carmel, N. Y., March 18, 1831. 

Rev. Nicholas White d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., February 14, 
1861, and his wife d. April 7, 1853, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

The following is copied from the Christian Advocate of June 6, 

Rev. Nicholas White was born in Middletown, Rutland county, 
Vermont, June 8, 1786, and died in the city of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
February 14, 1861. He sought the Lord in early life, and be- 
came a member of the M. E. church in 1810 ; was licensed to 
exhort in 1811 ; was received on trial in the New York Confer- 
ence in 1813, and appointed to the Plattsburg circuit, and con- 
tinued there in 1814. In 1815 he was ordained deacon and 
appointed to the Charlotte circuit. During this year he was 
stricken down with a pulmonary attack. The bleeding from the 
lungs was so profuse and obstinate that for months but little hope 
was entertained for his recovery. He held the relation of super- 
annuate during the years of 1816 and 1817 ; was re-appointed to 
the Charlotte circuit in the years 1818 and 1819. In 1820 he 
travelled the St. Albans circuit; 1821 and 1822, New Windsor; 
1823, Newburgh"; 1824, New Paltz ; 1825, Duchess. In 1826 
and 1827 he was stationed in the city of New York; 1828 and 
1829, on Mount Pleasant circuit; 1830 and 1831, on Cortlandt ; 
1832, Reading; 1833, Saugatuck ; and in 1833 on Duchess 
again. From 1835 to 1838, inclusive, he was presiding elder on 
the Delaware district, and in 1839 was presiding elder on the 
White Plains district, and from 1840 to 1843, inclusive, was pre- 
siding elder on the Poughkeepsie district. During the years 
1844 and 1845 he was at the Asbury charge in New York; 1846 
and 1847, at the Eighteenth street charge, same city ; 1848 and 
1849, at Newtown, L. I. ; 1850 and 1851, at Carlton Avenue, in 
the city of Brooklyn, and in 1852 and 1853 was in the Dean 
street charge in the same city. While in this charge he buried 
his beloved wife, and here he closed his effective labors as an 


itinerant preacher. In 1854 he was again superannuated, and in 
this relation was continued until the Master called him home. 
He was twice a representative of the New York Conference in the 
General Conference. 

Brother White was a good man. The writer of this commenced 
his special acquaintance with him in May, 1818, as his assistant 
on the Charlotte circuit, in Vermont, and was his assistant again 
on the St. Albans circuit in 1820 ; has followed him in other 
fields of labor, and never yet heard a whisper against his moral 
or Christian character, but on the contrary, has uniformly heard 
him spoken of as a true disciple, a sincere and devoted follower 
of the Meek and Lowly. He was a Methodist from principle, 
and heartily subscribed to its doctrines, and consciously con- 
formed to its discipline, yet was truly catholic in spirit and prac- 
tice, loving, and in every reasonable way manifesting his love to 
all who bore the image and superscription of his Divine Master. 
As a Methodist preacher he was orthodox, animated, ardent, suc- 
cessful, and loyal ; heartily acknowledging the authority of the 
General Conference to make rules and regulations for the edifica- 
tion and government of the church, — like a true son in the gospel, 
he yielded implicit obedience to this authority and cheerfully 
kept, without attempting to mend, the rules of the church. He 
eschewed all innovations, and heartily deplored any departure 
from the old paths of true Wesleyanism in either doctrine, disci- 
pline, or usage. He was a warm friend of all our institutions, 
and gave a zealous support to all our instrumentalities for doing 
good, especially of the good old Christian Advocate and Journal. 
He had some agency in the commencement of its publication, and 
was wont to wait and watch with intense interest its weekly arri- 
val, when its perusal seemed always to furnish him a rich repast. 
He was a devoted husband, and ever after the death of his too 
nearly idolized wife, seemed never to recover his wonted cheer- 
fulness. He is with her now in heaven, thank God, and there 
joined in a still purer affection that will know neither chill or 
change. He was an affectionate and true father, and has left a 
large yet scattered family of children and grand-children, who 
deeply mourn their loss, especially his youngest daughter, on 
whom was devolved specialty and providentially the duty of car- 


ing for and comforting her father in his last lonely years, and 
smoothing his rough path to the grave, and softening his dying 
pillow ; and never did daughter meet responsibilities with greater 
fidelity and cheerfulness. Seldom, if ever, was any preacher bet- 
ter fitted to have charge of young preachers, especially such as 
lacked self-confidence and needed words of encouragement and 
comfort. But he is gone ; his body to the tomb, his soul to 
heaven. Friend and guide of my youth, farewell ! We meet no 
more on earth ; God grant we may meet in heaven at last. 

Seymour Landon. 

Annis, 8 dau. of Abraham and Esther (Wood) White, b. 
February 11, 1792; mar., December 3, 1811, Daniel Johnson 
Danforth. Children : — 

1. Douglas Abraham, b. November 19, 1812; mar., July 30, 
1853, Anna L. Noble. He d. in Chicago, III., March 26, 1873. 

2. Henry S., b. March 24, 1814; mar., March 1, 1840, Emily 
Fairchild. He d. August 17, 1862. 

3. George, b. May 24, 1816; mar., December 25, 1845, Eliza 
Rowell, b. April 4, 1819. He d. April 1, 1850, and she d. Jan- 
uary 11, 1878. 

4. William, b. May 30, 1818; mar., January 8, 1850, Aurora 
H. Hulett. He d. May 1, 1850. 

5. Lucius, b. November 26, 1820 ; d. August 30, 1854. 

6. Harriet, b. March 19, 1823; d. September 8, 1849. 

7. Amanda, b. January 26, 1826; mar., September 28, 1850, 
Dr. E. G. Hulett. She d. October 8, 1869. 

8. Byron, b. February 26, 1828 ; d. August 30, 1854, at New 
Orleans, of yellow fever. 

9. Louisa, b. August 20, 1830; mar., November 19, 1851, 
Esais Hall; d. May 30, 1859. 

10. Jane, b. February 26, 1833; mar., November 13, 1854, 
William W. Post; d. May 30, 1859. 

Annis (White) Danforth d. in Georgia, Vt., April 29, 1835, 
and her husband d. January 17, 1847. 

Julia Elvira, 9 dau. of Clure and Mary (Cook) White ; 
mar., May 3, 1841, William Manley. Children: — 
1. Henry. 


2. Julia A., b. in Batavia, N. Y., September 15, 1843; mar., 
April 20, 1869, Edward Watkinson, at Sun Prairie, Wis., where 
she d. June 29, 1871. 

3. Emeline, b. in Batavia, N. Y., April 3, 1847. 
Resides in Gaines, N. Y. 

Mary Ann, 9 dau. of Clure and Mary (Cook) White; 
mar., August 3, 1835, Harvey Anderson. Children: — 

1. Annett, b. in Gaines, N. Y. ; mar. Mark Wakeman, in 
Mendon, Mich., where she d. February, 1859. 

2. Julius B., b. in Gaines, N. Y. ; mar. Leafy Benham, in 
Mendon, Mich. (Twin.) 

3. Julia M., b. in Gaines, N. Y. ; mar., 1860, Mark Wake- 
man, who d. in Mendon, Mich. (Twin.) 

4. William H. 

Caroline Clarisa, 9 dau. of Clure and Mary (Cook) 
White ; mar., February 10, 1847, Ambrose Preston. Chil- 
dren, all b. in Brockport, N. Y. : — 

1. Adella J., b. November 14, 1847; d. in Gaines, N. Y., 
June 24, 1885. 

2. Carrie E., b. January 20, 1850. Resides in Brockport, N. Y. 

3. Joseph A.', b. April 4, 1852. Resides in Brockport, N. Y. 

Erasmus Darwin, 9 son of Clure and Mary (Cook) 
White; mar., May 14, 1848, Eliza Hotchkiss Beardsley. 
Children : — 

1. Henry Clure, b. in Brockport, N. Y., September 9, 1849. 
Resides in Gaines, N. Y. 

2. Fred Webber, b. in Gaines, N. Y., August 19, 1852. Re- 
sides in Marysville, Kan. 

3. Erasmus Danvin, b. in Gaines, N. Y., January 5, 1855. 
Resides in Marysville, Kan. 

Solomon Cooley, 9 son of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia 
(Cooley) White ; mar. Henrietta Tichenor. Children b. in 
Canandaigua, N. Y. : — 

1. Theodore T., b. 1832 ; mar. Mary Brown of Buffalo, N. Y. 
He d. in New Orleans, March 31, 1886. 


2. Henry; d. . 

3. Mary; mar. Sims; d. . 

4. Henrietta ; mar. Augustus Williams of Augusta, Ga. ; 


5. William. 

6. Alice ; mar. in Augusta, Ga., Oates. 

7. Frank. 

Amzi S., 9 son of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia (Cooley) 
White; mar. Mary Jane Lupton. Children: — 

1. Amzi Olen, b. in New York City, 1843 ; d.. December 31, 

2. Mary Juliette, b. in Williamsburg, N. Y. ; mar., September, 
1886, Wilber A. Pease, in Brooklyn, N. Y., where they now 

3. Edward Lupton, b. in Williamsburg, N. Y. 

4. Mary, b. in Williamsburg, N. Y. ; mar. McDonald. 

5. Arthur Peregrine, b. in Williamsburg, N. Y. ; un. 

6. Louisa, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; mar. Crownover. 

7. Eva, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Orria, 9 dau. of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia (Cooley) 
White ; mar. Henry Clif t. Children : — 

1. Capt. Emory White, b. in Skaneateles, N. Y., December, 
1852; mar. (1st) July 4, 1861, Sarah Dickinson of Detroit, 
Mich., who d. August, 1869. He mar. (2d) Florence Stebbins 
of Croton Falls, N. Y. He was appointed Second Lieutenant in 
the Regular Army, 1861. Retired from active service on account 
of ill health, 1882. Died in Detroit, Mich., April, 1886. 

2. Mary Wells, b. in Fairmount, N. Y., August, 1834; d. 
December 31, 1854. 

Sarah Maria, 9 dau. of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia 
(Cooley) White; mar. Ezra Bull. Children: — 

1. Maria; d. in Illinois. 

2. Ezra. Resides in New York City. 

3. Mary; mar. William Hoyt. Resides in South Norwalk, 


4. Artemisia ; mar. Charles Hoyt. Resides in South Norwalk, 

5. William; mar. . Resides in Bridgeport, Conn. 

6. Lizzie; mar. Norman Kellogg. Resides in South Norwalk, 

7. Horace. 

8. Clara B., b. March 18, 1853; d. 1855. 

Polly Meroa, 9 dau. of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia 
(Cooley) White ; mar. Rev. Charles P. Clark, who d. Sep- 
tember 29, 1856. She mar. (2d) September 6, 1871, Rev. 
Edwin E. Griswold. He d. in Danbury, Conn., April 3, 
1878. Children: — 

1. Frances; mar., 1854, George Lodge of Terra Haute, Ind. 

2. Juliette Estelle; mar. Fernando Prescott of Ottawa, 111. 

3. Charles; d. in Chicago, 111., 1871. 

4. Corinne; mar. Hollis Prescott of Ottawa, 111. 

Artemisia W., 9 dau. of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia 
(Cooley) White; mar., May 29, 1836, John M. Pease. 
Children : — 

1. WilberA., b. in New Haven, Conn., July 19, 1839; mar. 
(1st) Mary Dunn, who d. 1885. He mar. (2d) September, 1886, 
Mary J. White. 

2. Nicholas W., b. in Peekskill, N. Y., July 25, 1843; 
mar. . 

3. Julia M., b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., September 29, 1850 ; mar., 
October 2, 1872, George Cornwell, in Brooklyn, N. Y. Resides 
in Plainfield, N. J. 

Seymour L., 9 son of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia (Cooley) 
White ; mar. Margaret Barry. Children : — 

1. Artemisia, b. in New York City, May, 1846; mar. John 
Lapey ; d. in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Eliza Jane, 9 dau. of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia 
(Cooley) White; mar., March 28, 1844, John J. Snydam. 
Children : — 

1. Clark, b. in New York City, January 29, 1845. 


2. Ann Augusta, b. in Middlebush, N. Y., February 28, 1846 ; 
mar. Thomas Burke. 

3. Genevieve, b. in Estopus, N. Y., January 14, 1848; mar. 
Monroe Bean. She was killed by Indians, September 11, 1878, 
near Tanna River, Alaska. 

4. Annis Danforth, b. in Middlebush, N. Y., May 4, 1850; 
mar. Frederick Butterfield. 

5. Ida Meroa, b. in Middlebush, N. Y., November 26, 1851 ; 
mar. Stephen Crane. She d. in Iowa, January 5, 1886. 

6. Harvey Stratton, b. in Middlebush, N. Y., January 19, 
1854 ; d'. in Illinois, October 5, 1855. 

7. Julia Artemisia Necola, b. in Big Grove, 111., March 9, 
1856 ; mar. Frank Taylor. 

Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Elizabeth A., 9 dau. of Rev. Nicholas and Artemisia 
(Cooley) White ; mar., August 17, 1842, Marvin V. K. Jones. 
Children : — 

1. Mary Ellen, b. in Fishkill, N. Y., September 12, 1843; 
mar., September 20, 1869, Joseph M. Paige, at Ann Arbor, 

2. Julia Alida, b. in New York City, November 1, 1845; 
mar. (1st) August, 1864, Eben Saunders, at Ann Arbor, Mich. ; 
(2d) Henry James, at Waterloo, Iowa. 

3. Cora, b. in Husenville, N. Y., April 4, 1848; mar. Bart. 

4. Lennie, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., March 16, 1850. 

5. Viola, b. in Husenville, N. Y., April 3, 1853; mar. Wil- 
liam Smithett. 

6. Jessie B., b. in Ann Arbor, Mich., November 3, 1856; 
mar. George Bussey. 

7. Clifton W., b. in Ann Arbor, Mich., January 5, 1859. 

8. Lejenne Cooley, b. in Ann Arbor, Mich., January 21, 1863 ; 
mar., 1886, Mary Brown, at Lexington, Mich. 

9. Winthrop Custer, b. in Ann Arbor., Mich., January 23, 
1865 ; mar. Lucy Hope of Detroit, Mich. 

10. Julian Arnot, b. in Ann Arbor, Mich., .Tanuarv 5. 1868; 
mar. Mary Eadson of Fort Gratiout, Mich. 


George, 9 son of Daniel and Annis (White) Danforth; 
mar., December 25, 1845, Eliza Rowell. Children: — 
1. M. Juliette b. January 30, 1848. 
Resides in Halifax, Mass. 

Amanda, 9 dau. of Daniel J. and Annis (White) Danforth ; 
mar. September 28, 1850, Dr. E. G. Hulett. Children: — 

1. William Danforth, b. in Wallingford, Vt., January 3, 1852 ; 
mar. Georgie Cooley. Resides in Rutland, Vt. 

Jane, 9 dau. of Daniel J. and Annis (White) Danforth ; 
mar., November 13, 1854, William W. Post. Children: — 
1. Jane-, mar. R. E. Clark of Cold Water, Mich. 

William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Daniel, 3 Eleazar, 4 
Nehemiah, 5 Nicholas. 6 

Olive, 7 dau. of Nicholas White, b. May 1, 1759; mar. 
about 1780, Abel, son of Samuel Turner, b. at Guilford, 
Conn., 1754. Children: — 

1. Lucinda, b. in Tinmouth, Vt., October 26, 1783; mar. 
John Buell. They had : (I) Sally. (II) Elias. (Ill) Chaun- 
cey. (IV) Chester. She d. in Huntington, Vt. 

2. Sally, b. in Tinmouth, Vt., March 1, 1785; mar. Cleveland 
Stafford. They had : (I) Eliza. (II) Abel T. (Ill) Rowland. 
(IV) Catherine. (V) Samuel Garrett. (VI) Lewis. (VII) 
Salmon. She d. in Canada, September 14, 1828. 

3. Polly-\-, b. in Tinmouth, Vt., November 2, 1787; mar. 
Reuben Derby. 

4. Salmon, b. in Huntington, Vt., June 11, 1789 ; d. January 
22, 1804. 

5. Parmilia, b. 1792; d. July 11, 1796. 

6. Hannah, b. February 1, 1792; d. February 1, 1804. 

7. Abel-\-, b. September 18, 1797; mar., August 16, 1818, 
Mary Turner. 

8. Amanda, b. in Huntington, Vt., October 14, 1795; mar. 
Nathan Ells. They had: (I) Heman. (II) Nancy. (Ill) 
George. (IV) Cyrus. (V) Horace. She d. in Peru, N. Y., 
November 20, 1845. 


9. Chester, b. in Huntington, Vt., October 31, 1798; d. 
March 16, 1799. 

10. Amzi-\-, b. in Huntington, Vt., May 16, 1802; mar., 
November 9, 1823, Roxanna Harrington. 

Olive (White) Turner d. in Plattsburg, N. Y., (now Schuyler 
Falls) April 25, 1846. 

Abel Turner, Sr., was a private in Capt. Ebenezer Allen's 
Company, in Capt. Gideon Bronson's department, in 1776, for 
the immediate defence of Vermont. Also as a private in Col. 
Thomas Lee's regiment of militia in 1781. His father, Samuel, 
was one of the early settlers of Tinmouth, Vt., and served in the 
Revolutionary War in Col. Seth Warner's regiment in an expedi- 
tion to Canada in 1775, and died in Tinmouth, Vt., August 2, 
1808, where he is buried. Abel Turner, Sr., died in Plattsburg, 
N. Y., December 27, 1829. 

Polly, 8 dau. of Abel and Olive (White) Turner ; mar. 
Reuben Derby of Huntington, Vt., who d. in Bristol, Vt. 
She d. in Bristol, Vt., September 22, 1868. Children : — 

1. Polly -\-, b. in Huntington, Vt., 1810; mar., March 17, 
1836, A. C. Allen, al Huntington, Vt. 

2. Clarissa -\~, b. in Huntington, Vt., January 11, 1817 ; mar., 
November 18, 1839, Capt. William H. Cunningham, Lincoln, Vt. 

3. Heman, b. in Huntington, Vt., October 11, 1812; mar. 
Olivia Amidon of Northfield, Vt. He d. in Bristol, Vt., March 
11, 1867. They had: (I) Nicena M., b. June 15, 1844; mar., 

1870, W. B. Dunshee of Bristol, Vt. He d. . They had : 

(1) Mary B. (2) Charles B. (3) Mary H. (4) Robert I. 

All unmarried. 

Polly, 9 dau. of Reuben and Polly (Turner) Derby; mar., 
March 17, 1836, A. C. Allen, at Huntington, Vt. He d. 
1886, and Polly, his wife, d. in Rockford, 111., 1893. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Clarissa, b. in Lincoln, Vt., February 14, 1837; mar. (2d) 
Robert Wright. She d. in California, 1889. 

2. Heman G., b. in Lincoln, Vt., June 25, 1839; mar. Miss 
Gilbert. Resides in Chicago, 111. 

Ahel Turner. 


3. Charles C, b. in Lincoln, Vt., June 5, 1840. Resides in 

4. Sarah Sourett, b. in Lincoln, Vt., September 19, 1841 ; 
mar. Charles Ritchie. Resides in Rockford, 111. 

Clarissa, 9 dau. of Reuben and Polly (Turner) Derby; 
mar., November 18, 1839, at Huntington, Vt., Capt. William 
H. Cunningham of Lincoln, Vt., who d. in Bristol, Vt., 1880. 
She d. April 15, 1842. Children : — 

1. C. Josephine, b. in Bristol, Vt., March 26, 1842; mar., 
June 28, 1860, Lyman A. Norton of Huntington, Vt. He d. 
April 15, 1875: They had: (I) Herbert W., b. in Huntington, 
Vt. (II) Fred G., b. in Huntington, Vt., May 28, 1864; mar., 
November 15, 1888, Clara Brewster of Huntington, Vt. 

Abel, Jr., 8 son of Abel and Olive (White) Turner; mar., 
August 16, 1818, Mary Turner, a second cousin. Children: — 

1. Salmon Chester, b. in Schuyler Falls, N. Y., May 23, 1819 ; 
mar. Maria O. Allen. They had : (I) Clayton A. (II) An- 
nette E. 

2. Chauncey, b. June 12, 1821 ; mar. Ellen M. Barnard. 
They had: (I) Benton. (II) Charles H. (Ill) Wallace C. 
(IV) Laura M. (V) Herbert C. 

3. Charles, b. June 18, 1823; mar. Charlotte Kennedy of 
Bolton, Vt. They had : (I) Abel S. ; d. in infancy; (twin); 
(II) Curtis C. ; d. in infancy ; (twin). (Ill) Mary P. (adopted). 

4. Olive, b. September 9, 1825; mar. John Kennedy of Bolton, 
Vt., who d. October, 1853. They had: (I) John. She d. Feb- 
ruary 4, 1865. 

5. Albert, b. April 12, 1828; mar. Martha F. Taylor. They 
had : (I) Helen M. (II) Jennie E. (Ill) Cora E. 

6. Edwin, b. April 7, 1830 ; mar. Electa Miles. They had : 
(I) Courtland H. (II) Cora. (Ill) Infant ; d. 

7. Andrew </.-+-, b. September 24, 1832 ; mar., May 29, 1860, 
Mary O. Hanford. 

8. Mary Elizabeth, b. March 18, 1835. 

9. La Fayette, b. September 27, 1837; mar. Amy Mills. They 
had : (I) Frank Roy. (II) Ellis Abel. (Ill) Willis D. (IV) 
Ruby E. (V) Dora M. (VI) Sadie. (VII) Anna J. 


10. Phoebe, b. February 18, 1840; d. February 28, 1841. 

11. Martin V. B., b. March 3, 1842; mar. Emma Abbott. 
They had : (I) Eruest A. (II) Rodney L. (Ill) Marion. 

12. Anna E.,h. October 16, 1844; mar. Daniel E. Loomis of 
Kilburn City, Wis. They had: (I) Florence. (II) Helen 

Abel Turner, Jr., d. at Schuyler Falls, N. Y., February 25, 
1865. He was great-grandson of John Turner of New Haven, 
Conn., who mar., December 16, 1686, Joanna Benton, dau. of 
Daniel Benton, one of the signers of the Plantation Covenant at 
Guilford, June 1, 1639, and was son of Edward Benton of 

Abel Turner was a farmer, having lived nearly all his life upon 
the farm he purchased in early manhood, and upon which he died. 
He was a man of limited education but of strong judgment, and 
was often called upon to serve his town as Supervisor. In poli- 
tics, Andrew Jackson was his patron saint. He was fond of his 
rifle and the chase. The lakes and streams of the Adirondacks, 
when they were an unbroken wilderness, had a fascination for 
him that the tourists and pleasure seekers of the present day can 
have but a slight conception of. A man of strong physique, 
unbounded courage and determination, greatly endeared to his 
children, who cherish his memory with an undying affection. 

His wife, Mary Turner, was a daughter of Col. Ezra Turner, Jr., 
and grand-daughter of Ezra, Sr., who was a soldier with his 
father, Abraham Turner, in Massachusetts regiments in the Rev- 
olutionary War. Her mother, Amy Beman, was the daughter of 
Nathan Beman, the lad who piloted Ethan Allen into Fort Ticon- 
deroga and subsequently served in the Revolutionary War, and 
whose father, Samuel Beman, marched with an expedition to 
Canada, in 1775, through the woods of Maine to Quebec. 

Andrew J., 9 son of Abel and Mary (Turner) Turner; 
mar. in Friendship, Wis., May 29, 1860, Mary O. Hanford. 
Children : — 

1. Frederick Jackson, b. in Portage, Wis., November 14, 1861 ; 
mar. Caroline Mae Sherwood. They had : (I) Dorothy Kinsley. 
(II) Jackson Allen. (Ill) Mae Sherwood. 


2. Rockwell Fayette, b. in Portage, Wis., August 25, 1864; 
mar. Elizabeth Cecilia Bolting. They had : (1) Raymond 
Bolting, b. February 21, 1895. 

3. Ellen Breese, b. in Portage, Wis., November 1, 1872; mar. 
Earl W. DeMoe of Madison, Wis. 

Amzi, 8 son of Abel and Olive (White) Turner; mar., Nov- 
ember 9, 1823, Roxanna Harrington, h. in Peru, N. Y., 
August 5, 1801. Children: — 

1. Ann Eliza, b. in Peru, N. Y., November 13, 1827; mar., 
April, 1851, Orrin B. Adcock. She d. in Peru, N. Y., April 1, 
1853. No issue. 

2. George W.-\-, b. in Peru, N. Y., November 11, 1829 ; mar., 
April, 1854, Sarah Elma Adcock. They reside in Appleton, Wis. 

3. Bentley S.-\-, b. in Peru, N. Y., August 9, 1832; mar., 
July 19, 1855, Caroline Case, who d. in Malone, N. Y., October 
9, 1891. He mar. (2d) March 29, 1894, Alma Johnson. They 
reside in Peru, N. Y. 

4. Henry, b. in Peru, N. Y., December 18, 1834; mar. Lucy 
Moore; d. in Menasha, Wis., October 8, 1879. No issue. 

5. Nancy H., b. in Peru, N. Y., March 23, 1838; mar., 
October 4, 1855, Warren Martin; d. in Peru, N. Y., August 19, 
1878. They had: (I) Howard G., b. in Peru, N. Y., July 1, 
1861; mar. Olive Wetherwax. Reside in Plattsburg, N. Y. 

6. Allen G., b. in Peru, N. Y., September 12, 1842; mar. 
Addie Cowan; d. in Milwaukee, Wis., April 15, 1890. 

Amzi Turner d. in Peru, N. Y., March 12, 1885. 
Roxanna (Harrington) Turner d. in Peru, N. Y., October 11, 

George W., 9 son of Amzi and Roxanna (Harrington) 
Turner ; mar., April, 1854, Sarah Elma Adcock. Children: — 

1. Lillie, b. in Peru, N. Y. ; mar. George Smith. Resides in 
Sherry, Wis. 

2. Clayton, b. in Malone, N. Y. Resides in Fond du Lac, Wis. 

3. Elmer, b. in Malone, N. Y. Resides in Appleton, Wis. 

Bentley S., 9 son of Amzi and Roxanna (Harrington) 
Turner; mar., July 19, 1855, Caroline Case. She d. in 


Malone, N. Y., October 9, 1891, and he mar. (2d) March 29, 
1894, Alma Johnson. Children: — 

1. Frank H., b. in Peru, N. Y., March 14, 1857; mar., Feb- 
ruary, 1880, Jeunie Hall. Resides in Hartford, Conn. 

2. Fred L., b. in Malone, N. Y., August 18, 1860; mar., 
July 13, 1882, Nora C. Lee. Resides in Malone, N. Y. 

3. Clara A., b. in Malone, N. Y., April 28, 1863 ; mar., Nov- 
ember 19, 1881, Roswell E. Murrill. Resides in Holyoke, Mass. 

4. Herbert A., b. in Malone, N. Y., July 8, 1868; mar., 
July 8, 1891, Grace D. Marchbanks. Resides in Portland, Ore. 

5. Guy B., b. in Malone, N. Y., March 18, 1871 ; mar., Octo- 
ber 12, 1892, Jean Hastings. Resides in Springfield, Mass. 

6. Jessie C, b. in Malone, N. Y., August 25, 1877. Resides 
in Hartford, Conn. 

Peregrine, 7 son of Nicholas White ; mar., in Middletown, 
Vt., February 23, 1806, Eunice Perry. He cl. in Middletown, 
Vt., about 1815, and she d. in Wells, Vt. about 1856. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Maria ; mar. Cyrus Pope. They had : (I) William ; d. . 

(II) Jane ; mar. Chester McWithey and resides in Hampton, 
N. Y. (Ill) Cornelia; d. . (IV) Martin. (V) Martha d. 

2. Lucinda; mar. Cyrus Pope after the death of her sister, 

3. Mehitable ; mar. Lewis Whitman. They had : (I) Peregrine. 
(II) Lewis. 

Sarah, 3 dau. of Peregrine and Sarah Bassett; mar. 1688, 
Thomas Young, son of George and Hannah (Pincin) Young, 
of Scituate ; b. 1663. Children : — 

1. George -f , b. 1689; mar. (1st) 1716, Mary Frank; (2d) 
1722, Mary Stockbridge. 

2. Joseph, b. 1692; d. young. 

3. Sarah, b. 1695. 

4. Thomas, b. 1698 ; d. young. 

5. Thomas, b. 1700. 

6. Joseph -|-, b. 1701 ; mar. 1728, Lydia Barnet. 

7. Ebenezer, b. 1703. 


8. Joshua -f-, b, 1704; mar. Elizabeth Cudworth. His son 
Joshua mar. Celia Little. 

9. Isaac, b. 1706. 

Sarah (White) Young d. August 9, 1755. 

Joseph, 4 son of Thomas and Sarah (White) Young, mar. 
1728, Lydia Barnet. Children: — 

1. Buth, b. 1729. 

2. Ezekiel -f-, b. 1731 ; mar. 1755, Susanna White. 

3. Sarah, b. 1733. 

Joshua, 5 son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Cudworth) Young, 
mar. Celia Little. Children: — 

1. Elizabeth, mar. 1800, Coleman Jenkins. Their dau., Bet- 
sey, mar. 1832, Rev. C. S. Macreading. Their children, (I) 
Susan O., mar. 1879, John C. Birdsell of South Bend, Ind. 

Ezekiel, 5 son of Joseph and Lydia (Barnet) Young, mar. 
1755, Susanna White, dau. of Lemuel White. Children : — 

1. Joseph, b. 1755. 

2. Lydia -f-, b. 1758; mar. James Little. 

3. Gideon W. -\-, b. 1761; mar. (1st) about 1790, Lydia 

of Carolina, (2d) 1795, Betsey Mann of Scituate. 

4. Christopher, b. 1764. 

5. Stephen, b. 1769. 

6. Ebenezerb. 1772. 

7. Joanna, b. 1776. 

8. William, b. 1779. 

Lydia, 6 dau. of Ezekiel and Susanna (White) Young, mar. 
James Little. Children: — 

1. Lucy, b. 1782; mar. Ensign Otis. Their children were: 
(I) James. (If) Lucy. (HI) Hannah. (IV) Lydia. (V) 
John. (VI) Henry. (VII) Abigail. (VIII) Jane. 

2. Lydia -)-, b. 1790; mar. 1808, Dr. Elisha James. 

3. James, b. 1787; d. 1809. 

Lydia, 7 dau. of James and Lydia (Young) Little, mar. 
1808, Dr. Elisha James. Children : — 

1. Lydia, b. 1810; mar. 1835, James Vinal, and d. 1851, 
leaving one son, James, who d. 1894. 


2. Sarah, b. 1812; mar. 1848, Reuben Jenkins, and d. 1867, 
leaving (I) Edward, d. young. (II) Dr. George O., b. 1850; 

mar. Manson, and had (1) Benjamin, d. young. (2) Bertha. 

(3) Edith. 

3. Benjamin -4-, b. 1814; mar. (1st) 1836. Sarah Kent; (2d) 
Susan Hall. 

4. Edward, b. 1817; mar. (2d) 1860, Charlotte Litchfield; d. 
1877. One child died young. He enlisted in the Seventh Mass. 
Reg. Vol. in the War of the Rebellion, under Col. Couch, and 
was badly wounded at " Mary's Heights." 

5. Francis -4-, b. 1819 ; mar. 1849, Hannah Briggs of Scitu- 

6. Mary, b. 1821 ; d. 1825. 

7. John, b. 1824 ; cl. 1836. 

8. Charles P., b. 1828; mar. Belle Steele. They have one 
child, Flossie, who mar. Adams. 

9. Mary D., b. 1830; mar; 1852, Hosea B. Bowen. They 
have (I) Henry J., b. 1853; mar. Sarah Dean; have one child, 
Robert. (II) Benjamin J., b. 1858. 

10. Thomas Scott, b. 1832 ; mar. Helen ; d. 1875. They 

had (I) Mary. (II) Clarence. He was in the War of the Rebel- 
lion in the Second Iowa Cavalry ; served through the war from 
Missouri to Texas. 

Benjamin, 8 son of Dr. Elisha and Lyclia (Little) James, 
mar. (1st) 1836, Sarah Kent. Children : — - 

1. George Barker, b. July 1837 ; mar. Adelaide G. Washburne. 
They had (I) George B. (II) William G. (Ill) Robert K. 
(IV) Acldie. 

2. Elisha Francis, b. 1841 ; mar. Elizabeth Sears. They had 
(I) Edwin S. (II) Elisha F. (Ill) Sarah A. (IV) Charles D. 

3. Edivard Brooks, b. 1843 ; mar. Katy Smith. They had (I) 
Benjamin K., d. (II) E. B., d. (Ill) William B. (IV) 
Reginald S. (V) Katherine H. 

4. Charles Little, b. 1846; mar. Clithero Dean. They have 
(I) Dean K. (II) Benjamin. (Ill) Clithero. 

5. Benjamin b. 1851 ; mat'. Kitty Greely. 

6. William Kent, b. 1852 ; mar. Ida Johnson. They have one 
child, Herbert. 


Francis, 8 son of Dr. Elisha and Lydia (Little) James, 
mar. 1849, Hannah Briggs of Scituate, Mass. Children: — 

1. Emma Frances, b. 1850; mar. J. Pay son Bradley. They 
had (I) Frances E. (II) Fannie J. (Ill) Marion, d. 1888. 

(IV) Mildred. 

2. Edwin J., b. 1854 : mar. Minnie H. Pierce. They had (I) 
Flossie, d. 1884. (II) Edwina. (Ill) Nelson. 

3. Charles Turner, b. 1856; d. 1892. 

4. Arthur Holmes, b. 1858. 

Gideon, 6 son of Ezekiel and Susanna (White) Young; 

mar. (1st) Lydia of Carolina. She d. and he mar. (2d) 

1795, Betsey Mann. Children: — 

1. Lydia, b. 1791. 

2. Gideon W.+, b. May 24, 1796. 

3. Betsey. 

4. Laura. 

5. William. 

6. Mary, b. in 1806 ; mar. Moses P. Rich of Scituate, Decem- 
ber 19, 1830. They had: (I) Mary P., b. February 21, 1833. 
(II) Moses, b. October 29, 1834 ; mar Margaret Rand, Novem- 
ber 4, 1869. He was in the 7th Mass. Vols. (Ill) George W., 
b. February 5, 1837; mar., January 2, 1866, Florence Taylor. 
He was a member of the 7th Mass. Vols. (IV) Laura T., b. 
January 26, 1838; mar., August 19, 1860, Otis V. Litchfield. 
They had : (1) Ella Maria, b. March, 1861 ; d. young. (2) Ada 
May, b. October 7, 1868. (3) Harry Otis, b. April 18, 1877. 

(V) Lydia W., b. February 1, 1842; mar., November 13, 1872, 
Aaron O. Attwill. They had: (1) William Osgood, b. April 21, 
1875. (2) Alfred Nelson, b. August 30, 1877. (3) Sumner 
Rich, b. March 11, 1880. (VI) William H., b. November 19, 
1843; mar., 1866, Adelaide V. Thompson. He was in the 
Fourth Mass. Heavy Artillery. 

Gideon White, 7 son of Gideon and Betsey (Mann) 
Young, b. 1796; mar. in Charlestown, Mass., 1817, Nancy, 
dau. of Simon Blanchard of Charlestown, Mass. Children : — 

1. William, b. March 31, 1817. 


2. Edwin, b. in Charlestown, August 10, 1819. 

3. George Little, b. in Scituate, June 26, 1822. 

4. James Otis, b. in Scituate, April 14, 1826. 

5. Eliza, b. in Scituate, September 15, 1828. 

6. Henry, b. in Scituate, March 31, 1831. (Twin.) 

7. Charles -\-, b. in Scituate, March 31, 1831 ; mar., April 21, 
1861, Sarah H. Cottle. (Twin.) 

8. Frederick, b. in Scituate, June 22, 1833. 

9. Gideon W., Jr., b. in Scituate, March 7. 1836. 

Charles, 8 son of Gideon W. and Nancy (Blanchard) 
Young; mar., April 21, 1861, Sarah H., dau. of Charles 
Cottle. Children : — 

1. Nancy Blanchard, b. in Scituate, March 6, 1862; mar. in 
Chicago, 111., December 19, 1885, Benjamin Dudley Hill. They 
have : (I) John Henry. (II) Frances Cleveland. (Ill) Louis. 

2. Martha Cottle, b. in Scituate, April 9, 1866. 

3. Susie Holmes, b. in Scituate, May 16, 1867; mar., January 
31, 1891, Clarence Ellis Morse of Springfield, Vt. They have: 
(I) Charles Ellis. 

4. Nellie Scott, b. in Scituate, August 4, 1868; mar. in Bos- 
ton, Mass., November 14, 1891, Clevenger Allston Eastman. 

5. Hattie Gardner, b. in Scituate, April 14, 1870; mar. in 
Revere, January 23, 1893, Charles A. Rouillard. She d. Feb- 
ruary 4, 1894, leaving a daughter, Hattie Young, who was 
adopted, March 1, 1894, by her parents. 

6. Charles Orville, b. in East Boston, July 19, 1880 ; d. June 
14, 1881. 

7. Sadie, b. in Revere, September 24, 1881 ; d. October 12, 

8. Norton Blanchard, b. in Revere, September 4, 1883 ; d. 
August 14, 1891. 

George, 4 son of Thomas and Sarah (White) Young; mar. 
(1st) 1716, Mary Frank; (2d) 1722, Mary Stockbridge. 
Children : — 

1. James, b. 1724; mar., 1753, Mehitable Hatch. They had : 
(I) Elisha, b. December 8, 1754; mar. Hannah Ruggles, b. 


August 16, 1763. (II) Reuben, b. ; mar. Aquilla, dau. of 

Reuben Bates, b. 1743. They had : (1) Jane, b. 1789. Her 
mother died when she was young and she was brought up by her 
grandfather Bates, who was b. February 4, 1735, and lived to be 
103 years old. She mar., 1812, Simeon Bates, Jr., and d. in 
Gloucester, 1879. They had : 

1. Susan Cook, b. April 8, 1814; mar., 1837, Capt. John 
McLoud of Pictou, N. S. 

2. Mary, b. October 2, 1815; mar. John H. Smith. She has 
in her possession a chair which came over in the Mayflower . 

3. James Young, b. November 10, 1819; mar., 1844, Susan 
Maria Prouty. They had : (I) Medora-}-, b. in Scituate, June 
2(Y, 1845; mar., May 23, 1863, John Wallace Wharff. (II) 
Susan Mary-)-, b. in Gloucester, June 10, 1857 ; mar., January 8, 
1880, Frederick Wilson. 

Following is an item which appeared in the Globe of November 
10, 1894: 

Ancient Mariner. — Capt. Bates of Gloucester is Seventy-Five 
Years Old. — Happy Observance of His Birthday by His 
Friends and Relatives. — Always a Republican in Politics, 
But an Admirer of Ben Butler. 

"Capt. James Young Bates, one of the oldest and best known 
of Gloucester's many fishermen, is to-day celebrating his seventy- 
fifth birthday. All his relatives in that city are calling upon him, 
and with them he is quietly and happily passing the day. 

" For a period well upon a half century Capt. Bates has made 
almost daily a trip to the fishing grounds, and with the advancing 
years has still retained all his expertness with the line. Two 
years ago the captain met with an accident that very nearly cost 
him his life. He was alone in his boat two miles outside F^astern 
Point light, when he fell overboard. No one was in sight even, 
and he was forced to depend entirely upon his own efforts. He 
caught hold of a rope hanging from the boat, pulled himself 
around to a convenient place for crawling aboard, and succeeded 
in getting into the boat, although the chill November waters 
almost froze the marrow in the old seaman's bones. Then he 
sailed his boat into port, and until he got ashore he saw no one 


that could lend him aid. Beside a cold he suffered nothing 

" Captain Bates was born in Scituate. His grandfather was the 
first keeper of the old Scituate light, and Captain Bates was keeper 
when the light was finally extinguished, after Minot's light took 
its place. 

"The two famous heroines of the War of 1812, Rebecca and 
Abby Bates of Scituate, who played the fife and drum when the 
British were entering the harbor, and scared them away, were his 

" The captain is also a direct descendant of Peregrine White, the 
first white child born in New England, whose birth occurred on 
board the Mayflower in Cape Cod harbor, shortly after the vessel 
arrived in 1620. The captain got his middle name from Pere- 
grine White's daughter, who married Thomas Young. 

"During his whole life Capt. Bates has had remarkably good 
health. Until a year ago last March he had not had a sick day 
for nearly forty years. 

"Last month he made the journey to Boston, and a reunion 
was held at the home of his granddaugher, Mrs. Susan L. Holmes, 
in Cambridge, at which four generations were present. The com- 
pany included a great grandfather, a great grandmother, a grand- 
mother and grandfather, mother and father, and a nine months' 
old babe. 

" He also visited his former home in Scituate and saw some of 
his relatives in that old town. 

"Capt. Bates followed the sea when a young mau, before he 
was keeper of Scituate light, aud when the light was abandoned 
he went out to the western frontier and tried that rough life for a 
year, when he returned and moved to Gloucester, where he has 
since followed fishing. 

"He has been twice married. His first wife was Miss Susan 
Prouty of Scituate, by whom he had six children, two of whom 
are now living, Mrs. Medora Wharff of Boston and Mrs. Susan 
Wilson of Gloucester. Mrs. Bates died in 1860, and nine years 
later the captain married Mrs. Laura Allen of Rockport. On 
December 29 next they will celebrate their silver wedding anni- 
versary. The captain has two sisters, older than himself, one of 


whom, Mrs. Susan McLoucl of Gloucester, celebrated her eightieth 
birthday last April. The other sister is Mrs. Mary H. Smith of 
Scituate, who is seventy-nine. 

" Capt. Bates has been an ardent Republican since the forma- 
tion of the party, and in this fact finds a double enjoyment in 
celebrating his birthday so soon after Tuesday's election." The 
only Democrat he ever admired was Gen. Benjamin F. Butler. 

Mrs. Susan (Prouty) Bates d. May 20, 1860, and he mar. (2d) 
January 29, 1869, Mrs. Laura Ann Allen of Rockport, Mass. 

Medora, 9 dau. of James Y. and Susan (Prouty) Bates, b. 
June 26, 1845 ; mar. May 23, 1863, John Wallace Wharff, 
b. March 4, 1831. Children :— 

1. Susan Lillian, b. in Gloucester, August 9, 1865; mar.,, 
April 24, 1888, Chai-les Freeland Holmes, b. in South Paris, Me., 
September 17, 1862. They have : (I) Chester Winfield, b. Janu- 
ary 22, 1894. 

Resides in Cambridgeport, Mass. 

2. Eliza Taylor, b. October 7, 1867; mar. November 24, 1887, 
John L. Roberts, Jr., b. in Pigeon Cove, June 27, 1863. He is 
a clerk in a provision store in Gloucester. They have : (I) Cora 
Smith, b. January 20, 1891. (II) Bessie Parker, b. July 3, 1892. 

3. Jennie Willis, b. November 14, 1868; mar. June 22, 1887, 
Frank Dolliver, b. in Gloucester, June 29, 1863. They have: 
(I) Ernest Wallace, b. April 12, 1888. (II) Fannie May, b. 
January 8, 1890. (Ill) Walter Russell, b. June 8, 1892. 

He is in the wood and coal business. 

4. Justin Wallace, b. Sept. 17, 1870; is a travelling salesman 
in the western and southern states. 

5. Annie May, b. January 7, 1873. She is travelling in the 
west in the employ of the Walter Baker Co. 

6. Fannie Lesbia, b. January 23, 1877. 

Susan M., 9 dau. of James Y. and Susan (Prouty) Bates, 
b. June 10, 1857 ; mar. January 8, 1880, Frederick W. Wil- 
son, b. in Port Clyde, Me., July 5, 1854. Children : — 

1. James Freddie, b. February 24, 1884. 

2. Laura Lillian, b. June 21, 1885. 


3. Susan Mildred, b. May 2, 1890. 

4. Leonard Eli, b. January 5, 1894. 

Elisha, 6 son of James and Mehitable (Hatch) Young, b. 
December 8, 1754; mar. Hannah Ruggles, b. August 16, 
1763. Children:— 

1. Susanna, b. May 21, 1787; mar. Samuel White, born 
August 18, 1788 ; d. February 15, 1881. They had : (I) Edward 
Young, b. August 4, 1819. 

Susan C., 8 dau. of Simeon and Jane (Young) Bates, mar. 

1837, Capt. John McLoud of Pictou, N. S. They had ten 

children, six of whom died in childhood. He served thirteen 

'months in the Eighth Regt. Mass. Vols, during the Civil 

War, and d. September, 1888. 

1. Jesse D., b. in Scituate, October 31, 1843. When he was 
seventeen years of age he enlisted in the Civil War, serving 
throughout the war in the Seventeenth Regt. Mass. Vols., after 
which he followed the sea as captain of various fishing vessels, 
also as owner of several of them. He mar. Minerva Brazier of 
Gloucester. They had (I) Lottie Locke, b. 1872. (II) Kittie 
Clyde, b. 1874. (Ill) George Henry, b. 1877. (IV) Nathan 
Brazier, b. 1880. (V) Hattie Eliza, b. 1882. Jesse D. McLoud 
d. of rheumatic fever, September 7, 1885. 

2. Alexander b. in Scituate, Mass., October 3, 1849. At an 
early age he began to go fishing and is now captain of his own 
vessel. He mar. Etta Burnett, also a descendant of Peregrine 
White, through Reuben Young. They have one child liviug, 
Alice, b. May 4, 1882. 

3. Isabella, b. in Scituate, Mass., December 20, 1850; mar. 
1870, Timothy Osier of Gloucester, Mass. They had : Jennie 
Bates, b. June 19, 1871. Timothy Osier was lost at sea, leaving 
port January 6, 1872, and she mar. (2d) Charles H. Gamage of 
Rockport of the firm of Reed & Gamage. They have : (I) 
William, b. March 31, 1878. (II) Susie, b. March 19, 1880; d. 
December 4, 1885. (Ill) Daisy, b. March 13, 1882. 

4. Simeon, b. October 23, 1854. He also follows the sea and 
is captain of his own vessel. He mar. Mary Ellen Douglass of 


Nova Scotia. They had : (I) John Douglass, b. April 25, 1883. 
(II) Sherman Newton, b. January 2, 1889. (Ill) Jessie May, b. 
April 25, 1893. 

Simeon McLoud resides in the house his father bought when he 
first moved to Gloucester, and his mother, being attached to the 
old place, spends most of her time with him. 

Following is an account of his mother's 80th birthday anniver- 
sary : 

Relatives in Attendance from Seventy-Eight Years to the Wee 
Baby of One Year. — A Fine Poem Written Exj)ressly for the 

On Tuesday, April 10th, 1894, Mrs. Susan McLoud celebrated 
her 80th birthday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. H. 
Gamage, wife of ex- Alderman Gamage of this city. 

About forty relatives were present, and the oldest one was Mrs. 
Mary Smith of Scituate, who is 78 years old, and is a sister to 
Mrs. McLoud. She came alone and unattended to Gloucester. 
The youngest was a grandchild, Jessie Mai McLoud, who is not 
yet one year old. The whole affair was a complete surprise to 
the old lady, and one long to be remembered by those who were 
present. There were relatives from Newburyport, Scituate, 
Newton Upper Falls, Salem, Boston, and East Boston. 

When the guests were seated at dinner, the following poem was 
read by Nettie M. Smith of East Boston, which was composed for 
the occasion by Edward I. Thompson of Hyde Park, who is a 
friend of Mrs. McLoud : 

Four score years is but a dream 

Which lives within the mind ; 
The light of childhood's earliest beam 

Is but a step behind. 

The hours which charmed the youthful days 

Still blossom in the heart, 
The grace of womanhood o'erlays 

The joys which ne'er depart. 

Remembrance counts the jewels rare 

Its rosary of love, 
Till through the pathways of the air 

Descends life's brooding dove. 


Turn back the dials for a time, 

Recall the fleeting past, 
Let all the bells of niem'ry chime 

Till this sweet hour is past. 

Cluster the roses which have shed 

Their fragrance on the life, 
For love's bouquet is never dead 

To Daughter, Mother, Wife. 

Then join with them a blossom fair 

From off the purest vine, 
That love may find a joy more rare 

When Heaven and earth combine. 

Let youth and age together vie 

In paths that each have trod, 
To live the life wherein doth lie 

The sweetest way to God. 

The sunset hour is reached at last, 

The evening star grows bright, 
Shadows are creeping o'er the past, 

The future glows with light. 

The dark horizon shades the eyes, 

That faith may clearly see 
Scenes where the future glory lies 

Across the crystal sea. 

At a late hour all departed with smiles and happy faces, winn- 
ing the old lady prosperity and happiness for years to come, and 
hoping to be able to celebrate her 90th birthday in just such a 

Mrs. Susan McLoud was born in Scituate in 1814, and was the 
daughter of Simeon and Jane Young Bates, and a direct descendant 
of Peregrine White. In 1837 she was united in marriage to the 
late Capt. John McLoud, residing in Scituate, the place of her 
birth, until 1855, when they removed to East Gloucester, at the 
old home where she still resides, and which was at that time the 
only house on Banner Hill. 

She has had ten children, only three of whom are now living — 


Capt. Alex. McLoud, Capt. Simeon McLoud, and Mrs. Charles H. 

She is apparently hale and hearty, and goes about as easily as 
she did in younger days. She received many prett}' and appro- 
priate presents from those who hold her dear, as tokens of their 
great love for her. She has what any one can desire and seek for, 
a sunny disposition, and it is a rare thing to find her peaceful 
frame of mind disturbed. 

Mercy, 3 dau. of Peregrine and Sarah (Bassett) White, 
mar. February 3, 1697, William Sherman. Children : — 

1. Thankful, b. 1699. 

2. Sarah, b. 1700. 

3. Abigail, b. 1711. (Twin.) 

4. 3Iercy, b. 1711. (Twin.) 

5. John, b. 1720; mar. . They had Margaret, mar. 1764, 

Israel Carver -|- and others. 

6. Anthony, b. 1722. 

Margaret, 5 dau. of John and White, mar. 1764, 

Israel Carver. 

They had nine children, all b. in Fox Island, Me., with the 
exception of Alanson, who was b. at his Grandfather Sherman's 
and lived there until his marriage, March 7, 1785, toHuldah Bar- 
stow. They had: (I) Barstow -4-, mar. March 21, 1807, Lucy 
Hatch. (II) Huldah. (Ill) Alice. (IV) Israel. 

Barstow, 7 son of Alanson and Huldah (Barstow) Carver, 
mar. March 21, 1807, Lucy Hatch. Children : — 

1. Lucy Hatch, b. March 21, 1808. 

2. Ira -|-, b. 1810; mar. January 1, 1833, Susan Clift Eames. 

3. Hatch, b. 1812. 

4. Abel, b. 1814. 

5. Asa, b. 1818. 

6. Mary, b. 1819. 

7. Nancy, b. 1822. 

8. Caroline, b. 1827. 

9. Cyrus, b. 1828. 


Ira, 8 son of Barstow and Lucy (Hatch) Carver, mar. 
January 1, 1833, Susan Clift Eames. Children: — 

1. Ira Lysander, b. 1833. 

2. Susan Cornelia -\-, b. 1835; mar. August 4, 1858, Allyne 
C. Litchfield. 

3. Lucius, b. 1840. He enlisted in the Seventh Mich. Regt. 
Vol. Cavalry, July 8, 1863, at Boonsboro. Promoted to be ser- 
geant and sergeant-major. March 22, 1864, was commissioned 
second lieutenant. 4 Killed in action at Fort Royal, Va., August 
16, 1864. 

4. Adin Wilbur, b. 1842; mar. March 26, 1874, Harriet 
Brewster Hooker. They have Charles Andrews, b. in Chicago, 
111., August 30, 1876. Resides in Chicago, 111. 

5. Lucy Barstow, b. 1844; mar. 1863, Geo. William Hight. 
They have : (I) Clara Louise, b. 1865 ; mar. December 12, 1894, 
Charles A. Hall. (II) George William, Jr., b. 1870. (Ill) 
Harriet Brewster, b. 1872. (IV) Susan Ames, b. 1878. Resides 
in Neponset, Mass. 

6. Sarah Tilclen, b. May 5, 1847; mar. April 30, 1884, Edgar 
E. Willey of Abington, Mass. They have : (I) Florence Love- 
joy, b. Feb. 21, 1887. (II) Gladys Ames, b. June 6, 1893. 
Resides in Campello, Mass. 

7. Florence, b. May 18, 1852 ; mar. November 3, 1886, 
William Smith O'Brien. They h$ve Louise Carvel - , b. Septembei 
23, 1887. Resides in Abington, Mass. 

8. John, b. June 12, 1855; mar. January 1, 1881. Ella Valora 
Travers. They have : (I) Horace Wilde, b. May 17, 1886. (II) 
Marion Phillips, b. August 12, 1889. 

Susan Cornelia, 9 dau. of Ira and Sarah (Eames) Carver, 
mar. August 4, 1858, Allyne Cushing Litchfield. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Lawrence, b. at Grand Rapids, Mich.. November 8, 1861. 
He is a physician in Pittsburg, Pa. 

2. Lucius Carver, b. in Boston, Mass., March 31, 1866; mar. 
October 21, 1891, Catherine Smith. They have Allyne Cushing, 
b. August 28, 1893. 

3. Almira, b. in Calcutta, British India, November 21, 1875. 

Lawrence Litchfield, M. D. 

Clock made by Peregrine White. 



Peregrine, Jr., 3 son of Peregrine and Sarah (Bassett) 

White ; mar. (1st) Susanna of Weymouth, Mass.; (2d) 

Mary . Children : — 

1. Benoni, b. in Weymouth, January 26, 1686; mar. . His 

sou Peter mar. Hepsibah ; located in Douglas, Mass. Their 

children were: (1) David-|-, b. June 17, 1758; mar., April 19, 
1781, Huldah Marsh. (2) John, b. June 19, 1760; settled in 
Boylston, Mass. ; had a large family, two of whom were Methodist 
preachers. (3) Stephen +, b. March 27, 1763. (4) Abigail, 
b. November 27, 1765. (5) Grant, b. January 22, 1767. 

2. Mark-\-, b. in Middleboro, Mass., 1689; mar. Elizabeth 
Mowsall of Charlestown, Mass. 

3. Peregrine. He is, without much doubt, the jeweller who 
lived in Woodstock. A clock in the possession of Miss Mary B. 
Morse, Medfield, Mass., and owned by her great-grandfather, 
Eliakim Morse, b. November 22, 1712, d. March 30, 1803, has 
been in the family about one hundred and fifty years. The face 
of the clock bears the name of the maker, "Peregrine White, 
Woodstock." It is a seven day clock, once giving the day of 
the month, and has always kept good time. Another clock with 
Peregrine's name on the face was owned a short time ago by Dr. 
Witherel, Woonsocket, R. I. The works inside are made of 
pounded brass, as is shown by the bruises on the brass. It was 
a fine clock and kept good time. There are also many other of 
his productions carefully preserved, such as silver spoons. 

4. Elizabeth. 

After living a short time in Weymouth, Peregrine, Jr., removed 
to Middleboro, Mass. From there he went to Boston, where he 
worked at his trade as a blacksmith. In 1710 he bought a farm 
in Concord, Mass., of Obadiah Wheeler, who mar. Elizabeth,, 


dau. of Resolved White, where he lived three years, when he sold 
it, with one-half pew in the church of that place, and returned to 
Boston. Here he was baptised, in 1724, at the age of 64, and 
died in 1727, leaving the following will : 

"In the name of God, Amen. 

" I, Peregrine White of Boston, county of Suffolk, and Province 
of Massachusetts Bay in New England, Blacksmith, beiug sick 
and weak in body but of sound disposing mind and memory and 
calling to mind the uncertainty of this life Do make and ordain 
this my last will and testament in manner and form following ; 
hereby revoking and making null and void all former and other 
wills by me at any time heretofore made. 

First and Principally, I commit my Precious & Immortal Soul 
into the hands of God, my Creator, Relying solely on his mercy, 
through the merits of satisfaction of my Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ, for the pardon of my sins and gracious acceptance with 
him ; My Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at 
the direction of my Executrix hereinafter named, and for My 
Temporal Goods & Estate I will that the same be imployed and 
bestowed in manner as is hereafter Expressed : 

That is to say, — I will that my just Debts & Funeral Expenses 
be well and truly paid and ordained to be paid by my Executrix 
with all convenient speed next after my Interment. 

Item, — All the Remainder of My Estate both Real and Personal 
whatsoever and wheresoever the same is or may be found or of 
what nature soever, I, Give, Donate, and bequeath the same unto 
My Dear and Beloved wife Mary to be holden by her, her heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item, — I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint My said 
beloved wife Mary to be the sole Executrix of this my last Will 
& Testament. 


Oct. 7, 1727. 

In witness & ect." 

David, 6 son of Peter and Hepsibali White ; mar., April 19, 
1781, Hulda Marsh, dau. of Ebenezer and Achsah Marsh, b. 
February 13, 1763. Lived in Douglas. Children: — 

1. Elizabeth, b. December 22, 1781 ; mar. Coy, against 


the will of her parents and went to what was then considered the 
" far west," in the state of New York. 

2. Reuben -{-, b. in Douglas, Mass., July 7, 1784; mar., Sep- 
tember 24, 1809, Anna Wheeler. 

3. Peter, b. June 5, 1786. Lived in Douglas. 

4. David -f-, b. May 17, 1789; mar., April 20, 1811, Pharthe- 
nia Wheeler. 

5. Hulda -\-, b. October 6, 1791 ; mar. Richmond White. 

6. Hepsibah, b. October 18, 1793 ; mar. Ephraim H. Wheeler 
of Grafton. They had: (I) Samuel A. (II) A son, cl. (Ill) 

Adeline; mar. Lobdell. Removed to Wilmington, Del. 

(IV) mar. Jeremiah Robinson of Grafton, Mass. 

7. Alvah, b. July 8, 1798; mar., and lived with his parents a 
number of years ; d. September 16, 1846. They had : (I) Polly. 
(II) Danford. (Ill) Dandridge. 

8. Sybil, b. May 21, 1800. 

David d. August 12, 1844, and his wife Hulda cl. January 8, 

Reuben, 7 son of David and Hulda (Marsh) White ; mar., 
September 24, 1809, Anna, dau. James and Vashti Wheeler, 
of Grafton, Mass. Removed to Orange, Vt. Children : — 

1. James Wheeler -\-, b. in Orange, Vt., January 4, 1811; 
mar., (1st) September 11, 1838, Elizabeth Holden. She d. and he 
mar., (2d) April 20, 1847, Sarah R. Babcock. 

2. Joseph B., b. April 30, 1813 ; d. May 13, 1813. 

3. Elmira F., b. June 30, 1814; d. June 11, 1849. 

4. Emily, b. July 31, 1817; d. July 25, 1860. 

5. Anna S., b. January 8, 1820; cl. October 28, 1848. 

6. Orinda, b. October 23, 1825. 

7. Reuben, b. July 30, 1828; d. September 28, 1828. 
Reuben White d. in Orange, Vt., November 16, 1861. 

David Jr., 7 son of David and Huldah (Marsh) White ; 
max., April 20, 1811, Parthenia, dau. of James and Vashti 
(Bigelow) Wheeler, b. September 21, 1794. She cl. Septem- 
ber 11, 1828, and he mar. (2d) Sarah Temple. Children: — 

1. Elias Temple, b. December 18, 1812; mar. Harriet . 



He was principal of the academy in Morristown, N. J., a number 
of years, when he became tired of teaching and interested himself 
in agricultui'e and horticulture. He d. March 13, 1889. His 
widow still resides in Morristown. No children. 

2. John Bartlett, b. April 24, 1815; mar., January 22, 1839, 
Abigail S. Prentice, b. February 20, 1820. They had : (I) 
Abby P., b. June 28, 1840; d. September 26, 1840. (II) Wil- 
liam H., b. December 9, 1843; mar. Hester A. R. Potter. He 
resides in West Medford, Mass., and is an instructor in the Bos- 
ton Latin School. (Ill) Fred A., b. September 8, 1850; d. 
March 26, 1870. John B. White d. March 31, 1888, and his 
wife d. in 1885. 

3. David, b. May 5, 1819 ; mar., January 1, 1845, Cax-oline 
M. Wheelock, b. January 12, 1823. They had: (I) Francis W., 
b. April 26, 1846; d. August 9, 1846. (II) Emilia B. H., b. 
November 9, 1847. She is a teacher of singing and piano in 
Worcester, Mass. David White d. May 24, 1886. 

4. Andrew Howard, b. February 16, 1821 ; mar., November 
29, 1842, Sarah E. Mussy, b. September 14, 1823. They had : 
(I) Charles A., b. September 11, 1844; mar., September 6, 1868, 
Annie Carder. (II) Emma, b. March 21, 1848. (Ill) George 
H., b. June 9, 1851; mar., December 9, 1877, Hattie I. 
Wheelock. He is Professor of Civil Engineering in the Worces- 
ter Polytechnic Institute. Andrew H. White d. January 19, 1892. 

5. Clarendon Augustus, b. August 2, 1827. Resides in New 
York city. For a long time he has been salesman in the store of 
H. B. Claflin Co. 

David d. August 16, 1859, and his wife d. September 11, 1828. 

Huldah, 7 dau. of David and Huldah (Marsh) White; 
mar. Richmond White. Children: — 

1. Salome; mar. Smith, a Methodist minister. Had one 

child. He d. and she mar. (2d) Day. 

2. Huldah; mar. Buxton. Lived in Douglass, Mass., 

then removed to Rhode Island. 

3. Parthenia. Lived in Whitinsville, Mass. 

4. Reuben. Lived in Whitinsville, Mass. 

James W., 8 son of Reuben and Anna (Wheeler) White; 


mar. (1st) September 11, 1838, Elizabeth Holden, b. March 
16, 1816. She d. November 26, 1846, and he mar. (2d) April 
20, 1847, Sarah R. Babcock, b. January 14,1818. Children:— 

1. Ellen E., b. January 5, 1840; mar. Col. J. F. Searle. 

2. Caroline M., b. September 27, 1843; mar. Isaac A. Lom- 
bard. Resides in South Framingham, Mass. 

3. James A., b. April 6, 1849. 

4. Frank E., b. January 7, 1858; d. September 9, 1858. 

5. Mary A., b. December 9, 1861 ; d. July 15, 1862. 

James W. White removed from Orange, Vt., to Grafton, Mass., 
about 1835. Was judge of the eastern district, with courts at 
Westboro and Grafton ; also clerk of the town, a position he had 
filled continuously for twenty-one years. In the later position 
he was most widely known, as he will be long remembered for the 
carefulness, integrity, and courtesy with which he filled that office. 
Just prior to his death he had declined a re-election to the posi- 
tion of librarian of the public library, because of infirm health, an 
office he had held from the foundation of the institution. In 
every movement for the general prosperity of the town, for the 
promotion of moral reform, particularly of temperance, Mr. White 
was always prompt, earnest, and fearless. He died quite sud- 
denly in the street. 

William, 1 Peregrine, 2 Peregrine, Jr., 3 Ben- 
oisri, 4 Peter. 5 

Dr. Stephen, 6 (supposed to be) son of Peter and Hepsi- 
bah White ; mar., at Stamford, Conn., Marie Quintand, dau. 
of Peter, and Elizabeth (De Milt) Quintand. Children : — 

1. William. 

2. Peter, b. in Rome, N. Y., May 13, 1796 ; mar. . They 

had : (I) Katherine ; mar. Coe. 

3. George, b. in Rome, N. Y., July 10, 1797. 

The First WJiite Child. — Brief Sketch oj the Life of George 
White, from His Diary. 

I was born July 10, 1797, in Rome, Oneida, Co., New York. 
At the age of sixteen, my father, Dr. Stephen White, took me to 


Sackett's Harbor. I was enrolled as a village volunteer, and 
took a part in the memorable battle at that place in 1813. My 
father was an active and brave participant. My brother with a 
young drummer boy remained alone in the log barracks near Fort 
Tompkins, after, the militia had fled, and seeing Colonel Grey, 
the commander of the British forces, brandishing his sword, to 
encourage his men to advance, one of these boys, resting his gun 
between the crevice of the logs, shot Colonel Grey through the 
heart. At the fall of their commander, a panic seized his troops, 
and they retreated and the place was saved. 

In 1823 I was vestryman at Zion's Episcopal church. I then 
became a Methodist preacher and was appointed by the Oneida 
conference, a missionary to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the 
Oneida Indians. Iu the autumn of 1834, I sailed with my family 
from Detroit, on the Lady of the Lake, Captain Dobbins com- 
manding. G. M. Beall, Esq., was a passenger. I found an 
interesting social circle at Green Bay, Wisconsin, by whom we 
were kindly received, and with whom we spent two years very 

A detachment of the Fifth U. S. Infantry, under the command 
of General Brooks, was stationed at Fort Howard. The officers 
were gentlemanly men, and with their families furnished a valua- 
ble addition to the community. The civil list was composed of 
men and women of sterling worth, among whom were Morgan L. 
Martin, Daniel Whitney, Tommy Green, Joel Fiske, G. M. Beall, 
Carlton Wheelock, etc., and their families. After two years of 
pleasant intercourse with the society in Green Bay, in 1836, we 
removed to Calumet, up the Fox river in a yawl boat, as there 
was no passable road. 

I built a log house, and had but two neighbors between my 
home and Milwaukee, seventy-nine miles, they were Edward Pier 
and brother. Judges and lawyers made it convenient to happen 
along at m}' house to stay over night, and if social communion, 
free from all restraints of conventionalities, was ever enjoyed, it 
was at such meetings. My place, Calumet, had long been the 
home of a band of Menominee Indians, and I was urged by them 
to establish a trading post for their accommodation. I consented 
on one condition, that I would never under any circumstances fur- 


nish them with intoxicating liquor, and I never did. I found 
them a trusty, honest people, when not crazed by strong drink, 
literal fire-water. Unprincipled men would come into their neigh- 
borhood with a keg of liquor, and when they had imbibed the fire- 
water, they seemed to have no more strength or reason in them, 
and they would barter their all for one more taste. 

As a proof of their honesty to those traders, who were true to, 
and trusted them, I will relate an incident. At one of the Indian 
payments which the traders were accustomed to attend, I was 
standing in company with others, by the Council house, when an 
Indian who had just received his annuity came out with his money 
wrapped up in one corner of his blanket. This Indian owed me 
twenty dollars. I said nothing to him ; but a trader who sold 
whiskey demanded his pay, and seized the Indian's blanket in 
order to secure his debt. The Indian resisted, and the agent 
hearing the noise, came out and took the Indian under his protec- 

Some hours after the payment closed, as I was standing in a 
company conversing, I felt my coat gently pulled, and lookiug 
around, an Indian woman extended her hand towards me, filled 
with half dollars. She said Kis-Ko-Top-Way (the debtor's name) 
had sent me the money that he owed me. 

I have been requested to write a biography of my brother 
Peter and of my brother William, but in consequence of my long 
separation from them, I have not the material to make it inter- 
esting. I will say, however, that they were in an eminent sense 
nature's noblemen. They have passed into the unseen but real 
life, and are enjoying the elevated position to which their devo- 
tion to the right entitled them, and the prospective dealing which 
is assured us the birthright of all. 

I am the only one of my father's immediate family remaining, 
and now in my eightieth year. 

I await with confidence in God, and assurance of another and 
better life, my coming change. 

George White. 

Washington, D. C, December 25, 1876. 

George White died in Washington, D. C, July 31, 1884, aged 
ninety-seven years. 


(The records of Middleborough from 1660 to 1690 were burned. 
Mark White, according to date of death on grave stone at Wood- 
lawn Cemetery, Acton, Mass., was b. 1689.) 

Ensign Mark, 4 son of Peregrine, Jr., and Susanna White, 
mar. November 13, 1712, Elizabeth, dau. of John and Doro- 
thy (Hilt) Mowsall, b. in Charlestown, Mass., March 16, 
1693. Moved from Charlestown to Concord, Mass., in 1719; 
was of Westford in 1732. Children: — 

1. John, b. in Charlestown, Mass., June 6, 1714. 

2. Mark Jr. -4-, b. in Charlestown, Mass., April 12, 1716; 
mar. (1st) May 14, 1742, Anna Chamberlain; (2d) December 1, 
1757, Mrs. Mary Reed. 

3. Elizabeth, bap. December 1, 1717. 

4. Mary, b. in Concord, Mass., February 10, 1719. 

5. Thomas, b. in Concord, Mass., April 21, 1722. 

6. Anne, b. in Concord, Mass., April 24, 1724. 

7. Samuel -j-, b. in Concord, Mass., July 15, 1726; mar. 
June 27, 1765, Lydia Billings. 

8. Dorothy, b. in Concord, Mass., January 16, 1730. 
Ensign Mark d. in Acton, Mass., October 5, 1758, and his 

wife, Elizabeth, May 23, 1765. 

Dea. Mark, 5 son of Ensign Mark and Elizabeth (Mow- 
sall) White, mar. (1st) May 14, 1742, Anna Chamberlain of 
Westford, Mass., b. 1719. She d. at Acton, December 15, 
1755, and he mar. (2d) December 1, 1757, Mrs. Mary Reed of 
Acton, who d. 1819. He d. in Westford, Mass., July 24, 
1798, and buried in Acton. Children of Mark and Anna 
(Chamberlain) White : — 

1. Stephen, b. in Acton, Mass., March 7, 1743, and departed 
this life the same date. 

2. Samuel -\-, b. in Acton, Mass., February 5, 1744 ; mar. Hep- 
zabah Barrett of Concord, Mass., May 23, 1755; d. at Caven- 
dish, Vt., March 15, 1823. 

3. Anna, b. at Acton, Mass., June 26, 1745. 

4. John, b. at Acton, Mass., October 12, 1746; d. at Acton, 
Mass., June 4, 1747. 


5. Mary, b. in Acton, Mass., March 20, 1748; d. in Acton, 
Mass., December 15, 1755. 

6. John A-, b. in Acton, Mass., August 23, 1749; mar. (1st) 
Esther Kettle of Charlestown, November 11, 1778; (2nd) Mrs. 
Deborah Hey wood of Braintree, Mass., d. at Concord, Mass., 
January 9, 1830. 

7. Ebenezer, b. in Acton, Mass., January 10, 1751; mar. 

Mary ; d. in Acton, Mass., December 25, 1776. They had : 

(I) Mary, b. in Acton, Mass., January 21, 1776; d. February 
9, 1776. (II) Ebenezer, b. in Acton, Feb. 21, 1777; mar. 
January 5, 1802, Lucinda Jones of Acton. 

8. Rebecca, b. in Acton, Mass., September 24, 1752; mar.; 
d. February 23, 1813. 

9. Ichabod, b. in Acton, Mass., September 24, 1754; d. 
October 8, 1754. 

10. Marah, b. in Acton, Mass., December 15, 1755; d. 
November 8, 1794. 

Children of Mark and Mary (Reed) White : — 

1. Ruth, b. in Acton, Mass., September 3, 1758; mar. Samuel 
Adams of Rockingham, Vt. ; d. at Rockingham, Vt., March 28, 

2. Daniel -\-, b. in Acton, Mass., April 10, 1760; mar. Mary 
Hunt of Acton, Mass., January 1, 1784; d. at Acton, Mass., 
June 4, 1841. 

3. Sarah, b. at Acton, Mass., March 27, 1762 ; mar. Timothy 
Proctor of Cavendish, Vt. 

4. Obadiah, b. in Acton, Mass., April 21, 1764; d. at Charles- 
town, Mass., December 1, 1819. 

5. Abel -\-, b. in Acton, Mass., September 26, 1766; mar. 
Ruth Prescott of Westford, Mass., March 20, 1803 ; d. in Spring- 
field, Vt., July 22, 1825. 

6. Rhoda, b. in Acton, Mass., September 19, 1769; mar. Asa 
Spaulding of Cavendish, Vt. ; d. June 25, 1848. 

7. Aaron -\-, b. in Acton, Mass., November 10, 1772; mar. 
1799, Sally Griffin; d. at Springfield, Vt., August 27, 1837. 

8. Miriam, b. in Acton, Mass., April 17, 1776; mar. Willard 
Reed of Chelmsford, Mass. 


[Copied from " Fletcher's History of Acton."] 

Iu June, 1776, a vote was passed giving the following instruc- 
tions to the representative of the town : 
"To Mb. Mark White, Jr.: 

' ' Sir, — Our not being favored with the resolution to the Hon- 
orable House of Representatives, calling upon the several towns 
in this Colony to express their minds with respect to the important 
question of American Independence, is the occasion of our not 
expressing our minds sooner. 

' ' But we now cheerfully embrace this opportunity to instruct 
you on that important question. 

"The subverting our constitution, the many injuries and 
unheard of barbarities which the Colonies have received from 
Great Britain confirm us in the opinion that the present age will 
be deficient in their duty to G-od, their posterity and themselves, 
if they do not establish an American Republic. This is the only 
form of Government we wish to see established. 

" But we mean not to dictate. 

' ' We freely submit this interesting affair to the wisdom of the 
Continental Congress, who, we trust, are guided and directed by 
the Supreme Governor of the world, and we instruct you, sir, to 
give them the strongest assurance - that if they should declare 
America to be a Free and Independent Republic, your constit- 
uents will support and defend the measure with their lives and 

Copy of a letter by Mrs. H. G. Osgood, Somerville, Mass., 
written by Dea. Mark White, 1789, aged 73, addressed as 
follows : 

Doct r 


Aasey Fletcher 

at Cavendish 

State of Varmount 

Hon d & Beloved Brother, westford, Dec r 31 st , 1789. 

Having obtained help from god I contend This very Day 
threw much pain and weakness of Body I have Sufered as it were 
Every thing but death. But why Should a Living man complain 
a man for the punishment of his Sines I am Sure after all that is 


come upon me god has punished me far Les than my Inequiteys 
Deserve I can say god's ways are just and Equel and by his 
Divine grace can Blefs a taking as well as a giving god glory be 
to his grate and glorious name. Beloved I hope these Lines will 
find you and your consort and family well as threw god's good- 
ness the Leave us and though god in his provadence has cast our 
lot far distant from each other we Shant not forget our obliga- 
tions to god and one another. Remember my Love to all my 
Brethren and Sisters that have Bin conected with us more 
Especily though I ant able to wright to them all in perticaller. 
I wish you all the blef sings of the uper and nether Springs. I 
hope you wont forsake the asembling of your Selves together 
though you are Destitute of an under Shepard as well as we I 
hope you will improve your gifts acording to the ability which 
god giveth and pray to the Lord of the Harvest that he will Send 
you a faithfull pasture after his own heart. I must conclude for 
want of paper and ability to wright. Should be glad to hear 
from you and of your welfare Both in Sole and body. Except 
these few Broken Lines from your unworthy Brother and well 
wisher So I bid you farewell. 

Mark White. 

Samuel, 6 son of Deacon Mark and Anna (Chamberlain) 
White ; mar., (1st) June 4, 1772, Dorothy Billings of Acton, 
Mass. She d. June 20, 1773, leaving a child seven days old, 
that d. August 23, 1775. ■ He mar., (2d) May 23, 1775, Hep- 
sibah, dau. of John Barrett of Concord, Mass. Children : — 

1. Dorothy, b. at Westford, Mass., October 26, 1776; mar. 
Edmund Ingalls of Cavendish, Vt. ; d. August 23, 1853. 

2. Hepsibah, b. at Westford, Mass., April 20, 1779; mar. 
Durrin; d. at Ann Harbor, Mich., March 12, 1841. 

3. Samuel, b. at Westford, Mass., August 18, 1781 ; d. at 
Westfield, Vt., Oct. 25, 1836. (Twin.) 

4. John-\-, b. Westford, Mass., August 18, 1781 ; mar. Lydia 
Wheeler. (Twin.) 

5. Anna, b. at Westford, Mass., August 22, 1783; d. at Cav- 
endish, Vt., July 6, 1791. 

6. A son stillborn, at Westford, Mass., September 10, 1785. 


7. Joseph -\-, b. at Cavendish, Vt., November 19, 1786; mar. 
. They had: (I) Joseph Adams, b. in Cavendish, Vt., 

April 22, 1817; mar., December 3, 1840, Ellen L. Proctor. 

8. George W., b. at Cavendish, Vt., December 1, 1788; d. 
at Cavendish, Vt., May 21, 1795. 

9. Benjamin F., b. at Cavendish, Vt., August 4, 1791 ; mar., 
June 3, 1821, at Boston, Susan Rogers, b. in Gloucester, Janu- 
ary 28, 1796. He d. at Boston, Mass., August 25, 1874, and 
she d. in Boston, Mass., May 7, 1877. They had: (I) Benja- 
min F., Jr. -(-, b. at Boston, Mass., July 24, 1822; mar. Mary 
Ooddard May, of Boston, Mass., June 3, 1848; d. at London, 
England, August 27, 1856. (II) Henry Gardner, b. at Boston, 
Mass., January 24, 1824; mar. Caroline Cushing of Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Benjamin F. White was one of the original East India 
merchants of Boston ; was passionately fond of music. He went 
into the store of his uncle, Dea. John White of Concord, Mass., 
to work at the early age of twelve years, and even at that age he 
played the bass viol in Mr. Ripley's church, and was so small 
that they had a special platform built so he could reach up to 
play the viol. He remained with his uncle seven years, and 
always drove the old chaise back and forth from Boston each 
week, finally making all the purchases for the store. He had a 
great veneration and love for his uncle and always said that what- 
ever success he had in after life, he attributed to his training at 
•his uncle's. His wife, Mrs. Susan (Rogers) White, was a lineal 
descendant of John Rogers, the martyr. 

10. Anna, b. at Cavendish, Vt., January 14, 1794; mar. 

Kenney; d. at Weathersfield, Vt., July 12, 1831. 

Hepsibah, wife of Samuel AVhite, d. in Cavendish, Vt., Decem- 
ber 23, 1803. He mar., (3d) September 9, 1804, the widow 
Rachel Adams of AVestforcl, Mass. He d. at Cavendish, Vt., 
March 24, 1823, and Rachel, his wife, d. August 24, 1829. 

John, 7 son of Samuel White and Hepsibah, mar. Lydia 
Wheeler, who was b. in Carlyle, Mass., August 17, 1817. He 
d. August 29, 1859, aged 78 years. Lydia, his wife, d. June 
15, 1862, aged 80 years. Children: — 

1. Mary, b. in Cavendish, Vt., June 3, 1818; d. un. April 3, 
1884, aged 66. 

Elliot G. White. 


2. George Washington -)-, b. in Cavendish, Vt., May 19, 1820 ; 
mar. January 15, 1843, Ruth Bailey of Peacham, Vt. 

3. Lydia, b. in Cavendish, Vt., October 13, 1822 ; mar. Joseph 
P. Eaton of Ashby, N. H., April 13, 1843, by whom she had 
three children. She d. October 15, 1889. (I) Joseph W., b. in 
Cavendish, Vt., March 27, 1844; mar. Anna E. Spaulding of 
Cavendish, by whom he had two children : (1) Frederick J., b. 
September 10, 1870, and (2) Alice M., b. July 5, 1877. Joseph 
W. d. June 13, 1878. (II) Albert Samuel, b. in Cavendish, 
Vt., December 14, 1846; mar. Eveline Kendall, December 1, 
1870. There is no issue. (HI) Nancy Floranna, b. in Caven- 
dish, Vt., December 9, 1850; un. 

George Washington, 8 son of John and Lydia White, 
mar. for his first wife, Ruth Bailey of Peacham, Vt., January 
15, 1843. She d. May 1, 1844, leaving him no issue. He 
mar. for his second wife, Clara M. Swift of Cavendish, Vt., 
September 18, 1849. By this marriage they had one son: — 

1. Elliott G., b. in Cavendish, Vt., June 8, 1856. He lived 
with his parents on the old White farm and attended the common 
school until he was 18 years of age, when he entered the service 
of his uncle, Hon. Foster E. Swift of North Adams, Mass., a 
famous hotel landlord, with whom he had remained one season. In 
the fall of 1875 he went to Boston and was engaged as a conduc- 
tor on a horse car of the Cambridge Street Railway Co., where he 
remained seven months. Returning home he assisted his father 
on the farm until the spring of 1880, when he hired out as head 
clerk in the Waukeag House, a watering place in Sorrento, near 
Bar Harbor, Me. In the fall he returned to his home in Caven- 
dish and was married to Miss Nella C. Wheeler of Chester, Vt., a 
teacher in the public schools of that town. Immediately after his 
marriage he was appointed postmaster, town clerk, and librarian 
of the Fletcher town library of his native town, which offices he 
has held continuously to the present time, 15 years. He has 
served as collector of taxes and selectman and is now chairman 
of the board. He has always voted with the Republican party 
and for four years discharged the duties of deputy sheriff. 

In addition to his offices he owns and carries on a farm and is 


a dealer in flour, grain, and general merchandise. He is one of 
the trustees of the Chester Savings Bank and a director in the 
Chester National Bank. He is also connected with the real estate 
office of Clark & Hazelton of Boston, in which business he has 
been successful. 

He is a member of Green Mountain Lodge No. 4, Knights of 
Pythias of Ludlow, Vt. ; is a member and past master of LaFay- 
ette Lodge No. 53, F. & A. M. of Cavendish, Vt., and is affilia- 
ted with Skitchewaug Chapter No. 25, of Ludlow, Vt., and Ver- 
mont Commandery No. 4, Knights Templars, of Windsor, Vt. 

The fruit of his marriage was one child, a daughter, Marion 
Chloe White, b. February 15, 1882, and now living. 

Joseph Adams, 8 son of Joseph and White, mar. 

December 3, 1840, Ellen Lorette Proctor, b. in Cavendish, 
Vt., July 3, 1820. He d. in Cavendish, Vt., August 9, 1879. 
Children : — 

1. Joseph Franklin, b. in Cavendish, Vt., February 15, 1842 ; 
d. November 23, 1847. 

2. William Bobbins, b. in Cavendish, Vt., October 31, 1849; 
mar., December 10, 1879, Helen Grieve Farmer, b. in Providence, 
R. I., March 24, 1848. They had: (I) Howard Joseph, b. in 
Providence, R. I., June 18, 1881. (II) William Edward, b. in 
Providence, R. I., November 7, 1883. (HI) Donald Proctor, b, 
in Providence, R. I., February 6, 1886. (IV) Margaret Helen, 
b. in Providence, R. I., May 6, 1887. He is a physician in 
Providence, R. I. 

3. Joseph Franklin, b. in Cavendish, Vt., April 12, 1852; d. 
September 22, 1853. 

Benjamin F., Jr., 8 son of Benjamin F. and Susan (Rogers) 
White, b. at Boston, Mass., July 24, 1822; mar., June 3, 
1848, Mary Goddard, dau. of Samuel May of Boston, Mass., 
b. February 14, 1824; d. at London, Eng., August 27, 1856. 
Children : — 

1. Charles Goddard -4-^ b. at Boston, Mass., June 30, 1850; 
mar. Kate S. Pierce, May 23, 1874. 

Dea. John White. 


2. Susan Rogers, b. March 14, 1854; mar. William E. Hoyt. 

Charles Goddard, 9 son of Benjamin F., Jr., and Mary 
G. (May) White; mar. Kate S. Pierce, May 23, 1874. 
Children : — 

1. Charles O., Jr., b. at Boston, Mass., April 4, 1875; d. 
December 29, 1879. 

2. Frank S., b. at Boston, Mass., April 29, 1879. 

3. Goddard May, b. at Boston, Mass., June 7, 1888. 

Dea. John, 6 son of Dea. Mark and Anna (Chamberlain) 
White; mar. (1st) November 11, 1778, Esther Kettell of 
Charlestown, Mass. She d. in Concord, Mass., July 31, 
1804, and he mar. (2d) Mrs. Deborah Hayward, widow of 
Caleb Hayward of Weymouth and dau. of James White of 
Weymouth. Children : — 

1. Betsey Vase, b. in Concord, Mass., June 21, 1784; mar. 
Rev. Joseph Chickering of Woburn, Mass. 

2. John, b. in Concord, Mass., December 2, 1787. 

Sketches from a memoir of Dea. John White, by Daniel Shat- 
tuck, of Concord, Mass : — 

Dea. John White was a man of high reputation in the town of 
Concord. In his early years he was a painter. In 1773 he began 
trade in dry goods, etc., at which he was quite successful. He 
was one who took part at Concord fight, April 19, 1775, and an 
officer at the taking of Burgoyne, 1777. Soon after this he left 
the army and took up his trade again; but frorr 1780 to 1790, 
trade was very uncertain and often unprofitable. Those of the 
present day can hardly realize the difficulties of business of all 
kinds during this period. But in 1790 a happy change appeared. 
The constitution had been adopted, duties were uniform in all the 
states, enterprise started into new life and with it credit and con- 
fidence. There has been perhaps no period since the nation 
existed, considering its population, when so much wealth was 
accumulated as during the twenty years beginning 1790. It was 
during this period that Deacon White made business profitable. 


He had an extensive trade from towns in New Hampshire and 
Vermont. His store was widely known, and all who came to 
trade with him felt great confidence in his integrity and fair deal- 
ing, and thus his business was extended. In 1812 he was chosen 
representative to the general court. 

His religious opinions inclined to the Calvinistic faith rather 
than the Unitarian, the faith of Rev. Dr. Ripley ; yet no aliena- 
tion existed between them until about the year 1826. It had 
been the policy of the Orthodox sect for a few years previous to 
this period to take possession of the old churches, if possible ; if 
not, to divide and form new societies and to sever all connection 
with Christians professing the faith of Channing, Worcester, and 
Ware. For many years New England was rent asunder, and 
weak societies sprang up all over the country from this cause. 
It was hoped that Concord might be exempt from this contagion, 
because from the days of Berkley (save for a short time), we had 
lived in harmony, all attending the same church. But we were 
not exempt. In 1826 John Vase, with about twenty others, 
seceded and formed a new church. The ties of affection and 
friendship between himself and Dr. Ripley and others were too 
strong to be easily' severed. In 1827 he resigned the office of 
deacon, to which he was chosen in 1774, and which he had filled 
with so much propriety for over forty years ; he was dismissed 
from the church at his own request, having paid over to his suc- 
cessor the church fund, of which he had been trustee. The 
church on the fifth of March, 1827, passed a unanimous vote of 
thanks for his long and faithful services as deacon and trustee. 
Deacon White was fond of children ; would inquire the names of 
those he did not remember, and say, " Be good boys, go to school, 
and mind your mother," and as they went away gave them little 
books of which he always kept a supply. Children would not 
let New Year's day pass without going to see Deacon White. 
Through the entire day he heard, " Deacon, I wish you a happy 
New Year," and they all had something for their kind wishes. 
Sometimes the wish might not have been disinterested — the mother 
might have given the lesson thus, " Deacon, I wish you a happy 
New Year, and mother says 1 may take a primer, and the rest 
in sugar," and the little urchin had both. 


He was kind, charitable, and benevolent ; the poor and desti- 
tute never applied in vain. He had kind words for the afflicted, 
and those kind words were remembered long after mere acts of 
charity were forgotten. His deeds of charity were not like the 
broad river, to be seen by all who passed by, but more like the 
meadow brook, flowing still, constant, clear, and almost unseen, 
but as it ripples sparkling over the pebbles below. He was active 
in promoting the welfare of the church, the religious society, and 
the moral and civil improvement of the community, when it was 
known Deacon White had made up his mind to join the other 
church, Dr. Ripley was grieved, and the loss of such a man to 
himself and the church was severely felt, but to the new society 
he was a great acquisition, to which during the few years he lived 
after he joined it he was a liberal contributor and at his death he 
left a legacy for its support. He gave to the church of Acton, 
Mass., a Bible which is now in the public library of that town. 
He seemed to be imbued with kindness, sympathy, and love. In 
these he believed and trusted. They were with him in his daily 
walks, like good angels guiding his steps along the pathway of 
life. It would be difficult to find a man who had lived so long in 
whom there was so little to reprove ; and as difficult to find one in 
whose life and character there was so much to love and imitate. 

Daniel, 6 son of Dea. Mark and Mary (Reed) White ; mar. 
Mary Hunt of Acton, Mass., January 1, 1784. He d. at 
Acton, Mass., June 4, 1841. Mary (Hunt) White d. at 
Acton, Mass., April 2, 1845. Children: — 

1. John -\-, b. in Billerica, Mass., February 24, 1785; mar. 
Charlotte Hapgood of Acton, Mass., October 19, 1811; d. at 
Acton, Mass., October 3, 1860. 

2. Polly, b. in Billerica, Mass., December 25, 1786; d. in 
Acton, Mass., July 16, 1841 ; un. 

3. Daniel, Jr., b. in Billerica, Mass., August 5, 1791 ; mar. 
Nabby Hapgood of Acton, Mass., September 27, 1815; d. in 
Lowell, Mass. 

4. Abel, b. in Acton, Mass., May 25, 1797; mar. Sarah 
Green of Brookline, N. H., August 22, 1819 ; d. in Acton, Mass. 

Daniel White, like his ancestors from Peregrine clown, was a 


devoted religious man, yet different in faith, being a Universalist. 
He was a man of prayer, having daily family worship and asking 
blessing at the table. He was very methodical in all his ways ; 
even the wood pile, like everything else around the farm, must be 
in its place, every stick in order. He served in the Revolutionary 
War, first as private under Captain Hudang of Littleton, afterwards 
as captain. The soldiers of the army were deserting, at which 
time Daniel was urged by a comrade to desert. After much per- 
suasion he was on the point of yielding, when a voice was heard ; 
he and his comrade followed the sound ; it proved to be the voice 
of Washington at prayer alone in the field. Daniel said to his 
comrade, " Will you desert such a man? " His reply was, " No ; 
I will stand by even unto death." He married Mary Hunt of 
Acton, a descendant of William Hunt of England, who was one 
of the original settlers in Concord, Mass., 1635. 

Dea. John, 7 son of Daniel, Sr., and Mary (Hunt) White ; 
mar. Charlotte Hapgood of Acton, Mass., October 19, 1811; 
d. in Acton, Mass., October 3, 1860. Children: — 

1. Abraham -j-, b. in Acton, Mass., August 22, 1812; mar. 
Susanna Wetherbee of Acton, Mass., September 5, 1833. 

2. Charlotte -f-, b. in Acton, Mass., May 1, 1814; mar. 
Elbridge Robbins of Acton, Mass. 

3. Winthrop F.-\-, b. in Acton, Mass., September 10, 1817; 
mar. Harriet Wetherbee of Acton, Mass., October 28, 1839. 

4. Luther -j-, b. in Acton,, Mass., July 26, 1822; mar. Han- 
nah Tufts of West Cambridge, Mass., June 26, 1845. 

5. Mary Sophia-\-, b. in Acton, Mass., July 2, 1825 ; d. uu. at 
Acton, Mass., November 30, 1846. 

6. John -{-, b. in Acton, Mass,, October 1, 1831 ; mar. Sarah 
A. Rouillard of Acton, Mass., May 6, 1863. 

Abraham, 8 son of Dea. John and Charlotte (Hapgood) 
White, mar. Susanna Wetherbee of Acton, September 5, 
1833; d. at West Rindge, N. H., April 30, 1882. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Abram b. in Acton, Mass., November 21, 1834; mar. Etta 
Hall of Acton, June 2, 1861. They have : (I) Eugene, b. ; uu. 

1. Mrs. W. F. White. 2. Mrs. H. D. Osgood. 

3. Mrs. H. C. Johnquest. 

4. Lillian Johnquest. 


2. Edward -4-, b. in Acton, Mass., April 22, 1836 ; mar. Susan 
Gates, September 10, 1857. 

3. Susan, b. in Acton, Mass., 1838; d. at Acton, October 2, 

4. Fanny, b. ; mar. Orin Lawrence. 

5. Charlotte, b. ; mar. J. C. Hodgman 

Charlotte, 8 dau. of Dea. John and Charlotte (Hapgood) 
White, mar. Elbridge Robbins of Acton, Mass. ; d. at Acton, 
Mass., September 8, 1844. Children : — 

1. Celeste Josephine, b. at Acton, Mass., August 4, 1833; 
mar. Luther Conant of Acton, Mass., November 2D, 1860; d. at 
Acton, Mass., October 17, 1865. 

2. Elbridge, b. in Acton, Mass.; mar. (1st) Ellen Ames; 
(2d) . * 

3. Luke, b. at Acton, Mass. ; d. an. in the Civil War of the 
United States, 1860-'4. 

4. Willie, b. at Acton, Mass., 1844; mar. 

Winthrop F., 8 son of Dea. John and Charlotte (Hapgood) 
White, mar. Harriet Wetherbee of Acton, Mass., October 28, 
1839. Children: — 

1. Harriet A. -{-, b. in Ashby, Mass., August 20, 1840; mar. 
Herman D. Osgood of Boston, Mass., October 5, 1858. 

3. Ellen S., b. in Acton, Mass., August 8, 1842; mar. (1st) 
George A. Chapin of Boston, Mass., 1860; (2d) George. A. 
Raymond of Dorchester, Mass. 

3. Sasayi W., b. in Lowell, Mass., August 29, 1847; mar. 
William H. Pond of Hollistou, Mass., May, 1865. 

Luther, 8 son of Dea. John and Charlotte (Hapgood) 
White, mar. Hannah Tufts of West Cambridge, Mass., June 
26, 1845; d. at Holliston, Mass., October 4, 1884. Mrs. 
White d. at Holliston, Mass., November 1, 1888. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Albert, b. at Wayland, Mass., September 6, 1846; mar, 
Nathetta Lovell of Savannah, Georgia. (Twin.) 

2. Augusta, b. at Wayland, Mass., September 6, 1846; mar. 



James T. Pyke of Washington, D. C, October 29, 1868. 

3. Mar?/, b. at Wayland, Mass., August 10, 1851 ; un. 

4. Luc//, b. at Wayland, Mass., May 27, 1856; un. 

5. Emma E., b. at Wayland, Mass., December 7, 1859; un. 

John, 8 son of Dea. John and Charlotte (Hapgood) White, 
mar. Sarah A Rouillard of Acton, Mass., May 6, 1863. Mrs. 
Sarah White d. suddenly, November 1, 1889, while on a visit 
to her husband's brother in Concord, Mass., at the occasion 
of the brother's golden wedding, and was buried from her 
home in Acton, Mass. Children : — 

1. Carrie E. -4-, b. at Acton, Mass., January 11, 1864; mar. 
Arthur Reed of Chelmsford, Mass., November 25, 188(5. 

2. J. Sydney, b. at Acton, Mass., July 31, 1866; mar. 

Edwaud, 9 son of Abraham and Susanna (Wetherbee) 
White; mar. Susan Gates, September 10, 1857. Children: — 

1. Howard B., b. June 14. 1858; mar. Bertha Sawtelle, Sep- 
tember 24, 1881. 

2. Annie E., b. July 15. 1860; d. February 4, 1863. 

:i. Cam A., b. June 2, 1864; mar. F. L. Taylor, September 
23, 1885. 

4. Clara Sophia, b. July 2:>, 1866; d. September 3, 1867. 

5. Edicard Albert, b. .May 23, 1872. 

Harriet A., 9 dau. of Winthrop T. and Harriet (Wether-, 
bee) White; mar. Herman I). Osgood of Boston, Mass., 
October 5, 1858. Children: — 

1. Frederick H., b. in Boston. Mass., December 4, I860; d. 
at Somerville, Mass., May 1, 1-S77. 

2. Florence II., b. in Boston. Mass., November 29, 1863; 
mar. Charles II. Johnquest of Somerville, Mass.. October 31, 


:>. Arthur II., b. in Somerville. Mass., August 5. 18(55; mar. 
Elizabeth J. Kelley of Roxbury, Mass., June 24. 1888, 

4. XeUie E., b. in Somerville. Mass., November 5, 1870; mar. 
Frederick L. Card of Somerville, Mass., October IN, 181)3. 


Carrie E., 9 dau. of John and Sarah ( Rouillarcl) White; 
mar. Arthur Reed of Chelmsford, Mass., November 25, 1886. 
Children : — 

1. Mark White, b. in Chelmsford, Mass., January 14, 1890. 

Arthur Eeed was son of Charles Reed, who was sou of Joseph 
Reed, son of Willard Reed, who married Miriam White, dau. of 
Dea. Mark White. 

Abel, 6 son of Dea. Mark and Mary (Reed) White, b. in 
Acton, Mass., September 26, 1766; mar., March 20, 1803, 
Ruth, dau. of Timothy and Lydia (Fletcher) Prescott, b. at 
Westford, Mass., February 28, 1769; d. October 23, 1831. 
He d. at Springfield, Vt., July 22, 1825. Children: — 

1. Abel Prescott -J-, b. in Mason, N. H., July 23, 1804; mar. 
Anna Fassett of Springfield, Vt., April 1, 1829. 

2. Nancy, b. at Mason, N. H., December 5, 1805 ; d. un. 

3. Mary, b. at Washington, N. H., May 1, 1807; mar. Leon- 
ard Ellis of Springfield, Vt. ; cl. at Marion, Ohio. 

4. Timotfiy, b. at Washington, N. H., June 6, 1809; d. at 
Washington, N. H., December 12, 1809. 

5. Sumner, b. at Westminster, Vt., October 7, 1811 ; d. Octo- 
ber 17, 1811. 

Abel Prescott, 7 son of Abel and Ruth (Prescott) White; 
mar. Anna Fassett of Springfield, Vt., April 1, 1829. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Francis L., b. at Springfield, Vt., May 9, 1830 ; d. April 11, 

2. Joseph-]-, b. at Springfield, Vt., December 7, 1833 ; mar. 
Harriet Hubbard of Springfield, Vt., December 11, 1861. 

3. Frances Ann, b. at Springfield, Vt., .June 14, 1836; mar. 
George Hubbard of Guildhall, Vt., March, 1864 ; d. March 1, 1873. 

4. Marshall Bertrand, b. in Springfield, Vt., April 15, 1838; 
d. June 13, 1866. 

5. Mary Ellis, h. in Springfield, Vt., February 14, 1841 ; mar. 
George Ellis of Springfield, December 18, 1866. No issue. 

Marshall Bertrand White was 1st corporal in Co. E, Sixteenth 
Vermont regiment, in the War of the Rebellion. 


Joseph, 8 son of Abel Prescott and Anna (Fassett) White ; 
mar. Harriet Hubbard of Springfield, Vt., December 11, 
1861. Children :— 

1. Katherine, b. in Springfield, Vt., November 27, 1862. 

2. Walter Marshall, b. in Springfield, Vt., February 12, 1879. 

Samuel, 5 son of Mark, Sr., and Elizabeth (Monsall) White, 
b. in Concord, Mass., July 15, 1726 ; mar., June 27, 1765, 
Lydia Billings of Acton, Mass., b. 1736 or 1737. He d. in 
Acton, Mass., December 24, 1796. Mrs. Lydia (Billings) 
White, d. at Acton, Mass., April 30, 1815. Children :— 

1. Lieut. Samuel, b. in Acton, Mass., August 25, 1766; 
d. un. at Acton, Mass., November 30, 1808. 

2. Lydia, b. in Acton, Mass., August 7, 1769 ; mar. James 
Fletcher of Acton, Mass., May 4, 1785; d. at Acton, Mass., 
December 29, 1828. 

3. Mark, b. in Acton, Mass., April 23, 1772; mar. ; 

a. — . 

4. Dorothy, b. in Acton, Mass., June 11, 1776; d. in Acton, 
Mass., September 25, 1778. 

5. Elizabeth, b. in Acton, Mass., November 3, 1779; mar. 
Asa Walker of Acton, Mass., June 4,1803 ; d. . 

Aaron, 6 son of Dea. Mark and Mary (Reed) White; mar., 
1799, Sally Griffin. Children : — 

1. Sally + , b. April 2, 1801; mar. May 28, 1820, Gilbert 

2. Aaron, Jr.-\-, b. September 9, 1802; mar., June 19, 1826, 
Sophia E. L. Kendall. 

3. Otis, b. March 3, 1805; d. March 22, 1829. 

4. Mary -(-, b. June 15, 1807; mar., April 26, 1829, John 
Harris, Jr, 

5. George +, b. July 22, 1810; mar., 1837, Julia A. Holt. 

6. Prudence Sophia -\-, b. September 24, 1812; mar., 1830, 
John Britton. 

7. Stillman -f, b. March 14, 1815; mar., May 13, 1841, 
Lucy Holt. 

8. Athens, b. March 19, 1818; d. October 27, 1821. 


Aaron White d. August 6, 1837, and Sally G. White d. Jan- 
uary 9, 1867. 

Sally, 7 dau. of Aaron and Sally (Griffin) White ; mar., 
May 28, 1820, Gilbert Parker. Children: — 

1. Elbridge 6r., b. in Acton, Mass., November 17, 1821 ; mar. 
Nancy Tnttle. They have three children. 

2. Sarah. Sophia, b. in Westford, Mass., September 28, 1823; 
mar. Alpheus Reed. Have three children. 

3. George Alpheus, b. in Acton, Mass., March 26, 1826 ; mar. 
Sarah A. Winchester. Have six children. 

4. James 3/.,.b. in Acton, Mass., September 5, 1828; mar. 
Abigail Dudley of Westboro. Have five children. He d. Jan- 
uary, 1870. 

5. Otis W., b. in Acton, Mass., March 3, 1831 ; mar. E. 
Coolidge. Have two children. 

Sally (White) Parker d. February, 1878. 

Aaron, Jr., 7 son of Aaron and Sally (Griffin) White ; 
mar. in Acton, Mass., June 19, 1826, Sophia E. L. Kendall. 
Children : — 

1. Augusta S.--\-, b. in Acton, Mass., June 28, 1827; mar., 
November 7, 1843, Mason A. Davis. 

2. Eliza A.-\-, b. in Acton, Mass., December 19, 1829; mar., 
1847, Charles Cummings. 

3. Elbridge T., b. in Shrewsbury, Vt., December 12, 1831 ; 
mar., September 15, 1853, Mary A. Goldsmith. He d. in Wil- 
mington, Vt., April 6, 1862. 

4. Charlotte J.-\-, b. in Ludlow, Vt., November 9, 1833; 
mar., November 24, 1853, G. Frank Dodge. 

5. George F.-\-, b. in Ludlow, Vt., November 10, 1835; mar., 
November 24, 1853, Mrs. Mary A. White. 

6. Stillman C, b. in Mount Holly, Vt., February 19, 1837; 
mar., January 4, 1866, Mary E. Rowley. 

7. Martha 0.-J-, b. in Weston, Vt., April 12, 1839; mar., 
1860, Willard W. Newton. 

Sophia (Kendall) White d. September 8, 1840, and Aaron 


AVhite mar. (2d) at Hoosick Falls, N. Y., October 25, 1857, 
Lizzie J. White. They had : 

8. Harry E.+, b. in AVilmington, Vt., October 17, 1864; 
mar., May 4, 1887, Alice L. Bagg. 

Aaron White, Jr., d. January 27, 1865. 

Mary, 7 dan. of Aaron and Sally (Griffin) White ; mar., 
April 26, 1829, John Harris, Jr. Children: — 

1. George Henry, b. March 26, 1830; mar., June, 1851, Hen- 
rietta J. Jones. She d. 1866. He mar. (2d) 1868, Angenette 
Wheeler. They had: (I) Elwin Wheeler, b. February 28, 1870. 
(II) George Irving, b. October, 1874; d. June 26, 1891. He 
mar. (3d) 1880, Addie Heald. 

2. Mary Sophia, b. July 6, 1832; d. October 11, 1833. 

3. John Stillman, b. July 12, 1835. He was First Lieutenant 
in Co. E, Eleventh Massachusetts, and was killed May 3, 1863, 
in the Battle of Chancellorsville. 

4. Mary Jane, b. June 28, 1839 ; mar., April 9, 1865, Leander 
V. N. Peck. They have: (I) Carolyn Johnson, b. August 21, 

5. Sarah Sophia, b. January 15, 1843; mar., December 31, 
1863, Luke Tuttle. They had : (I) Viola Sophia, b. December 
18, 1864. (II) Luke Harris, b. November 1, 1866. (Ill) Lean- 
der V. N., b. October, 1871 ; d. June, 1874. 

Sarah (White) Tuttle d. August 20, 1890. 
Mary (White) Harris d. March 9, 1876. 

George, 7 son of Aaron and Sally (Griffin) White; mar., 
1837, Julia A. Holt. Children : — 

1. Julia, b. December 29, 1841 ; d. February 23, 1860. 

Julia (Holt) White d. August 20, 1860, and he mar. (2d) 
August 12, 1861, Nancy S. Bogue. 

George White d. September 7, 1880. 

Stillman, 7 son of Aaron and Sally (Griffin) White ; mar., 
May 13, 1841, Lucy Holt. Children: — 

1. Agnes Jane, b. December 29, 1848; mar. William Ball:. 
d. January 9, 1876. 

Stillman White d. October 5, 1881. 


Phudkxce Sophia," dau. of Aaron and Sally (Griffin) 
White; mar., 1830, John Britton. Children: — 

1. Grade S., b. October 7, 1832; cL "August 5, 1881. 

2. Horace, b. October 27, 1834; mar.. May 13, 1 856, Ellen 
Fairbanks. The}' had: (I) Myron A., b. February 8, 1858; 
mar. Dora A. Martin. (II) .John F., b. .June 26, 18G1 ; (1. Feb- 
ruary 3, l«(i2. (Ill) Herbert A., b. January 4, 1863; mar., 
May 11, 1889, Jessie L. Olney. One child; d. December 19, 
1889. (IV) Mary E., 1). -Inly 25, 1866; mar., November 16, 
1887, Ezra A. Buss. She d. September 15, 1890. (V) Fred, b. 
October 26, 1868. (VI) Flora F., b. April 1, 1872: mar., 
May 11, 18H9, David N. Smith. They had: (1) Glen E. ; d. 
September 19. 1893. (VII) Ilattie F., b. March 30, 1877. 

Prudence S. (White) Britton d. December 1, 1861. 

Augusta S., 8 dau. of Aaron, Jr., and Sophia (Kendall) 
White; mar., November 7, 1843, Mason A. Davis. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Ratlin A., b. August 14, 1846; mar., October 5, 1874, 

. They had : (I) Alta, b. September 13, 1877. (II) Bertha, 

b. dune 2, 1879. 

2. Nellie A., b. September 12, 1848; mar., April 21, 1864, 
C. F. Gleason of Wilmington. They had : (I) Eva N., b. June 
25, 1869; mar., November I, 1886, Shirley E. Davis. They 
had : (1) Mabelle Eva, b. October 21, 1887. (2) Harold Shirley, 
b. August 10, 1881). (II) Florence J., b. December 31, 1875. 

Eliza A., 8 dau. of Aaron, Jr., and Sophia (Kendall) 
White; mar., 1847, Charles Cummings. Children: — 

1. Charles M., b. 1849; mar., 1872, Annie M. Sherwin. 
They have: (I) Donald S., b. 1874. (II) Anna M., b. 1876; 
d. 1877. (Ill) Florence S., b. 1878. 

2. Orion, b. 1859; d. 1862. 

3. Lillian £\, b. 1864; mar. Warren W. Guild. 

Charles Cummiugs d. 1886, and his wife, Eliza A., d. August 
15, 1894. 

Charlotte J., 8 dau. of Aaron, Jr., and Sophia (Kendall) 


White; mar., November 24, 1853, G. Frank Dodge. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Frank Leroy, b. March 16, 1855; mar., April 3, 1883, 
Clara Walker. 

2. Fred Orion, b. October 5, 1856; mar., 1887, Anna L. 
Whitney. They have : (I) Mariqnita White, b. November 29, 

George F., 8 son of Aaron, Jr., and Sophia (Kendall) 
White: mar., November 24, 1853, Mrs. Mary A. White. 
Children : — 

1. Nora Ethel, b. October 22, 1864; d. August 28, 1869. 

2. Frankie George, b. August 20, 1867; d. September 20, 

Stillman C., 8 son of Aaron, Jr., and Sophia (Kendall) 
White; mar., January 4, 1866, Mary Elizabeth Rowley. 
Children : — 

1. Jennie Elizabeth, b. December 15, 1867; d. September 26, 

2. Stella Idelle, b. May 2, 1869. 

He was a member of the Fourteenth Regt. Vt. Vols., and was 
wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg. 
Mary E. White d. October 27, 1881. 

Martha O., 8 dau. of Aaron, Jr., and Sophia (Kendall) 
White; mar., 1860, Willard W. Newton. Children: — 

1. Elbridge W., b. March 9, 1862; mar., October 16, 1893, 
Adelaide Vasey. 

Harry E., 8 son of Aaron, Jr., and Lizzie (White) White ; 
mar., May 4, 1887, Alice Lovinia Bagg. Children: — 

1. Babe, b. December 30, 1888; d. December 30, 1888. 

2. Harry L?slie, b. July 2b, 1893. 



Bolton, Mass., May 3, 1893. 
Mr. White : 

Sir : It is recorded that : 

Lydia, dau. of William and Lydia 4 White, b. January 9, 1767. 

Mary, dau, of William, b. December 26, 1763. 

Judith, dau. of William, b. October 11, 1770. 

Enoch, son of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. December 
13, 1757. 

Robert, son of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. January 
11, 1759. 

David, son of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. September 
16, 1763. (Twin.) 

Jonathan, son of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. Septem- 
ber 16, 1763. (Twin.) 

Rachel, dau. of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. March 8, 

Sarah, dau. of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. November 
27, 1768. 

Benjamin, sou of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. June 
24, 1770. 

Beulah, dau. of Samuel and Sarah Fosgate White, b. April 30, 

Samuel White d. October 12, 1788. 

Intentions of Marriage. 

Jonas White, Jr., of Lancaster aud Ann B. Townsend of Bol- 
ton, mar. February, 1821. 

Samuel White of Phillipston and Abigail Young of Bolton, 
mar. May 15, 1836. 


Abijah "White of Bolton and Mary E." Fay of Bolton, mar. April 
3, 1853. 

Charles "White of Bolton and Elizabeth Piper of Marlboro, mar. 
November 11, 1849. 


Enoch "Whitcomb of Bolton and Sarah of Lancaster, November 
13, 1731. 

William "White and LydiaGoodell, both of Bolton, July 3, 1766. 

James "White of Bolton and Huldah Goodell of Lancaster, 
October 6, 1763. 

Jonas "White Jr., of Lancaster ai d Ann B. Townsend of Bol- 
ton, February 11, 1821. 

Daniel "White of Phillipston and Abigail Young of Bolton, May 
31, 1.S36. 

Rachel "White of Bolton and Phineas Sampson of Harvard, 
January 12, 1786. 

Ruth "White of Bolton and Elisha Sawyer of Bolton. January 7, 

Enoch, son of David and Hannah "Whitcomb, b. February 21, 

Town of Bolton records are unsatisfactory from 1738 to 1844, 
being especially defective in matters of marriages, births, and 
deaths. Parents were not obliged in those years to have their 
children recorded, and it is believed many names are lost. 

Yours truly, 

Amory S. Hayxes, 

Town Clerk. 

Worcester, Mass., August 15, 1874. 
John B. White, Esq. : 

Yours of the 13th is received, and I have examined the early 
records of births in this city, but do not find the names of your 
ancestors. I find two families recorded here of the name of 
White, which I have copied and send you : 

The children of Ebenezer and Hannah White : 

Ann, b. February 1, 1769. 

Mary, b. 1770. 


Samuel, b. November 12, 1772. 
Joseph, b. March 21, 1774. 
John Lowry, b. March '.), 1777. 
The children of Nathan and Eunice White : 
Sally, b. December 2, 1771), at Uxbridge. 
Eunice, b. February 15, 1782, at Uxbridge. 
Peter, b. March 9, 1784, at Worcester. 
Nancy, b. May 22, 1786, at Worcester. 
Benjamin, b. May 9, 1788, at AVorcester. 
Lois, b. June 2, 1790, at Worcester. 
Chloe, b. May 26, 1792, at Worcester. 
Luther, b. August 11, 1794, at Worcester. 
Nathan, b. January 11, 1797, at AVorcester. 
Bezaleel, b. July 5, 1799, at AVorcester. 
Leonard, b. March 29, 1805. 

Samuel Smith, 

City Clerk. 

[Copy from Town Clerk, Concord, Mass.] 


John, son of John and Prudence White, b. July 3, 1708. 

Mary, dan. of Mark and Elizabeth White, b. February 10, 1719. 

Thomas, son of Mark and Elizabeth AVhite, b. April 21, 1722. 

Anne, dau. of Mark and Elizabeth AVhite, b. April 24, 1724. 

Samuel, son of Mark and Elizabeth AVhite, b. July 15, 1726. 

Dorothy, dau. of Mark and Elizabeth AVhite, b. January 16, 

Betsey \ dau. of Dea. John and Esther AVhite, b. June 21, 1784. 

Harry, son of Ammi and Mary AVhite, b. January 6, 1789. 

George, son of Ammi and Mary AVhite, b. September 2, 1790. 

Nancy, dau. of Ammi and Mary AVhite, b. October 7, 1792. 

Charles, son of Ammi and Mary AVhite, b. May 27, 1795. 

Cyrus, son of Ammi and Mary AVhite, b. May 11, 1797. 

Emily Harriet, dau. of Joseph and Mary Ann White, b. Sep- 
tember 22, 1827. 

Walter A., son of Walter A. and Mary AVhite, b. July 9, 1849. 


[Church Record, Westmoreland, N. H-] 

Almira, bap. 1800, child of Ammi (wife not given). 

Roland, bap. 1805. 

Ammi d. February 23, 1820. 

[Copy from Town Clerk, Concord, Mass.] 


John White to Prudence Hayward, November 26, 1707. 

John White of Billerica to Mehitable French, September 23, 

Thomas AVhite of Templeton to Prudence Hayward of Concord, 
January 29, 1767. 

John White to Esther Kittle, November 11, 1778. 

Samuel White of Westford to Hepzibah Barrett, May 23, 1775. 

Thomas White to Mary Buttrick, January 13, 1785. 

Ammi White to Mary Minot, August 12, 1788. 

Daniel Appleton White to Mary Van Schalkmyck, May 24, 

Joseph White to Mary Anu Wyman, November 9, 1826. 


Ann White, dau. of Elizabeth, d. April 16, 1682. 
.John White of Brookfleld, killed by Indians July 24, 1710. 
Mrs. White d. of lung fever, March 8, 1795. 
Esther White, first wife of Dea. John, d. July 31, 1804. 
Dea. John White, husband of Deborah (2d wife) d. January 
9, 1830. 

Births Unaccounted For on Acton, Mass., Records. 

Thomas, to Thomas and Hannah White, b. March 9, 1749. 
Sarah R., to Dea. John and Sarah White, b. June 10, 1805. 
John, Jr., to Dea. John and Sarah White, b. March 8, 1807. 
Moses Adams, to Dea. John and Sarah White, b. April 29, 1810. 

Marriages from Acton, Mass., Records. 

Samuel White of Acton and Dorothy Billings of Acton, mar. 
June 4, 1772. 


Ebenezer White of Acton and Jerasha Dexter of Acton, mar. 
April 19, 1804. 

Sberibiah H. White of Acton and Lois Stoeke'r of Acton, mar. 
September 26, 1811. 

Deaths from. Acton, Mass., Records. 

Female child of John White, d. June 27, 1805, aged 1 year 5 

Sarah, wife of Dea. John White, d. June 21, 1816, aged 39 

John AVhite d. April 3, 1824, aged 54 years. 

[Town Records of Mendon, Mass]. 


Experience, dau. of Joseph and Lydia White, b. December 5, 

Hannah, dau of Joseph and Lydia White, b. November 29, 1681. 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Lydia White, b. October 19, 1683. 

Ledia, dau. of Joseph and Lydia White, b. May 10, 1686. 

Thomas, son of Joseph and Lydia White, b. November 26, 1688. 

Hannah, dau. of Joseph and Lydia AVhite, b. December 9, 1691. 

Abigail, dau. of Joseph and Lydia AVhite, b. November 10, 1693. 

William, son of Joseph and Lydia AVhite, b. . 

Benjamin, son of Joseph and Lydia AVhite, b. May 28, 1701. 

Mehetibel, dau. of Thomas and Mehetibel AVhite, b. January 
20, 1688-9. 

Thomas, son of Thomas and Mehetibel White, b. April 15, 1691. 

Thankful, dau. of Thomas and Mehetibel White, b. August 3, 

Joseph, son of Thomas and Mehetibel AVhite, b. August 28, 

John, son of Thomas and Mehetibel AVhite. b. March 12, 1698. 

Samuel, son of Thomas and Mehetibel AVhite, b. September 21, 

Ebenezer, son of Thomas and Mehetibel AVhite, b. February 4, 

Sarah, dau. of John and Sarah White, b. July 5, 1700. 


John, son of John and Sarah White, b. March 13, 1701-2. 

Edward, sou of Johu and Sarah White, b. July 18, 1704. 

Ezekiel, son of John and Sarah White, b. August 11, 1707. 

David, son of John and Sarah White, b. April 28, 1710. 

Hester, dau. of John and Sarah White, b. August 16, 1711. 

Daniel, son of Thomas and Mary White, b. June 18, 1708. 

Mary, dau of Thomas and Mary White, b. November 29, 1711. 

Dinah, dau. of Thomas and Margaret White, b. December 19, 

Mehitahel, dau. of Thomas and Margaret White, b. December 
16, 1716-17. 

Mehitahel, dau. of Thomas and Margaret White, b. November 
24, 1718. 

Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret White, b. April 6, 1721. 

Abigail, dau. of Thomas and Margaret White, b. September 14, 

Margaret, dau. of Thomas and Margaret White, b. April 18, 

Joseph, son of Thomas and Margaret White, b. January 2, 

Susannah, dau. of Thomas and Margaret White, b. September 
19, 1732. 

Peregrine, sou of Thomas and Deborah White, b. September 
11, 1711. 

Seth, son of Thomas and Deborah White, b. September 22, 1712. 

Lydia, dau. of Thomas and Deborah White, b. January 16, 

Hopstill, dau. of Thomas and Deborah White, b. July 15, 1717. 

Deborah, dau. of Thomas and Deborah White, b. February 16, 

Josiah, son of Thomas and Deborah White, b. April 29, 1723. 

Samuel, son of Thomas and Deborah White, b. May 17, 1719. 

Nathan, son of Thomas and Deborah White, b. January 31, 

Asa, son of Thomas and Deborah AVhite, b. August 11, 1735. 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Prudence White, b. September 22, 

Peter, son of Joseph and Prudence White, b. December 6, 1714. 


Aaron, son of Joseph and Prudence White, b. May 22, 1717. 

Moses, son of Joseph and Prudence White, b. August 31, 1721. 

William, son of William and Huldah White, b. August 22, 

Samuel, son of Samuel and Triall White, b. March 2, 1723-4. 

Hannah, dau. of Samuel and Triall White, b. April 11, 1727. 

Johannah, dau. of Samuel and Triall White, b. October 12, 

Huldah, clan, of William and Elizabeth White, b. August 27, 

Elizabeth, dau. of William and Elizabeth AVhite, b. Eebruary 
28, 1723-4. 

Lyclia, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. March 1, 1726. 

Ruth, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. April 10, 1728. 

Jemima, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. July 20, 1730. 

, son of William and Elizabeth White, b. March 8, 1734-5. 

Mercy, dau. of Benjamin and Mary White, b. October 8, 1728. 

Sarah, dau. of John and Sarah White, b. March 17, 1728-9. 

Rachel, dau. of John and Sarah White, b. April 4, 1721. 

William, son of John and Sarah White, b. February 7, 1730-1. 

Mary, dau. of John and Sarah White, b. August 25, 1734. 

Enoch, son of Daniel and Hannah White, b. March 19, 1742. 

William, son of William and Elizabeth White, b. November 
22, 1732. 

Mary, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. August 31, 

Elizabeth, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. October 5, 

Elisha, son of William and Elizabeth White, b. January 16, 

Elizabeth, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. July 20, 

Abigail, dau. of William and Elizabeth White, b. December 28, 

Elisha, son of William and Elizabeth White, b. March 8, 1753. 

Gideon, son of William and Elizabeth White, b. March 20, 1755. 

Josiah, son of Ebenezer and Judah White, b. December 28, 


Judith, dau. of Ebeuezer and Judith White, b. February 15, . 

Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer and Judah White, b. July 13, 1741. 

Comfort, dau. of Ebenezer and Judah White, b. July 2, 1746. 

Adams, son of Samuel and Abigail White, b. February 17,. 

Samuel, son of Samuel and Abigail White, b. March 24, 1747. 

Nathan, son of Samuel and Abigail White, b. June 27, 1750. 

Baruck, son of Samuel and Abigail White, b. May 2, 1752. 

Margery, dau. of Samuel and Abigail White, b. October 16,. 

Artemas, son of Samuel and Abigail White, b. March 3, 1757. 

Antipas, son of Samuel and Abigail White, b. March 12, 1760. 

Hannah, dau. of Daniel and Hannah White, b. August 7, 1748. 

Jonathan, son of Thomas and Priscilla White, b. May 1, 1749. 

Thomas, son of Thomas and Priscilla White, b. February 17 r 

Mehetibel, dau. of Thomas and Priscilla White, b. September 
21, 1754. 

Anne, dau. of Philip and Rachel White, b. February 18, 1754. 

Robert, sou of Aaron and Ruamah White, b. August 25, 1763. 

Marcy, dau. of Joseph and Margery White, b. March 21, 1757. 

Mary, dau. of Joseph and Margery White, b. October 19, 1751. 

Jacob, son of Joseph and Margery White, b. August 10, 1753. 

Benjamin, son of Joseph and Margery White, b. October 5, 

Aaron, son of Joseph and Margery White, b. July 30, 1765. 

Artemas, son of John G. and Jerusha White, b. January 20, 

Margery, dau. of Samuel and Hannah White, b. March 6, 1778. 

Nancy, dau. of Samuel and Hannah White, b. December 18, 

Cynthia, dau. of Samuel and Hannah White, b. December 5, 

Penelope, dau. of Ebenezei and P^lizabeth White, b. January 
26, 1771. 

Paul, son of Paul and Susanna White, b. March 31, 1772. 

Daniel W., son of Samuel and Eunice White, b. May 28, 1773. 

Nathan, son of Josiah and Mary White, b. March 17, 1777. 


Gardner, son of John G. and Jerusha White, b. January 14, 

Rachel, dau. of John G. and Jerusha White, b. July 2, 1777. 

Anna, dau. of John G. and Jerusha White, b. August 21, 1779. 

Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Ruth White, b. October 24, 

Newman Sumner White, son of Hannah Tucker, b. April 25, 

Peter, son of Smith and Eunice White, b. March 26, 1782. 

Chloe, dau. of Smith and Eunice White, b. October 4, 1784. 

Hopey, dau. of Smith and Eunice White, b. April 9, 1787. 

Siloe, dau. of Smith and Eunice White, b. November 24, 1789. 

Prudence, dau. of Smith and Eunice White, b. April 30, 1792. 

Leonard, son of Smith and Eunice White, b. March 1, 1794. 

EzeMel, son of Smith and Eunice White, b. December 1, 1796. 

Mary Ann, dau. of Peter and Sally White, b. May 7, 1808. 


Samuel Warfield and Hannah White, mar. July 22, 1701. 

Ephraim Miller and Experience White, mar. February 10, . 

Samuel Reed and Abigail White, mar. January 7, 1703—4. 

Micall Medcalf and Ledia White, mar. March 21, 1704-5. 

Joseph Pool and Experience White, mar. December 6, 1706. 

Benjamin Darling and Mehitable White, mar. June 11, 1708. 

John Thompson and Abigail White, mar. March 31, 1712. 

Joseph White of Mendon and Abigail Skinner of Oxford, mar. 
April 15, 1718. 

Joseph Chilson and Sarah White, both of Mendon, mar. March 
4, 1718. 

John White and Sarah Cheney, both of Mendon, mar. April 28, 

Benjamin White and Mary Thayer, both of Mendon, mar. May 
23, 1720. 

William White and Elizabeth Thayer, both of Mendon, mar. 
August 3, 1721. 

Samuel Leeland of Holliston and Dinah White of Mendon, 
mar. December 30, 1736. 

Benoni Benson of Mendon and Prudence White of Uxbridge, 
mar. September 3, 1739. 



Abraham Staples of Menclon and Lyclia White of Uxbridge, 
mar. October 1, 1740. 

Uriah Thayer of Mendon and Abigail White of Uxbridge, mar. 
January 2, 1768. 

Aaron White of Uxbridge and Susannah Thayer of Mendon, 
mar. December 25, 1739. 

Samuel White and Comfort Tyler, both of Mendon, mar. 
November 26, 1739. 

John Green and Rachel White, both of Mendon, mar. May 25, 

Daniel White and Hannah Stalker, both of Mendon, mar. 
November 16, 1741. 

Samuel Pennimau and Huldah White, both of Mendon, mar. 
December 3, 1741. 

James Albee of Uxbridge and Prudence White of Mendon, 
mar. January 21, 1745. 

John White, Jr., and Margaret Thompson, both of Mendon, 
mar. May 29, 1744. 

Ebenezer Holbrook and Keziah White, both of Menclon, mar. 
April 26, 1748. 

Thomas Legg and Mary White, both of Mendon, mar. Novem- 
ber 8, 1748. 

Thomas White and Priscilla Bishop, both of Mendon, mar. 
July 27, 1748. 

John Lysure and Sarah White, both of Mendon, mar. March 
16, 1749. 

William White and Elizabeth Brummel, both of Mendon, mar. 
November 16, 1749. 

Moses White of Uxbridge and Abigail Holbrook, both of Men- 
don, mar. December 12, 1749. 

Thomas Darling and Rachel White, both of Mendon, mar. 
December 14, 1749. 

Joseph White and Margery Aldrich, both of Mendon, mar. 
April 11, 1751. 

Philip White and Rachel Green, both of Mendon, mar. June 5, 

Joseph White of Mendon and Anna Coleson of Holliston, mar. 
September 26, 1751. 


Jesse Wheelock and Phebe White, both of Mendon, mar. 
December 4, 1753. 

Solomon Chapin and Joanna White, both of Mendon, mar. 
May 28, 1754. 

Thomas White and Sarah Daniels, both of Mendon, mar. 
December 27, 1756. 

Solomon Wheat of Nims Partner's, York Government, and 
Abigail White of Mendon, mar. January 13, 1757. 

Josiah Ball and Sarah White, both of Mendon, mar. October 
23, 1758. 

Joseph White of Uxbridge and Deborah Fisk of Mendon, mar. 
March 15, 1759. 

Benjamin Darling and Susanna White, both of Mendon, mar. 
April 17, 1760. 

Stephen Darling and Prudence White, both of Mendon, mar. 
December 25, 1760. 

Ezekiel Hunt and Eunice White, both of Mendon, mar. May 

27, 1761. 

John Sprague and Hannah White, both of Mendon, mar. March 

28, 1764. 

Josiah White of Uxbridge and Mary Green of Mendon, mar. 
January 26, 1769. 

Samuel White of Killingly and Mrs. Sarah Corbett of Mendon, 
mar. July 15, 1752. 

Turner Ellis and Mrs. Mary White, both of Mendon, mar. 
March 16, 1769. 

Seva Pond and Mrs. Silva White, both of Mendon, mar. April 
4, 1770. 

Nathaniel Legg of Upton and Mrs. Abigail White, mar. 
November 21, 1771. 

Elisha White and Mary Corbett, both of Mendon, mar. Octo- 
ber 12, 1775. 

Turner White and Hannah Holbrook, both of Mendon, mar. 
May 6, 1774. 

James Allbee, Jr., of Uxbridge and Ruth White of Mendon, 
mar. February 29, 1776. 

Daniel White and Huldah Albee, both of Mendon, mar. Decem- 
ber 12, 1776. 


Calvin Wheelock and Mercy White, both of Mendon, mar. 
October 1, 1778. 

Jacob White and Katherine Pennimau, both of Mendon, mar. 
February 18, 1779. 

Benjamin White and Ruth Chapin, both of Mendon, mar. 
August 29, 1779. 

Solomon White and Esther Prebble, both of Mendon, mar. 
April 2, 1780. 

Daniel White and Martha Parkhurst, both of Mendon, mar. 
January 4, 1778. 

Simon Alexander of Mendon and Martha White of Uxbridge, 
mar. May 21, 1786. 

Nathan White of Uxbridge and Abigail Anthony of Glouces- 
ter, R. I., mar. March 6, 1793. 

Reuben Thayer of Mendon and Chloe White of Milford, mar. 
April 28, 1805. 

Bezaleel White of Uxbridge and Polly Taft of Mendon, mar. 
April 25, 1793. 

Peter White and Sally Stoddard, both of Milford, mar. Febru- 
ary 9, 1806. 

Joseph Thayer, Jr., of Mendon and Hopstill White of Milford, 
mar. May 27, 1807. 

Ariel Thayer of Mendon and Silvia White of Milford, mar. 
January 15, 1809. 

Smith White of Milford and Mary Cleveland of Mendon, mar. 
December 9, 1813. 

Leonard White of Milford and Dinah Thayer of Mendon, mar. 
December 10, 1820. 

Philander White of Uxbridge and Mary Eddy of Mendon, mar. 
October 31, 1824. 

Remington Southwick and Hannah White, of Mendon, mar. 
May 3, 1837. 

Ephraim White and Betsey Hovey, both of Mendon, mar. Octo- 
ber 30, 1836. 

Stephen R. White of Grafton and Nancy Fowler of North- 
bridge, mar. June 30, 1842. 

Elery White and Atta A. Weatherhead, Mendon, mar. March 
13, 1842. 



Mehitabel, wife of Thomas White, d. September 27, 1704. 

Captain Joseph White, d. March 23, 1706. 

Ebenezer, son of Capt. Joseph White, d. August 27, 1726. 

Lydia, wife of Joseph White, d. May 8, 1727. 

Huldah, wife of William White, d. August 26, 1720. 

Phebe, dau. of Deborah and Deborah White, d. July 23, 1734. 

Elizabeth, dau. of William White, d. September 17, 1740. 

Nathan, son of Samuel aud Abigail White, d. November 23, 

Samuel White, d. May 12, 1819. 

Widow Abigail White d. August 7, 1798. 

Susanna, wife of Ebenezer White, d. August 8, 1802. 

Susannah, wife of Ebenezer White, d. July 20, 1806. 

Joseph White, d. October 28, 1757. 

Margery White, d. May 11, 1759. 

Jerusha, wife of John G. White, d. October 17, 1814. 

John White, d. June 25, 1816. 

Eleanor, wife of Ephraim White, d. July 31, 1842. 
Yours respectfully, 

David Adams. 

(Taken from J. B. White's Genealogical Record of White Fam 
ily, printed in 1878.) 

[Record of Marriages from Middleboro, Mass.] 

William White and A. Barden, mar. 1768. 
Peregrine White and Mary Howland, mar. May 3, 1770. 
Joel White and Margaret Shaw, mar. June 31, 1781. 
Daniel White and Hannah Reed, mar. October 4, 178r. 
Andrew White and Betty Eaton, mar. July 22, 1784. 
Nathan White and Elizabeth Sproat, mar. February 25, 1787. 
Perez White and Deborah Leach, mar. June 11, 1788. 
Thomas White and Salome Pierce, mar. February 19, 1799. 
George White and Hannah Bryant, mar. June 4, 1745. 
Benjamin White and Betty Pratt, mar. October 15, 1745. 
Joshua White and Abithia Bryant, mar. November 12, 1747. 
Benjamin White and Hannah Shaw, mar. March 4, 1756. 
Oliver White and Hannah Eaton, mar. March 11, 1780. 


Lucy White and Seth Weston, mar. 1788. 

Cato White and Zeriah Jeffery, mar. March 28, 1812. 

Benjamin White and Elizabeth Nelson, mar. October 4, 1830. 

Harrison G. O. White and Cybil Richmond, mar. December 
10, 1832. 

Elijah White and Catherine Jaroulds, mar. September 30, 1832. 

Alden White and Jane McCully, mar. November 3 r 1803. 

Zebulon White and Bethsheba Pierce, mar. February 19, 1799. 

Bethuel White and Zeriah Standish, mar. March 21, 1798. 

P. M. Joshua White, J. of P. 

(A large number of the marriages in Middleboro, Mass., 
between the years of 1775 and 1800, were performed by Joshua 
White, Esq., J. of P.) 

Children of Joshua and Abithia (Bryant) White, mar. 
November 12, 1747:— 

1. William, b. March 1, 1749. 

2. Zebulon, b. July 13, 1751. 

3. Joel, b. July 30, 1756. 

4. Daniel, b. September 4, 1760. 

5. Ann, b. March 2, 1763. 

Cyrus, Jr., mar. Minerva Washburn. Children : — 

1. Minerva Washburn, b. June 16, 1820. 

2. Cyrus Andrew, b. September 16, 1822. 

3. Enoch Jenny, b. May 23, 1825. 

Children of Benjamin and Hannah, his wife : — 

1. Ebenezer, b. in Middleboro, Mass., January 5, 1737. 

2. Betty, b. November 4, 1738. 

Ebenezer, Jr., son Ebenezer and Betsey, b. April 17, 
1762; mar., March 15, 1781, Betty Leonard. 

Martin White, mar., February 5, 1807, Parmelia Wash- 
burn. Children : — 

1. Parmelia W., b. May 7, 1807. 

2. Louisa M.,h. October 19, 1808. 


3. Andrew M., b. December 25, 1809. 

4. Ruth W., b. November 15, 1811. 

5. 'James M., b. May 25, 1814. 

6. David K., b. March 1, 1816. 

7. Emetine W., b. March 1, 1818. 

8. Julia Ann, b. November 23, 1820. 

9. Solomon M., b. May 27, 1823. 

Solomon White, b. June 27, 1787 ; mar., November 1815, 
Celia Shaw. She d. February 24, 1826 and he mar. (2d) 
November 11, 1829, Saloma Eaton, who d. March 25, 1885. 
He d. November 26, 1856. Children:— 

1 Sylvia Wade, b. June 16, 1818; mar., November 14, 1837, 
Leonard Gibbs. 

2. Solomon, Jr., b. November 9, 1819; mar. November, 1856, 
Mrs. Kesiah L. Pratt. They had : (I) Laura Hatherway, b. 
December 25, 1860 ; mar., June 16, 1886, Percy W. Keith. They 
had: (1) Laura White, b. July 24, 1893. Solomon White, Jr., 
d. February 15, 1895. 

3. Joseph Shaw, b. October 9, 1821 ; d. March 27, 1840. 

4. Lucinda E., b. February 25, 1824; d. May 4, 1825. 

5. Celia Shaiv, b. September 2, 1830; mar., May 18, 1852, 
Isaac E. Macomber. 

6. Henry C, b. September 12, 1833; mar., November 15, 
1852, Sarah J. Leonard. They had: (I) Charles H., b. June 2, 
1854; mar. October 3, 1878, Cora Richmond. They had: (1) 
Harold, b. July 25, 1879. He d. January 13, 1887. (II) Fred 
H., b. November 26, 1857. (Ill) Martin L., b. October 16, 
1860. (IV) Clarabell, b. June 17, 1865; mar., July 18, 1883, 
Frederick M. Jenny. Henry C. White d. October 23, 1872. 

7. Darnel E., b. January 31, 1836; d. July 3, 1838. 

8. Elizabeth M., b. December 15, 1837 ; d. July 20, 1840. 

9. Joseph D. E., b. October 14, 1840; mar., May 18, 1864, 
Maria C. Dean. Resides at Providence, R. I. 

Benjamin White, b. 1683 ; mar., Ann , b. 1697, d. 

September 13, 1778, aged 81 years. Benjamin White was 
admitted to the First church of Middleboro, Mass., Novem- 


ber 11, 1728; d. December 10, 1750, aged 67 years. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Ruth, b. February 6, 1727. 

2. Ann, b. April 25, 1729. 

3. Hannah, b. November 7, 1731. 

4. Daniel, b. September 22, 1734; mar. October 4, 1781, Han- 
nah Reed. They bad: (I) Daniel, b. February 10, 1783. (II) 
Hannah, b. September 6, 1784. (Ill) Hannah, b. May 2, 1786. 
(IV) Joel, b. June 20, 1788. (V) Sarah, b. June 8, 1791. (VI) 
Apollas, b. August 6, 1793. (VII) Polly, b. August 6, 1796. 
(VIII) Joshua, October 21, 1799. 

Capt. Benjamin White, Jr., b. 1716; mar. October 15, 
1745, Betty Pratt. Children:— 

1. Samuel-\-, b. January 23, 1746; mar. Olive . 

2. Benjamin, b. October 22, 1749. 

3. Silas -\-, b. October 16, 1752; mar., November 12, 1778, 
Bethiah Washburn. 

Mrs. Betty (Pratt) White d. July 9, 1754, aged 29 years. He 
mar., (2d) March 4, 1756, Hannah Shaw. They had: 

4. Betsey, b. 1758; d. 1762, aged 3 years, 10 months. 

5. Hannah, b. 1760; d. 1766, aged 6 years. 

6. Andrew, b. March 2, 1761 ; mar., July 22, 1784, Betty 

7. Nathan, b. February 15, 1763; mar. February 25, 1787, 
Elizabeth Sproat, d. October 29, 1842. 

8. Ruth, b. November 2, 1766; mar., 1787, Solomon Wash- 

9. Solomon, b. 1771 ; d. 1772, aged seven months. 

Captain Benjamin White d. 1774, aged 58 years. He was 
captain of militia. 

Silas, son of Capt. Benjamin and Betty (Pratt) White ; 
mar., November 12, 1778, Bethiah Washburn, b. 1756. Silas 
White d. January 9, 1835, aged 82 years. His wife cl. Janu- 
ary 2, 1851, aged 95 years. Children: — 

1. Benja?nin-\-, b. September 9, 1779; mar. December 24, 
1801, Abigail L. Alden. 


2. SaMy, b. June 29, 1781 ; mar., (1st) 1801, Alexander Shaw. 
She mar. (2d) Enos Eaton; d. January 4, 1837, aged 56 years. 

3. Hannah, b. June 9, 1783; d. February 3, 1822, aged 38 

4. Cyrus, b. November 19, 1785; d. un. April 12, 1830, aged 
44 years. 

5. Clarisa, b. February 25, 1788; d. un. May 3, 1853, aged 
65 years. 

Silas White was a non-commissioned officer in the Revolution- 
ary War. 

Benjamin, son of Silas and Bethiah (Washburn) White ; 
mar. December 24, 1801, Abigail L. Alden, b. 1780. He d. 
September 30, 1849, aged 70 years. His wife Abigail d. May 
10, 1818, aged 38 years. Children :— 

1. Abigail, b. 1802; mar., (1st) Chatman. She mar., 

(2d) Peleg Leach of Bridgewater, Mass. 

2. Betsey, b. 1804; d. 1807, aged 3 years. 

3. Charles -4-, b. May 29, 1806; mar. October 1, 1833, Fanny 
Murdock. He was captain of militia. 

4. Laura, b. 1808; mar. Ruel Eaton; d. December 28, 1843, 
aged 35 years. 

5. Benjamin Franklin -\-, b. 1810; mar. Jane Harlow of Fall 
River, Mass. 

6. Sally, b. 1811 ; d. August 1822, aged 11 years. 

7. Silas -{-, b. April 7, 1813; mar. August 30, 1845, Sarah A. 

8. William, b. 1815 ; d. young. 

Benjamin White was among the non-commissioned officers in 
the War of 1812. 

Silas, son of Benjamin and Abigail (Alden) White ; mar., 
August 30, 1845, Sarah A. Drake. He d. January 19, 1883, 
aged 69 years. Children : — 

1. William L-\-., b. July 13, 1846 ; mar., June 29, 1869, Ella 
A. Tucker. 

2. Clara J., b. April 5, 1848; mar., (1st) October 24, 1869, 


James Gunnell of St. Helena. She mar., (2d) December 16, 1876, 
John Baker of Taunton; d. December 26, 1886, aged 38 years. 

3. Clarence E., b. April 30, 1850; mar., October 30, 1875, 
Emma M. Babson of Boston. They had : (I) Mortimer E., b. 
August 31, 1876 ; d. May 8, 1884. 

4. SaraJi Evelyn, b. May 25, 1852 ; d. October 16, 1863, aged 
11 years. 

5. Nelson C, b. March 1, 1854; mar., (1st) November 23, 
1887, Susie Prime. They had : (I) Carlton Irving, b. September 
19, 1888. 

Susie (Prime) White d. April 6, 1889, and he mar., (2d) 
December, 1893, Susie M., dau. of Benjamin F. White of Mid- 
dleboro. q. v. 

6. Ella F., b. January 8, 1856; mar., September 14, 1873, 
C. Franklin Davis of Rehoboth. 

7. Lucy D., b. November 15, 1858; mar., (1st) October 17, 
1876, Frank H. Richardson of Taunton. (2d) September 4, 1881, 
Frank H. Brooks of Taunton; d. April 12, 1885. 

8. Leonard, b. September 5, 1860; cl. September 28, 1863, 
aged 3 years. 

9. Annie Florence, b. March 9, 1863; d. un. July 9, 1885, 
aged 22 years. 

10. Jessie E., b. February 26, 1866; mar., August 25, 1888, 
Frank H. Brooks of Taunton. 

11. Minnie A., b. June 19, 1868; d. un. March 25, 1888. 
Silas White lived with his paternal grandfather, his mother 

dying when he was five years old. 

It has always been a tradition among the old people that they 
are descendants of William White of the Mayflower . 

The following is taken from a letter written by Clarence E. 
White, Middleboro, Mass. : 

" Our family have a coat of arms, formerly to be seen at the 
Historical Rooms in Boston, now at Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth. 
. . . ' White's Hill,' where I now write, has been in the 
family for more than two hundred years, originally being a farm 
of two hundred acres. There are six generations of the family 
buried in one yard here, belonging to the Old Father Backus Bap- 
tist society, the historian of the Baptists." 

Clarence E. White. 


William L., son of Silas and Sarah (Drake) White, mar., 
June 29, 1869, Ella A. Tucker. Children : — 

1. Lester A., b. September 21. 1879. 

2. Alton W.,b. August 10, 1880. 

3. Grace F. D., b. February 8, 1882. 

4. William Leonard (adopted), b. May 5, 1870. 

Captain Charles, son of Benjamin and Abigail (Alden) 
White, mar., October 1, 1833, Fanny Murdock, who d. July, 
1888. Captain Charles White cl. January 6, 1867, aged 60 
years. Children : — 

1. Cyrus, b. November 21, 1836; mar. Charlotte Bump. They 
had (I) Cora, who d. young. He d. November 19, 1862. 

2. Charles Frederick, b. December 19, 1839; d. April 6, 1865, 
un., aged 25 years. 

3. Fannie Minerva, b. December 8, 1845; mar., 1866, Alex- 
ander Cushman. She d. 1875. 

4. Laura, b. January 1, 1850; d. January 7, 1850. 

5. Benjamin Franklin -\-, b. February 14, 1851; mar., May 
18, 1871, Hattie Killbreth. 

6. Wendell H. -f-, b. September, 1853 ; mar, Annie Childs. 

7. Luther M., b. January 30, 1856; mar. Minnie Burrell. 
They have (I) Irene B., b. December 24, 1890. (II) Leon A., 
b. May 29, 1894. 

Benjamin F., son of Captain Charles and Fanny (Mur- 
dock) White, mar., May 18, 1871, Hattie Killbreth. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Susie M., b. September 8, 1873; mar., December, 1893, 
Nelson C. White, q. v. 

2. Fannie M., b. February 10, 1877. 

3. Florence L., b. August 1, 1889. 

4. Laura F., b. September 7, 1891. 

Wendell H., son of Captain Charles and Abigail (Mur- 
dock) White, mar. Annie Childs. Children : — 
1. Charles F., b. September 18, 1879. 


2. Mary L.,h. 

3. Myra E., b. 

4. Bex H., b. - 

Benjamin F., son of Benjamin and Abigail (Alden) 
White, mar. Jane Harlow of Fall River. He went to Califor- 
nia in 1849, and d. at Salt Lake City on his return East. 
Children ; — 

1. Myra, b. 1835. 

2. Jennie, b. 1848; mar. Charles Clark of Sandwich; d. in 
San Francisco, Cal., 1891. 

Samuel, son of Benjamin and Betty (Pratt) White, b. 
1746; mar. Olive . Children: — 

1. Olive, b. April 20, 1794. 

2. Hannah Shaw, b. September 2, 1801. 

3. Samuel-\-, b. December 25, 1805; mar., February 14, 
1833, Rebecca Caswell. 

4. Eliza Ann, b. November 5, 1810. 

5. William Brainbridge, b. September 11, 1813. (Twin.) 
Mar. Eleanor Emery. They had : (I) William Emery. (II) 
Ann Maria ; 'mar. George Washburn of Taunton. (Ill) Chaun- 
cey Dennett, b. October 25, 1842 ; mar. Elizabeth Wood. 

6. James Lawrence, b. September 11, 1813. (Twin.) Mar. 
(1st) Miss Keith. They had : (1) George B. He mar. (2d) a 
sister of his first wife. They had (II) Frederick. Removed with 
his family to Daytona, Florida. 

Samuel Nye, son of Samuel and Olive White, b. in Mid- 
dleboro, Mass., December 25, 1805, where he spent his whole 
life. He was a farmer and lived and died upon a part of the 
home farm which had been owned by his father and grand- 
father before him. In the year 1832 he mar. Rebecca L. Cas- 
well of Taunton, who had been many years a very successful 
school teacher ; a lady of highly cultivated tastes and rare 
refinement. Children :— 

1. William Albert, b. September 26, 1833. 

Rebecca L. White. 

Samuel N. White. 


2. Sarah Dennis, b. November 29, 1835. 

These parents were remembered by their children, with the 
most tender and grateful memories, for they were both willing to 
make any sacrifice that their children should be educated, and 
most unselfishly devoted themselves to whatever might be for the 
good of their children. 

Samuel Nye White d. April 17, 1869. 

Rebecca L. White d. March 3, 1885. 

[Copied from the Boston Traveller, September, 1883.] 

An Artistic Door Ajar. 

It is later than her regular reception hour when I mount the 
stairs at 12 West street, Boston. Indeed, it is after the closing- 
hours of the building ; for the big jewelry firm at the corner has a 
case of diamonds below which must be jealously guarded. But 
the janitor has been requested to leave the great door unlocked 
so that I may enter without difficulty. He is in the halls arrang- 
ing some piping, but cheerfully bids me mount higher if I wish to 
find No. 31. 

Excelsior ! a finely equipped building, with the General Theo- 
logical Library to keep it safe for eternity as well as time, but 
even Homer nods; where is the elevator? Onward, there is 31 ; 
and the slanting sunset light falls through the gates ajar — beau- 
tiful gates one may add after being inside ; for there are beautiful 
pictures, made of beautiful faces — faces of those after whom the 
pearly gates have barely closed — faces which those who love 
them desire to have reproduced by the artist's pencil. 

Whatever may be the real separation between soul and body, 
they are so mingled that we might as well try to find the dividing 
bounds of intermingling night and day as to attempt to mark the 
line where spirit ends and matter begins ; and so believe, as men 
may in eternity and heaven, they want to look upon beloved fea- 
tures as they embodied character in the flesh. 

Miss White well says that the life rapidly transforms the face. 
She learns this by her profession, for this is the studio of Sarah 
Dennis White, a lady who receives me cordially, and whose con- 
versation is almost as attractive as her pictures, which is saying 
a great deal. She is a native of Middleboro, Mass., and has 


been before the art world for some years as a landscape 
painter, specimens of which lie about the rooms. Only they 
do not lie ; they tell the truth as nature's counterfeit. 

There is a painting of Lake Ossipee — how the human eye 
likes to dwell upon such a union of mountain, trees, and water. 
There is a sea view of Eddystone Lighthouse. And here is still 
another — an American view — the coast of Mount Desert, near 
Bar Harbor, after a storm ; a strong and lurid picture but faith- 
ful to life in every detail. It ought to grace Robert Grant's new 
story, "The Average Man," which is about ready for publica- 
tion, and which contains a graphic description of a wooing on 
this very cliff. 

Three years ago she drifted into crayon portraiture, and with 
such great success that she determined to make it a specialty. I 
must sit on the lounge and look at the likenesses before me. 
That is a face I know surely? No f'a^ Miss White says, it is an 
essentially practical countenance, such as one often sees in New 
England — the concentrations of an ancestry of industry and skill 
in making both ends honorably meet. This picture has been 
made for a son, who is so satisfied with it that he bids the artist 
have it appropriately framed. 

What a strikingly beautiful profile is yonder ! It is Sara Jewett, 
the actress, whose New York friends — and they are of the highest 
social and artistic circles — praise the likeness as catching the 
very spirit of the original. 

These two likenesses might stand as types of the ideal and 
practical in American life. Miss Jewett's nose is firm, she will 
have her way ! but what gentleness and grace in the mouth ! 

Yonder is President Garfield, and the portrait does better jus- 
tice to his high forehead than most pictures ; for when bald heads 
get into portraits they are very apt to lose their distinctive intel- 
lectual foreheads in a general slope into the bare summits of the 

It is a fact curious, that the longer one resides in a strange 
land, the more difficult does he find it to discriminate facial types 
which were at first easily distinguished ; so it is with portraits, 
says my hostess, the first impression of the face is her best. If 
she can trausfer that to her easel, her work is mainly done and 

Sarah D. White. 


the details are comparatively easy. Here is a sweet, mature face 
belonging to a young girl of only thirteen, who was evidently 
more with her elders than her mates. I tried various dresses and 
shawls and ornaments, with this child, says Miss White, but I 
could not get her real expression till I put on this simple sailor 
suit, and her mother says it was always so with her at home. 
Now there is Miss Jewett, arrayed in shimmering satin, embroid- 
ered with seed pearls, and sucli attire makes her face all the more 
beautiful. There is such a difference in faces. Here is another 
maiden, who died after a few hours' illness ; that is a common type 
of a frail New Englander. And whose is this clean cut face, 
like a cameo in its soft outlines ? That is a level-headed edi- 
torial friend, firm in his decisions, yet with a slightly depressed 
slope towards the back of his head, where some men have what a 
boyish friend of mine once called the bump of steem. Here is 
another picture of Miss White herself, taken by a foreign artist, 
where she is standing in a quaint old garden, in Berne, Switzer- 
land, dreamily gazing at the shining peaks of the great Alpine 
mountain wall, at the north. 

But the hour is passing ! it is time to run round the corner and 
see my friend, William Redmond, in his new character, and so 
with a pleasant good-bye, I find my way down the flights. The 
portcullis is fastened ; but it readily lets people out though out- 
siders cannot so readily enter ; in which respect it differs from an 
English jail I once visited, where the directions were to let every- 
body in bu,t no one out without special orders. Imprisonment in 
Miss White's studio would not be so bad. 

[Copied from the Boston Journal, September, 1887.J 

Hon. William A. White. 

Hon. William A. White, a resident of Santa Barbara, Califor- 
nia, widely known throughout this commonwealth, died at his 
home in that city recently. Judge White was born in Middle- 
boro, Mass. ; was educated at Brown University, where he gradu- 
ated with distinguished honors in 1857. After leaving the univer- 
sity he entered Harvard Law School, Cambridge, where he finished 
his professional studies. He was admitted to the bar in Boston, 


and soon after removed to Newport, R. I., where he formed a 
co-partnership with Hon. William P. Sheffield, under the firm of 
Sheffield & White. During his residence in Newport, his prac- 
tice was large, varied, and extended, and for some time he was 
the justice of the municipal court of that city. Some fifteen years 
ago, ill health compelled him to remove to the more congenial 
climate of Santa Barbara, Cal., and from that time, although a 
constant visitor in Boston, he has made Santa Barbara his home. 
Though securing in this climate, an improved degree of health, 
he did not actively engage in the practice of the law, still his 
legal counsel was often sought by the members of his profession 
here and there, who held in high appreciation his large and varied 
legal knowledge. His attention during his residence there was 
almost exclusively bestowed upon dealings in real estate, and the 
success born of ripe judgment and a thorough attention to busi- 
ness, always seemed to attend his undertakings. 

His interests in all public questions, whether of a social, politi- 
cal, or educational, led him to participate to the extent of his 
strength in every undertaking, and his name is linked with every 
measure of improvement inaugurated in Santa Barbara during the 
last dozen years. An ardent lover of books and literature, and a 
deep and thorough scholar. His time, when not devoted to bus- 
iness, was always actively employed in self-culture, and his liter- 
ary and legal attainments were extensive, and a source of great 
profit and pleasure alike to himself and his friends. His love for 
his family fireside was one of the strongest characteristics of his 
nature, and a source of the greatest comfort to him in his final ill- 
ness was the constant presence and attention of the two he held 
dearest upon earth — his wife and only sister. Courteous in his 
bearing, judicial in his judgments, just in his transactions, with a 
deep knowledge of men and a rare tact in his dealings with them, 
he lived respected, honored, and esteemed. 

John White was killed by the Indians, with five others, 
while making hay July 24, 1710, in Brookfield, Mass. 

After his death his widow returned to Concord where she 
lived with her son John until about 1732, when the two sons, 
John and Cornelius, returned to Brookfield ; John going on 

Judge William A. White. 


his father's place, while Cornelius went on new land in the 
western part of Brookfield, known as Coy's hill. Here he 
lived alone about two years in a shelter made of slabs on the 
side of a rock. In 1752, he became a grantee of Westmore- 
land, N. H., where he purchased nine hundred acres of land. 
In 1755 he moved on the farm in West Brookfield, which is 
in the possession of his descendant, Samuel N. White. 

Cornelius 4 , son of John and Susanna (Sherman) 
White, b. February 11, 1711 ; mar. Hannah Gilbert. Chil- 
dren : — ■ 

1. Samuel-\-, b. 1739; mar. Thankful Gilbert. 

2. Moses -\-, b. about 1743 ; mar. 

3. Asa-\-, b. August 15, 1752; mar., 1779, Anuie Kinney. 

4. Prudence. 

5. Hannah. 

6. Sarah. 

Cornelius White was a very deaf man, and was often consulted 
by others, especially in reference to bounds of land and so to 
settle differences. His grandson, Alfred, when a lad used to go 
about with him because he could make him hear and know what 
other people said. 

Samuel 6 , son of Cornelius and Hannah (Gilbert) White ; 
mar. Thankful Gilbert of Brookfield. Children : — 

1. Thomas, b. November 10, 1767; mar. Betsey Lincoln. 
Moved to Cavendish, Vt. 

2. Peregrine, b. September 30, 1769; d. in Boston, Mass., 
1802, aged 33 years. 

3. Stephen Martin ,-{-, b. September 5, 1771 ; mar. . 

4. Daughter, b. September 7, 1773. 

Captain Samuel enlisted from Westmoreland, N. H., in the 
Revolutionary War, and d. in camp at Roxbury, Mass., in 1778. 

Asa, 6 son of Cornelius and Hannah (Gilbert) White, b. 
August 15, 1752 ; mar. 1779, Annie Kinney. Children : — 

1. Huldah, b. 1780 ; mar. James H. Bartlett. Had six children ; 
d. about 1865. 



2. Prudence, b. 1782; mar. Henry Ingalls. Had a large 
family ; d. 1865. 

3. Alfred-\-, b. July 25, 1785; mar. February 15, 1807, Sarah 

4. Cornelias, b. 17!)0; d. young. 

Deacon Alfred," son of Asa and Annie (Kinney) White; 
mar. February 15, 1807, Sarah Gilbert. Children : — 

1. AdaMne, b. September 25, 180!) ; mar. Rev. Ira Tracy. 
Went to China as a missionary of the A. B. C. F. M. in 1834. In 
about eight years they returned on account of his poor health. 
She d. in Ohio in 1853. They had three sous, the two oldest 
dying young. The youngest, Alfred, is a minister of the Gospel. 

2. Eoxana, b. December 2, 1811 ; mar. J. P. Albertson, 
June 5, 1853. 

3. Sarah G., b. September 14, 1813; mar., March 15, 1838, 
Rev. Asa B. Smith. Went to the Sandwich Islands as a mission- 
ary of the A. B. C. F. M. Remained there eight years, return- 
ing on account of his ill health. She d. in 1856. He d. in 
Rocky Hill, Conn., February 10, 1886. 

4. Samuel N., b. July 21, 1815; mar. March 29, 1842, Har- 
riet A. Chamberlain. He resides on the farm where his father 
lived. Had nine children. One son, Alfred C, b. November 
23, 1847 ; un. The rest are teachers. 

Deacon Alfred d. June 15, 1874. ' 

Thomas, son of Samuel and Thankful (Gilbert) White, 
mar., March 1, 1790, Betsey Lincoln. They moved from 
Westmoreland, N. H., to Cavendish, Vt. Children : — 

1. Lincoln; mar. . They had : (I) Electa. (II) Eliza. 

(Ill) Charles. (IV) Franklin. 

2. Samuel; mar. . They had: (I) Washington. (II) 

Henry Kirke. (HI) Quincy Adams. (IV) Thomas Jefferson, d. 
at Andersonville, Ga., August 9, 1864, a prisoner of war. (V) 
Ellen. (VI) Stellah. Samuel White went to Rushford, N. Y., 
where he lived until his death. 

3. George, b. January 8, 1797; mar. Electa Cushman, a lineal 
descendant of Robert Cushmau, the Pilgrim. They had : (I) 


Stella. (II) Plin. (Ill) Aurora. (IV) Azro, well-known as " Hank " 
White of Whittemore and Clark's minstrels, was a member of the 
Sixteenth Vt. Regiment, and was in the Battle of Gettysburg. 
(V) Homer, b. in Weathersfield, Vt., March 9, 1837; mar., 
November 10, 1864, Catherine F. Corhein. They have: (I) 
Georgia, b. in Taycheedah, Wis., September 6, 1866. He is a 
clergyman in West Randolph, Vt. (VI) Edwin. (VII) Calista. 
(VIII) Hugh. He was a copper-plate engraver and map pub- 
lisher ; d. December 30, 1873. 

4. Charles ; mar. . They had : (I) Sophia. (II) George. 

(Ill) Luther. (IV) Otis. He is a Methodist preacher, stationed 
a few years ago at Ransonville, N. Y. (V) Martin ; d. a soldier 
in the War of the Rebellion. (VI) Persis. Charles White went 
from Cavendish, Vt., to Rushford, N. Y., where he d. 

5. Betsey; d. in Cavendish, Vt., December 21, 1805. 

Stephen Martin, son of Samuel and Thankful (Gilbert) 
White, went from Westmoreland, N. H., with his brother 
Thomas to Cavendish, Vt. He afterwards mar., and settled 
in Richford, Vt. Children : — 

1. Avory. 

2. Clarissa. 

3. Edward. 

4. Alexis. 

5. Abigail. 

6. Peregrine. 

Moses, son of Cornelius and Hannah (Gilbert) White, 
mar., in Westmoreland, N. H., December 25, 1766, Dinah 
Stone. Children : — 

1. Sarah, b. November 16, 1767; mar. . They had (I) 

Abigail, b. January 17, 1784. (II) Wilder Butterfield, b. July 
18, 1789 ; mar. Prudence Huestis. Settled in Sandusky, O., and 
is a very smart man. 

2. Solomon, b. October 17, 1769. 

3. Bethuel, b. December 1, 1771; mar., February 25, 1796, 
Margery Daniels. 

4. Calvin -\-, b. July 29, 1774; mar. Sarah Richardson. 


5. Hannah, b. October 3, 1777; mar. David French. 

6. Dinah, b. November 14, 1779; mar., June 17, 1812, 
Nathaniel Cressey. 

7. Samuel, b. February 29, 1782. 

8. Cornelius, bap. September 21, 1784; probably d. young. 

9. Cynthia, b. January 1, 1786. 

10. Orpha, b. June 30, 1789. 

11. Eunice, b. August 31, 1791; mar., October 20, 1813, 
John Ingalls. 

12. John-]-, b. June 12, 1796; mar., June 7, 1821, Harriet 
Carroll of Woodstock, Conn. 

Moses White was deacon of the church in Westmoreland, 
N. EL, and a respected farmer. His wife, Dinah (Stone) White, 
d. October 26, 1811, and he mar. (2d) June 17, 1813, Mrs. 
Silence Blaisdell, who d. April 30, 1821 ; he d. March 6, 1829, 
aged 86 years. 

Calvin, son of Deacon Moses and Dinah (Stone) White, 
mar. Sarah Richardson of Chesterfield, N. H. Children : — 

1. Oilman, b. January 18, 1799; mar., February 2, 1829, 
Harriet Butterfield. They had : (I) George. 

2. Persis, b. November 15, 1801 ; d. December 20, 1802. 

3. Polly, b. January 19, 1805; mar., October 17, 1832, Fran- 
cis Russell of Fitchburg, Mass. 

4. Silas, b. November 20, 1806 ; mar. Phoebe Thayer. They 
have: (I) Ann Elizabeth; mar., October 28, 1862, Eugene J. 


5. Shubael+, b. May 27, 1809 ; mar., 1836, Betsey Heustis. 

6. Betsey, b. August 11, 1811 ; d. un., aged 72 years. 

7. Alfred, b. October 17, 1813 ; mar. Sarah Litch. 

8. Eunice, b. November 23, 1816 ; mar. Caleb W. Jaquith. 
He was a mechanic, and made the old-fashioned mould-board 

wooden ploughs, was an intelligent man, and held several town 
offices. The family were very good musicians, especially Silas, 
who, even when an old man, sang a heavy bass in the church 
choir. Calvin d. April 11, 1843, aged 69; and his wife d. Sep- 
tember 21, 1853, aged 74 years. 

John, son of Deacon Moses and Dinah (Stone) White, 


mar. June 7, 1821, Harriet Carroll of Woodstock, Conn. 
Children : — 

1. Harriet Amelia, b. March 27, 1822; mar. W. L. Poland of 
North Brookfield, Mass. 

2. Moses Augustus, b. July 8, 1823 ; d. un. in Chicopee, Mass., 

3. Adeline Arvilla, b. April 5, 1825 ; mar. Alfred Burrill of 
North Brookfield. 

4. Lucy Ann, b. December 27, 1827; d. 1829. 

5. Martha P., b. October 29, 1832; mar. Roswell M. White 
of Littleton, N. H. 

6. Mary F. ; d. young. 

John White is an undertaker, residing in Brookfield, Mass. 

Shubael, son of Calvin and Sarah (Richardson) White ; 
mar. (1st) 1836, Betsey Huestis. She d. May 1, 1838, aged 
28 years, and he mar. (2d) Lucy L., dau. of David Wilder of 
Lancaster. She d. February 26, 1883. Children : — 

1. William H., who is judge of police court at Junction City, 

2. Henry, b. October 19, 1840; d. December 19, 1861, in the 
War of the Rebellion. 

3. Charles M., b. May 16, 1850. 

Shubael White settled in Keene, N. H., in 1836, and was a 
carpenter by trade. During the Civil War he served as drum- 
major in the Second, Sixth, and Fourteenth N. H. Regiments. 
Overseer of the poor in Keene, eleven years ; collector of taxes, 
four years. He was a man of quiet manners, cheerful, honest, 
and faithful. In religious belief, a Congregationalist, and in 
politics a Republican. 

Samuel White. 

The first distinct trace of Samuel White which I can find, is 
his enlistment, January 1, 1781, from the first precinct, of Brook- 
field, Mass., to serve for three years in the War of the Revolu- 
tion, at the age of nineteen. He had enlisted before from Spen- 
cer, Mass., as I learn from his army record, on March 15, 1777, 
in Captain McColl's company, Colonel Wigglesworth's Massachu- 


setts regiment, but I cannot learn from what place. He must 
have remained near Brookfield for some months, for on the twenty- 
second of April, 1781, according to Brookfield records, in the 
safe in the Historical Rooms in Boston, he was married to Susan- 
nah Hamilton of that place. 

Samuel White's parents had died while he was a small child, 
and he had been brought up by his grand-uncle, Josiah White. 
He had two brothers, John and Benjamin, and a half brother, 
named Enos West. Enos West, when a man, lived for a time in 
Providence, R. I., removed later to New Orleans, where he was 
murdered by pirates. Samuel White and Susannah (Hamilton) 
White had twelve children, of whom one or two, at least, were 
born in Brookfield. Some were born in Calais, Vt., and I think 
some must have been born in New Hampshire, while the family 
were practically en route for Vermont, as I have heard that they 
came in company with William Templeton from New Hampshire, 
and I know that Polly, Samuel's oldest daughter, married Tem- 

The children of Samuel and Susannah White were, Polly, 
Lorania, Sewall, Lucy, Clarissa, .Tosiah, 1794, (my grandfather), 
Celia, Jesse, 1798, Leonard, Samuel, Susan, and Priscilla. 
When Priscilla was six months old her mother died, and Mr. 
White married for his second wife, Deidama Wakefield Cross- 
man, and had two children, Enos and Silas. He lived at Pekin, 
on what has since been known as the old Sheldon farm. He had 
to work by the day to purchase his first seed grain, and to carry 
his grists to the mill at Peacham on his back. 

His farm when he first moved to it was a wilderness, his only 
team one of oxen. He died in Montpelier, Vt., July, 1839 ; his 
army record gives the date as the thirteenth ; his grand-daughter's 
letter, authority for the most I know, gives the thirtieth. 

Susannah Hamilton, the first wife of Samuel White, was the 
daughter of Erasmus Hamilton of Brookfield, Mass., and his 
wife, Mary Adams, daughter of Abraham Adams, and a lineal 
descendant of Henry Adams of Quincy. Abraham Adams's chil- 
dren were: Eliphalet, born August 1, 1762; Susannah, born 
December 4, 1763 ; Abraham, Lydia, Betsey, Sewall, Jesse, Oba- 
diah, Jabez, Polly, Cyrus. 


Mrs. White was loved by all who knew her. She had a better 
education than most of her neighbors, and I have been told that 
they used to come eveniugs, from miles around, to hear her read. 

This family preserved a record of the persons who came to 
America in the Mayflower, and believed themselves to have 
descended from William White. 

Josiah White, who lived in Brookfield, Mass., somewhere 
between the years 1720 and 1750, might have been the grand- 
uncle who reared Samuel White. 

Polly White mar. William Templeton. 

Lorania White mar. John Templeton, cousin to William. 

Sewall White mar. Hannah Butterfield. 

Lucy White mar. Levi Templeton, brother to William. 

Clarissa White mar. James Dodge. 

Josiah White mar. (1st) Ruth Gray; (2d) Abigail Burgess 

Celia White mar. John Moore. 

Jesse White mar. Louisa Tucker. 

Susan White mar. Adolphus Andrews. 

Priscilla White mar. Sidney Wheeler. 

Mrs. George H. Christian, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ezekiel, 5 son of , b. August 11, 1707 ; mar. . 

Lived in Douglas, Mass. As the records were burned much 
information concerning him cannot be given. Children: — 

1. Asa. He had (I) Asa. (II) Nancy. 

2. John-\-, b. August, 1742 ; mar. (1st) Abial Albee. He mar. 
(2d) Elizabeth Paine. 

3. Ruth; mar. Abner Smith. They had (I) Prudence; mar. 
Stephen Thayer. (II) Daughter; mar. Lemuel Ross. (Ill) 
Daughter ; mar. Samuel Darling. 

4. Douglas, b. 1743 ; mar. Ruth Albee. 

John 6 , son of Ezekiel White; mar. (1st) Abial Albee. 
He mar., (2d) before 1778, Elizabeth Paine. Children : — 

1. William, b. 1768; mar. Deborah Comstock. 

2. Joseph, b. May 1, 1771 ; mar. Naoma Wilson. 

3. Prudence, b. August 18, 1773; mar. Caleb Handy. 


4. John, b. July 19, 1776 ; mar. Mercy Yates of Douglas. 

5. Abial, b. August 18, 1778; mar. Abraham Fairfield. 
[ 6k Simon, b. February 10, 1780; mar. Amy Lapbam. 

7. Bashaba, b. November 13, 1782; mar. (1st) Ezekiel Wood. 
They had : (I) Ezekiel, b. 1807 ; d. 1840. She mar. (2d) James 

Burlingame. They had : (II) Elizabeth, b. 1810 ; mar. 

Arnold. They had (1) Lizzie, who mar. Yarnold, aud had 

Lucy. Bashaba (White) Wood d. February 2, 1810. 

Deacon John White, b. in Weymouth, Mass., February 
20, 1704 ; d. in Yarmouth, November 1, 1747, aged 43 years. 
Married twice ; (1st) Hannah White, b. in Weymouth, Feb- 
ruary 20, 1713 ; d. May 4, 1736. Children : 

1. Asa, b. in Weymouth, Mass., April 25, 1735. 

Rachel Loring, second wife of Deacon John White, was born 
in Hull, Mass., October 25, 1717; mar. May, 1739. They had : 

2. John, b. April 27, 1740. 

3. Hannah, b. January, 1742; d. August, 1742. 

4. Hannah, b. in Weymouth, May 25, 1743; d. June 21, 

5. Silvanus, b. June, 1744; d. March, 1746. 

6. James, b. September, 1746; d. October, 1746. 

7. Thomas, b. March, 1748; d. October, 1748. 

Deacon John White d. in Yarmouth, November 1, 1747. His 
death was much lamented by his friends and bereaved family, as 
well as a sorrowful loss to the church and town in which he lived. 

Capt. John White, the eldest son and only child that 
lived to grow up of Deacon John and Rachel White, b. in 
Weymouth, Mass., April 27, 1740. He was married three 
times. His first wife was Jane Stinson, who was b. in George- 
town, Me., May 20, 1748. He was mar. to Jane Stinson, 
December 20, 1764, by John Stinson, Esq., and had the fol- 
lowing children , — 

1. John. 

2. Rachel. 

3. Jane. 

4. Asa. 

5. Hannah. 


Jane Stinson, the first wife of Capt. John White, d. December 
8, 1774. 

Miss Mary McCobb, dau. of George and Ann Maria McCobb, 
was b. in Georgetown, July 17, 1752. 

Capt. John White mar. Mary McCobb for his second wife, Jan- 
uary, 1776, in Georgetown, by Rev. Ezekiel Emerson, and had 
the following children : 

1. Ann Maria. 

2. John. 

3. Margaret. 

4. Mary. 

5. Susanna. 

6. James McCobb. 

7. Betsey. 

8. George. 

His third wife was Miss Abigail- Butler, by whom he had one 
son : 

1. William Butler, b. September 22, 1794. 

Capt. John White d. February 14, 1795, aged 53 years, 10 
months. "He was a man much esteemed by his many friends, a 
gentleman and statesman, a friend to the liberty and rights of 
mankind, a firm believer of the religion of Jesus." 

James McCobb White was b. in Georgetown, December 
26, 1788; d. April 24, 1824; mar. Elizabeth Pattee, dau. of 
John Pattee, Esq., of Georgetown, Me. Children : — 

1. Ammi Mitchell. Has Earnest White, the only descendant 
by name of White in this family. 

2. Mary Elizabeth. 

3. Ann Maria. 

Mary Elizabeth White, b. in Georgetown, Me., July 
16, 1820 ; mar. Alfred Lee Berry of Phipsburg, Me., Novem- 
ber 24, 1843, by Rev. A. T. Loring. Alfred Lee Berry was 
b. in Phipsburg, April 8, 1820; d. October 29, 1856. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Alfred Henry -(-, b. September 9, 1844. 

2. Harriet Ann -f, b. May 11, 1848. 


3. Alice Maria, b. March 24, 1851 ; d. August 23, 1864. 

4. Lena Tyler -j-, b. March 19, 1853. 

5. Frank Lee-\-, b. May 4, 1855. 

Alfred H. Berry, mar., July 11, 1871, Frances F. 
Crosby of Arrowsic, Me., b. May 4, 1847. Children: — 

1. Alice C, b. October 29, 1872; d. February 15, 1876. 

2. Clara E., b. July 11, 1874; d. March 3, 1876. 

3. Harold Lee, b. August 26, 1877. 

Children all born in Portland, and now the family home is 51 
Thomas street. 

Harriet A. Berry, mar. at Bath, Me., October 15, 1873, 
Edwin A. Potter of . Bath, b. September 18, 1842. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. William Chapman, b. October 16, 1874. 

2. Edivin, b. August 22, 1877. 

3. Gertrude, b. January 12, 1879. 

Children all born in Chicago. Home address, 4832 Madison 
Avenue, Chicago. 

Lena T. Berry, mar. at Bath, Me., March 27, 1879, Wal- 
ter P. Bancroft of Portland, Me., b. May 21, 1846, d. March 
4, 1884. 

Frank L. Berry, mar. at Rockland, Me., July 5, 1888, 
Sarah R. Wilson, b. in Rockland, October 12, 1865. At 
present living in Portland, Me. 

Capt. Joseph White, b. in Lancaster, Mass., June 17, 
1746, son of Thomas, b. in Lancaster, 1719, and d. in Putney ? 
Vt.; mar., October, 1739, Sarah Broughton of Lancaster. 
Thomas was son of Capt. John of Lancaster, who d. 1725, 
leaving besides Thomas, John, Nathaniel, and several 
daughters. Capt. Joseph mar., April 12, 1772, Kezia, dau. 
of Ebenezer Britton. Children: — 

1. Broughton-\-, b. March 18, 1773; mar. Ruth Sabin. 


2. Sally, b. April 5, 1775; mar. (1st) Alpheus Read; (2d) 
John Wheeler. 

3. Kezia, b. March 30, 1777; mar., January 14, 1802, Arte- 
mas Knight. 

Capt. Joseph was an early settler of Westmoreland, N. H., 
where he cleared up his farm and built a log house. He after- 
wards built a large two-story house, which was called " White's 
Entertainment," where he kept a public house for many years. 
He owned much land and was a man of the highest respectability. 

Broughton, son of Capt. Joseph and Kezia (Britton) 
White ; mar. Ruth Sabin. He was a minister. Children : — 

1. Joseph Warren, b. October 17, 1799. 

2. Harriet Amelia, b. March 27, 1802 ; mar. Rev. Amos Fos- 

3. Hannah Sabin, b. February 23, 1804. 

4. Jane Charlotte, b. March 15, 1806 ; mar. Lorenzo Knight. 

5. Mary Ann, b. August 24, 1808. 

6. Fanny Britton, b. September 21, 1810. 

7. Lucy Smith, b. August 2, 1813 ; mar. Charles Butterfield. 

John White ; mar. Eunice, dau. of Edward Broughton 
and grand-daughter of Lord Broughton. Children : — 

1. Alfred. 

2. Thomas. 

3. John. 

4. Joseph. 

5. Josiah. 

6. Eunice; mar., February 10, 1772, Jotham Lord, in West- 
moreland, N. H. 

7. Patience. 

8. Copia. 

9. Lois. 

Seabury White, a nephew of Sarah White, who was the 
second wife of Robert Britton, probably b. in Raynham, Mass., 
and brought up by Robert Britton ; mar. (1st) November 7, 
1832, Rosany Chamberlain, who d. March 4, 1854, and he 
mar. (2d) the divorced wife of Nathaniel Gates. 


John White, b. 1744; mar. Hannah . He d. May 

28,1808. Children: — 

1. Daniel, b. September 10, 1791. 

2. Luke. 

3. Simon. 

Perez White removed from Raynham, Mass., to West- 
moreland, N. H.; mar. Debby, dau. of Deacon Daniel and 
Bethiah (Keith) Leach, and grand-daughter of Ebenezer and 
Joanna (Washburn) Leach of Bridge water, Mass. Debby 
(Leach) White d. February 12, 1844, aged 77 years. Chil- 
dren, all born in Raynham, Mass.: — 

1. Sybil, b. June 24, 1791 ; d. January 1, 1793. 

2. Sidney -\-, b. March 13, 1794; mar. Betsey Tillson. 

3. Sibyl, b. January 30, 1797; mar., September 22, 1822, 
Benjamin Tillson of Wrentham, Mass. 

4. Daniel Leach, b. July 19, 1799 ; d. when a young man. 

5. Isaac Keith-\-, b. August 29, 1801 ; mar., January 2, 1825, 
Penelope Knight. 

6. Samuel Davis, b. October 24, 1804 ; mar. Maria . 

She mar. (2d) Reuben C. Hildreth. 

7. Deborah L. ; mar., December 15, 1835, James M. Read. 
They had : (I) William ; d. young. (II) Charles E. ; resides in 
•Chelsea, Mass. 

Sidney, son of Perez and Debby (Leach) White; mar. 
Betsey Tillson. Children: — 

1. Benjamin Tillson, b. August 26, 1819 ; mar. Margaret . 

2. Susan Hooper, b. September 27, 1821 ; mar. Fair- 
banks of St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

3. Jane; mar. Cromwell King of Raynham, Mass. 

4. Angenette ; mar. Herman Farrington of AVrentham, Mass. 

5. Betsey; mar. in Coventry, Vt., Dailey. 

6. Adeliza; mar. Lee. Resides in Victory, Vt. 

7. Mary; mar. . Resides in Coventry, Vt. 

Isaac K., son of Perez and Debby (Leach) White ; mar., 
January 2, 1825, Penelope Knight. Children: — 

1. Joseph, b. October 1, 1825; mar. Rowena Hay ward. She 


d. August 26, 1880, aud he mar. (2d) November 24, 1884, Ann 
Eliza Williams. They had : (I) Frank Mortimer, b. September 8, 
1861 ; d. May 3, 1863. (II) Harry Townsend, b. November 2, 

2. Eunice; d. young. 

3. Eunice; d. young. 

4. Lucy A., b. August 31, 1830; mar., October 10, 1850, 
William N. Patten. 

5. Fanny Maria, b. August, 1832; d. in childhood. 

6. Henry Kirk, b. October 16, 1834; mar., April 3, 1860, 
Rachel Norris. Resides in Keene, N. H. They have (I) Irwin 
C, b. February 26, 1863; mar. Hattie Howe. Resides in 
Woodstock, Vt. (II) Ida M., b. October 11, 1868 ; mar. Walter 
Marvel. (Ill) Daughter, b. June 13, 1870; d. June 26, 1870. 

7. Damon Davis, b. November 28, 1836; mar., April 15, 
1862, Abigail Huldah Britton. Resides in Raynham, Mass. 
They have : (I) Hattie M., b. January 12, 1876. 

8. John, b. May 2, 1839; d. March 31, 1870, aged 30 years. 

9. Frances Maria, b. June 20, 1842; mar. Truman A. Jack- 
son, who is a physician in Kansas. 

10. Ella, b. January 13, 1845; mar. John Bell. They have: 
(I) Katie, b. 1879. 

[Marriages from the Town Records of Westmoreland, N. H.] 

Jemima White and Harridon Wheeler, Jr., June 19, 1763. 

Sarah White and Timothy Tyler, July 3, 1769. 

Eunice White and Jotham Lord, February 10, 1772. 

Jonathan White of Rockingham, Vt., and Rhoda Nash, Janu- 
ary 15, 1770. 

Lucy White and Nathaniel Whitcomb, November 7, 1771. 

Sally White and Benjamin Puffer, October 27, 1794. 

Martha White and Jonathan Wood, 1785. 

Polly White and David Foster, September 18, 1798. 

Prudence White and Alanson Shelley, May 2, 1813. 

Catherine White and James Weir of Walpole, N. H., April 23, 

Mrs. Maria D. White and Reuben C. Hildreth of Brattleboro, 
Vt., April 30, 1835. 


Deborah L. White and James M. Read of Brattleboro, Vt., 
December 15, 1835. 

The Old Arm Chair. 

I love it, I love it ! and who shall dare 

To chide me for loving that old arm chair ! 

I've treasured it long as a sainted prize ; 

I've bedewed it with tears ; I've embalmed u with sighs. 

'T is bound by a thousand bands to my heart ; 

Not a tie will break ; not a link will start. 

Would you know the spell ? A mother sat there ! 

And a sacred thing is that old arm chair. 

In childhood's hour I lingered near 

The hallowed seat, with listening ear ; 

And gentle words that mother would give, 

To fit me to die and teach me to live. 

She told me that shame would never betide 

With Truth for my creed, and God for my guide ; 

She taught me to lisp my earliest prayer 

As I knelt beside that old arm chair. 

I sat and watched her many a day, 

When her eyes grew dim and her locks were gray ; 

And I almost worshipped her when she smiled, 

And turned from her Bible to bless her child. 

Years rolled on, but the last one sped — 

My idol was shattered, my earth star fled ! 

I learnt how much the heart can bear, 

When I saw her die in her old arm chair. 

'Tis past ! 'tis past ! but I gaze on it now 

With quivering breath and throbbing brow ; 

'T was there she nursed me, 'twas there she died, 

And memory flows with lava tide. 

Say it is folly, and deem me weak, 

Whilst scalding drops start down my cheek ; 

But I love it, I love it, and cannot tear 

My soul from a mother's old arm chair. 

Eliza Cook. 

Chair and Table owned by Hannah (White) Hunt, born 1765. 


Thos. White, Esq., 

Marlborough, N. H. 
Dear Sir : Enclosed please find photograph of chair and table 
owned by my grandmother, Hannah Hunt, of Heath, born White 
in Lancaster, Mass., in 1765, and who died in Heath, July 19, 
1839. I remember to have heard her say that she was a direct 
descendant from Peregrine, but do not know that any of our 
family are able to trace it. 

It used to be said that this table was brought over in the May- 
flower. Whether or not that is authentic, I am unable to say. 
It has occurred to me that you might like to insert this picture in 
your White genealogy. If it is not too late I will send you a 
profile of my mother, daughter of Hannah (White) Hunt. 

Yours truly 

John H. Leavitt, 
Pres. of the Leavitt & Johnson Trust Co., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Nancy White is said to be a descendant of Peregrine. 
She was from Andover, Mass., and married a man by the 
name of Fry. She died in the early part of this century. 

— From George N. Hill, 236 State St., Boston. 

Luther White of Granby, Mass., had Andrew, also from 
Granby, who was the father of Luther White, attorney-at- 
law, Chicopee, Mass. 

Royal White was in the Revolutionary War. There is 
a piece of land in Mansfield, Mass., known as the "Royal 
Lot," said to have been owned by him. Some one once said 
to him, "I never before heard of any one by the name of 
Royal." He answered, "Well, there are royal cities and 
royal bounties, and why not Royal White?" His daughter 
Sylvia, b. 1770, was grandmother to Mrs. Alice Blanchard 
Leonard of Mansfield, Mass., whose husband's grandmother 
claims to have descended from Peregrine, which gives her 
Jittle boy an extra portion of Pilgrim blood. 

Mary, great grand-daughter of Peregrine White, b. 1721, 


in Grafton, Mass.; mar., about 1741, Joseph Bateheller. 
Children : — 

1. Sarah, b. in Grafton, Mass. ; mar. Col. Timothy Sherman. 
They had : (I) Nancy, b. March 16, 1789; mar. Thomas Har- 
bach of Sutton. Their daughter, Mrs. Nathaniel Hatch, resides 
in Bradford, Mass. 

Jothan White was b. May 1, 1724, in Marshfield or 
Scituate, according to the best recollections of his descendants. 
It is thought his mother was a Whitcomb. He lived in 
Leominster or Lancaster; mar. Sarah House, who d. in 1821. 
He d. in 1809, living at the time in Walpole, N. H., with his 
son Elisha. Children: — 

1. Elisha, b. 1753. 

2. Martha, b. 1759; mar. before 1786, at which time her 
father lived in Leominster, Mass. 

— From Mrs. A. L. Burt, Kerne, N. H., 1885. 

" Mrs. Sarah W. Glover. — Mrs. Sarah W. Glover, nee White, 
died yesterday at East Braintree, after a brief illness, from the 
grip. She was 88 years old, and a descendant of Peregrine 
White. Her late husband was a life-long resident of Glover's 
Corner, Dorchester, where he was engaged in the West India 
trade. Glover's Corner was named for him. Mrs. Glover was 
the last of a family of ten children. She leaves an estate of 
$1,000,000, which will go to relatives, as she left no children." 

Samuel, son of Eben or Ebenezer White. His son 
Matthew had a son Benjamin who married his cousin, Anne 
White. Their daughter, Charity, b. June 25, 1767, mar. 
Daniel Loud of Weymouth, Mass., and had Maria, b. October 
11, 1795, mar. David Ellis of Hanover, Mass. She d. Octo- 
ber 14, 1888. Their daughter, Mrs. L. E. Galloupe, resides 
on Boylston street, Boston, Mass. Benjamin White had a 
brother called "Kiah" who had three children, Hannah, 
Joseph, and Thomas. 

Samuel White, Jr., b. about 1752; came from Mansfield, 


Mass., to Packersfield (now Nelson), N. H., where he enlisted 
in the Revolution and fought at Bunker Hill, subsequently 
enlisting from Keene, N. H., and one or two other places. 
He mar., November 30, 1773, Mary Williams of Mansfield, 
Mass. Children, b. in Nelson, N. H.: — 

1. Samuel, b. January 16, 1778. 

2. CUiloe, b. February 23, 1780. 

3. Mace, b. March 3, 1782. His sou Charles lived in Dorches- 
ter, Mass., and has a son, Rev. A. E. White, who resides in 
Cambridgeport, Mass. ; also a nephew, Henry Kirke White, at 
the University of Chicago, Illinois. 

4. Judith, b. February 17, 1785. 

5. William, b. June 8, 1788. 
(5. Sally, b. March 1, 1790. 

7. Christopher Columbus, b. May 13, 1792. 

8. Charles, b. July 30, 1795; was a physician in Sandwich 
Centre, N. H. 

William 1 , Resolved 2 , Samuel 3 , John 4 , John, Jr 5 . 

William 6 , mar. and had: — 

1. Samuel'', b. in Freetown, Mass., February 15, 1759, whose 
daughter, Abigail 8 , mar. Mr. Taber. Their daughter, Rebecca 
M. 9 , mar. Mr. Pope, and they have Phebe H. 10 , mar. Mr. Pierce 
and resides in Ashland, Mass. 

2. William, whose son Phineas mar. Betsey "Walker. The}' 
had : (I) Selina. (II) Rufus W.+, b. February 9, 1817; mar. 
Sarah J. Nye. (Ill) Phineas, Jr. (IV) Betsey. (V) John. 
(VI) Stephen. (VII) Augustus. 

William White d. May 3, 1835. 

Rufus W., son of Phineas and Betsey (Walker) White ; 
mar. Sarah J. Nye. Children: — 

1. Annie F. 

2. Rufus W., Jr. 

3. Janie A. 

4. Willard. 

5. Eugene. 

6. Lucy N. Resides at Clarendon St., Boston, Mass. 



7. Frank X. 

8. George H. 

9. Augustus T. 

10. Harry 0. 

Some of the above names were copied from William White, Jr.'s 
tombstone in Long Plain, Mass., also a part of the same inscrip- 
tion was found on an old monument in Richmond, Va. 

Susanna White, b. in Plymouth, Mass.; mar. Uriah 
Johnson, a grandson of Edward Johnson, first settler of 
Woburn, Mass., and one of the commissioners appointed by 
Massachusetts to fix the Massachusetts boundary line. His 
initials, " E. I.," are on Endicott Rock at Weirs, N. H. 
Their son Francis mar. Sarah Wyman, whose dau. Sarah 
mar. Major Samuel Tay, who d. in Woburn, Mass., 1804. 
His wife d. in East Concord, N. H., July 4, 1813. They 
had Abigail J., b. in Woburn, Mass., March 16, 1781; 
mar. Gen. Isaac Eastman, b. in Concord, N. H., June 16, 
1780, and d. April 1, 1864. His widow d. in Concord, N. H., 
September 9, 1869. Their daughter, Ruth B., b. in Concord, 
N. H., March 22, 1812, mar. Edward L. Staniels, b. in Chi- 
chester, N. H., February 2, 1800, and d. in Boston, Mass., 
December 6, 1864. Their son, Charles E., b. in Lowell, 
Mass., December 27, 1844, resides in Concord, N. H. 

Second Generation. 

James White ; mar., December 22, 1664, Sarah Baker, in 
Dorchester, Mass. Children : — 

1. Sarah, b. October 8, 1665. 

2. Thankful, b. June 14, 1667. 

3. Ichabod, b. April 26, 1669. 

4. John, b. July 4, 1670. 

5. Martha, b. August 28, 1675. 

6. James, b. May 29, 1679. 

7. Richard, b. March 2, 1681. 

8. Edward -\-, b. August 4, 1683, and d. October 17, 1716, 
aged 33 years. 

All settled in Dorchester, Mass. 


Third Generation. 

Edward White, b. August 4, 1683 ; d. October 17, 1716; 
mar. Patience ; d. December 11, 1757. Children: — 

1. Sarah, b. March 1, 1708. 

2. John, b. February 25, 1709. 

3. Sarah, b. April 3, 1711. 

4. Edward -\-, b. November 25, 1712, and d. May 6, 1755, 
aged 42 years. 

5. Patience-\-, b. December 22, 1714; mar., June 5, 1740, 
Samuel Blake. 

Fourth Generation. 

Edward White, b. November 25, 1712; d. May 6, 1755; 
mar., April 18, 1745, Eleanor Jones. Children : — 

1. Edward, b. February 25, 1745. 

2. Thomas -f-, b. May 28, 1748, and d. March 28, 1816, aged 
68 years. 

3. Elizabeth, b. June 20, 1749. 

4. Ebenezer, b. May 3, 1751. 

5. Elijah, b. November 7, 1754. 

Thomas, 5 son of Edward, Jr. and Eleanor (Jones) White : 
mar., in Dorchester, Patience Leeds. Children ; — 

1. Abijah, 9 b. December 11, 1793; mar. . They have: 

(I) Thomas N., 7 b. December 21, 1821 ; mar. . They have : 

(1) Frank M., 8 b. February 29, 1860, who resides in North Attle- 
boro, Mass. 

Patience, 4 dau. of Edward and Patience White ; mar., 
June 5, 1740, Samuel Blake. He d. May 1, 1754, aged 38 
years, and she mar. (2d) 1762, Deacon Richard Hall, who d. 
March 12, 1776, and she d. December 19, 1786. Children: — 

1. Patience, b. Dorchester Neck, February 15, 1747; mar., 
October 31, 1769, Abraham Howe. They had: (I) Rev. James 
Blake, b. March 31, 1773; mar., October 12, 1820, Mary, dau. 
of Ebenezer and Mary (Bell) White of Boston, b. October 22, 
1782, d. August 22, 1837. 


Peter Crapo, or "Peirre," as in early life he wrote his 
name, was b. in Bordeaux, France. His brother, Nicholas, 
was a captain of a French man-of-war, and took Peirre on 
board without the knowledge or consent of their parents. 
They were cast away on the coast of Cape Cod. Nicholas 
returned to France, promising to return for Peirre, but never 
did. Peter Crapo lived and d. in Rochester, Mass. He mar., 
May 31, 1704, Penelope White. Children : — 

1. Francis; mai\, February 13, 1736, Patience, dan. of 
Nathan Spooner. 

2. John -\-. 

3. Peter-\- ; mar. (1st) Sarah West. (2d) Consent Hathaway. 

4. Hezekiah ; bachelor. 

5. Nicholas, b. December 15, 1721 ; mar. Alice Blackwell. 

6. Seth, b. May 11, 1724; mar. Palmer. 

John Ceapo ; mar., and moved to Freetown, Mass., and 
lived in the " Cotter " house. Children : — 

1 . Consider. 

2. Elnathan. 

3. Peter. 

4. Joshua. 

5. John. 

6. Aresta. 

7. Sarah. 

8. Jane. 

Peter Crapo, mar. Sarah West ; marriage bans published 
May 14, 1766. Children : — 

Jesse -\-, b. May 22, 1781; d. January 11, 1831. 

Jesse Crapo ; mar. Phoebe Howland. Children : — 
Henry Howland and others. 

Henry Howland Crapo, mar. Mary Ann Slocum, and 
moved to Flint, Mich. Children : — 
Mary Ann and others. 
(The above Mary Ann is my mother). 

Mrs. Frank E. Willett, 

Flint, Mich. 



Michael White, b. about 1725. His father, thought to 
have been John, lived in Weymouth, Mass., and was said to 
have been -drowned, in middle life, while crossing a river, 
leaving two destitute children, Michael and a daughter. 
Mike was bound out to learn a trade, and after seven years' 
services enlisted as a soldier, but served as a mechanic dur- 
ing the French and Indian War. It is thought he was a 
great grandson of Resolved. After the war closed in 1759, 
he mar. Hannah Ferrell, and settled in Omnington, Mass. 

His son Jacob, b. September 28, 1775; mar., 1800, Jane Rob- 
inson. He d. August 1, 1850. They had: (I) Bart, b. 1800. 
(II) Robert, b. 1802. (Ill) Vernon, b. 1805. (IV) Myron, b. 
1807. (V) Belina, b. 1810. (VI) Curran, b. January 9, 1814. 

Following is an account of the eightieth birthday anniversary 
of Curran White, Chelsea, Mich. : 

A Pleasant Occasion. — Tuesday, January 9, 1894, was a gala 
day for the old people of this community. The occasion was the 
eightieth anniversary of the birth of Mr. Curran White. His 
daughter, Mrs. E. L. Negus, had prepared a surprise for him by 
inviting sixteen of the oldest of his friends to help him celebrate. 
Much care was taken that all might be complete, so a number of 
guards were appointed to stand around and keep the boys and 
girls from flirting. 

The following are the names and ages of those present : Mr. 
Daniel Tichenor, 91 ; Mrs. Crowell, 80 ; Mrs. B. Arnold, 71 ; Mr. 
E. Skiclmore, 76 ; Mrs. E. Skidmore, 65 ; Mr. S. G. Ives, 81 ; 
Mrs. S. G. Ives, 64 ; Mrs. C. W. Brown, 69 ; Mr. Henry Nord- 
man, 78 ; Mr. Thomas Jewett, 76 ; Mrs. Thomas Jewett, 82 ; Mr. 
White, 80 ; Mr. Alva Freer, 81 ; Mrs. E. Stocking, 74 ; Mrs. U. 
Stephens, 71. The total number of years being 1,215, an aver- 
age of nearly 76. 

Mr. Tichenor, being the oldest of the company, was seated in 
an armchair nine years older than himself, and which was brought 
from New York sixty-two years ago by Mrs. Negus's grandfather. 

A bountiful repast was served to which the company did ample 


Nehemiah White of Williamsburg, Mass., mar. Eliza- 
beth Wolcott. Children : — 

1. Vinus ; d. young of consumption. 

2. Jonathan ; was a. nice singer, leading the singing in the 
church at Williamsburg. 

3. Nehemiah. 

4. David ; d. of consumption. 

5. Hervey -\-, b. in Williamsburg, Mass., November 2'.), 1794; 
mar. Sally Davenport. 

6. Betsey; mar. Zara French. 

7. Miriam ; mar. Zene Thayer. 
X. Sybil. 

9. Sophronia; mar. Daniel Cogswell. 

Nehemiah White was drum major in the War of 1812 ; at his 
death, his widow drew a large pension, and it is thought that the 
first payment was one thousand dollars. She d. in Ravenna, O., 
in 1847, aged 95 years. It is remembered that Nehemiah had an 
eccentric brother, called "Rire" or "Mire," who used to go 
through the graveyard talking to the stones. 

Hervey, son of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Wolcott) White ; 
mar. Sally Davenport. He was an extensive manufacturer of 
axes and edge tools. Children : — 

1. Henry Kirk. 

2. Austin Hervey. 

3. Chester; d. young. 

4. Sarah ; mar. Mr. Gardner, resides in Chagrin Falls, O. 

5. Chester. 

6. Mary E., b. in Hinsdale, Mass., 1830; mar. George W. 
White, resides in Weymouth, Mass. 

7. Sojyhia. 

8. Sylvia. 

9. Joseph. 

Hervey White moved to Windham, O., in 1831; also lived in 
Garrettsville, O., and Chagrin Falls, O. Living in Salem, O., 
where he d. December 12, 1868. About 1836, William White- 
thought to belong to the family — taught school in Garrettsville, 
O. He afterwards went to Austinburg, O., to prepare for the 


ministry ; and was found dead on the floor of his bedroom. The 
family were, and are still, more than ordinary musicians. 

Robert White b. about 1705 ; mar., August 24, 1731, at 
the First Presbyterian church, Martha Beale, a descendant of 
John Beale of Hingham, Mass., 1638. Robert White was a 
Presbyterian and an educated man. He d. 1789. 

— From Robert H. White, Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 

Rufus White of Sag Harbor, L. I. His family Bible is in 
possession of Mrs. Henry Persons, East Aurora, N. Y. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. David. 

2. Henry. 

3. Geo rye. 

4. Samuel, b. 1790. His son, Samuel A., is judge, and a 
graduate of Hamilton college, Clinton, N. Y., in the class of 
1840 ; and has a daughter. Katherine White, who resides in Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

William, thought to be the son of Archibald White, of 
Washington, N. H., mar., in Washington, N. H., October 10, 
1780, Jennie Steel. They afterwards moved to Windsor, Vt. 
Children : — ■ 

1. Hannah, b. December 14, 1784. 

2. William, b. November 13, 1786. 

3. James, b. July 12, 1787. 

4. Polly, b. March 3, 1791. 

5. Sally, b. October 13, 1795. 

6. Jra-j-, b. September 18, 1797; mar., February 5, 1829, 
Jane G. Rennie of Geneva, N. Y. 

7. Emily, b. July 1, 1803. 

Ira, son of William and Jennie (Steel) White, mar., (1st) 
February 5, 1829, Jane G. Rennie, of Geneva, N. Y. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Daughter, d. at birth. (Twin.) 

2. Edward O. (Twin.) Mar. . They had : (I) Ira, who 


had (1) Jennie N. (II) George M. un. Edward G. is a physi- 
cian and surgeon in La Grange, Ind. Mrs. Jennie (Rennie) 
AVhite d. in childbirth, and he mar. (2d) Esther, dau. of Stephen 
Bates of Canandaigua, N. Y. They had : 

3. Jane, mar. George Martens. Reside in Baraboo, Wis. 

4. Sarah, mar. Charles A. Williams. Reside in Baraboo, Wis. 

5. Julia E., d. in infancy. 

6. Stephen B., drowned, in 1845, in Maumee, O. 

7. Eliza B. ; mar. David Mucher. Reside in La Grange, Ind. 
Ira White d. at Maumee, O., 1842. 

Abi.jah, son of Tilley White, was brought up by his 
uncles, John and Jock, as his father d. when a young man. 
He was probably b. in Lancaster^ His son Abijah was b. in 
Gloucester, Mass., about 1760, as he fought in the Revolu- 
tion when a boy. His grandson, George A. White, is col- 
lector for Houghton, Mifflin & Co., publishers, Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Louis N. Sargent of Charlestown, Mass., dau. of 
Sumner, b. in Scotland, Conn., and grand-daughter of Jere- 
miah White, b. in Champlin, Conn. ; and belongs to the above 
family. They believe themselves to be descendants of Pere- 

The first White that settled in Rockingham, Vt., was 
Josiah, from Massachusetts. He was one of the early set- 
tlers, and was buried in Rockingham. His son Abel, b. May 
25, 1760; mar Hannah Closson, b. May 13, 1762. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Celendy, b. November 3, 1780; d. 

2. Abel, b. July 24, 1782; d. 

3. Eunice -\-, b. April 7, 1784; mar. Damon. 

4. Abel, b. January 21, 1786. 

5. Celendy, b. October 28, 1787. 

6. Mercy, b. April 16, 1789. 

7. Fanny, b. May 27, 1791. 

8. Delia, b. March 1, 1793. (Twin.) 

9. William F., b. March 1, 1793 ; d. (Twin.) 

10. Josiah, b. November 2, 1794. 


11. Infant, b. November 12, 1795. 

12. William F., b. November 27, 1796. 

13. Hannah, b. March 17, 1798. 

14. Salmon C, b. August 9, 1799. 

15. Willis C, b. December 3, 1801. 

16. Abner K., b. December 17, 1804. 

Josiah's descendants were as follows: 15 children, 160 grand- 
children, and 211 great grandchildren. 

Eunice, dau. of Abel and Hannah (Closson) White, mar. 
Damon. Children: — 

1. Martha, mar. James Whitney, of Springfield, Vt. 

[From Charlestown, N. H., Town History:] 

Josiah White, b. in Leominster, Mass., November 21, 
1769; came to Charlestown with his uncle, Elisha, in 1778, 
where he passed the remainder of his life. Children : — 

1. Paul, lived and d. in Malone, N. Y. 

2. Henry Olcott, b. April 25, 1801 ; now living with his son 
Henry, in Chicago, 111. 

3. Relief -\-, mar. Elijah Reede. 

4. Josiah, b. December 15, 1810; d. May, 1889. 

Josiah is buried in Rockingham, Vt., where a well-preserved 
slate stone marks his grave. 

Relief, dau. of Josiah ; mar. Elijah Reede, who d. in Troy, 
N". Y. She was a jolly, quick-witted woman, so an old lady 
who remembers her writes to a descendant. She was always 
of the opinion that she descended from Peregrine. 

Their dau., Caroline Olcott, mar. Thomas Gould of Petersham, 
Mass. She d. 1851 and was buried in Rockingham, Vt. Her 
dau., Lizzie A., mar. (1st) John TV. Slade of Saxton's River, Vt. 
One son, Charlie H., is with Barnard, Sumner & Co., Worcester, 
Mass. She mar. (2d) Aaron D. Damon of Springfield, Vt. 

James White, b. 1691 ; d. in Dochester, Mass. Chil- 
dren : — 

1 . James, Jr. ; mar. Abigail . They had : (I) Jerusha, 


b. 1758, in that part of Dorchester now included in Dedham, 
Mass. She has a grand-daughter, Mrs. John Endicott, Canton, 
Mass. They appear to have lived for generations in Dorchester, 
South Precinct, as in 1724, among the petitioners from that pre- 
cinct to be set off in a town by themselves, were the names of six 
men by the name of White, three of whom belonged to this fam- 


Phineas White, Jr., it is believed, was the son of Phin- 
eas, Sr. It is a tradition in the family that they descended 
from Peregrine. Phineas, Sr., had sixteen children, and d. in 
Windham Co., Vt., at the age of 96 years. The number of 
his descendants being very large, was placed on his tomb- 
stone. Phineas, Jr., lived in Rockingham, Vt., and was 
killed at a great age, being thrown from a wagon. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Jerusha. 

2. Betsey; mar. Mr. Goodenow. Their son, John E. Goode- 
now, now 82 years old, was the founder of the village of Maquo- 
keta, Iowa, where he has lived since 1838, living within forty 
rods of the place where he built the first log cabin. 

3. Sarah. 

4. Cynthia. 

5. Deborah. 

6. Phineas. 

7. Luke. 

8. William. 

Nehemiah White; d. in Williamsburg, Mass., in 1822. 

His son Zenas, b. in Williamsburg, Mass., d. in Springfield, 
Mass., 1808, leaving four children: (I) Seth, who had eighteen 
children; d. in Erie, Pa., 1870. (II) James; d. at sea. (Ill) 
William, d. in infancy. (IV) Bathsheba, b. in Springfield, 
Mass., October 29, 1803 ; d. April 9, 1868. She was the mother 
of fourteen children, but three of whom are now living. (1) 
Caroline ; mar. Chester Holcomb of Princeton, 111. (2) Linville, 
who is a clergyman, and has been chaplain of the state peniten- 
tiary in Canon City, Col., for several years. (3) Maria; mar. 
Henry C. Deane, and resides in Ogdensburg, N. Y. 


James G. White was b. and lived in Montpelier, Vt. ; 
b. about 1833, and d. of cholera July, 1854, in Monroe, Mich. 

His sou, Francis A., b. about 1847. 

Three of the family were engaged during the Rebellion in 
defence of the old flag, and George W. White writes, "I am 
happy to say I never knew one of the name to dishonor the old 
flag that was handed down to us by our forefathers." 

Lizzie White, mar. Abram Bennett. 

Their dau. Lizzie, mar. George Dame, lived in Durham, N. H. 
They had: (I) Betsey ; mar. George Wiggin. Their oldest dau. 
mar. Jonathan Ham of Rochester, N. H., and is the mother of 
Mrs. David Heald, Milford, Mass. 

Betsey, dau. of John White, who lived lived fifty or sixty 
years ago in Skowhegan or Bloomsfield, Me., Avas a lineal 
descendant of Peregrine. 

Her grandson, John White Kimball, resides in Boston, Mass. 

Thomas and Isaac White went from Connecticut into 
Schoharie county, N. Y. Isaac mar. . Children : — 

1. Asa, living at McGranville, N. Y 

2. Alfred. His son, L. H. White, is principal of the Pater- 
son, N. J., high school. 

O. S. White, Aurora, 111., b. 1824, writes that his grand- 
father, Stephen White, was living in Gilsum, N. H., in 1840. 

Marshall W. White, Bristol, N. H., writes that his grand- 
father, Stephen, d. 1840, in Dana, Mass. 

Isaac M. White, son of Asa (?), b. in 1799 or 1800. 
His father d. when his grandson, Edward L. White, now 
living in Nashville, Tenn., was three or four years old. Some 
of his sons were in the War of 1812, but not Isaac M., as he 
was but about fourteen years old at the time. About 1818 
Isaac M. went to Fort de Boeuff, now Waterford, Erie 
County, Pa., settling in the wilderness. After remaining 


two years he returned to Vermont, where he married a Miss 
Lenox, and went back to Fort de Boeuff, where he remained 
until his death in 1886. Two of his sons having families 
hired substitutes to the late Civil War. In 1865 they were 
drafted and the regiment got as far as Harrisburg, Pa., when 
Richmond fell and they were mustered out of service. 

Jacob White, son of Edward, from Vermont, has a son 
Andrew of Buxton, Me. 

John, son of William White, b. in Cape Ann or Bridge- 
water, Mass., September 28, 1775 ; d. near Salem, Mass. He 
had brothers and sisters, — Henry, James, Adonis, Hannah, 
Betsey, and Polly. Jacob White, East Calais, Vt., is a son 
of John, and his nephew, William O. White, resides in Lake- 
port, N. H. 

Ira White, son of Stephen, b. in Swanzey, N. H., 1789 ; 
came to Wells River, Vt., in 1811, and was engaged in the 
manufacture of paper and kept a general store. His brothers 
were Stephen and Darius. They had an aunt Rhoda that 
lived in Grafton, N. H. Ira White d. in 1887, aged 98 years, 
leaving a daughter, Mrs. W. G. Buchanan, who resides in 
Wells River, Vt. 

James White of Marshfield, Mass., mar. . Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Joanna. 

2. John. 

3. Sally; mar. Joseph Andrews Hall of Taunton, Mass. They 
had a large family, among whom was Susannah, who mar. Mr. 
Lyon, and has a daughter, Mary Eudora Lyon, who resides in 
Salem, Mass. J. A. Hall is still living in Taunton, nearly 93 
years old, and having a very clear memory. 

4. Betsey. 

5. Warren. 

6. Sophia. 

7. Martin. 

The family remember that a White genealogy was published 


between 1840 and 1850, which contained their families, dating 
back to Peregrine. 

Josiah White ; mar. Lucy Whipple. Children : — 

1. Ebenezer, b. September 25, 1752. 

2. Abel, b. April 24, 1754. 

3. Jepthah, b. December 26, 1755. 

4. Josiah, Jr.+, b. March 9, 1758. 

5. Elias, b. December 13, 1758. 

6. Noah, b. November G, 1761. 

7. Lucy, b. April 16, 1764. 

8. Job, b. March 6, 1766. 

9. Rachel, b. July 31, 1769. 

Josiah d. June 30, 1804, and his wife d. May 15, 1832. 

Josiah, Jr., son of Josiah and Lucy (Whipple) White ; 
mar. April, 1796, Persis Leonard, who d. October 6, 1797, 
aged 31 years. 

Their only child was Elizabeth Stebbins, b. in Chesterfield, 
Mass., July 31, 1797; mar. Hon. William W. Thompson, b. in 
Bromfield, Mass. She d. May 23, 1877, aged 79 years. They 
had seven children, only one now living : Mary, b. in Northamp- 
ton, Mass., August 2, 1828, removed to Illinois with her parents 
about 1840. She mar. Mr. Rogers. They have : (1) Elizabeth 
White, and reside in Elm wood, 111. 

Betsey White, b. in Hatfield, Mass., January 28, 1775 ; 
mar. Wyllis Cadwell of Montpelier, Vt. 

They had five daughters and one son. One of the daughters,. 
Julia Ann, mar. Levi Spaulding of Montpelier, Vt., afterwards 
of Derby Line, Vt., where they lived until their death. Their 
children: (I) Levi. (II) Stephen. (Ill) Lyman. (IV) William ; 
resides in Derby Line, Vt. (V) Julia Maria -j- ; mar., Decem- 
ber, 1861, Almyron Wilkinson Ovitt. (VI) Sarah. (VII) Nel- 
lie. (VIII) Clara ; mar. Brigham ; resides in Derby Line, 

Vt. (IX) Gertrude. 

Julia Maria, dau. of Levi and Julia Ann (Cadwell) 


Spaulding; mar., December, 1861, Almyron Wilkinson Ovitt. 
Children : — 

1. Levi Spaulding ; mar., 1885, Jennie Wilkie. They have: 
(I) Arthur Wilkie, b. 1889. (II) Beverly Spaulding, b. 1891. 

She d. in Waukesha, Wis., December 12, 1894, aged 31 years. 

2. Jennie Belle; d. November 18, 1884, aged 19 years, 8 

3. Edna. 

4. Charles Henry; mar., February 18, 1893, Nellie West 
Geismar. They have ; (I) Spaulding West, b. January 20, 
1894 ; resides in Jefferson Park, Chicago, 111. 

5. George Walter; mar., in Memphis, Tenn., September, 1893, 
Gertrude Richards ; resides in Chicago, 111. 

6. Gertrude. 

Thomas White, a descendant of Peregrine, emigrated 
from Massachusetts to Vermont, from there to New York, 
and then to Michigan, where he d. of apoplexy at the age of 
82. He had remarkable blue eyes and was lame. His grand- 
daughter, Abbie Bailey Field, resides in Chicago, 111. 

Three brothers, thought to have descended from Corne- 
lius, 4 son of Daniel: 

1. Elijah, b. in Massachusetts, February 2, 1769. 

2. Calvin. Settled in AVare, Mass. Owned two farms near 
Ware, and manufactured reeds for weaving cloth, for sale, iu a 
small way. 

3. Paul, b. about 1776. 

Their mother d. when Paul was a baby. Their father put the 
boys out to be brought up, Paul being taken by his grandfather. 
Probably the father mar. a second time. 

Elijah, mar., in Berkshire county, Mass., probably Water- 
town. In 1796, he went to Franklin, N". Y., taking his three 
small children. He d. February 27, 1865, aged 96. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Elijah, Jr., b. in Berkshire county, Mass., December 16, 

1793; mar. . They had: (I) Francis A., b. iu Franklin, 

N. Y., July 19, 1823. His son, Creda E., in 1887, living in Ben- 


nington, Vt., and general manager of the New York, Rutland, 
and Montreal railroad. 

About 1825, Elijah, Jr., took his father on a visit to Calvin, at 
Ware, where he met Paul, which was the last time the three 
brothers ever met. 

Deacon John White, of Cambridge, Mass., of whom 
Richard Grant White is a descendant, also Albert C. White, 
pastor of the Unitarian church, Pepperell, Mass. 

John White settled in Skowhegan, Me., from Fitchburg, 
Mass., it was thought. He d. aged 93. He had a pair of 
silver knee buckles, which, for five generations the tradition 
has been, were worn by William White, who came in the May- 
flower, 1620, given to Peregrine, and thus handed down to 
the present. John White gave them to his son Salmon, 
who d. in Bloomsfield, Me., aged 91, who willed them to 
his son, Deacon John, of Palmyra, Me., and who died at 
Battle Creek, Mich. They then came to John W., of Del- 
aware, O., who willed them to his son, John W., professor of 
Greek in Harvard University, to whose son John they will 
probably go. 

Gideon White mar. Lydia Davis, probably b. in Haver- 
hill, Mass. She d. about 1810 in Smithfield, R. I., and is 
buried in the Slater lot. Gideon White d. about 1820. They 
had four daughters and one son, Cyrus, b. in Smithfield, 
R. I., 1801, and d. in Millbury, Mass., 1892. His son, Otis 
C, is president of the O. C. White Company, Worcester, 
Mass. Gideon White had a brother who d. in Uxbridge, 
Mass., whose son Jonathan d. in Daysville, Conn. 

Benjamin and his son Benjamin, Jr., both b. in Dorches- 
ter, Mass., it is thought, went to Maine. Benjamin, Sr., 
d. in Hallowell, Me., in 1804. Benjamin, Jr., was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier and d. about 1830. His daughter Lois mar. 
Gideon Gilman, b. in Exeter, N". H., 1770, son of Eliphalet 


Gilman, and a cousin of John Taylor Gilman. Their 
daughter, Mrs. Ellen L. Chandler, resides in Wollaston, Mass. 

Two families of Whites settled in Maine, one in Dresden 
and the other in Topsham. Rebecca Gardiner White, 183 
Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass., is anxious to trace out 
the ancestry of George White, who lived in Dresden, Me., 1840. 

John White, b. in Topsham, Me., 1781. Had a brother 
William, and it is thought their father's name was John and 
that he came from the vicinity of Hanson, Mass. John 
White, b. 1781, had a son, John, Jr., b. on Bowdoinham 
Ridge, Me., April 10, 1810; d. November, 1893, aged 83 
years, and was one of thirteen children. His son, J. Henry 
White, resides in Essex, Mass. 

William White, b. 1752, it is thought came from Massa- 
chusetts ; mar. Soper and settled in New Gloucester, 

Me. Raised a large family; d. in 1837, aged 85 years. It is 
said he was a descendant of Peregrine. His grandson, Albion 
P. White, resides in Auburn, Me., and he has a nephew, 
George L. White, of New Hampton, N. H. 

Daniel White, b. about 1670, was in Cambridge Farms 
(known as Lexington), Mass., in 1695, where he was a man 
of substance and importance. Was constable in 1713-14. 
In 1731 was given second seats in the meeting house. His 
wives were Mary and Hannah. Children : — 

1. Daniel, b. 1695. 

2. Mary, b. 1797; d. young. 

3. John, b. 1699. 

4. Mary, b. 1700. 

5. Thomas, b. 1702. 

6. Joseph-\-, b. in Lexington, Mass., April 17, 1704; d. 
August 4, 1777. His son, Thomas, b. in Lexington, Mass., 
April 15, 1742; d. in Phillipston, Mass., February 26, 1827. 
He had Eudoxa, b. in Phillipston, January 10, 1783; mar., 
1790, Ebenezer Nickerson. She used to claim Peregrine as her 


progenitor, and as her grandfather was born the same year Pere- 
grine died it seems that snch an error could not have arisen. She 
d. in Boston, Mass., January 3, 1834. Her son, Rev. Thomas 
White, b. in Boston, January 6, 1826, rector of Christ Church, 
Rockdale, Mass., and has Rev. Thomas W. Nickerson, Jr., b. in 
Boston, June 25, 1858, (resides in Paterson, N. J.), and 
Phillip T. 

7. Sybil, b. 1706. 

8. Stephen, b. 1709. 

9. Sarah, b. 1711. 

10. Samuel, b. 1714. 

In the town records of Goshen, Mass., in William White's 
own handwriting, is the following: 

"William, son of Benjamin White and Abigail his wife, 
b. at Dudley, March 26, 1737." He came to Goshen from 
Charlton in 1762. It is supposed his parents were early set- 
tlers of Woodstock, from Roxbury, and also supposed 
descendants of John of Roxbury, and tradition places them 
as descendants of Peregrine. He mar., April 7, 1763, Marcy, 
dau. of Richard and Dorothy (Marcy) Dresser. Chil- 
dren : — ■ 

1. William, Jr., who d. and was buried in Dorchester, Mass., 
where he was visiting a relative on his return from the South. 

2. Benjamin. (Twin.) 

3. Joseph. (Twin.) Mar. . Moved to Hinsdale, Mass., 

1828. He had seven children, the oldest, Mrs. Huntington of 
West Brookfield, Mass., b. December, 1821; James White of 
Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., and the youngest, R. H., 
of the firm of R. H. White & Co., Boston, b. January, 1841. 

4. Hannah. 

5. Prudence ; mar. Adams. Her son David resides in 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

6. Mary; mar. . Her great grand-daughter, Grace 

AVoodward, mar. Clifford Hubbell and resides in Buffalo, N. Y. 

John, son of Benjamin, b. in Dedham, Mass., November 



28, 1760 ; mar. in Penobscot, Me., June 18, 1789, Jane Ran- 
dall, b. June 22, 1765, in St. George, Me. Children: — 

1. Benjamin-]-, b. in Vienna, Me., May 13, 1790; mar. 

2. Mitty, b. in Vienna, Me., April 7, 1792; mar. Clem- 
ent; d. in Montville, Me., January 21, 1847. They had four 
sons, all dead but one who lives in Lowell, Mass. 

3. John Randall, b. in Winthrop, Me., January 1, 1794; d. in 
Illinois, March 20, 1849. He was a physician. 

4. Ambrose, b. in Winthrop, Me., April 19, 1796; mar. . 

Had one son and two daughters; d. in Montville, Me., January 
28, 1827. He was a farmer. 

5. Sewall, b. in Winthrop, Me., Apiil 15, 1798; mar. . 

Had two sons and three daughters. He was a farmer; d. in La 
Grange, Me., November 8, 1860. 

6. Thomas, b. in Winthrop, Me., August 2, 1800; d. young. 

7. Nathan -j-, b. in Winthrop, Me., June 27, 1801; mar., 
October 15, 1826, Mary Bangs. 

8. Thomas, b. in Winthrop, Me., March 25, 1804 ; mar. ; 

d. in Pennsylvania, May 31, 1871. Was a house carpenter. 

9. Joseph Warren, b. in Winthrop, Me., July 19, 1806; d. in 
Warren, Me., July 19, 1829. 

10. Milton, b. in Winthrop, Me., September 5, 1808. He was 
a seaman, and d. in France, un. 

John White, and his brother Benjamin, b. January 13, 1760, 
moved to Maine from Massachusetts, Benjamin settling in Mon- 
mouth, and John in Winthrop. Benjamin had Eben, Greenleaf, 
and several others, whose descendants live in the Kennebec val- 
ley. John White d. January 3, 1813 ; Jane (Randall) White d. 
January 21, 1847. 

Benjamin, son of John and Jane (Randall) White; mar. 
; d. June 7, 1860, in Montville, Me. Children b. in 

Montville, Me., of seven but three are living : — 

1. William F., b. August 20, 1822 ; mar. , and has New- 

2. George W., b. April 20, 1829. 

3. Zebard T., b. July 13, 1839. Went to California. 


Nathan, son of John and Jane (Randall) White ; mar., 
October 15, 1826, Mary Bangs of Knox, Maine. Children: — 

1. Eliza. 

2. Leonora. 

3. Ambrose, b. March 27, 1832 ; resides in Bangor, Me. 
Nathan White d. in Bucksport, Me., May 1, 1874. 

Benjamin White was b. in Goshen, now Vienna, Me., 
May 13, 1790. 

Mr. White was a descendant of Peregrine White, the first child 
of English parentage born in New England. 

He was the eldest of a family of ten children. When twelve 
years of age he went to live with a man by the name of Cum- 
mings, a farmer and orthodox deacon, in the town of Winthrop, 
Me. He left Winthrop at the age of eighteen, and became a pupil 
in Farmington academy. Having previously received little or no 
education he was obliged to enter one ,of the lowest classes in the 
school. He applied himself so assiduously to his studies that at 
the end of the second or third term he was able to engage as a 

In 1812 he was in Augusta assisting in raising troops to enter 
the U. S. service. In January, 1813, he marched to Castine with 
a company in which he served as a non-commissioned officer, and 
remained there and at Eastport nearly a year. From a journal 
kept by him during the year it appears that about the only part 
of his experience suggestive of war was an occasional glimpse of 
such vessels as the Wasp and the Rattler. 

Mr. White came to the vicinity of Montville about 1819, as a 
school teacher, and taught his first school in this section in South 
Freedom. Two or three years later he bought an interest in a 
saw mill on the Half Moon stream, North Montville, standino- 
near the present site of Colby's mill, and a tract of land near it, 
built a log house, married, and commenced housekeeping. 

For many years Mr. White spent his winters teaching school, 
in which calling he is said to have been very successful. He had 
a good reputation as a teacher of vocal music, and usually supple- 
mented his day schools with an evening singing school. In 1828 
or 1829 he built the house now standing near Colby's mill. He 


persisted in raising it without the use of liquor and had consider- 
able difficulty in procuring a crew in consequence. 

For a long series of years he served his town as selectman and 
representative in the legislature. In 1844 he was the Democratic 
candidate, or, rather, one of the Democratic candidates for con- 
gressman in his congressional district. On the third ballot, taken 
early in 1845, he received a majority over the seven other candi- 
dates, and served one term. 

Mr. White was a man of sound judgment, wide information, 
and a tact for saying the right thing in the right place. 

He d. June 7, 1860. 

16 Peace St., Providence, R. I., 
March 12, 1894. 
Mr. Samuel White : 

Dear Sir. — Seeing the enclosed paragraph, and taking an inter- 
est in your undertaking, I have ventured to address you, though 
possibly you may have seen the White genealogy published man}' 
years ago in connection with that of Adams, of Quincy. It is 
many years since I have seen the book, which belonged to Adams 
White, Jr., of Brooklyn, Conn., and is now in possession of 
one of his daughters in New Jersey. I know it connected the 
family back to Peregrine, but it is so long since I saw the work I 
cannot particularize, nor can I note how or at what time the 
Adamses and Whites intermarried. 

My grandfather, Joseph Foster, married Chloe White, daughter 
of Adams White, she a sister of Adams White, Jr., before men- 
tioned. The families then resided in Dudley. Grandfather White 
removed to Connecticut, finally residing in Brooklyn, and Grand- 
father Foster in Hampton. I was a sort of pet of Grandfather 
White's, residing in the same town, and he sometimes used to 
suggest that I had good blood in my veins, running back as it 
did to Plymouth Rock and the Adamses. It used to tickle my 
boyish vanity, though it never "set me up" nor made me proud. 

The AVhite family intermarried with the Capron family, and in 
its genealogy the White branch, coming from Adams, is delineated. 
Perhaps I am ploughing old ground, that which is familiar to 
you. Both Adams and Adams, Jr., lived to be aged, and what 


was remakable, the elder, who was a great reader, wore no glasses, 
save for about six months when fifty, after which his eyesight 
returned and was perfect to the end. The stamina of the White 
blood shows in me, on the eve of seventy-seven and never wore 

Excuse this intrusive letter and believe me, 

Fraternally yours, 

William Foster, Jr. 

P. S. — I ought to have noted that I wrote this by candle light, 
as my gas is at the side of my library, too far to give an adequate 

Nathan White, d. in Franklin, Mass. Children : — 

1. Nathan, Jr., b. 1798 ; mar. Lucinda Beals. They had : (I) 
Charles E. (II) Francis B., b 1825; d. 1834. (Ill) Asa; d. 
1872. (IV) Olive L. (V) Jarvis ; was a photographer in Dav- 
enport, Iowa, in 1877. (VI) Nathan. (VII) Edwin. 

Nathan, Sr., had a half-brother, Adam, who in 1877 was liv- 
ing in West Medway. 

Nathan, Jr., d. April, 1854, and his widow d. in 1859. 

Joseph White was a Revolutionary soldier. Children : — 

1. Nathan, b. in Uxbridge, Mass., March 17, 1776. 

2. Alpheus, lived in Petersham, Mass. 

3. Marvel, lived in Canada. 

4. Josiah, half-brother to the above, settled in Sullivan, N. H. 

— From Sabra L. White, Springfield, Vt. 

James ; mar. Mary Jennings. Children : — 

1. James -)-, b. near Egg Harbor, N. J., 1793; mar. Dorothy 

2. Prudence. 

3. Betsey; mar. Sutton. They had : (I) Joel. 

4. Phoebe ; mar. Smith. They had : (I) Phoebe. 

5. Susan ; mar. George Shoemaker. They had: (1) James. 
(II) Betsey. (Ill) Margaret. (IV) George. (V) Lewis. 

6. Rebecca; mar. Adam Casper. They had (I) Addison. 

7. Hannah; mar. William A pplegate. They had : (I) John. 
(II) Samuel. (Ill) Henry. (IV) Edna Janeson. (V) Edgar. 

James White had sisters: Rebecca; mar. Crum. One 


mar. Hyer, and another mar. Dare, and had Rachel 

and Sarah. 

James, Jr., son of James and. Mary (Jennings) White ; 
mar., 1814, Dorothy, dau. of Jonathan and Louisa (Swain) 
Hoffman of Cape May, N. J., b. in Brighton, N. J., April 18, 
1794. Children : — 

1. John Jennings -4-, b. in Melville, N. J., January 19, 1816 ; 
mar., May 16, 1844, Mary E. Karns. 

2. James Boil, b. April 22, 1817; d. un. January 17, 1841. 

3. Phoebe Ann, b. February 6, 1819 ; mar. Franklin Cornell. 
Had four children. 

4. Mary H., b. December 22, 1821 ; mar. Edson Foster. Had 
three children. 

5. William Henry, b. February 3, 1823 ; d. 1849. 

6 1 . Ellen Elizabeth, b. September 29, 1824; d. September, 1827. 

7. Rebecca Jaiie, b. February 16, 1826 ; d. November, 1860. 

8. Charles Swain, b. May 30, 1828; mar. Mary Hadley. 
They had : (I) George. (II) Louisa. He d. 1893. 

9. Hannah, b. April 6, i830 ; d. June, 1830. 

10. Alma Wright, b. May 6, 1832; mar. George Fowler. Had 
three children. 

11. David Hoffman, b. November 11, 1834; d. uu. December 
11, 1892. 

12. George Alexander, b. April 18, 1837; d. March 8, 1863, 
in the late Civil War. 

James, Jr., lived at Melville, N. J., from there he removed to 
Cincinnati, O., thence to Shelby Co., where they stayed six years. 
From there he went to Elkhart Co., Inch, where he d. in Middle- 
burg, September 19, 1864. 

John Jennings, son of James, Jr., and Dorothy (Hoff- 
man) White ; mar., May 16, 1844, Mary E. Karns, b. near 
Troy, Ohio. Children: — 

1. Emma Jane, b. March 6, 1846 ; d. March 3, 1848. 

2. Louisa Livona, b. February 27, 1849; mar., October 20, 
1872, Walter S. Hazelton. They have: (I) Eva M., b. August 
21, 1873. He is vice-president of St. Joseph Valley Bank. 


3. Charles N., b. in Middlebury, September IS, 1852. He 
has been a dry goods merchant in Elkhart, Ind., for a number of 

Anna, dau. of Richard and Keturah White, b. 1707; mar., 
1736, Samuel Drew. She d. May 27, 1745, aged 29 years. 

Mehitable; mar., October 1, 1756, Samuel Soule, who d. 
in Carolina, January 19, 1768. She mar. (2d) Ichabod 

Carpus, who was killed in Col. Ichabod Alden's regiment 
in the retreat from Ticonderoga to Albany. Children: — 

1. Tabitha, b. 1764; d. 1771. 

2. Joseph, b. June 12, 1767; mar., 1794, Rebecca Thomas. 
He d. August 31, 1843. They had: (I) Joseph, Jr. -f-, b. June 
17, 1795; mar. Patience Ryder Sampson. (II) Briggs ; mar. 
Judith Vaughn ; d. . (Ill) Bailey. (IV) Alden. 

Joseph, Jr., son of Joseph and Rebecca (Thomas) White ; 
mar. Patience Ryder Sampson, a descendant of the Ryders 
who came in the Mayflower. Children: — 

1. Mary Otis. Resides in Waukegan, 111., and is a widow. 

2. Harriet Alden ; is a widow residing in Waukegan, 111. 

3. George, b. 1825; mar. Frances E. Sprague of Boston. 
They have : (I) Julia Edith ; mar. W. E. Mason, who is an 
attorney and has represented his district both in House and 
Senate in the state, and also as representative at Washington. 
They have had nine children, two of whom are dead. (II) 
Daughter ; an. and is bookkeeper and cashier in Des Moines, 
Iowa, in her father's establishment, George White & Co., 
importers and jobbers. 

4. Rebecca Thomas; d. aged 27 years. 

5. John Hoidand; mar. . Has one daughter. He was in 

the Fourth Iowa Cavalry when it formed and .until they were dis- 
charged at the end of the Civil War. 

6. Albert Sampson ; d. aged about three years. 

Joseph, Jr., kept the Pilgrim House in Plymouth until it was 


burned. The old homestead of the family is in Duxbury, where 
Otis "White lives. He d. May 1, 1874, aged nearly 79 years. 

Daniel, b. 1750, brought up by a Mr. Wiswall of Kil- 
lingly, Conn., who was in the French and Indian War. A 
tomahawk which he carried is still in the possession of 
Daniel F. White, Fitzwilliam, N. H. After he grew to man- 
hood he lived in Upton, Mass. He mar. (1st) Huldah 
Albee, who d. October 17, 1790, and he mar. (2d) Lois 
Pierce, and moved to Fitzwilliam, N. H. Children : — 

1. Noah, b. 1778. He adopted a boy and called him Benson 
White, who mar. and had : (I) John. (II) Leander. (Ill) Al- 
pheus. (IV) George. A grandson of Benson worked a short 
time at the Monadnock House, Jaffrey, N. H. 

2. Anna, b. 1780. 

3. Molly, b. 1781. 

4. Susanna, b. 1790. 

5. Huldah, b. 1794. 

6. Polly, b. 1796; d. . 

7. Polly, b. 1797. 

8. Huldah, b. 1799. 

9. Daniel, b. 1802; his son, Daniel F., lives at Fitzwilliam 
Depot, N. H., and has three sons. 

When Daniel White lived in Upton, Mass., there was another 
Daniel White who was very short, and as he was over six feet in 
height they were distinguished as "long Daniel" and "short 
Daniel." It is understood Daniel had a brother Samuel. Daniel 
was in the Revolution. Twenty years ago a Mr. Hamilton came 
to this branch of Whites, trying to trace out a branch of the 
White family, in order to get a large sum of money in England, 
which he said could be obtained if the line could be traced 
unbroken. He said he had traced the Whites back to their origin ; 
that they originated from the Earl of Mar, a Scottish chieftain 
who lived in Scotland in old feudal times. There has always 
been a Daniel in the family. 

Ezekiel, son of Deacon Samuel and Hannah (Phillips) 
White, b. in Weymouth, Mass., January 1, 1722-23; mar. 


Abigail Blanchard, March 18, 1743. Settled in Weymouth, 
but removed to Chesterfield, Mass. Children : — 

1. Abigail, b. January 21, 1744; mav. David Turner. 

2. Ezekiel -\-, b. June 8, 1748; mar. Sarah Vinton. 

3. Chloe, b. ; mar. Job Trufant. 

4. Mary, b. March 28, 1750; mar. Samuel Peck. 

5. Silence, b. August 1, 1751 ; mar. John Shaw. 

6. David, b. February 25, 1753; mar. Martha Coale. 

7. Nehemiah, b. October 19, 1754; mar. Mary Ripley. 

8. Noah -\-, b. October 22, 1756 ; mar. Tamar Bates. 

9. Sarah, b. February 25, 1759 ; mar. Asa French. 

10. Ebenezer -f, b. April 1, 1761; mar. Calista Partridge. 

11. Olive, b. ; mar. Jacob French. 

12. Josiah, b. ; d. un. 

All probably born in Weymouth, Mass. 

Ezekiel, Jr., son of Ezekiel and Abigail (Blanchard) 
White ; mar. Sarah Vinton. Children : — 

1. Ezekiel. 

2. Peregrine. 

3. Philip. 

4. Nathaniel. 

5. Abiather. 

6. Ephraim. 

7. William, b. in Goshen, April 15, 1793; mar. Sally Weaver. 

8. Sarah. 

9. Dolly. 

He Was a Sturdy Pilgrim. — Interesting Sketch of William White, 
Lineal Descendant of Peregrine White. 

In the field of genealogical research there are ever many 
seekers for information concerning the descendants of the Pil- 
grims of Massachusetts Bay. Some of these descendants are 
residents of Bangor and other places in MaiDe, and a recent 
inquiry from a Boston gentleman concerning one of them has 
prompted a friend to send the appended sketch to The Neics for 
publication : 

To The Daily News: William White, one of the earliest settlers 


and oldest citizens of Waldoboro, died at his home in that village 
July 30, 1887, at the advanced age of 94 years. He was born 
April 15, 1793, in the town of Goshen, county of Hampshire, 
Plymouth Colony, and was a lineal descendant of the historical 
Peregrine White, the first Pilgrim male child born in the Colony. 

His life was nearly commensurate with that of the American 
Republic. He was born the first year of Washington's second 
administration, and was the youngest of ten children, eight boys 
and two girls. One of the sisters still survived at the time of 
William's death, at the age of 98. The eight brothers were 
blacksmiths — axe-makers by trade, and were widely known for 
the excellence of their workmanship. 

William White was the son of Ezekiel White and Sarah Vinton. 
The names of the ten children of this marriage sufficiently attest 
the Puritan spirit with which the pareuts, iD common with the 
other inhabitants of the colony, were imbued. They were Ezekiel, 
Peregrine, Philip, Nathaniel, Abiather, Ephraim, William, Sarah, 
and Dolly. 

William first came to Waldoboro in the fall of 1810, and spent 
the winter in that town, returning to his home in Goshen in the 
spring. He returned again, however, to Waldoboro the next year 
and established his home, where he continued to reside until his 
death. He married Sally Weaver, a daughter of another of 
Waldoboro's early settlers, by whom he had four children, three 
of whom — sons — are now respected residents of the village. Two 
brothers also came to Maine about the time that William came — 
Job, who lived and died in Belfast, and Abiather, in Jackson, 
Waldo county. Chandler White, who died in Bangor in 1869 
and was the father of Peregrine White, Esq., now a prominent 
lawyer of the city, was the son of Abiather. 

William was always painstaking and solicitous to do his work 
well, in the doing of which his pride was ever manifest. Thou- 
sands of his axes and edge-tools — the product of his own skill 
and handiwork — were wielded with a pleasure and satisfaction 
only known to themselves, by the early settlers, in felling the 
forests and building the ships and humble habitations of the Pine 
Tree State, and well may it be said (as was fittingly and feelingly 
observed by the good pastor at his funeral) if the man who makes 


two blades of grass grow where only one grew before is the bene- 
factor of his race, surely he who forges from the rough and tem- 
pers and fits for human use the tools and implements of the artisan 
and laborer is not undeserving of the gratitude of his fellowmen. 
The funeral service was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Graham, 
the Baptist village pastor, who, by tenderness, sympathy, and 
Christianlike bearing, commended himself not only to the relations 
of the deceased, but to all who were present. His text was the 
90th, the oldest, Psalm, "Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling- 
place in all generations." The burden of his supplication and 
prayer was, " O God, we come to Thee in this hour of affliction, 
because we know not where else to go ! " His comforting words, 
his utterance not infrequently well nigh stifled by the overflowing 
fullness of his heart, his tenderness and fervent sorrow — all in 
such perfect unison with the wounded feelings and loneliness of 
the sorrowing and aged widow and friends — soothed and recon- 
ciled as far as human words and sympathy could the hearts that 
were heaviest laden. 

Noah, son of Ezekiel and Abigail (Blanchard) White ; a 
soldier of the Revolution, enlisting from Weymouth, Mass/; 
b. October 22, 1756; mar. Tamar Bates, 1783. Lived and 
died in Chesterfield, where his children were born. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Hannah, b. ; mar. (1st) Knight; (2d) Enoch 

Wood of Stafford, N. Y., where she died. 

2. Phineas, b. ; mar. ; d. at Stafford, N. Y., aged 

about 82 years. 

3. Enos, b. ; mar. ; d. in Leroy, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

4. Elsie, b. ; mar. Field Beswick ; d. in Bergen, N. Y. 

5. Silas, b. ; d. when young in Chesterfield, Mass. 

6. Achsah, b. ; mar. Lothrop Vinton; d. in Ellicottville, 

Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 

7. Joel-\-, b. in Chesterfield, Mass., September 1, 1796; mar. 
Sarah Vinton; d. in Villenovia, N. Y., 1871. 

8. Persis, b. ; mar. John Weaver ; lived and d. in Ark- 

wright, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 


9. Benjamin, moved from Arkwright, N. Y., to Gabon, Ohio, 
thence to Iowa. 

10. Triphena, b. ; cl. when a child. 

Lieut. Ebenezer, son of Ezekiel and Abigail (Blanchard) 
White, b. in "Weymouth, Mass., about 1761 ; d. in Goshen, 
Mass., September 17, 1831. He was a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion. He mar. (1st) October 19, 1786, Calista Partridge, 
dau. of Asa. She d. February 29, 1808, aged 45 years. He 
mar. (2d) Hannah Ripley, who d. June 3, 1836, aged 71 
years. Children: — 

1. Asa-\-, b. December 16, 1787. 

2. Freeburn, b. October 31, 1789 ; mar. Betsey, dau. of Ezekiel 
White, Jr. 

3. Sarah, b. October 6, 1794. 

4. Polly, b. May 18, 1797; d. un., May 12, 1862. 

5. John, b. October 26, 1799; mar. Salome Curtis; d. Feb- 
ruary 20, 1871. 

6. Calista, b. August 3, 1801; mar. Hiram Thayer; d. Feb- 
ruary 2, 1838. 

7. Orrel, b. 1805 ; d. February 3, 1807. 

8. Ebenezer, b. December 5, 1807; mar., June, 1837, Mary 
Tilden; d. November 27, 1870. 

Asa, son of Lieut. Ebenezer, b. December 16, 1787. He 
lived in Goshen, Mass., and d. December 24, 1859. Mar. 
(1st) November 26, 1811, Livia Ely, who d. March 20, 1844, 
aged 53 years. He mar. (2d) 1844, Harriet Ely, sister of his 
former wife. Children : — 

1. Orrel, b. September 23, 1815; mar., October 28, 1835, 
Joseph T. Thayer; d. September 24, 1868. 

2. Homer, b. in Goshen, Mass., July 13, 1820; lives in 
Weston, Conn. ; a mechanical engineer. 

3. Peregrine, b. in Goshen, Mass., October 13, 1824. 

4. Heman, b.' in Goshen, Mass., November 9, 1834; a 
mechanic in Derby, Conn. 

Peregrine, son of Asa; a carpenter in Mason, Effingham 


County, 111.; mar. in Lebanon, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1846, Catherine 
Willcut, b. November 24, 1819. Children:— 

1. Ellen Louisa, b. April 11, 1850, at Goshen, Mass. 

2. Eustis Walter, b. December 22, 1854, at Goshen, Mass. ; 
cl. July 4, 1873. 

3. Willie Willcutt, b. February 3, 1860, at Mason, 111. ; cl. 
August, 1860. 

4. Elvoell Lincoln, b. July 7, 1864. 

Sarah, dau. of Lieut. Ebenezer, b. October 6, 1794 ; cl. 
March 4, 1876. She mar., January 27, 1818, Capt. Horace 
Packard of Goshen. Children : — 

1. Edwin, b. 1818; d. November 28, 1837. 

2. Freeburn W., b. ; mar., May 29, 1864, Hannah 


3. Calvin A., b. July 8, 1822; mar., January 15, 1852, 
Weathy Dresser. Was representative to General Court, 1867. 

4. Calista, b. ; mar. (1st) Ezra Carpenter; (2d) Joseph 

T. Thayer. 

5. Horace H., b. ; mar., November 28, 1850, Julia F. 


Sarah, dau. of Ezekiel, b. February 25, 1759; mar. Asa 
French, February 14, 1784. Children: — 

1. Elihu. 

2. Samuel. 

3. Irene. 

4. William. 

5. Sojrtia. 

6. Jabez. 

7. Ambrose. 

8. Sally. 

9. Nathan. 

Joel, a farmer and carpenter, son of Noah and Tamar 
(Bates) White, b. September 1, 1796 ; mar. Sarah Vinton, 
b. in Goshen (probably) March 21, 1800. She was the 


daughter of Abiather and Sarah (Paine) Vinton. Soon after 
his marriage (February 22, 1816) Joel White removed to 
Leroy, Genesee County, N. Y., where several of his children 
were born. In 1825 he moved to the town of Arkwright, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y., to cast his lot with the early 
pioneers of the wilderness. As he wearily climbed the 
wooded hills he paused to stick the ox-goad, which he carried, 
into the ground beside the rugged pathway, saying as he did 
so that " it would grow.*' Many years afterward, when the 
poplar switch had grown to giant dimensions, his son, Elliot 
Vinton White, bought the farm in whose dooryard the senti- 
nel poplar stood, a landmark for miles' around, a fitting mon- 
ument to the sturdy character of Joel, the pioneer. He first 
settled on the summit of the Arkwright hills, but afterward 
made his home in a sheltered nook among the hills, which 
was known as "Joel's Basin" for many years. He was a 
good man, just and honorable in all his ways, one whose 
memory yet clings around the place which knows him no 
more. Children : — 

1. Elliot Vinton -\-, b. in Leroy, Genesee County, N. Y., June 
1, 1817. 

2. Climena, b. March, 1819; d. in Arkwright, N. Y., aged 
eight years. 

3. Noah, b. in Leroy, June 5, 1821-22 ; d. in Arkwright, 1837. 

4. Leafy -(-, b. in Leroy, April 24, 1823. 

5. Holton J.-\-, b. in Arkwright, N. Y., December 11, 1825. 

6. Clarissa-\-, b. in Arkwright, February 27, 1828. 

7. Achsah-\-, b. in Arkwright, June 6, 1830. 

8. Addison -\-, b. in Arkwright, July 9, 1832. (Twin.) 

9. Adaline, b. in Arkwright, July 9, 1832 ; d. 1848. (Twin.) 

10. Louisa-\-, b. in Arkwright, April 28, 1836. 

11. Leander-\-, b. in Arkwright, September 5, 1838. 

12. Viola A., b. in Arkwright, October 20, 1841; mar., 
December 22, 1859, William A. Scott, a farmer, who d. July 10, 
1885. She resides in Sinclairsville, N. Y. No children. 

Elliot Vinton, son of Joel and Sally (Vinton) White, 

Elt,iot Vinton White. 


b. in Leroy, N. Y., June 1, 1817; mar. (1st) in Arkwright, 
N. Y., Laura Waller, March 18, 1841, who d. January 22, 
1843. He mar. (2d) Lucy A. Crawford, October 8, 1843, 
who d. March 8, 1845. Mar. (3d) Elizabeth Ely, February 
22, 1847. The eldest of twelve children, he saw many of the 
hardships and vicissitudes of life in a new country, but expe- 
rience, that true builder of character, wrought for him a good 
name, which, wherever he has lived, has been a testimonial 
to his sterling honesty and integrity of purpose. He expe- 
rienced religion when a young man and became a member of 
the Freewill Baptist church. His occupation for many years 
was that of a tanner; later in life, a farmer and carpenter. 
Residence, Arkwright, Chautauqua County, N. Y. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Laura J.-\-, dau. of first wife, b. January 22, 1843; d. 
February 1, 1893. 

2. Lucy A., dau. of second wife, b. March 1, 1845 ; d. March 
28, 1845. 

3. Lucy E.-\-, dau. of third wife, b. December 16, 1847. 
All born in Arkwright, Chautauqua County, N. Y. 

4. Celia A., dau. of third wife, b. August 16, 1851, in Monroe, 
Ashtabula County, Ohio; mar., 1877, Arthur E. Loucks. He is 
a mechanical engineer. Resides in Findlay, Ohio. 

5. Charles E., son of third wife, b. May 12, 1854, in Monroe, 
Ashtabula County, Ohio; d. February 1, 1892, un. 

6. Herbert C.-f , son of third wife, b. July 19, 1860, in Ashta- 
bula, Ohio. 

Laura J., dau. of Elliot V. and Laura (Waller) White, 
mar. to Charles H. Webster of Kingsville, Ohio, September 
6, 1857, from whom she afterwards parted. She mar. for her 
second husband, Curtis Luce of Arkwright, N. Y. No issue. 
She had three children by the first marriage. Children : — 

1. Lillian, b. August 9, 1858; d. October 7, 1871. 

2. Henry, b. November 30, 1860; d. March 4, 1864. 

3. Florence N.-\-, b. June 3, 1863. 

Florence N., dau. of Laura J. (White) Webster, b. in 


Kingsville, Ashtabula County, O., June 3, 1863 ; mar. Luther 
J. Bently, a farmer of Ellington, Chautauqua County, N. Y., 
August 22, 1878. Residence, Ellington, N. Y. Children:— 

1. Pearl, b. July 21, 1881 ; d. August 31, 1881. 

2. Lottie May, b. February 21, 1882; d. August 28, 1885. 

3. Charles E., b. January 25, 1886. 

4. Ethel L., b. February 5, 1887. 

5. Nellie, b. July 24, 1890; d. September 4, 1890. 

Lucy E., dau. of Elliot V. and Elizabeth (Ely) White ; 
mar. William Lyon Wood, an engineer, son of Enoch and 
Elizabeth (Rawson) Wood, January 13, 1868. Her husband 
was formerly postmaster and merchant at Kelloggsville, O., 
where they reside. Mrs. Wood was a teacher before her 
marriage, and received her education at the old Kingsville 
Academy of the Western Reserve. Children: — 

1. Wynne Kellogg, b. September 4, 1871, in Avola, Vernon Co., 
Mo. A telegraph operator. 

2. Lotta Elizabeth, b. August 22, 1880, in Kelloggsville, Ash- 
tabula Co., O. 

3. Walter Randall, b. December 11, 1884, in Kelloggsville, 
Ashtabula County, O. 

Herbert C, son of Elliott Vinton and Elizabeth (Ely) 
White, b. July 19, 1860, in Ashtabula, O.; mar. Mary A. 
Roundy of Monroe, O., December 28, 1881 ; mechanical engi- 
neer. Children : — 

1. Angle E., b. September 12, 1883. 

2. Harry H., b. August 15, 1885. 

3. Charles R., b. August 29, 1893. 

Leafy, dau. of Joel and Sarah (Vinton) White, b. in 
Leroy, Genesee County, N. Y., April 24, 1823. Her name, 
originally Relief, was changed to Leafy. She professed 
religion when about fifteen years of age and united with the 
Freewill Baptist church. Her education was finished at a 
school for young ladies taught by a Mrs. Mary Cole, a Pres- 
byterian minister's wife, in Ellicottville, N. Y. She was first 

William L. and Lucy E. Wood. 


mar. to a young schoolmaster, Alfred Asa Thompson, of 
Arkwright, N. Y., February 25, 1841, who d. in Monroe, O., 
August 19, 1859, leaving her a widow with six children. 
Her second marriage occurred December 5, 1860, to Orton J. 
Richards of Monroe, Ohio, who d. May 27, 1868. She is one 
of those sunny, sweet-tempered old ladies who find a welcome 
at every fireside and a warm corner in every heart. The 
family moved to Tuscola Co., Mich., in 1865, where they 
settled on a farm in Juniata. Residence, Reese, Tuscola 
Co., Mich. Children : — 

1. Maurice J., b. November 29, 1841, at Mansfield, Catarau- 
gus Co., N. Y. Enlisted as a private in the Union army, under 
Capt. John Brown, Jr., at Jefferson, O., September 12, 1861. 
Regiment afterwards consolidated with the Seventh Kansas 
Cavalry. He was soon promoted to quartermaster sergeant ; was 
killed in a skirmish near Coffeeville, Miss., December 5, 1862, — 
an honor to his race and mourned by all who knew him. He 
died unmarried. 

2. Martinette E., b. August 20, 1843; mar., July 10, 1861, 
William DePuy ; d. July 8, 1865, leaving one daughter, Minnie. 

3. Joseph E.-\- y b. July 7, 1845. 

4. Edna A.+, b. October 22, 1850. 

5. Ella+, b. July 20, 1853. 

6. Charles B.+, b. March 3, 1855-'56. 

7. Fredrika B.+, b. March 30, 1862. 

8. Frank 0.+, b. March 28, 1864; d. October 7, 1890. 

Joseph E., son of Leafy (White) and Alfred A. Thomp- 
son, b. July 7, 1845 ; mar. Ida Wilson, March 16, 1875. He 
is a farmer. Residence, Reese, Mich. Children : — 

1. Edith May. 

2. Gertrude. 

3. Maurice C. 

4. Mortimer. 

Edna, dau. of Leafy (White) Thompson; mar., 1872, 
Freeborn S. Lewis, a physician of Vassar, Mich. They 
removed to Washington. They have but one child: — 

1. Minnie; mar. John Troy of Port Angeles, Washington. 



Ella, dau. of Leafy (White) Thompson ; mar. Rome W. 
Blydenburg of Hamlet, N. Y., November 16, 1879. He is a 
carriage maker and is also city auditor of Corry, Pa., where 
they reside. Children: — 

1. Huron. 

2. Mary J. 

Charles B., son of Leafy (White) Thompson; mar., 
July, 1877, Carrie O. Bottimer of Denmark, Mich. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Clayton. 

2. Ora. 

3. Huron. 

4. Murl. 

5. Curtis. 

Fredrika, dau. of Leafy (White Thompson) Richards ; 
mar. H. A. Sinclair, a stone mason. Children: — 

1. Claude. 

2. Hilliard. 

3. Muriel. 

4. Frank. 

5. Hazle. 

Frank O., son of Leafy (White Thompson) Richards ; 
mar. Mary A. Shipley of Juniata, Mich., April 20, 1884. 
Children : — 

1. Irvin M. 

Holton J., son of Joel and Sally (Vinton) White, b. 
December 11, 1825. A successful farmer and overseer of the 
poor in Arkwright, N. Y. He mar. Adaline J. Scott, Decem- 
ber 14, 1851. Children : — 

1. Susan, b. December 3, 1852; mar. Theodore Teed. They 
live in Dakota and have four children. 

2. Orlin W.+, b. December 19, 1855. 

3. Mary E.+, b. July 20, 1865. 

Orlin W., a farmer in Arkwright, N. Y., son of Holton J. 


and Adaline White ; mar. Lucy Palmer, August 31, 1875. 
Children : — 

1. Claude P., b. October 31, 1878. 

2. Boscoe C, b. February 22, 1886. 

3. Benj. H., b. September 30, 1888. 

4. Fern D., b. May 22, 1891. 

5. EclnaF., b. April 16, 1895. 

Mary E., dau. of Holton J. and Adaline White ; mar. 
Cortez E. Wilson, who d. November 30, 1884. Mary 
(White) Wilson d. January 16, 1885. Their children live 
with Holton J. White. Children : — 

1. Frank C, b. March 16, 1882. 

2. Mary L., b. September 8, 1884. 

Clarissa, dau. of Joel and Sally (Vinton) White, b. in 
Arkwright, February 27, 1828; mar. Henry Martin, a farmer. 
Residence, Hanover, Chautauqua County, N. Y. Children: — 

1. George, a farmer and an. 

2. Charles, is a farmer in Hanover, N. Y., and has a large 

3. Sarah Ettie, mar. Charles Story of Fredonia, N. Y. ; has 
three children. 

Achsah, dau. of Joel and Sally (Vinton) White; mar. 
Riley Ewings, a hotel keeper. She is now a widow and lives 
at Minneapolis, Minn. Children : — 

1. Nancy. 

2. Ada. 

3. Albert. 

Addison, son of Joel and Sarah (Vinton) White, a farmer ; 
lives in Arkwright, N. Y. He mar. Caroline Black, dau. of 
James Black of Arkwright. Children : — 

1 . Nellie ; mar. Will Cobb of Arkwright, son of Chandler 

2. Fred; mar. Hetty Cobb of Arkwright. 

3. James. 


Louisa, dau. of Joel and Sarah (Vinton) White ; mar. 
Crawford Stearns, a prosperous farmer living for many years 
in Villenovia, Chautauqua County, N. Y. Resides now at 
Forestville, N. Y. Children: — 

1. Lester; mar. a Miss Hiller of Dunkirk, N. Y. He is city 
counsellor of Dunkirk, and district attorney of Chautauqua 
County. Residence, Dunkirk, N. Y. 

2. Ella, d. when a child. 

3. Allie, mar. a Power of Forestville, N. Y., a railroad engi- 

Leander C, a farmer, youngest son of Joel and Sally 
(Vinton) White, b. in Arkwright, N. Y., September 5, 1838 ; 
mar. (1st) Jeanette McNaughton, October 29, 1861, who d. 
September 5, 1862 ; mar. (2d) Antoinette Whiton of Kings- 
ville, O., October 4, 1864. Residence, Galva, Kan. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Jeanette M.-\-, child of first wife, b. September 4, 1862. 

2. Willmette -4- , child of second wife, b. October 7, 1866. 

3. Alice E.-\-, child of second wife, b. October 16, 1867. 

4. Nellie R., child of second wife, b. July 17, 1876. 

5. Clifford M., child of second wife, b. July 29, 1883, 

Jeanette M., dau. of Leander C. and Jeanette (McNaugh- 
ton) White; mar. Frank W. Horton, November 1, 1883. He 
is a merchant and cheese maker at Arkwright, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Alice Fay, b. August 6, 1884. 

2. Leander F., b. May 11, 1886. 

3. Lucy Jeanette, b. August 10, 1888. 

4. Ralph William, b. July 20, 1891. 

5. Rufas Columbus, b. December 5, 1892. 

6. Edith Mawreen, b. April 27, 1895. 

Willmette, dau. of Leander C. and Antoinette (Whiton) 
White ; mar. James D. Middleswart, September 27, 1885. 
Has three children, two boys and one girl. Residence, New- 
kirk, Oklahoma Ter. 


Alice E., dau. of Leander C. and Antoinette (Whiton) 
White; mar. Albert Canfield, August 17, 1884. She has 
three children, all girls. Residence, Nowata, Indian Ter. 

This seventeenth day of the second month One thousand seven 
hundred and seventy-seven. I, William AVhite, son of William 
White of Dartmouth in County of Bristol in the Province of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay in New England, Blacksmith, being through the 
goodness of God of a sound disposing mind and memory, do now 
for the preventing trouble and difficulty among my children, make 
and ordain this my last Will and testament and as to such things 
as God hath been pleased to bless me with all in this life. I give, 
devise, and dispose of in the following manner and form. 

Imprimis. My mind is and I do hereby give unto my son 
Jonathan White all my wearing apparel of all sorts. 

Item. I give unto my son Jonathan White and to his heirs 
and assigns forever all my homestead farm with my now dwelling 
house, with all the buildings there-on standing and other priv- 
eleges thereunto belonging ; also I give unto my sd. son Jonathan 
to his heirs and assigns forever all that my farm which my hon- 
orable Grandfather George Cadman gave me after the decease of 
my honored father and mother, with all the housing and buildings 
thereon standing and other priveleges thereunto belonging ; Also 
I give unto my above sd. son Jonathan White and to his heirs 
and to his assigns forever, all the rest, residue, and remainder of 
my real estate which I have not herein before given him let it ly 
or be wheresoever it may, both upland south meadow or cedar 
swamp with all the buildings and other priveleges thereunto 
belonging; also I give unto my sd. son Jonathan all my live 
stock, except what I shall herein after give to my three daugh- 
ters ; Also I give him my sd son all my blacksmith tools ; also 
all my carpenter's tools. 

Item. My mind is and I do hereby give unto my eldest daugh- 
ter Hannah Kirby one hundred and fifteen pounds in silver or 
gould ; also I give to my sd daughter twenty five pounds in 
paper currency ; also one cow and one mai'e neat kind two years 
old and those gifts to be her full part and poition in my estate 
with what she hath already had and the one third part of all my 
household goods which I do hereby give her. 


Item. I do hereby give unto my second daughter, Elizabeth 
Peckham, one hundred and fifteen pounds in silver or gould ; also 
I give to my sd. daughter, Elizabeth, twenty five pounds in paper 
currency ; also I give her one cow and one mare neat kind two 
years old ; also the one third part of all my house holds and those 
gifts with what she hath already had to be her full part and por- 
tion in my estate. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my youngest daughter, Abagail 
White, one hundred and fifteen pounds in silver or gould ; also I 
give her twenty-five pounds in paper currency ; also I give to her 
my sd. daughter Abagail one cow and one mare neat kind two 
years old. Also I give her the one third part of all my house- 
hold goods and those gifts with what she has already had to be 
her full part and portion in my estate. 

Item. My mind and will is and I do hereby order that all my 
just debts and funeral charges and just expense of all sorts, 
together with the settling of my estate should be paid and dis- 
charged by my Executor hereafter named out of that part of my 
personal estate which is given him. 

Item. All the rest and residue of my estate let it be in what 
kind or nature soever it be in I give the same to my son Jonathan 
the better to enable him to pay legacies and discharge and charges 
which is herein ordered. 

Item. I do hereby ordain, constitute and appoint my son 
Jonathan White sole Executor of this my last wills or testaments 
by me before this time made, ratifying this and no other to be 
my last will and testament. 

In witness whereof, I, the sd. William White have hereunto 
set my hand and seal ye day and year above written. 


Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the 
sd. William White to be his last will and testament, in the 
presence of us the subscribers. 




A true copy. — W. A. Kirby. 


Some of the Whites that I have picked up in huuting up the 
Kirby AVhite. I think I can verify most of them if necessary : — 

Hannah -f-, b. April 1, 1690; mar., April 23, 1711, Moses 

Hannah, dan. of Joseph and Lydia, b. December 9, 1691; d. 

Mary, dau. of Joseph and Lydia, b. February 27, 1692 ; d. 

Rachel, dau. of Joseph and Lydia, b. December 27, 1694. 

Edward Whitaker, son of Jonathan and Susannah White, b. 
September 8, 1772; mar., 1798, Hannah Baglies, b. June 8, 
1777, d. September 11, 1833. He d. November 18, 1846. Had 
nine children. 

Benjamin, b. 1709; mar., 1734, Eunice Swain Taft, b. Feb- 
ruary 20, 1702. Had three children. Benjamin White and his 
wife d. 1743. 

Deborah, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Taft) White, b. 
November 4, 1737; mar. John Taft, b. December 18, 1710; d. 
April 19, 1769. Had twelve children. 

Jemima, mentioned in will of Robert Taft as dau. of Robert. 

Susanna, dau. of William and Patience (Eddy) AVhite, b. 
August 22, 1832; mar., 1755, Jonathan Whitaker, b. October, 

1731, d. January 11, 1812. She d. August 14, 1811. 
Nicholas, one of the proprietors of Taunton, b. 1697; mar. 

Susannah, dau. of James and Frances Humphrey. They had : (I) 
Nicholas. (II) John. (Ill) Joseph -(-. (IV) Elizabeth. 

Patience, admitted to North Church, 1726. 

William and Palmer White sold land to Ebenezer White, 1737. 

Joseph White, a witness to George Auldrich's will, 1683. 

William, son of Joseph and Mary White, b. October 28, 1692 ; 
mar. Patience Eddy, b. June 27, 1696. Children: (I) Debo- 
rah, b. July 20, 1721. (II) Patience, b. July 11, 1726. (Ill) 
Hannah, b. September 26, 1729. (IV) Susanna, b. August 22, 

1732. (V) Abigail, b. November 9, 1734. (VI) William, b. 
March 25, 1737. 

Thomas, of Freetown, Mass., mar. August 2, 1757, Elizabeth 
Jenne of Dartmouth, Mass. 


George White, mar. Deborah . Children : (I) Israel, b. 

November 27, 1730. (II) Peleg, b. September 14, 1732. 
(Ill) Sylvanus, b. June 6, 1734. (IV) Ruth, b. May 19, 1736. 
(V) William, b. February 28, 1741. (VI) Sarah, b. March 28, 
1744. (Twin.) (VII) Hannah, b. March 28, 1744. (Twin.) 

(VIII) Mary, b. June 4, 1746. (IX) Eunice, b. August 11, 
1748. (X) Sylvanus, b. December 14, 1750. Sylvanus and 
Mary sold land (ten acres) to Justus Kirby of Dartmouth or West- 
port, Mass. (great grandfather of William A. Kirby of New Bed- 
ford, Mass.) 

Mary, mar. Samuel Gardner, b. 1629; d. September 12, 1675. 
He d. October, 1689. Children: (I) Mary. (II) Elizabeth. 

(III) Mary. (IV) Margaret. (V) George. (VI) Jonathan, b. 
July 8, 1669. (VII) Hannah, b. July 8, 1669. (VIII) Abel. 

William White had lands at Marshfield. 

Daniel White, an assistant to AVilliam Peckham, as administra- 
tor in 1718, and also had charge of a church in Newport, R. I. 

Thomas White, witness to Robert Taft's will, 1720. 

William, max. April 17, 1766, Abigail (Dartmouth Rec- 
ords.) Children : (I) Sophia. (II) Thurston. 

Hannah, dau. of William, mar. December 27, 1730, William, 
son of Phillip Tabor. 

Samuel, of Rochester, mar. May 11, 1731, Mary Chase of 
Dartmouth, Mass. 

Joseph, of Yarmouth, d. 1782, aged 80 years. 

Jonathan White, d. November 21, 1804, and Abigail, d. August 
6, 1806. 

Hannah, b. April 1, 1690; mar. April 23, 1711, Moses Auld- 
ridge. Children: (I) Abigail, b. September 18, 1712. (II) 
Mary, b. February 15, 1714. (Ill) George, b. January 13, 1716. 

(IV) Mercy, b. December 28, 1717. (V) Robert, b. December 
11, 1719. (VI) Lydia, b. November 28, 1721. (VII) Thomas, 
b. February 24, 1724. (VIII) Caleb, b. January 14, 1726. 

(IX) Luke, b. February 9, 1728. (X) Alice, b. May 2, 1730. 
(XI) Moses, b. April 19, 1732. (XII) Aaron, b. January 3, 

Peter, son of Joseph and Prudence White, b. 1714 ; mar. 1736, 
Jemima, b. 1713. He d. 1782. 


Joseph, son of Nicholas and Susannah (Humphrey) White, mar. 
d. 1724. Children: (I) Lydia. (II) Joseph. (Ill) 

Edward. (IV) Mary -f. (V) Susannah. (VI) William. (VII) 

Mary, dau. of Joseph, mar. . Children : (I) Charles. 

(II) Phoebe. (Ill) Mary. (IV) Nathaniel. (V) Charity. 
(VI) Ephraim. (VII) Dinah. (VIII) Job. (IX) Patience. 
(X) Solomon. (XI) David, 1718. 

Rhoda, mar. April 27, 1781, Stephen Carnell. 

Ebenezer, b. 1697 ; mar. Sarah Carnell. Children: (I) Phoebe. 
(II) Charity. (Ill) Mary. (IV) David. (V) Sarah. (VI) 
Ebenezer. (VII) Jude. (VIII) Abiel. (IX) William. (X) Jona- 
than. (XI) Anne. (XII) Catherine. (XIII) Jedediah. (XIV) 
Ephraim -(-• 

William, b. November 28, 1692 ; mar. Patience Eddy, dau. of 
John and Deliverance Smith, b. June 27, 1696. Children: (I) 
Deliverence, b. 1721. (II) Patience, b. May 11, 1726. (Ill) 
Hannah, b. September 6, 1729. (IV) Susanna, b. August 22, 
1732; mar. 1755, Jonathan Whittaker, b. 1731; d. August 14, 
1811. Her husband d. January 11, 1812. They had: (1) 
Sarah, b. 1757. (2) Henry, b. 1759. (3) Susanna, b. 1761. 
(4) Jonathan, b. 1763. (5) Elizabeth, b. 1765. (6) Patience, b. 
1770. (7) Abigail. (8) William. 

George, mar. December 24, 1784, Mary Smith. 

Samuel, mar. March 31, 1784, Abigail Ames. 

Polly, mar. October 2, 1754, Richard Carnell. 

Rath, mar. January 8, 1754, Cubbert Wilcox. 

Israel, mar. January 14, 1754, Sybel Hicks. 

Samuel, mar. April 24, 1746, Elizabeth Jackson of Rochester. 

Abner, mar. March 10, 1745, Ruth Brownell of South Comp- 
ton, R. I. 

George, mar. November 30, 1729, Deborah Shaw of South 
Compton, R. I. 

Benjamin, mar. March 16, 1775, Almy Ball. 

Ruth, dau. of Jonathan, mar. September 13, 1778, Gideon, 
son of John Cornell. 

Mary, mar. April 11, 1765, James Sowle. Both of Dartmouth, 


Amy, mar. June 27, 1819, Stephen Howland of Westport, b. 
June 9, 1802; d. September 2, 1820. 

William, mar. March 6, 1784, Hannah Stetson. 

Mehitable, intention of marriage, John Howland. 

William, mar. Sarah Potter. Dau. of Jonathan White, mar. 
Warren Griffen of Dartmouth, Mass. 

Benjamin, mar. Susannah, dau. of Arthur Howland, b. 1751. 

Mehitable, mar. 1807, Jabez Howland, in Westport, Mass. 

Peregrine, mar. Malachi Howland, b. 1726. 

Jeruthmell, of Westport, Mass., mar. Nicholas Howland, b. 

White, mar. 1800, Amelia, dau. of William Howland. 

Lucy, dau. of Martin and Lucy White, mar. Stephen Howland. 

Oceana, dau. of William and Cynthia White, mar. 1882, David, 
son of Daniel Howland. 

Eliza, mar. 1833, Alexander Wilbur. 

Timothy B., mar. 1835, Olive Brown, dau. of Perry Howland. 

Laura, mar. 1821, Washington W., son of Capt. Jeremy How- 

Aaron, mar. 1822, Sarah, dau. of Crawford Howland. 

Frederick M., mar. 1880, Anna, dau. of Charles Howland. 

Lewis, mar. Louvina, dau. of Gilbert Howland. 

Rachel, mar. Calvin, son of Seth Howland. 

Martha, mar. 1872, Joseph S., son of John Howland. 

Francis C, mar. 1830, Caroline, dau. of Zephaniah Hunt. 

George C, mar. 1859, Lucy C. Howland, dau. of Shadrach 

Piny, mar. 1847, Watson Howland. 

Almond, mar. 1815, a dau. of Cyrus Northrop. 

Lucinda, dau. of Joel White, mar. Jonathan, son of Samuel 

The above Howlands were mostly taken from the Howland 
Genealogical Book by Captain Franklin Howland, Acushnet, 

Amanda, mar. Henry Alfred Potter. 

Samantha, mar. 1838, Franklin Potter, b. 1816; d. 1873. 

Mathew, mar. Sarah Potter, b. 1796; d. 1819. 


Judith, b. 1783, mar. Timothy Potter. Lived in Potter's Hol- 
low, N. Y. She d. 1858. 

Orlo Perry, b. 1844; mar., November 29, 18G5, Emma 
Eugenia Potter. Lived in Wisconsin. 

Ella, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Munson) White, b. 1854 ; 
mar. Prof. Alonzo C. Potter. 

Mary, mar. W. H. Potter. 

William, mar. Sarah Potter. 

Betsey, b. 1798; mar. Obediah Sawton. Their sou, Perry G., 
has a cup once owned by Peregrine White. Another son, Abra- 
ham, mar. Mary Potter. He d. and she mar. (2d) Holden 
White, b. 1812, a nephew of Hannah White, b. July 20, 1766; 
mar. Nathan Kirby. Hannah (White) Kirby, grandmother of 
William A. Kirby. 

Rachel, b. 1799; mar. Peter Potter, b. 1798, who d. 1883. 
She d. 1875. 

Deborah, mar., November 24, 1825, Joshua Potter, b. Novem- 
ber 13, 1794, d. June 27, 1882. 

Serepta, dau. of David and Mary White, b. 1812 ; mar. Eben- 
ezer Potter. 

Amos A., b. 1833; mar., November 29, 1884, Josephine Pot- 
ter, b. 1838. 

Henry, mar. September 1, 1853, Eliza Maria Potter, b. at 
North Adams, Mass., 1831. 

Elizabeth, mar. December 22, 1847, James P. Potter, b. 1817. 

Letitia, mar. Thomas J. Potter. 

Sarah, mar., June 24, 1873, Andrew H. Potter, Cashocton, O, 

Rachel, dau. of David and Mary White, mar. Ebenezer W., 
son of Benjamin and Caroline Scott. 

William, son of Joseph and Mary White, b. 1692; mar. 
Patience Eddy. 

William and Peleg, brothers, lived on the east bank of the 
Nochocink river, Westport. 

George, a brother of the above, mar. Rhoda Tripp. His dau., 
Mary, mar. Pardon Tripp of Westport Point. 

The above Potters taken largely from the ' ' Book of the Potter 

Hannah, b. June 8, 1777; mar., November 29, 1798, Ed. 


Whitaker, b. 1772, d. 1846. She d. September 11, 1823. No 

Lydia, b. August 17, 1682; mar. Samuel Fisher, b. December 
3, 1669, d. 1724. 

Joseph, b. February 13, 1683. 

Ediuard, b. March 27, 1686. 

Mary, b. July 18, 1688; mar. Nathaniel Whitwell, d. 1789. 
They had: (I) Phebe, b. 1712. (II) Mary, b. 1715. (Ill) 
Nathaniel, b. 1717. (IV) Charity, b. 1719. (V) Ephraim, b. 
1721. (VI) Dinah, b. 1723. (VII) Job, b. 1723. (VIII) 
Patience, b. 1728. (IX) Solomon, b. 1730. 

Susannah, b. August 8, 1690. 


Nathaniel, b. April 25, 1695. 

Ebenezer, b. September 13, 1697; mar., May 21, 1730, Sarah 
Cornell. They had : (I) Phebe, b. 1721. (II) Charity, b. 1732. 

(III) Mary, b. 1734. (IV) David, b. 1735. (V) Sarah, b. 
1737. (VI) Elizabeth, b. 1739. (VII) Jude, b. 1740. (VIII) 
Abel, b. 1742. (IX) William, b. 1744. (X) Anna, b. 1747. 
(XI) Jonathan, b. 1749. (XII) Catherine, b. 1750. (XIII) 
Jedediah, b. 1752. (XIV) Ephraim, b. 1754. 

Ephraim, mar. Ruth . They had : (I) Ephraim, b. Feb- 
ruary 25, 1729. (II) John, b. 1730. (Ill) Ruth, b. 1732. 

(IV) Mary, b. 1734. (V) David, b. 1736. (VI) Elihu, b. 
1739. (VII) Lydia, b. September 17, 1741. (VIII) Elizabeth. 

William, b. at Norton, Mass., 1726 ; mar. Patience, who was 
admitted to the church. She sold land, 1737, to Ebenezer White 
of Nortou, Mass. 

Joseph, b. at Taunton, Mass., 1717; gave land to son William, 
1724; was administrator of his son Joseph. The agreement, 
Joseph, Edward, William (of Norton), Ephraim, Lydia Fisher 
(widow of Samuel), Nathaniel, William and wife Mary, and 
Elizabeth. . 

Love, mar., December 28, 1777, Jonathan Taber of Dartmouth, 

Elizabeth, mar., November 16, 1771, Stephen Peckham, both 
of Dartmouth, Mass. 

Hannah, mar., October 23, 1777, David Sowles. 


Theophilis, mar., April 8, 1779, Mary Winslow (or Wilcox), 
both of Dartmouth, Mass. 

Obed, mar., July 29, 1779, Sarah Peckham, both of Dart- 
mouth, Mass. 

William, mar., March 24, 1784, Hannah Stetson, both of 
Dartmouth, Mass. 

Jeremiah, d. September 16, 1764. 

Sxisannah, mar., November 21, 1750, Robert Green of Cov- 
entry, R. I. 

Thomas, of Scituate, son of George, mar., 1849, Susan E. 
Sheldon of Cranston. 

Humphrey, mar., February 11, 1786, Sibel Kirby. 

Lemuel, mar. Mary of Colins, Erie Co., N. Y. Children : 

(I) Nathaniel, who mar. Phebe T. Tucker. (II) j William R., 
mar. Hannah K. Stickney. (HI) William S., mar. Lydia Bald- 
win. (IV) Paul H., mar. Navina White. (V) Graton, mar. 
Esther B. Willet. 

Mehitable, intention of marriage, November 12, 1804, to Jabez 

Jonathan, mar. Abigail , who d. August 6, 1806. He d. 

November 21, 1804. 

Mary, mar. Augustus R. Potter, b. 1853. 

Benjamin, son of Samuel and Betsey White, b. 1803 ; mar. 
Mary Frances Potter. 

Francis K., b. 1846 ; mar., 1885, Anson Howard Potter. 

Abigail, b. November 9, 1734. 

William, b. March 25, 1737. 

Nicholas, b. at Dartmouth, Mass. (then Taunton) a freeman, 
1643; mar. at Dartmouth in 1652. In 1668 bought, with his 
son Nicholas, fifty square miles, called the "Taunton Purchase," 
for £100. He was one of the proprietors, 1675. 

(Taken from the book entitled ' ' One Hundred and Sixty 
Allied Families.") 

Yours truly, 

William A. Kirby, 

New Bedford, Mass. 

Edward Winslow, 1 mar. November 2, 1594, Magdalen 


Ollyver at St. Burdes church, Fleet street, London. They 
were of Droitwich and Kempsey, Worcester county, 
England. Children : — 

1. Edward Jr. -f-, b. Friday, October 19, 1595; mar. (1st) 
Elizabeth Barker, who d. March 24, 1621. He mar. (2d) May 
12, 1621, Mrs. Susanna (Fuller) White, q. v. 

2. John, b. April, 1597; mar. Mary Chilton. 

3. Eleanor, b. April, 1598. 

4. Kenelm -\-, b. April, 1599 ; mar. Widow Eleanor Adams. 

5. Gilbert, b. October, 1600. Came to America in the May- 
flower, 1620; returned to England, where he d. 1650; un. 

6. Elizabeth, b. March, 1602. 

7. Magdalene, b. 1604. 

8. Josiah, b. 1606 ; mar. Margaret Bourn. 

Edward, Jr., 2 son of Edward and Magdalen (Ollyver) 
Winslow, mar. (1st) in Leyden, Holland, May 16, 1618, 
Elizabeth Barker of Chalsum, England. Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Barker) Winslow d. that first almost fatal winter at Ply- 
mouth, March 24, 1621, and he mar. (2d) May 12, 1621, Mrs. 
Susanna (Fuller) White, widow of William White. Thus 
she became the first bride, as she had previously been the 
first mother in the colony. Children : — 

1. Edward, d. in infancy. 

2. John, d. in infancy. 

3. Josiah -4-, b. in Marshfield, 1629 ; mar. 1657, Penelope Pel- 
ham of Boston. 

4. Elizabeth, mar. (1st) John (or Gilbert) Brooke; (2d) Capt. 
John Corwin of Salem. 

Edward Winslow, Jr., joined the Pilgrims at Leyden a few 
years previous to their embarking to America, and perhaps none 
of them contributed more largely to the establishment and success 
of the colony than he, being the third signer of the compact. In 
the years 1633, '36, and '44 he was appointed governor of the 
colony. He was sent as agent of the colony to the Court of Eng- 
land in 1623 and '24, also '44 and '45. He possessed great 
influence at the Court of Cromwell, defending the colony against 
the misrepresentation of their enemies. Being appointed by 


Cromwell one of the commissioners of arbitration between the 
English nation and the United Provinces. 

He brought the first cattle into the colony in 1624 from Eng- 
land, which were committed to him and Mr. Allerton to sell for 
the company. Was tried, and proved " able and faithful, a good 

About 1637 he removed to Marshfield where he built a house 
not far from the present Winslow house, which is said to have 
been built by Isaac Winslow, one hundred and fifty years ago. 
He called his grant at Green Harbor, " Carsewell," from a family- 
seat of his ancestors in England. 

John Endicott was chosen governor in 1645 and afterwards 
planned an expedition, in 1655, against the Spaniards in the 
West Indies. He appointed Governor Winslow first commis- 
sioner of the commonwealth to superintend the expedition. On 
the passage between Hispaniola and Jamaica he was seized with 
fever and d. May 8, 1655, aged 59 years, 6 months. His remains 
were consigned to the ocean with the honors of war. His widow 
d. in Marshfield , 1680, and is buried in the Winslow bury- 
ing ground. It is supposed that her son, Peregrine White, was 
buried beside her. 

Kenelm, 2 son of Edward and Magdalen (Ollyver) Wins- 
low, mar. Widow Eleanor Adams. He came to Plymouth in 
the White Angel before 1633. Children : — 

1. Kenelm, b. 1635. Removed to Yarmouth. 

2. Eleanor -j-, mar. 1656, Samuel Baker of Marshfield. 

3. Nathaniel, b. 1637; mar. 1664, Faith Miller of Yarmouth, 
and settled on his father's estate in Marshfield (now occupied by 
Captain Goodsell.) 

4. Job, b. 1641. Removed to Swanzey and d. in Salem, 1672. 

Eleanor, 3 dan. of Kenelm and Eleanor (Adams) Wins- 
low, mar. 1656, Samuel, son of Rev. Nicholas Baker of Scitu- 
ate. Settled in Marshfield. Children : — 

1. Kenelm -)-, b. March 23, 1657; mar. Sarah Bradford. 

2. Lydia, b. February 18, 1659. 

3. Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1661. 


4. Eleanor, d. young. 

5. Alice, b. March 9, 1663. 

Eleanor (Winslow) Baker d. August 27, 1676. 

Kenelm 4 , son of Samuel and Eleanor (Winslow) Baker; 
mar. Sarah Bradford, grand-daughter of Gov. William and 
Alice (Southworth) Bradford, and dau. of William Brad- 
ford, Jr. Children: — 

1. Sarah, b. October 28, 1688. 

2. Alice, b. November 30, 1690. 

3. Eleanor, b. March 31, 1692. 

4. Abigail, b. December 23, 1693; mar., 1720, Gideon 
Thomas. Their children were : (I) Abigail, b. 1722. (II) Anna, 
b. 1723. (Ill)- Sarah, b. 1724. (IV) Mercy, b. 1725; mar., 
1747, Benjamin White, q. v. (V) Eleanor, b. 1727. (VI) 
Elizabeth, b. 1729. 

Josiah 3 , son of Edward, Jr., and Susanna (White) 
Winslow ; mar., 1657, Penelope, dau. of Herbert Pelham. 
Children : — 

1. Isaac-\-, b. in Marshfield, 1670; mar., July 17, 1700, 
Sarah Wensley. 

2. Elizabeth -f, b. April 18, 1664; mar., 1684, Stephen Bur- 
ton of Pembroke, Mass. 

Governor Josiah was the first native born of the country who 
held the office of governor. He was early introduced into public 
life, and has been called the most accomplished man of his day in 
New England. He not only had the courage to encounter the 
ambush and bullets of the Indians, but that nobler courage, 
called moral, to oppose the rigorous measures against the Quakers 
in 1658. And it is not often we find, even to this day, public 
men with moral nerve to stand up in opposition to the great body 
of the people whom they serve ; less often are they found to 
possess the strength of character to stem the torrent of general 
public delusion. Governor Josiah died in Marshfield, December 
18, 1680, aged 52 years. The expenses of his funeral were 
directed to be paid from the public treasury, in testimony of the 
colony's affection and gratitude. His widow died in 1703. 


Hon. Isaac, 4 son of Governor Josiah and Penelope (Pel- 
ham) Winslow, mar. July 17, 1700, Sarah, dau. of John Wens- 
ley, by Rev. Colton Mather. Children : — 

1. Gov. John, b. 1702; mar. 1726, Mary Little of Pembroke. 
They had: (I) Pelham, b. 1737; mar. Joanna, dau. of Gideon 
White, q. v. He was a graduate of Harvard College in 1753. (II) 
Isaac, b. 1739; mar. a dau. of Dea. Charles Stockbridge of 
Scituate. He d. in 1819, aged 80 years. His son, John, b. 
1774; d. in Natchez, 1822, leaving a son, Isaac, who, it is said, 
is the only living descendant that bears the family name in New 
England. He resides in Boston, Mass. 

2. Penelope, b. 1704; mar. James Warren. 

3. Elizabeth, b. 1707; mar. Benjamin Marston of Salem. 

4. Anna, b. 1709; d. un. 

5. Edward, b. 1714; mar. Mrs. Hannah Dyer; d. in Nova 
Scotia (Royalist.) 

6. Dr. Isaac, b. 1719; mar. Elizabeth Stockbridge of Scituate. 
Settled on the homestead. 

Hon. Isaac Winslow built the present "Winslow house" in 
Marshfield, about 1700 ; also the " Winslow tomb ; " the bodies of 
his father and mother being the first to be placed therein. He 
was brought to Scituate Second church to be baptised in 1674, 
and d. December 7, 1738, iu his 68th year. His widow d. 1753, 
aged 80. 

Elizabeth, 4 dau. of Josiah and Penelope (Pelham) Wins- 
low, mar. 1684, Samuel Burton of Pembroke, Mass. (then 
Duxbury.) Children : — 

1. Elizabeth, b. in Pembroke, Mass., 1689; d.'un. 

2. Thomas -\-, b. in Pembroke, Mass., 1692; mar. May 4, 
1722, Alice Wadsworth. 

Stephen Burton d. in Pembroke, Mass., 1711; and Elizabeth 
(Winslow) Burton d. July, 1735. Her headstone, which is an 
English one, is yet well preserved. 

Thomas, 5 son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Winslow) Bur- 
ton, mar. May 4, 1722, Alice Wadsworth. Children: — 
1. Martha, b. 1723; d. in infancy. 



2. Penelope, b. 1724. 

3. Eleanor -+-, b. May 4, 1728 ; mar. February 5, 1746, Nathan- 
iel Bishop. 

4. Elizabeth, b. 1737. 

Thomas Burton d. October 22, 1779, aged 87 years, and his 
widow d. June 9, 1791, aged 95 years. 

Eleanor 6 , clau. of Thomas and Alice (Wadsworth) 
Burton; mar., February 5, 1746, Nathaniel Bishop. Chil- 
dren : — 

1. Nathaniel-\-, b. October 14, 1747; mar., June 4, 1779, 
Abigail Bearse. 

2. Eliphalet, b. September 23, 1751. 

Mrs. Eleanor (Barton) Bishop d. October 27, 1751, aged 24 

Nathaniel, Jr. 7 , son of Nathaniel and Eleanor (Burton) 
Bishop; mar., June 4, 1779, Abigail Bearse. Children: — 

1. Thomas, b. 1780; d. in infancy. 

2. Eleanor Burton -\~, b. April 3, 1781; mar., May, 1800, 
Isaac Jennings. 

3. Nathaniel, b. July 15, 1784. 

4. Daniel, b. 1788. 

Nathaniel Bishop d. August 20, 1825 ; his widow d. April 3, 

Eleanor Burton 8 , dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail 
(Bearse) Bishop; mar. (1st) May, 1800, Isaac Jennings. 
Children : — 

1. Elizabeth Burton -4-, b. September 23, 1801; mar., June 
27, 1827, Nathaniel Bosworth of Halifax. 

2. Abigail Bearse, b. September 20, 1803. 

3. Mary, b. February 13, 1806. 

4. Isaac, b. October 11, 1808. 

5. Charity, b. April 30, 1811. 

Isaac Jennings d. of typhus fever, November 5, 1810. His 
widow mar. (2d) June 14, 1818, Martin Osborn of Halifax. 
They had : 

6. Lucy Faunce, b. February 13, 1820. 


Martin Osborn d, February 27, 1861, aged 69 years, and his 
widow d. October 29. 1875, aged 94 years. 

Elizabeth Burton 9 , dau. of Isaac and Eleanor B. 
(Bishop) Jennings ; mar., June 27, 1827, Nathaniel Bos- 
worth of Halifax. Children : — 

1. Henry, b. June 3, 1828; mar. Sarah E., dau. of Thomas 
Foster and Hannah (Clark) White, q. v. 

2. Edwin, b. May 17, 1838 ; d. in the late war, aged 25 years. 
Nathaniel Bosworth d. in Pembroke, Mass., January 13, 1887. 

Asa Metcalf, b. in Greenwich, N. Y. ; mar. Mehitable 
Upham of Hubbardston, Mass. Children: — 

1. Mehitable, mar. Jonathan Polley of Whitehall, N. Y. 

2. Nathaniel, m. Hannah, dau. of Robert Worsley, who d. 
August, 1835. Nathaniel d. October 25, 1853. He was licensed 
to exhort, and in 1801, to preach. They had : (I) Chauncey, d. 
in Berry, 111. (II) Loren. (Ill) Franklin. (IV) Rosina, d. in 
Pennsylvania. (V) Upham, d. August 18, 1841. (VI) Abigail, 
moved to Shelbyville, Mo., had seven children. 

4. Alfred, b. January 2, 1777; mar. (1st) 1811, Sophia Weston 
Adams of Newmarket, N. H. She d. 1812, and he mar. (2d) 
April 11, 1815, Ann Poor. She d. April 10, 1859. He was a 
minister of the M. E. church for thirty-six years, and d. June 4, 
1837. They had: (I) Sophia A., b. January 20, 1816; mar. 
September 4, 1842, Rev. J. Augustus Adams. He was a mem- 
ber of the New England Conference. Went to California for his 
health and d. in San Francisco, August 27, 1860. They had an 
adopted daughter. (II) Sarah A., b. December 4, 1817; d. Sep- 
tember 12, 1851. (Ill) John Alfred, b. November 29, 1819 ; d. 
May, 1825. (IV) Harriet W., b. October 1, 1821; mar. Dr. 
Greenleaf C. Clough. They had one child, Mary M., b. July 10, 
1862. (V) Martha J., b. August 7, 1823 ; mar. April 22, 1845, 
Dr. Greenleaf C. Clough. They had : (1) Alfred M., b. March 
31, 1847. (2) Edward G., b. April 2, 1852. She d. March 15, 
1859, and he mar. (2d) Harriet W. Metcalf. (VI) Mary R., b. 
July 18, 1826; d. November 19, 1847. 

Rev. Alfred Metcalf was blessed with a pious mother, who was 


the first to put her name upon the first class papers of the First 
Methodist church of Marlborough, N. H., in 1796, and composed 
of seven members. He joined the M. E. Conference in 1802. A 
fearless preacher, combating sin in high places even in confer- 
ence. He was said to have been the first preacher who dared to 
face slavery in the church with the bishop as antagonist. 

5. Asa, Jr. ; mar., February 23, 1813, Sally, dau. of Jona- 
than Russell. He d. August 28, 1820. His wife d. November, 
1844. They had : (I) Roxanna ; mar. Richard Davis. (II) 
Calvin, b. August, 1818; mar. Mary Manning, b. November 25, 
1817. They had: (1) Elzora E., b. July 1, 1843. (2) Benja- 
min, b. March 10, 1845 ; mar. Mary . They had : Mag- 
gie, Flossie, and Robert. (3) Eugene, b. March 14, 1848. 
(4) Jane A., b. February 17, 1850. (5) Elsie, b. December 3, 
1851. (6) Henry, b. December 27, 1853. (7) Sara, b. Novem- 
ber 11, 1856; d. February 24, 1888. (8) Estelle, b. October 
31, 1859. (HI) Elceuna ; mar. Aaron Darling. 

6. Daniel; mar. Eunice Shannon; d. March 12, 1826. 

Asa Metcalf's father, Nathaniel, came to this country previous 
to the French and Indian War, with two of his brothers. He 
mar. Rebecca Dill in Wales. She proved herself to be a remark- 
able woman. During the French and Indian War. her husband 
was discharged from the army at Fort Hall, N. Y., with two 
others. They were waylaid, at the foot of Flat rock, Fort Ann, 
by the Indians. He was shot through the heart ; one of his com- 
panions was severely wounded, and the other escaped. The 
people at the fort, hearing the firing of the Indians, rushed out 
and recovered the bodies. 

The troops being defeated at the forts on the lakes made the 
Indians bold, and they pressed on toward Fort Albany. Mr. 
Metcalf and wife had all their earthly possessions in the fort at 
Greenwich which was garrisoned with about forty soldiers. Panic 
stricken they fled to Fort Albany, and left Mrs. Metcalf and little 
son Asa, about three years old, in the fort. She could not be 
prevailed upon to go with them. They, knowing that a body of 
Indians was close by the fort, left her with all belongings of the 
fort. The first night, she expected an attack and was not disap- 
pointed. She left her child in a stack of peas with instructions 

Thomas White. 

Mibiam F. R. White. 


not to make a noise, which were obeyed. Twelve muskets with 
ammunition were in the round house ; these she loaded and placed 
in the most convenient position, with a determined resolution to 
give the Indians their contents. At night she secured the gate 
and took her position in the round house. It was a dark, rainy 
night, so she took precaution to get her proper bearing upon the 
gate, so as to know where to put the balls. Between eleven and 
twelve o'clock, as near as she could guess, the Indians came to 
the gate and made an attempt to break in. Desiring to deceive 
them she went over the fort pretending to route up the men. 
Quickly entering the round house she discharged her arms in quick 
succession. They fled. The soldiers who ran away were repri- 
manded by the commander of Fort Albany. A volunteer com- 
pany was soon raised to go to the relief of the heroic woman at 
Greenwich, arriving there in the morning. Pools of blood were 
found at the gate and the appearance of carrying away the dead 
and wounded, which was an Indian custom. The widow moved 
to Fort Albany, thence to Pittsfield, Mass. Supposed that she 
moved from there to Hubbardston where her son Asa married 
Mehitable Upham. (My grandfather Metcalf was this child; he, 
after becoming a man, owned a farm in Northfield, Mass. By 
fraud lost all his property and subsequently moved to Chesterfield. 
A very poor man, died* in Marlborough, N. H., aged 88 
years. T. W.) 

Benjamin Ferrin, b. June 29, 1782 ; mar. November 17, 
1803, Mary Hardy, b. April 18, 1780. He d. October 4, 
1861, and his wife d. September 6, 1851. Children: — 

1. Sarah T., b. October 13, 1804; mar. Matthew D. Annis ; 
d. October 3, 1870. 

2. Jonathan, b. February 14, 1808; mar. (1st) Hannah Fos- 
ter; (2d) Martha Ward. 

3. Isaac H., b. October 31, 1809 ; supposed to have d. at sea, 

4. Miriam -\-, b. August 28, 1811. 

5. Stephen B., b. October 28, 1813; d. November, 1836. 

6. Hazen K., b. May 5, 1819 ; d. December 13, 1819. 

7. William P., b. September 17, 1823 ; mar. Mary Walker, d. 
in 1866. They have two sons who reside in Manchester, N. H. 


Miriam, dau. of Benjamin Ferrin, mar. October 17, 1837, 
Stickney Robinson, b. July 20, 1810. Children : — 

1. Wheelock G., b. July 1, 1839. Resides in Westport, Men- 
docino county, Cal. 

2. Benjamin S., b. May 1, 1841 ; d. July 1, 1876. 

3. Mary L., b. April 2, 1845 ; d. August 3, 1846. 

4. Joseph, b. April 17, 1847; mar. May 31, 1873, Claia 
Edwards. Their child, John Stickney, b. May 18, 1878. Resides 
in Laconia, N. H. 

Stickney Robinson, d. and she mar. (2d) January 1, 1880, 
Thomas White, q. v. 

Pelics to be Found in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, Mass. 

Portrait of Edward Winslow, second husband of Susanna 
White Winslow, and governor of Plymouth Colony, one of the 
Mayflower company. This is the only authentic original portrait 
of a Mayflower pilgrim. 

The AVhite coat of arms. Presented by Miss Mary W. W. 

The original will of Peregrine White. 

Deed from Peregrine White to his sons, Jonathan and Peregrine. 

A bond written and signed by Peregrine White, who was born 
on board of the Mayflower in Cape Cod harbor, in 1620, and 
died in Marshfielcl in 1704. Presented by Wm. S. Russel, Esq., 
of Plymouth. 

A photograph copy of the will of Peregrine White. Presented 
by William T. Davis. 

A cabinet brought in the Mayflower by William White, father 
of Peregrin^ Presented by Mrs. Peddey Leonard Bowen, widow 
of Hon. Jauez Bowen of Providence. 

A deed, dated 1673, signed by Wm. Sherman of Marshfield, 
and witnessed by Peregrine White. Presented by Mr. Sherman 
of Marshfield. 

An ancient deed, 1673, with the autographs of Wm. Crowe, 
Resolve White, Arthur Howland, John Freeman, and Governor 
Josiah Winslow. 

The royal arms, which hung, before the Revolution, in the court 
house in Plymouth, and was carried to Nova Scotia by Captain 

The First Grist-Mill of the Pilgrims. 


Gideon White. Presented by Cornelius White, Esq., of Shel- 
burn, Nova Scotia. 

Cane, once owned by William White, one of the passengers in 
the Mayflower. Presented by Hon. John Reed, Yarmouth. 

A brass candlestick, supposed to have belonged to William 
White. Loaned by Nancy F. Packard of Marshfield. 

Slipper and cap, once owned by Mrs. Susanna AVhite, and 
second wife of Governor Edward Winslow. Presented by Rich- 
ard S. Watson, Esq., of Keysville, N. Y. 

Relics shown in illustration and owned by Samuel White, Bolton, 


The bottle, brought from England in the Mayflower by William 
White, and used to grind corn on a flat stone. It is recorded 
that a plague had swept off nearly all of a tribe of Indians 
in the winter of 1620-21, and the Pilgrims secured the corn which 
they left. Had this plague not occurred at this time, all of the 
Pilgrims would probably have perished. Knife of our ancestors, 
which has not been in use for over one hundred and fifty years. 
At the left hand side, chip, from the ridge-pole of the first house 
built by Peregrine White in Marshfield. At the right side of 
picture, piece of the gravestone of Daniel White, son of Pere- 


Mason L. enlisted June 13, 1862, in Company B, Ninth Ver- 
mont Infantry. Mustered into service at Brattleboro, Vt., 
June 16, 1862, and left for Washington, D. C, early in July. 
Stayed near Washington three or four days; then went to Winches- 
ter, Va., in the Shenandoah valley. Here he did guard duty, 
building forts and breastworks until September, when they were 
driven back by the rebels and fell back to Harper's Ferry. They 
held the place until about the middle of the month, when the rebel 
armies made an attack, and after three days battle, forced them 
to surrender. They at once were paroled and marched to Anna- 
polis, Md., and afterwards sent to Chicago, 111., where they went 
into camp. March, 1863, they were ordered back to Virginia, 
having been exchanged about January 1, 1863. AVhile on board 
a steamer in the Chesapeake Bay he was taken sick and, landing 
at Fort Monroe, was sent to Chesapeake Hospital, near Hampton, 
Va. By order of General B. F. Butler, November, 1863, he was 
sent on board the flag of truce steamer, New York, where he 
remained on duty until the close of the war. Was mustered out 
of service at Richmond, Va., June 13, 1865. His father, Calvin 
White, enlisted at the same time, and remained with him until the 
regiment reached Chicago, 111., where, on account of poor health, 
he was discharged, November, 1862, and sent home. 


While I review the honorable lives of mj' ancestry I feel 
most grateful to God for giving me my birth from such* a lineage. 

I find my ancestors to be men of worth, and faithful followers 
of the Blessed Jesus. They left their father-land, being persecu- 
ted for their love of freedom and true Christianity, and became 
pilgrims in this country. Those of their posterity with whom I 
have communicated I find endowed with the same love of God 
that our fathers possessed. 

As an author of this work my attention was first called to col- 
lecting historical and traditional records by the traditions told me 
by my father, and substantiated b}' an old trunk containing old 
deeds and receipts belonging to my grandfather and great-grand- 
father, which came into my possession at the decease of my 
father in 1865, leading me to investigate this noble line of ances- 

I wish to thank all who have rendered assistance to me in com- 
piling this work, especially Mrs. Sarah E. Bosworth of Pembroke, 
Mass., and Mrs. II. D. Osgood of Somerville, Mass., also my 
grand daughter, Beitha C. White. 

And now in my seventy-eighth year, while laying down my 
life's work so soon to close, I wish to say to all that I have been 
most wonderfully elated with so noble a posterity. 

Thomas White. 


The author aud compiler of this volume undertook the labor 
involved in its preparation from sentiments entirely unselfish. He 
made it the object of his last ebbing energies. Having in weak- 
ness and illness survived to read the final proofs, he " fell on 
sleep " in the triumph of the Gospel on Friday evening, Novem- 
ber 22, 1895, aged 77 years, 10 months, and 20 days. His sur- 
viving family deem it appropriate to add this postscript to the 
work of his hands. 

Mr. White lived an unostentatious life of Christian usefulness 
and fidelity. He was aggressive in his opposition to wrong and 
in his maintenance of right. As an illustration it may be stated 
— as he omitted to mention it in his biographical sketch in this 
book — that he was one of the first four men to vote the Free-soil 
ticket in his native town. He was strong in his denunciations of 
slavery, intemperance, the liquor traffic, and every public evil. 
Yet his disposition in private life was sweet and gentle as a 
woman's. He has left an indelible impression not only on the 
character of his immediate home circle, but in a much wider 
sphere among his neighbors and frieuds. 

After prayers at his late home, conducted by his pastor, Rev. 
G. W. Buzzell, the formal funeral rites were solemnized, on Sun- 
day afternoon, November 24, in the little Methodist church, where 
he had so often been a devout worshipper. A very large com- 
pany were present to testify their respect for his memory. Rev. 
Mr. Buzzell conducted the impressive exercises and delivered a 
judicious eulogy, founded on the closing words of the Ninetieth 
Psalm : "Establish Thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, 
the work of our hands establish Thou it." Appreciative words of 
personal esteem were also added by the pastor of the Congrega- 
tional church, Rev. J. S. Colby. Hymns were sung by the 
Methodist choir, and an opportunity was given to all present to 
take their final look at the peaceful face of the dead. The 
remains were then borne to their permanent resting place in the 
cemetery near the house he had so long called his home. 


William 1 -!-, child of Bishop John 

White, 16. 
Resolved 2 -|-, child of William, b. 

1614, 16. 
Peregrine 2 -)-, child of William, b. 

1620, 16. 
William 3 , child of Resolved, b. 1642, 

John 3 , child of Resolved, b. 1644, 25. 
Samuel 3 , child of Resolved, b. 1646, 

Resolved 3 , child of Resolved, b. 

1647, 25. 
Anna 3 , child of Resolved, b. 1649, 

Elizabeths, child of Resolved, b. 

1652, 25. 
Josiah 3 , child of Resolved, b. 1654, 

Susanna 3 , child of Resolved, b. 1656, 

Obediah 4 -)-, child of Elizabeth, 25. 
Peregrine 6 , child of Obediah, 25. 
Sarah 3 -)-, child of Peregrine, 27. 
Daniel 3 -|-, child of Peregrine, b. 

1649, 27. 
Mercy 3 , child of Peregrine, 27. 
Jonathan 3 -)-, child of Peregrine, 27. 
Peregrine 3 , child of Peregrine, 28. 
Sylvanus 3 , child of Peregrine, 28. 
Jonathan, Jr. 4 , child of Jonathan, 

Ebenezer 4 , child of Jonathan, 27. 
Joseph 4 -)-, child of Jonathan, 27. 
Esther 4 , child of Jonathan, 27. 
Mary 4 , child of Jonathan, 27. 
Sarah 4 , child of Jonathan, 27. 
Joseph, Jr. 5 -)-, child of Joseph, 28. 
Peregrine 8 -)-, child of Joseph, Jr., 

Peregrine, Jr. 7 , child of Peregrine, 

William 7 , child of Peregrine, 28. 
Alfred 7 , child of Peregrine, 28. 
Abner 7 , child of Peregrine, 28. 
Rufus 7 , child of Peregrine, 28. 

Henry K. 7 , child of Peregrine, 28. 
John 4 -)-, child of Daniel, b. 1675, 32. 
Joseph 4 -)-, child of Daniel, b. 1678, 

Thomas 4 -)-, child of Daniel, b. 1680, 

Cornelius*-!-, child of Daniel, b. 

1682, 32. . 
Benjamin*-)-, child of Daniel, b. 

1684, 32. 
Eleazar*-)-, child of Daniel, b. 1686, 

Ebenezer 4 -)-, child of Daniel, b. 

1691 33. 
John, Jr. 5 +, child of John, b. 1704. 

Hannahs, child of John, b. 1702, 33. 
Abijah 5 +, child of John, b. 1706, 33. 
Sarah*-)-, cn ild of John, b. 1710, 33. 
Rebekah 5 , child of John, b. 1713, 33. 
Silvanus 6 , child of John, b. 1716, 33. 
Jesse 5 -)-, child of John, b. 1720, 33. 
Deborah 5 , child of Joseph, b. 1712, 

Ruth 5 , child of Joseph, b. 1715, 34. 
Elizabeth 5 , child of Joseph, b. 1721, 

Joseph 5 -)-, child of Joseph, b. 1725, 

Samuel 5 -}-, child of Thomas, b. 1735, 

William 5 -)-, child of Thomas, b. 

1736, 34. 
James 5 -f , child of Thomas, b. 1744, 

Thomas 5 -)-, child of Thomas, 34. 
Esther 5 -)-, child of Thomas, 34. 
Mary 5 , child of Thomas, 34. 
Lemuel 5 -)-, child of Cornelius, b. 

1706, 39. 
Cornelius, Jr. 5 -)-, child of Cornelius, 

b. 1708, 39. 
Paul 5 -)-, child of Cornelius, b. 1711, 

Joanna 5 -)-, child of Cornelius, b. 
1713, 39. 

[Explanatory Note.— The final figures in this index refer to the pages of th 


Daniel 5 +, child of Cornelius, b.' 

1716, 39. 
Gideons-f, child of Cornelius, b. 

1717, 39. 
Benjamin 5 -|-, child of Cornelius, b. 

1721, 39. 
Abigail 5 , child of Benjamin, b. 1715, 

39. . . 

Tabitha 5 , child of Benjamin, b. 

1717, 39. 
Lydia^-f, child of Benjamin, b. 1719, 


Judith 5 -!-, child of Benjamin, b. 
1721, 39. 

Benjamin, Jr."+, child of Benja- 
min, b. 1724, 39. 

Thomas, Jr. 5 , child of Faith Foster, 
b. 1735, 40. 

Deborah 5 , child of Faith Foster, b. 
1737, 40. 

Nehemiahs-h child of Eleazer, b. 
!714, 40. , miM 

Peregrine 3 , child of Eleazer, b. 1715, 

40- - ,».„ 

Eleazar 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 1 1 17, 

Elizabeth 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 

1719, 40. 
Mary 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 1721, 40. 
Beniah 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 1724, 

Fenelope 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 1 (27, 

Thomas 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 1729, 

Rebecca 5 , child of Eleazer, b. 1731, 

Obediah 5 , child of Ebenezer, b. 

1712, 40. 
Rebecca", child of Ebenezer, b. 

1716, 40. 
Hannah 6 , child of Ebenezer, b. 1718, 

John 3d«+, child of John, Jr., b. 

1732, 41. 
Susanna", child of John, Jr., 41. 
James 6 , child of John, Jr., 41. 
Hannah 6 , child of John, Jr., 41. 
Andrew", child of John, Jr., 41. 
Nathan 6 , child of John, Jr., 41. 
Abijah, Jr. 6 , child of Abijah, b. 

1745, 42. 
Deborah", child of Abijah, b. 1746, 

Abiiah 6 , child of Abijah, b. 1747, 42. 
Sarah 6 , child of Abijah, b. 1749, 42. 
John 6 , child of Abijah, b. 1753, 42. 
William 6 , child of Abijah, b. 1752, 

Susanna 6 , child of Abijah,b. 1756, 42. 

Annie', child of Abijah, b. 1739, 42. 
Priscilla 6 , child of Abijah, b. 1740, 

Isaac 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, b. 

1728, 42. 
David 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, b. 

1731, 42. 
Sarah 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, b. 

1735, 42. 
Anna 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, b. 

1737. 42. 
Rebekah 6 -h child of Sarah Phillips, 

b. 1742, 42. 
James 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, b. 

1739, 42. 
Joseph 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, b. 

Solomon 6 , child of Sarah Phillips, 

b. 1750, 42. 
Sybilene 6 , child of Jesse, b. 1744, 43. 
Sybilene 6 , child of Jesse, b. 1748, 43. 
Christiana -)-, child of Jesse, b. 1750, 

William 6 -)-, child of Jesse, 43. 
John 6 , child of Jesse, 43. 
Anna 6 , child of Jesse, 43. 
John', child of William, 43. 
Priscilla 7 , child of William, 43. 
Anna 7 , child of William, 43. 
Sybil 7 , child of William, 43. 
William, Jr. 7 +, child of William, 43. 
Ashton 8 -h child of William, Jr., 43. 
Amy 9 , child of Ashton, 43. 
Samuel 7 , child of Christiana, b. 

1788, 43. 
Daniel 7 , child of Christiana, 43. 
Jabez, Jr. 7 +, child of Rebeckah, b. 

1765, 43 
Rebecca 7 , child of Rebeckah, b. 1760, 

Elizabeth 7 , child of Rebeckah, b. 

1776, 43. 
Isaac', child of Rebeckah, b. 1782, 

Nancy 8 +, child of Jabez Dingley, 

Jr.,' b. 1794, 43. 
Mary Ann 9 , child of Nancy, b. 1816, 

Benjamin D. 9 , child of Nancy, b. 

1818, 43. 
Harvey 8 , child of Jabez Dingley, 

Jr.,b. 1796,43. 
Celia 8 , child of Jabez Dingley, Jr., 

b. 1800, 43. 
Jabez 8 , child of Jabez Dingley, Jr., 

b. 1810, 43. 
Ichabod 8 , child of Jabez Dingley, 

Jr., b. 1812, 44. 
Marcia A. 8 , child of Rebecca, b. 
1800, 44. 


William F.«, child of Rebecca, b. 

1802, 44. 
Sarah', child of Rebecca, b. 1807, 

Dr. John 6 +, child of John, Jr., b. 

1731, 44. 
Vassel 6 +, child of Dr. John, b. 

1761, 44. 
John 6 , child of Dr. John, 45. 
Samuel 6 , child of Dr. John, 45. 
Ebenezer , child of Dr. John, 45. 
Sally 6 , child of Dr. John, 45. 
Fanny M. 6 , child of Dr. John, 45. 
Mary 6 , child of Dr. John, 45. 
Vassel, Jr. 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 

1792, 45. 
Whitman 7 , child of Vassel, b. 1794, 

John 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 1797, 45. 
Mary 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 1799, 45. 
Rebecca 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 1799, 

Sardis 7 , child of Vassel, b. 1801, 45. 
Amos K. 7 , child of Vassel, b. 1803, 

Albert 7 , child of Vassel, b. 1805, 45. 
Sarah E. 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 1807, 

Milton 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 1809, 

Elijah K. 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 

1811, 45. 
Harmony A. 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 

1813, 45. 
Julianna 7 +, child of Vassel, b. 

1815, 45. 
Fanny M. 7 , child of Vassel, b. 1817, 

Whitman 7 , child of Vassel, b. 1819, 

Henry T. 8 , child of Harmony A., b. 

1848, 46. 
Nellie 8 , child of Harmony A., b. 

1855, 46. 
Emma A. 8 , child of Julianna, b. 

1855, 46. 
Whitman V. 8 +, child of Vassel, Jr., 

b. 1834, 46. 
Newton 8 , child of Vassel, Jr., b, 

1836, 46. 
Eliza B. 8 , child of Vassel, Jr., b. 

1838, 46. 
Lucy B. 8 , child of Vassel, Jr., b. 

1841, 46. 
Charles W. 8 +, child of John, b. 

1819, 46. 
Edwin 0. 8 +, child of John, b. 1821, 

Sophronia E. 8 , child of John, b. 

1823, 47. 

Henry K. 8 +, child of John, b. 1825, 

Harriet E.«+, child of John, b. 

1827, 47. 
Jabin A. 8 , child of John, b. 1829, 

Leander J. 8 +, child of John, b. 

1831, 47. 
Clara F. 8 , child of John, b. 1833, 47. 
Franklin W. 8 +, child of John, b. 

1836, 47. 
Hannah M. 8 , child of John, b. 1839, 

Ellen L. 8 +, child of John, b. 1841, 

Charles P. 9 , child of Charles W., 46. 
Adelia S. 9 +, child of Edwin O., 47. 
Adelaide 9 +, child of Edwin O., 47. 
Harry 9 , child of Henry K., 47. 
Jessie°j child of Henry K., 47. 
Emraa>-f, child of Henry K., 47. 
Hattie C. 9 , child of Harriet E., b. 

1849, 47. 
John S. 9 +, child of Harriet E., b. 

1857, 47. 

Henrv B.9+, child of Harriet E., b. 

1858, 47. 

Henry K. 9 +, child of Leander J., 

Charles B. 9 , child of Leander J., 47. 
John 9 , child of Leander J., 47. 
Neil S. 9 , child of Leander J., 47. 
Clara F. 9 , child of Franklin W., 47. 
Walter 9 , child of Franklin W., 47. 
May-', child of Franklin W., 47. 
Lynn J.»+, child of Ellen L., 47. 
Ella 9 , child of Ellen L., 47. 
Edwin 111 , child of Adelia, 47. 
Earl 10 , child of Adelia, 47. 
James 1 ", child of Addie S., 47. 
Beatrice 1 ", child of Emma, 47. 
Benjamin W. 10 , child of John S., b. 

1885, 47. 
Henry 1 ", child of John S., b. 1890, 

Lawrence 10 , child of John S., b. 

1892, 47. 
Harriet 10 child of Henry B., b. 

1859, 47. 

Dorothy", child of Henry B., b. 
1892, 47. 

Verr 10 , child of Lynn J., 47. 

Vera 1 ", child of Lynn J., 47. 

Barbara", child of Lynn J., 47. 

Martha 8 -)-, child of Mary Tomp- 
kins, b. 1824, 47. 

Amanda 8 , child of Mary Tompkins, 
b. 1826, 47. 

Whitman 3 -)-, child of Mary Tomp- 
kins, b. 1835, 47. 


Vasseb+, child of Mary Tompkins, 

b. 1838, 48. 
John M. 9 , child of Martha, b. 1845, 

Mary F. 9 , child of Martha, b. 1847, 

Albert , child of Martha, b. 1849, 

48. ■ 

Frances A.", child of Martha, b. 

1852, 48. 
Martha A. , child of Martha, b. 

1858, 48. 
Charles H. 9 , child of Martha, b. 

1859, 48. 
Alice 9 , child of Whitman Tomp- 
kins, 47. 

Mary A.«, child of Whitman Tomp- 
kins, 47. 
Jones E. 9 , child of Vassel Tomp- 
kins, 48. 
Charles", child of Vassel Tomp- 
kins, 48. 
Harry 9 , child of Vassel Tompkins, 

Fanny B. 9 , child of Vassel Tomp- 
kins, 48. 
Mary 9 , child of Vassel Tompkins, 

Mary E. 8 +, child of Sarah E., b. 

1829> 48. 
Charles N. 9 , child of Mary E., b. 

1855, 48. 
Anna L.»+, child of Mary E., b. 

1864, 48. 
Olive C. 10 . child of Anna L., b. 

18S7, 48. 
Rubv A. 10 , child of Anna L., b. 

1889, 48- 
Grace D. 10 child of Anna L., b. 

1892, 48. 
Charles E. 10 , child of Anna L., b. 

b. 1894, 48. 
Fanny M. 8 -f, child, of Milton, b. 

1836, 48. 
Susan C. 8 , child of Milton, 48. 
Milton D. 8 +, child of Milton, b. 

1845, 48. 
Vassel W. 8 -h child of Milton, b. 

1848, 48. 
Abigail M. 8 , child of Milton, b. 

1851, 48. 
Fannie 9 , child of Fanny M., 48. 
Judson W. 9 , child of Fanny M., 48. 
Vera C. 9 , child of Fanny M., 48. 
Ella M. 9 , child of Fanny M., 48. 
Lena M. 9 , child of Fanny M.. 48. 
Emma W. 9 , child of Milton D., 48. 
Fannie A.», child of Vassel W., 4S. 
Henry K. 8 , child of Elijah K., b. 
1840, 49. 

Hilda K. 9 , child of Henry K., b. 

1883, 49. 
Anna B. 9 , child of Henry K., b. 

1885, 49. 
Sarah K. 9 , child of Henry K., b. 

1887, 49. 
Emily M>, child of Henry K., b. 

18S9, 49. 
Helen G.», child of Henry K., b. 

1893, 49. 
Marion 9 , child of Henry K., b. 1894, 

Cornelius°+, child of Joseph, b. 

1746, 49. 
Peregrine c +, child of Joseph, b. 

1747, 49. 
Rachel , child of Joseph, 49. 
Joel", child of Joseph, 49. 
Martha 6 , child of Joseph, 49. 
Mary , child of Joseph, b. 1757, 49. 
Anna 6 , child of Joseph, b. 1760, 49. 
John', child of Cornelius, b. 1773, 

Joeh, child of Cornelius, b. 1775,49. 
Joseph'-f, child of Cornelius, b. 

1777, 49. 
Azubuh', child of Cornelius, b. 

1779, 49. 
Lucy 7 , child of Cornelius, b. 1781, 49. 
Asa 7 +, child of Cornelius, b. 1783, 

Freeland 7 , child of Cornelius, b. 

1786, 49. 
Patta 7 , child of Cornelius, b. 1790, 

Marvin 7 , child of Cornelius, b. 1792, 

Salem', child of Cornelius, b. 1795, 

Erastus', child of Peregrine, 50. 
Celura 7 , child of Peregrine, 50. 
Lucy A. 8 +, child of Joseph, b. 

1804, 50. 
Olive J. 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1806, 

Adelia 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1808, 50. 
Cornelia 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1801, 

Peregrine 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1815, 

Emily 8 +, child of Asa, b. 1814, 50. 
Lyman L. 8 , child of Asa, b. 1817, 50. 
Frances F. 8 , child of Asa, b. 1818, 50. 
Warren W. 8 , child of Asa, b. 1821, 

Asa L. 8 , child of Asa, b. 1823, 50. 
James E. 9 , child of Lucy A., b. 

1833, 50. 
AdeliaW. 9 , child of Lucy A., b. 
1835, 50. 


William», child of Emily, b. 1835, 50. 
Catherine 9 , child of Emily, 51. 
Warrens, child of Emily, 51. 
Lucia W. 9 , child of Emily, 51. 
Walter , child of Emily. 51. 
Josiah-f-, child of Joseph, 51. 
Beniamin-K child of Joseph, 51. 
Abigail, child of Joseph, 51. 
Sarah, child of Joseph, 51. 
Susan, child of Benjamin, 51. 
Abigail, child of Benjamin, 51. 
Mary, child of Benjamin, 51. 
Eliza, child of Benjamin, 51. 
Margaret, child of Benjamin, 51. 
Sarah, child of Josiah,' b. 1745, 52. 
Elizabeth, child of Josiah, b. 1747, 

Abigail, child of Josiah, b. 1749,52. 
Sarah, child of Josiah, b. 1752, 52. 
Joseph, child of Josiah, b. 1755, 52. 
Lucy, child of Josiah, b. 1758, 52. 
Maiy, child of Josiah, b. 1760, 52. 
Lydia", child of William, b. 1767,56. 
Molly 6 +, child of William, b. 1768, 

Judith*, child of William, b. 1770, 

WilliamH-, child of William, b. 

1772, 56. 
David 6 +, child of William, 56. 
Amy 6 4-, child of William, b. 1775, 56. 
Rachel°+, child of William, b. 1777, 

John 6 +, child of William, b. 1781, 

Thomas 6 +, child of William, b. 

1783, 56. 
Ruth 6 +, child of William, b. 17S6,56. 
Benjamin, Jr. 7 +, child of Molly 

Phelps, b. 1794, 58. 
William 8 , child of Benjamin, Jr., 58. 
Lydia 8 , child of Benjamin, Jr., 58. 
Delina 8 , child of Benjamin, Jr., 58. 
Leonard 8 , child of Benjamin, Jr., 

John', child of Molly, b. 1796. 58. 
Reuben 7 +, child of Molly, b. 1798, 

Lorenzos, child of Reuben, b. 1830, 

Elvina 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1832, 58. 
Harvey 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1834, 

Hiram 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1836, 58. 
Esther 7 , child of William, Jr., b. 

1793, 58. 
Noah 7 +, child of William, Jr., b. 

1800, 58. 
Naomi 7 , child of William, Jr., b. 

1802, 58. 

Hannah 7 , child of William, Jr., b. 

1804, 58. 
Levi', child of William, Jr., b. 

1806, 58. 

Delina 7 , child of William, Jr., b. 

1807, 58. 

Isaiah 7 , child of William, Jr., b. 

1809, 58. 
William R. 7 , child of William Jr., 

b. 1813, 58. 
Almon B.8+, child of Noah, b. 

1823, 59. 
Levi T. 8 +, child of Noah, b. 1824, 59. 
Everett p]. 8 +, child of Noah, b. 

1829, 59. 
Lewis D. 8 -)-, child of Noah, b. 

1832, 59. 
Mary Ann 8 , child of Noah, b. 

1837, 59. 

Rosella D. 8 +, child of Noah, b. 

1838, 59. 

Elvira M. 8 , child of Noah, b. 1846, 59. 
Henry A. 9 +, child of Almon B., b. 

1846, 59. 
Leonard B.°, child of Almon B., 59. 
Carson N."+, child of Almon B., 59. 
Laura A.°-\-, child of Almon B., b. 

1860, 59. 
Charlie A.°+, child of Almon B., b. 

1860, 59. 
Fred G. 1 ", child of Henry A., b. 

1875, 59. 
Lena M. 1 ", child of Henry A., b. 

1878, 59- 
Josephine 10 , child of Henry A., b. 

1884, 59. 
Lillian E. 1 , child of Carson N. b. 

1892, 59." 
Freddie J- 1 °, child of Laura A., b. 

1890, 59. 
Elizabeth L.'°, child of Charlie A., 

b. 1891, 59. 
Vianna A. 9 , -child of Levi T., b. 

1849, 60. 
Eliza A. 9 +, child of Levi T., b. 

1852, 60. 
Sarah K. 9 , child of Levi T., b. 

1854, 60. 
Loren E. 9 +, child of Levi T., b. 

1857, 60. 

Sumner L. 9 +, child of Levi T., b. 

1858, 60. 

David H. 9 , child of Levi T., b. 

1860, 60. 
Charlie E. 9 , child of Levi T., b. 

1862, 60. 
Nellie M. 9 , child of Levi T., b. 

1870, 61. 
Bertie R. 10 , child of Eliza A., b. 

1875, 60. 


Ernest H. 10 , child of Eliza A., b. 

1881, 60. 

Charlie H. 10 , child of Eliza A., b. 

1892, 60. 
Leon S. 10 , child of Loren E., b. 

1882, 60. 

Jennie 13. io, child of Loren E., b. 

1885, 60. 
Bessie E.'° child of Loren E., b. 

1889, 60. 
Reuben W. 10 , child of Loren E., b. 

1892, 60. 
Herbert L.i°, child of Sumner L., b. 

188S, 60. 
Sumner C. 10 , child of Sumner L., b. 

1892, 60. 
Everett R. 9 +, child of Everett E., 

b. 1855, 61. 
Charles L.°+, child of Everett E., 

b. 1857, 61. 
Lula B. D , child of Everett E., b. 

1861, 61. 

Gertv A. 9 , child of Everett E., b. 

1863, 61. 
Daisy D. 9 , child of Everett E., b. 

1873, 61. 
Mabel 10 , child of Everett E., b. 

1885, 61. 

Everett 10 , child of Charles L., b. 

1886, 6l. 

Theresa E. 9 , child of Lewis D., b. 

1856, 64. 
Ernest E. 9 , child of Lewis D., b. 

I860. 64. 
Minnie R.°, child of Lewis D., b. 

1862, 64. 

Ellen L. 9 +, child of Mary A., b. 

1S54, 65. 
George E. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1856. 65. 

Fred L. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1857, 65. 

Will A.», child of Mary A., b. 1859, 

EdaL. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 1860,65. 
Viola 9 , child of Mary A., b. 1864, 65. 
Byrde L. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1865, 65. 
Lettie A. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1867, 65. 

Eloise I. 9 , child of Mary a., b. 

1868, 65. 

Leon D 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1870, 65. 

Everett W. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1871, 65. 

Katie D. 9 , child of Mary A., b. 

1873, 65. 
Italie A. 9 , child of Mary A. b. 

1877, 65. 

Fays, child of Mary A., b. 1778, 65. 
Lee°, child of Mary A., b. 1879, 65. 
Ralph F.'°, child of Ellen F., b. 

1873, 65- 

Agnes 10 , child of Ellen F., b. 1876, 

George W.°, child of Rosella D., b. 

1866, 65. 

Rosella A.», child of Rosella D., b. 

1867, 66. 

Lewis E. 9 , child of Rosella D., b. 

1869, 66. 

Anna M.°, child of Rosella D., b. 

1871, 66. 
Willie W.», child of Rosella D., b. 

1874, 66. 

Gertrude 9 , child of Rosella D., b. 

1876, 66. 
Ralph D. 3 , child of Rosejla D., b. 

1879, 66. 
Charles B.°, child of Rosella D., b. 

1883, 66. 
Winfred H.°, child of Rosella D., b. 

1885, 66. 
Emeline B.»+, child of Hannah, b. 

1827, 66. 
Amelia H. 8 4-, child of Hannah, b. 

1831, 66. 
Emma A. 9 , child of Emeline B., b. 

1846, 66. 
Charles E. 9 , child of Emeline B., b. 

1848, 66. 
Flora L. 9 , child of Emeline B., b. 

1852, 66. 
Jennie A. 9 , child of Emeline B., b. 

1S58, 66. 
Cora M. 9 , child of Emeline B., b. 

1870, 67. 

Maria A. 9 +, child of Amelia H., b. 

1852, 67. 
Ellen C. 9 +, child of Aurelia H., b. 

1857, 67. 
Lizzie M. 9 , child of Aurelia H., b. 

1859, 67. 

George L. 9 +, child of Amelia H., 

b. 1866, 67. 
Charles H. 10 , child of Maria A., b. 

1875, 67. 

Dean 10 , child of Ellen C, b. 18—, 67. 
Elva M. 10 , child of George L., b. 

1890, 67. 
Willard E. 8 -f, child of Delina, b. 

1835, 67. 
Esther D.x, child of Delina, b. 1838, 

Doratha N. 8 , child of Delina, b. 

1842, 67. 
Ella A. 8 , child of Delina, b. 1846, 67. 
Willie A. 9 , child of Willard E., b. 

1860, 67. 


Henry A. 9 , child of Willard E., b. 

1861, 67. 

George W. 9 , child of Willard E., b. 

1862, 67. 

Rodolphus H. 8 , child of Isaiah, b. 

1S35, 68. 
Elmira E.\ child of Isaiah, b. 1836, 

Willie H. 9 , child of Elmira E., b. 

1S58, 68. 
Anna L.«+, child of Elmira, b. 

1859, 68. ' 
Ethel B.«+, child of Elmira E., b. 

Sarah B.», child of Elmira E., b. 

1867, 68. 
Harriet B.»+, child of Elmira E., b. 

1870, 68. 
Bertha I. 9 , child of Elmira E., b. 

1873, 68. 
Leon H.o, child of Elmira E., b. 

1875, 68. 
Margaret L. 9 , child of Elmira E., b. 

1877 68. 
Helem'o, child of Anna L.,b. 1887,68. 
Bertram S.'°, child of Ethel B., b. 

1883, 68. 
Alice H.i°, child of Ethel B., b. 

1888, 68. 
Ralph I.">, child of Ethel B., b. 

1894, 68. 
Charles H. 10 , child of Harriet B., b. 

1893, 68. 
Lucy A.8+, child of William R.,. b. 

1841, 68. 
Eleanor B. +, child of William R., 

b. 1849, 69. 
Naomi 8 , child of William R., b. 

18—, 69. 
Carrie M , child of Lucv A., b. 

1863, 68- 

Ada M. 9 , child of Lucy A., b. 1866, 

Bertie 9 , child of Eleanor B., b. 1871, 

Lydia 7 +, child of David, b. 1801, 69. 
David 7 +, child of David, b. 1803, 69. 
Zophar'-f, child of David, b. 18u5, 

Gardner 7 , child of David, b. 1808, 69. 
Emily 7 +, child of David, b. 1S11, 69. 
Jehiel 7 +, child of David, b. 1813, 69. 
Irene W. 7 +, child of David, b. 1816, 

Martha 8 -f, child of Lydia Walker, 

b. 1826, 69. 
David 8 , child of Lydia Walker, b. 

182S, 69. 
John 8 , child of Lydia Walker, b. 

1831, 70. 

Nathaniels, child of Lydia Walker, 

b. 1836, 70. 
Ransom 8 , child of Lydia Walker, b. 

1841, 70. 
Warren 9 , child of Martha Walker, 

Mary Jane 8 +, child of Zophar, b. 

1840, 70. 
Justina E. 8+, child of Zophar, b. 

1845, 70. 
Lena 9 , child of Mary J., b. 1866, 70. 
Arthur 9 , child of Mary J., b. 1876, 

Freeman F. 9 , child of Mary J., 70. 
Leila 9 , child of Justina E., 70. 
Oren 9 , child of Justina E., 70. 
E. Adaline 8 +, child of Emily San- 

dall, b. 1831, 71. 
Edward Z. 8 , child of Emily Sandall, 

b. 1833, 71. 
Mary E.8+, child of Emily Sandall, 

b. 1839, 71. 
William E. 8 +, child of Emily San- 
dall, b. 1866, 71. 
E. Lillians, child of Emily Sandall, 

b. 1S69, 71. 
M. Stellas, child of Emily Sandall, 

b. 1873, 71. 
Bessie M.«, child of Emily Sandall, 

b. 1875, 71. 
Cara 9 , child of E. Adaline, b. 1857, 

Hattie M. 9 , child of E. Adaline, b. 

1865, 71. 
Eugene C. 9 +, child of Mary E., b. 

1864, 71. 
Inez I. 9 , child of William E., b. 

1887, 71- 
Paul E. 10 , child of Eugene C, b. 

1889, 71. 
Gertrude F.'°, child of Eugene C, 

b. 1892, 71. 
Emily 8 , child of Jehiel. b. 1842, 71. 
Lucy J. 8 +, child of Jehiel, b. 1843, 

Cyrus A. 8 +, child of Jehiel, b. 

1844, 71. 
Hattie E.s, child of Jehiel, b. 1847, 

Edward J. 8 +, child of Jehiel, b. 

1854, 71. 
Archie E. 9 , child of Edward J., b. 

1883, 71. 
Berton E. 9 , child of Edward J., b. 

1885, 71. 
Edward B. 8 , child of Irene Griffeth, 

b. 1839, 72. 
Rodney 8 -]-, child of Irene Griffeth, 

b. 1841, 72. 
Mary L. 9 , child of Rodney, 72. 


Jessie R. 9 +, child of Rodney, b. 

1876, 72. 
Herman R.' 9 , child of Jessie R., b. 

1891, 72. 

Ralph H.">, child of Jessie R., b. 

1892, 72. 

Newton F. 9 , child of Lucy J., b. 

1861, 72. 
Newell F.», child of Lucy J., b. 

1861, 72. 

Herbert F.o+, child of Lucy J., b. 

1862, 72. 

Sarah A.s.child of Lucy J.,b. 1866, 72 
Eugene M. 9 , child of Lucy J., b. 

1882 73 
Ola S. 9 , cliild of Lucy J., b. 1880, 73. 
Adam H.'o, child of Herbert F., b. 

Hattie E.»+, child of Augustus C, 

b. 1868, 73. 
Raphael C.k>, child of Hattie E., b. 

1890, 73. 
Ezra 7 , child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1798, 73. 

Elmira 7 ; child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1799, 73.' 

Ryland 7 , child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1802, 73. 

Johm-f, child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1803, 73. 

Emma 7 , child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1805, 73. 
Rosella 7 , child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1808, 73. 

Lorenzo 7 , child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1809, 73. 

Angeline 7 , child of Amy Mudge, b. 

1812, 73. 
Leander 8 , child of John Mudge, Jr., 

b. 1836, 74. 
Mary L.s, child of John Mudge, Jr., 

b. 1839, 74. 
Lorenzo 8 , child of John Mudge, Jr., 

b. 1843, 74. 
Lorens, child of John Mudge, Jr., 

b. 1846, 74. 
James 8 , child of John Mudge, Jr., 

b. 1848, 74. 
William 8 , child of John Mudge, Jr., 

b. 1850, 74. 
Joseph L. 7 , child of Rachel Dunbar, 

b. 1808, 74. 
Hannah 7 , child of Rachel Dunbar, 

b. 1810, 74. 
Hosea, Jr. 7 , child of Rachel Dun- 
bar, b. 1812, 74. 
Walter 7 , child of Rachel Dunbar, b. 

1816, 74. 
Benjamin 7 , child of Rachel Dunbar, 

b. 1819, 74. 

John L. 7 , child of Rachel Dunbar, 

b. 1824, 74. 
John 7 , child of John, b. 1801, 74. 
David 7 +, child of John, b. 1805, 74. 
William 7 +, child of John, b. 1707, 

Zebina 7 +, child of John, 1809, 74. 
Joseph 7 -)-, child of John, b. 1812,74. 
Polly'+, child of John, b. 1816, 74. 
Allen N. 8 +, child of David, b. 1827, 

Sally S. 8 , child of David, b. 1829, 75. 
Cyrena H. 8 +, child of David, b. 

1831, 75. 
Ransom 8 , child of David b. 1833, 75. 
Lvcandei'^-i-, child of David, b. 

1835. 75. 
Miles G. 8 +, child of David, b. 1837, 

Albert 8 , child of David, b. 1847, 75. 
Flora 9 , child of Lycander, b. 1870, 

Ezra 9 , child of Lycander, b. 1873, 75. 
Elmer C. 9 +, child of Allen N., b. 

1851, 75. 
Cynthia M. 10 , cliild of Elmer C, b. 

1873 75 
Cora L. 19 , child of Elmer C, b. 

1875, 75. 

Allen N. 10 , child of Elmer C, b. 

1880, 75. 
Lewis A. 8 +, child of Allen N., b. 

1853, 75. 
Nellie E. 10 , child of Lewis A., b. 

1876, 75. 

Claude N. 10 , child of Lewis A., b. 

1879, 75. 
Mima G. t0 , child of Lewis A., b. 

1884, 75. 
Orlando H. 9 child of Allen N, b. 

1856, 75. 
Alva 9 +, child of Allen N., b. 

1861, 75. 
Leo L.i", cliild of Alva, b. 1889, 75. 
Alma °+, child of Allen N, b. 

1861, 75. 
William J. 19 , cliild of Alma, b. 1887, 

Clyde N. 10 , child of Alma, b. 1889, 

Violet E. 10 , child of Alma, b. 1891, 

Sy'lvia 9 +, child of Allen N., b. 1862, 

Winfred 1 ", child of Sylvia, b. 1890, 

Arthur N.°, child of Allen N., b. 

1868, 76. 
Millard O. 9 , child of Allen N., b. 

1873, 76. 


Marvin A. 9 , child of Cyrena H., b. 

1850, 76. 
Isaac Q. 9 +, child of Cyrena H., b. 

1852, 76. 
Nellie" 1 , child of Isaac Q., b, 1876, 76. 
Hannah S.+ 9 , child of Cyrena H., 

b. 1854, 76. 
Milo R.i°, child of Hannah S., b. 

1S86, 76. 
Lula L. 1 ", child of Hannah S., b. 

1887, 76. 
Alida E.' J , child of Cyiena H., b. 

1856, 76. 
Adelbert", child of Cyrena H., b. 

1859, 76. 
Adella°+, child of Cyrena H., b. 

1859, 76. 
Adelbert 1 ", child of Adella, b. 1883, 

Ruby 10 , child of Adella, b. 18S5, 76. 
Vernon? , child of Adella, b. 1887, 

Lena 10 , child of Adella, b. 1890, 76. 
Gladis 10 , child of Adella, b. 1891, 76. 
John 10 , child of Adella, b. 1893, 76. 
Mary S. !l , child of Cyrena H., b. 

1865, 76. 
Andrew B. 9 , child of Cyrena H., b. 

1867, 76. 
Mervile 9 , child of Cyrena H., b. 

1872, 76. 
Franks child of Mile G., b. 1860, 76. 
Elmer L», child of Mile G., b. 1867. 

Regina E. 9 +, child of Mile G., b. 

1865, 76. 
Orin R. 9 , child of Mile G., b. 1874, 

Robert D. 9 , child of Mile G., b. 

1870,. 77. 
Charlotte 10 , child of Regina E., b. 

1892, 76. 
Livonia P. 8 , child of Zebina, b. 

1830, 77. 
Henry S. 8 , child of Zebina, b. 1833, 

Lucinda M. 8 , child of Zebina, b. 

1835, 77. 

Cordelia F. 8 , child of Zebina, b. 

1836, 77. 

Elvinia R. 8 , child of William, b. 

1830, 77. 
Emily F. 8 , child of William, b. 

1830, 77. 
William R. s , child of William, b. 

1834, 77. 
Frank D. 8 , child of William, b. 

1837, 77. 

Loretta A. 8 , child of William, b. 
1841, 77. 

Melissa G. 8 , child of William, b. 

1843, 77. 
Wesley F. 8 , child of William, b. 

1846, 77. 
Hosea W. 8 , child of William, b. 

1852, 78. 

Warner H. 8 , child of Joseph, b. 

1842, 78. 

Francis M. 8 +, child of Joseph, b. 

1843, 78. 

Sarah A. 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1845. 

Scelinda L. 8 +, child of Joseph, b. 

1S47, 78. 
Mary M. 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1852, 

Inez E.s+, child of Joseph, b. 

1854, 78. 
Alzina E.»+, child of Joseph, b. 

1859 78 
John W. 8 , child of Joseph, b. 1861, 

Orville M. 9 , child of Francis M., b. 

1869, 78. 
Clayton E. 9 , child of Francis M., b. 

1872, 78. 
Edith R. 9 , child of Francis M., b. 

1874, 78. 
Elvie M. 9 . child of Francis M., b. 

1877, 78; 
Ivon C.9, child of Francis M., b. 

1S80, 78. 
Ella E. 9 . child of Francis M., b. 

1885. 78. 
Sara! !L J +, child of Sarah A., b. 

18"^ 79. 
Fra., E.o, child of Sarah A., b. 

1853. 79. 

Joseph W. 9 , child of Sarah A., b. 

1874, 79. 
Jay 10 , child of Sarah E, b. 1892, 79. 
Leslie A. 9 , child of Scelinda L., b. 

1872, 79. 

Sarah A. 9 , child of Scelinda L., b. 

1873, 79. 

Harvey A. 9 , child of Scelinda L., b. 

1876, 79. 

Vernon E. 9 , child of Scelinda L., b. 

1882, 79. 
Victor E. 9 . child of Scelinda L., b. 

1888, 79. 
Clifford J. 9 , child of Inez E., .b. 

1874, 79. 

Bertha A.' J , child of Inez E., b. 

1877, 79. 

Cyrus I. 9 , child of Inez E., b. 1881, 

Harriet' 1 , child of Inez E., b. 1883, 79. 
Leo W. 9 , child of Inez E., b. 1885, 



Ira J*, child of Alzina E., b. 1879, I Ellery C. 8 , child of Lorenzo D., b. 

1858, 84. 
Orren L.»+, child of T. Leroy, b. 

1859, 84. 
Edna 9 , child of T. Leroy, b. 1862, 84. 
Florence M. 10 , child of Orren L., b. 

1S91, 84. 
Mattie E. 10 , child of Orren L., b. 

1892, 84. 
Eva 9 , child of Alfred M., 84. 
Frederic A. 9 , child of Alfred M., b. 

1860, 85. 
Mary J.», child of Emeline, b. 1854, 

Edward 9 , child of Emeline, b. 1857, 

Weston 9 , child of Emeline, b. 1859, 

Bessie O. 9 , child of Alzina E., b. 

1882, 79. 
Lloyd F. 9 , child of Alzina E., b. 

1883, 79. 
Herman G.», child of Alzina E., b. 

1886, 79. 
Luella M. 9 , child of Alzina E., b. 

1889, 79. 
Winford 9 , child of Alzina E., b. 

1891, 79. 
Mary 8 , child of Polly, b. 1838, 79. 
Abram 8 , child of Polly, b. 1839, 79. 
Sarah 8 , child of Polly, b. 1842, 80. 
Henry 8 , child of Polly, b. 1844, 80. 
Lucinda 8 , child of Polly, b. 1848, 


Perlina 8 , child of Polly, b. 1850, 80. 
Casper 8 , child of Polly, b. 1853, 80. 
Lorenzo D.?-f-, child of Thomas, b. 

1808, 81. 
Sophia 7 +, child of Thomas, b. 1811, 

Thomas 7 +, child of Thomas, b. 

1818, 81. 
Rebecca 7 , child of Thomas, b. 1823, 

Granville L. 8 +, child of Lorenzo 

D., b. 1831, 83. 
Emery B.°, child of Granville L., b. 

1857, 83. 
Lester G."-)-, child of Granville L., 

b. 1S62, 83. 
Theron L. 10 , child of Lester G., b. 

1891, 83. 
Emeline 8 +, child of Lorenzo D., b. 

1832, 83. 
T. Leroy 8 +, child of Lorenzo U., b. 

1836, 83. 
Alfred M. 8 +, child of Lorenzo D., 

b. 1838, S3. 
William W. 8 , child of Lorenzo D., 

b. 1841, 83. 
Luther A. 8 , child of Lorenzo D., b. 

1844, 83. 
Ambrose 8 , child of Lorenzo D., 83. 
Maria L. 8 , child of Lorenzo D., b. 

1848, 83. 
Eliza S. 8 , child of Lorenzo D., b. 

1850, 83. 
Irving A. 8 +, child of Lorenzo D., 

b. 1852, 83. 
Eulula T. 9 , child of Irving A., b. 

1876, 84. 
Gordon F. 9 , child of Irving A., 84. 
George W. 8 +, child of Lorenzo, b. 

1856, 84. 
Jimmic 9 , child of George W., b. 

1878, 84. 

Florence 9 , child of Emeline, b. 1861, 

Louisa 8 -f, child of Sophia, 85. 
H. Miles 8 -)-, child of Sophia, b. 

1832, 85. 
Amasa 8 , child of Sophia, b. 1S37, 85. 
Wesley 8 -)-, child of Sophia, 85. 
Annie 9 , child of Wesley, 85. 
Eunice", child of Wesley, 85. 
Sophia , child of Henry Miles, b. 

1855, 85. 
William L.», child of Henry Miles, 

b. 1858, 86. 
Harriet L.°, child of Henry Miles, 

b. 1860, 86. 
Elora L. 9 , child of Henry Miles, b. 

1862, 86. 
Wesley M.", child of Henry Miles, 

b. 1864, 86. 
Mary", child of Louisa, b. 18 — , S6. 
Alvin S. 9 +, child of Louisa, b. 1857, 

Hattie L.'", child of Alvin S., b. 

18S8, 86. 
Marietta G.'°, child of Alvin S., b. 

1890, 86. 

Carrie L. 10 , child of Alvin S., b. 

1891, 86. 

Bradley H. ,n , child of Alvin S., b. 

1894, 86. 
Thomas H. 8 -(-, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1S39, 86. 
Leslie R. 9 , child of Thomas II., b. 

1864, 86. 
Bertha C. 9 , child of Thomas II., b. 

1870, 86. 
Homer E. 8 4-, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1S40, 86. 
Walter II. 9 -)-, child of Homer E., b. 

1867, 93. 
Thomas C. 10 , child of Walter H., b. 

1S92, 93. 


Asa M.8+> child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1841, 86. 
Rodolphus I. 8 , child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1S43, 87. 
Arthur A. 8 , child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1846, 87. 
Sarah A. 8 , child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1849, 88. 
J. Milton»+, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1850. 88. 
Lillie E.», child of J. Milton, b. 

1873, 89. 

Cora A. 9 , child of J. Milton, b. 

1876, 89. 
George F.s>. child of J. Milton, 

b. 1882, 89. 
Harry H.», child of J. Milton, b. 

1874, 89. 

Mildred J.'°, child of Harry H., b. 

1894, 89. 

Elsie E. 10 , child of Harry IL, b. 

1895, 89. 

Ashley N.»+, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1851, 89. 
Arthur A. 9 +, child of Ashley N., 

b. 1873, 94. 
Harold A.™, child of Arthur A., b. 

1893, 94. 
Arthuri , child of Arthur A., b. 

1895, 94. 
Perley C.»+, child of Ashley N., b. 

1874, 94. 
Leila P.'°, child of Perley C, b. 

1893, 94. 

Ruby T. 9 , child of Ashley N., b. 

1881, 94. 
Ethel L. 9 , child of Ashley N., b. 

1887, 94. 
Augustus A. 8 , child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1852, 89. 
Leslie L. 8 +, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1S54, 89. 
Grace H. 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

1878, 89. 
Lewis A. 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

1880, 90. 
Winfred L. 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

18S3, 90. 
L. Blanche 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

1887, 90. 

Ernest D. 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

1888, 90. 

Bernard 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

1891, 90. 
Hazel M. 9 , child of Leslie L., b. 

1894, 90. 

Sarah A. 8 +, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1856, 90. 
G. Alberto 9 , child of Sarah A., b. 

1883, 90. 

Forrest L. 9 , child of Sarah A., b. 

1891, 90. 
Mary C. 8 +, child of Thomas Jr., b. 

1858, 91. 
Mabel A. 9 , child of Mary C, b. 

1882, 91. 
Mamie L. 9 , child of Mary C, b. 

1885, 91. 

Ethelyn L. 9 , child of Mary C, b. 

1887. 91. 
Cassie F.», child of Mary C, b. 

1894, 91. 
Homer A. 9 +, child of Asa M., b. 

1864, 93. 
Maude P. 10 , child of Homer A., b. 

1886, 93- 

Homer A. 10 , child of Homer A., b. 

1893, 93. 
Bertrand A. 9 +, child of Asa M., b. 

1867, 93. 
Rupert B. 10 , child of Bertrand A., 

b. 1890, 93. 
Ray B. 10 , child of Bertrand A., b 

1891, 93. 
Ina M. 10 , child of Bertrand A., b. 

1893, 93. 
Edith I. 10 , child of Bertrand A., b. 

1S95, 93. 
Sally, child of Daniel Emerson, b. 

1797, 94. 
Anna, child of Daniel Emerson, b. 

1782, 94. 
Daniel, child of Daniel Emerson, 

b. 1790, 94. 
Ruth 6 , child of William, b. 1790, 94. 
Ozro 7 , child of Ruth Emerson, b. 

1810, 95. 
Ashbury 7 , child of Ruth Emerson, 

b. 1812, 95. 
Gilman 7 4-, child of Ruth Emerson, 

b. 1815, 95. 
Julia 8 , child of Gilman, 95. 
Oliver 8 , child of Gilman, 95. 
George 8 , child of Gilman, 95. 
Elbridge 8 , child of Gilman, 95. 
Quincy 8 , child of Gilman, 95. 
Eugene 8 , child of Gilman, 95. 
Minot 7 +, child of Ruth, b. 1818, 95. 
Annabel 8 , child of Minot, 95. 
Marion 8 , child of Minot, 95. 
Ella J. 8 , child of Minot, 95. 
Luella 8 , child of Minot, 95. 
Lucy 7 +, child of Ruth, b. 1820, 95. 
Mary 8 , child of Lucy, 95. 
Solon 8 , child of Lucy, 95. 
Ira 7 , child of Ruth, 1823, 95. 
Amos 7 +, child of Ruth, 1825, 95. 
Harriett 8 , child of Amos, 95. 
Mary E. 8 , child of Amos, 95. 
William 8 , child of Amos, 1863, 95. 


Eddies, child of Amos Emerson, b. 

1864, 95. 
Huldah", child of James, b. 1770, 

Ruth", child of James, b. 1772, 95. 
James, Jr. 6 +, child of James, b. 

1774, 95. 
Ezra 6 , child of James, b. 1777, 95. 
Judith 6 -)-, child of James, b. 1780, 

James 7 -f, child of James, Jr., b. 

1796, 95. 
Sally 7 -)-, child of James, Jr., b. 

1798, 96. 
Elijah 7 , child of James, Jr., b. 

1801, 96. 
Azubah 7 -|-, child of James, Jr., b. 

1803, 96. 
Calvin 7 -(-, child of James, Jr., b. 

1810, 96. 
Hiram 7 , child of James, Jr., b. 

1812, 96. 
Hiram 7 , child of James, Jr., b. 

1818, 96. 
Luthur, Jr. 7 , child of Judith, b. 

1801, 96. 
Calvin 7 , child of Juditb, b. 1803, 

Elmira 7 , child of Judith, b. 1806, 

Arvilla 7 , child of Judith, b. 1808, 

Elmira 7 , child of Judith, b. 1811, 

Elzina 7 , child of Judith, b. 1811, 

Judith 7 -h child of Judith, b. 1813, 

Leonard 7 , child of Judith, b. 1816, 

Eleanor 7 , child of Judith, b. 1819, 

Abigail 7 , child of Judith, b. 1822, 

Aaron L. 8 , child of Judith, b. 1836, 

Abigail E.s, child of Judith, b. 

1837, 96. 
James W.», child of Judith, b. 

1842, 96. 
Charles G. 8 , child of Judith, b. 

1844, 96. 
James A. 8 -|-, child of James, 3d, b. 

1824, 96. 
Hiram L. 8 , child of James, 3d, b. 

1826, 97. 
Laura L. 8 , child of James, 3d, b. 

1829, 97. 
Sally M. 8 , child of James, 3d, b. 

1833, 97. 

Azubah 8 , child of James, 3d, b. 

1835, 97. 
Cynthia E. 8 , child of James,'3d, b. 

1838, 97. 
Hannah E. 8 , child of James, 3d, b. 

1840, 97. 
George W. 8 , child of James, 3d, b. 

1843, 97. 
Sally 8 +, child of Sally, b. 1818, 98. 
Elmira 8 , child of Sally, b. 1820, 98. 
Barnabas, Jr.s-K child of Sally, b. 

1823, 98. 
Harvey 8 , child of Sally, b. 1826, 98. 
Sophia H. 8 , child of Sally, b. 1828, 

Emeline 8 , child of Sally, b. 1831, 

James C.4- 9 , child of James A., b. 

1852, 97. 
George W> child of James A., b. 

1855, 98. 
Carrie E. 9 , child of James A., b. 

1872, 98. 
Inez F. 10 , child of James C, b. 

1876, 97. 
Mabel'", child of James C, b. 1879, 

Helen 10 , child of James C, 97. 
Aurilla E. 9 +, child of Sally, b. 

1845, 98. 
Charlie S. 9 , child of Sally, b. 1858, 

Mary E.'«, child of Aurilla E., b. 

1874, 98. 
Daniel 8 , child of Azubah, b. 1824, 

Calvin C. 8 , child of Azubah, b. 

1826, 98. 
S. Elmira 8 , child of Azubah, b. 

1836, 98. 
Elisha O. 8 , child of Calvin, b. 1837, 

Jerusha E.s, child of Calvin, b. 

1840, 99. 
Elijah E.8, child of Calvin, b. 1842, 

L. Mason 8 -}- , child of Calvin, b. 

1843, 99. 
Hattie E. 9 +, child of L. Mason, b. 

1868, 99. 
Lillie B.«, child of L. Mason, b. 

1870, 99. 
Clarence M. 9 , child of L. Mason, b. 

1872, 99. 
Maude E.'o, child of Hattie E., b. 

1889, 99. 
Laura™, child of Hattie E., b. 1890, 

Calvin R. 8 , child of Calvin, b. 1845, 


William W.», child of Calvin, b. 

1847, 99. 
Mary A. 8 , child of Calvin, b. 1849, 

Charles L. 8 , child of Calvin, b. 

1851, 99. 
Elizabeth E. 8 , child of Calvin, b. 

1853, 99. 
Eft'a M. 9 , child of Barnabas, Jr., b. 

1853, 99. 
Elsie S. 9 , child of Barnabas, Jr., b. 

1855, 99. 
Herbert B. 9 , child of Barnabas, Jr., 

1858, 99. 
Horace E.»+» child of Barnabas, 

Jr., b. 1859, 99. 
Leora M. 9 , child of Barnabas, Jr., 

b. 1861, 100. 
William A. 9 , child of Barnabas, Jr., 

b. 1864, 100. 
Frank H. 9 +, child of Barnabas, Jr., 

b. 1870, 100. 
Herman H. 10 , child of Horace E., 

b. 1889, 100. 
Bertha A.'°, child of Horace E., b. 

1890, 100- 
Norman M. 10 , child of Frank H., b. 

1892, 100. 
Molly "+, child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1775, 100. 
Esther 6 , child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1775, 100. 
Susannah e 4-, child of Thomas, Jr., 

b. 1777, 100. 
01iver 6 +, child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1779, 100. 
Betsey 6 +, child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1781, 100. 
Abigail 6 , child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1784, 100. 
Aaron 6 +, child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1788, 100. 
Moses 6 , child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1791, 100. 
John 6 , child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1793, 100. 
James", child of Thomas, Jr., b. 

1796, 100. 
Thomas 7 , child of Molly, 100. 
Ariel 7 , child of Molly, 100. 
Sidney 7 , child of Molly, 100. 
Ann 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Susan 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Sena 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Elvira 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Kesiah 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Abijah 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Stephen 7 , child of Susannah, 101. 
Noahj, child of Oliver, 101. 
Hannah 7 , child of Oliver, 101. 

Roxy, child of Oliver, 101. 
Reuben', child of Oliver, 101. 
Leonard 7 , child of Oliver, 101. 
Calista,' child of Oliver, 101. 
Betsey 7 , child of Betsey, b. 1802, 

Stephen, Jr. 7 , child of Betsey, b. 

1803, 101. 
Mary 7 , child of Betsey, b. 1805, 101. 
Almira 7 , child of Betsey, b. 1810, 

Stephen, Jr. 7 , child of Betsey, b. 

1812, 101. 
Abijah 7 , child of Betsey, b. 1816, 101. 
Charles', child of Betsey, b. 18i0, 

George P.', child of Betsey, b. 1823, 

Smith 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1806, 102. 
Rebecca 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1810, 

Achsah 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1812, 

Lois 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1815, 102. 
John 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1817, 102. 
Stillman 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1820, 

Lucinda E. 7 , child of Aaron, b. 

1823, 102. 
Caroline E. 7 , child of Aaron, b. 

1826, 102. 
Esther E. 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1828, 

Freeman A. 7 -f, child of John, b. 

1833, 103. 
Serepta C.H-, child of John, b. 

1837, 103. 
Lucy E. 7 +, child of John, b. 1835, 

Wilber H.«, child of Lucy E., b. 

1863, 103. 

Walter C. 8 , child of Lucy E., b. 

1867, 103. 
Etta G. 8 , child of Lucy E., b. 1872, 

Minnie B. 8 , child of Lucy E., 103. 
Grace L. 8 , child of Freeman A., b. 

1866, 103. 
Elmer W. 8 , child of Serepta C, b. 

1862, 103. 
Wilbur M. 8 , child of Serepta C, b. 

1864, 103. 

Frank T. 8 . child of Serepta C, b. 

1865, 104. 

Charles P. 8 , child of Serepta C, b. 

1869, 104. 
Fred W. 8 , child of Serepta C, b. 

1874, 104. 

Arthur G. 8 , child of Serepta C, b. 

1875, 104. 


Clara M. 8 , child of Serepta C, b. 

1878, 104. 
Ethel S. 8 , child of Serepta C., b. 

1882, 104. 
Benjamin F. 7 +, child of John, b. 

1839, 104. 
Ellen A. 7 +, child of John, b. 1842, 

Ayxea J. 7 , child of John, b. 1840, 

Bessie*, child of Benjamin F., b. 

1875, 104. 
Willie E. 8 , child of Ellen A., b. 

1868, 104. 
Mary E. 8 , child of Ellen A., b. 1870, 

Clarence 8 , child of Ellen A., 104. 
Enoch"-)-, child of Samuel, b. 1757, 

Robert", child of Samuel, b. 1759, 

Rachel«, child of Samuel, b. 1761, 

David 6 , child of Samuel, b. 1763, 

Jonathan , child of Samuel, b. 

1763, 104. 
Sarah", child of Samuel, b. 1768, 104. 
Benjamin«+, child of Samuel, b. 

1770, 104. 
Beulah°+, child of Samuel, b. 1773, 

Lucy H. 7 +, child of Enoch, b. 1802, 

Samueb+, child of Enoch, b. 1803, 

Hannah 7 +, child of Enoch, b. 1810, 

Ambrose C. 7 +, child of Enoch, b. 

1824, 105. 
Emma M. 8 , child of Ambrose C, b. 

1848, 105. 

Milan 8 -f, child of Ambrose C, b. 

1849, 105. 

Lizzie E. 9 , child of Milan, b. 1871, 

Willard A. 9 , child of Milan, b. 1874, 

Clarence A. 9 , child of Milan, b. 

1878, 105. 
Meleua M. 9 , child of Milan, b. 1883, 

Ella M. 8 , child of Ambrose C, b. 

1859, 105. 
Levi G.\ child of Lucy H., b. 1820, 

Harriet 8 , child of Lucy H., b. 1822, 

Lucy A. 8 +, child of Lucy H., b. 

1826, 106. 

Laura K.s-)-, child of Lucy H., b. 

1834, 106. 

Cora J.», child of Laura K., b. 1859, 

Eva E.o, child of Laura K., b. 1863, 

Sadie B. 9 , child of Laura K., b. 

1873, 106. 

Cynthia A. 8 , child of Lucy H., b. 

1835, 106. 

Charles 0.»+, child of Lucv H., b. 

1838, 106. 
George 0. 8 +, child of Lucy H., b. 

1838, 106. 
Edwin D.8, child of Lucy H., b. 

1841, 106. 
Charles H. 8 -f, child of Samuel, b. 

b. 1834. 106. 
Charles H. 9 , child of Charles H., b. 

1875, 106. 
Daniel A. 8 +, child of Samuel, b. 

1836, 106. 

Willard E.8, child of Hannah, b. 

1840, 109. 
Samuel A. 8 -(-, child of Hannah, b-. 

1843, 109. 
Cynthia A. 8 +, child of Hannah, b. 

1845, 109. 
George W.«, child of Hannah, b. 

1847, 109. 
Hartley D. 9 +, child of Lucy Ann, 

b. 1847, 110. 
Willie H.'°, child of Hartley D., b. 

1874, 110. 

Orson L. 9 +, child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1849, 110. 
Gertrude R.'°, child of Orson L., b. 

1879, 110. 
Orin L. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1849, 110. 
Gracie A.»°, child of Orin L., b. 

1875, 110. 

Ella E.», child of Lucy Ann, b. 1851, 

Lettie A. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1853, 110. 
Willie F. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1855, 110. 
Eddie C. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1858, 111. 
Myrtie E. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1860, 111. 
Orley S. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1862, 111. 
Fred S. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1865, 111. 
Bertie C. 9 , child of Lucy Ann, b. 

1867, 111. 
Stella 9 , child of Charles O., 111. 
Harry 9 , child of George O., 111. 


Willie", child of George O., 111. 

Christopher S.°, child of Daniel A., 
b. 1863, 111. 

Lelia L. 9 , child of Daniel A., b. 
1865, 111. 

Charles L. 9 , child of Daniel A., b. 
1868, 111. 

Daisy H. 9 , child of Daniel A., b. 
1873, 113. 

Peregrine H. 9 , child of Daniel A., 
b. 1875, 113. 

Abbie J. 9 , child of Samuel A. Con- 
verse, b. 1868, 114. 

Willard L.°, child of Samuel A. 
Converse, b. 18—, 114. 

Myron B.°, child of Samuel A. Con- 
verse, 114. 

Charles C. 9 , child of Samuel A. 
Converse, 114. 

Clara E. 9 , child of Samuel A. Con- 
verse, 114. 

Arthur B. 9 , child of Samuel A. Con- 
verse, b. 1884, 114. 

Ruth C.°, child of Samuel A. Con- 
verse, b. 1890, 114. 

Willard C. 9 , child of Cynthia A., b. 
1868, 114. 

Merrill M. 9 , child of Cynthia A., b. 
1876, 114. 

Edwin'-f, child of Benjamin, b. 
1802, 114. 

Paulina 7 , child of Benjamin, b. 
1804, 114. 

Alfred S. 7 +> child of Benjamin, b. 
1809, 114. 

Albert R. 7 , child of Benjamin, b. 
1811, 114. 

Roxana 8 , child of Edwin, b. 1827, 

Lyman 8 , child of Edwin, b. 1829, 

Marcia 8 , child of Edwin, b. 1831,115. 

Levi 8 +, child of Edwin, b. 1830, 115. 

Alfred 8 +, child of Edwin, b. 1833, 

Emeline 8 +, child of Edwin, b. 1836, 

Lovilla 8 +, child of Edwin, b. 1840, 

Alvin 8 +, child of Edwin, b. 1843, 

Julia»-f, child of Edwin, b. 1845, 

Mariah 8 , child of Edwin, b. 1847, 

May 9 , child of Levi, b. 1876, 115. 

Rosy 9 , child of Levi, b. 1879, 115. 

Lorry 9 , child of Levi, b. 1882, 115. 

Grace 9 , child of Levi, b. 1887, 115. 

Ednah 9 , child of Alfred, b. 1857, 115. 

Jay , child of Alfred, b. I860, 115. 
Vinnie S. 9 , child of Lovilla Jones, 

b. Ifc66, 115. 
Tommy , child of Lovilla Jones, b. 

1874, 115. 
Earl 9 , child of Lovilla Jones, b. 

1878, 115. 
Eva 9 , child of Alvin, b. 1868, 115. 
Lulu", child of Alvin, b. 1873, 115. 
Grace 9 ,' child of Julia Jones, b. 

1874, 115. 

Bessie 9 , child of Julia Jones, b. 

1S76, 115. 
Chattie", child of Julia Jones, b. 

1884, 115. 

Meroah L.s-j-, child of Alfred S., b. 

1844, 115. 
Ada 9 , child of Meroah L., b. 1866, 

Nettie 9 , child of Meroah L., b. 1868, 

James A. 9 , child of Meroah L., b. 

1S74, 116. 
Earle W. 9 . child of Meroah L., b. 

1876, 116. 
George C. 8 +, child of Alfred S., b. 

1852, 116. 
Susie C. 9 , child of George C, b. 

1875, 116. 

Alfred S. 9 , child of George C, b. 

1S76, 116. 
Irene 9 , child of George C, b. 1880, 

Grace T.\ child of George C, b. 

1883, 116. 
Edwin P. 9 , child of George C, b. 

1888, 116. 
James Edwin 9 +, child of Emeline 

Ketcham, b. 1857, 121. 
Ella L.' J +, child of Emeline 

Ketcham, b. 1860, 121. 
Orson L.H-, child of Emeline, 

b. 1865, 122. 
Eva 10 , child of James E., b. 1892, 121. 
Alice F. 10 , child of Ella L., b. 1883, 

Ethel M.», child of Ella L., b. 

1885, 121. 

Harvey L. 10 , child of Ella L., b. 

1886, 121. 

Walter L. 10 , child of Orson L., b. 

1890, 121. 
John H.'°, child of Orson L., b. 

1892, 121. 
Loring 7 , child of Beulah, b. 1798, 

Ira?, child of Beulah, b. 1800, 122. 
Betsey 7 , child of Beulah, b. 1801, 

Anna , child of Lemuel, b. 1739, 123. 


Priscilla", child of Lemuel, b. 1740, 

Sylvanus", child of Lemuel, b. 1742, 

Abijah", child of Lemuel, b. 1745, 

Deborah 6 , child of Lemuel, b. 1746, 

Abijah", child of Lemuel, b. 1747, 

Sarah", child of Lemuel, b. 1749, 

William 15 , child of Lemuel, b. 1752, 

John", child of Lemuel, b. 1753, 123. 
Susanna", child of Lemuel, b. 1756, 

Gideons child of Lemuel, b. 1741, 

Charles , child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1740, 123. 
Alice", child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1742, 123. 
Sarah 6 , child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1744, 123. 
Ruth 6 , child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1746, 123. 
Luce 6 , child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1748, 123. 
Cornelius, 3d. 6 , child of Cornelius, 

Jr., b. 1750, 123. 
Cornelius 6 , child of Cornelius, Jr., 

b. 1752, 123. 
Olive 6 , child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1754, 123. 
Warren , child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1858, 123. 
Peleg". child of Cornelius, Jr., b. 

1760, 123. 
Cornelius 6 , child of Cornelius, Jr., 

b. 1756, 123. 
John 6 +. child of Paul, b. 1739, 124. 
Nathaniel 6 , child of Paul, b. 1742, 

Christopher", child of Paul, b. 1743, 

Joanna 6 , child of Paul, b. 1744, 124. 
Hannah", child of Paul, b. 1745, 124. 
Patience 6 , child of Paul, b. 1747, 

Peregrine", child of Paul, b. 174S, 

Daniel 6 , child of Paul, b. 1752, 124. 
Daniel 6 +, child of Daniel, 124. 
Nancy 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., b. 

1786, 124. 
Samuel 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., b, 

1788, 124. 
George 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., 
1791, 124. 

Sarah 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., b. 1793, 

Daniel 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., b. 

1795, 124. 
Cornelius 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., b. 

1797, 124. 
Eliza 7 , child of Daniel, Jr., b. 1799, 

Abigail", child of Daniel, 124. 
Catherine 6 , child of Daniel, 124. 
Lewis", child of Daniel, 124. 
Urania", child of Daniel, 124. 
Samuel", child of Daniel, 124. 
Lydia", child of Daniel, 124. 
Temperance 6 , child of Daniel, 124. 
John", child of Joanna, b. 1739, 124. 
Nathaniel 6 , child of Joanna, b. 1742, 

Joanna"+, child of Joanna, b. 1744. 

Patience 6 , child of Joanna, b. 1747, 

Daniel", child of Joanna, b. 1752, 

Cornelius 6 , child of Gideon, b. 1744, 

Elizabeth", child of Gideon, 125. 
Elizabeth 6 +, child of Gideon, 125. 
Eliza F. 7 -f, child of Elizabeth, 125. 
Fred G. D. 8 , child of Eliza F., 125. 
Experience 6 , child of Gideon, 125. 
Thomas", child of Gideon, b. 1757, 

Joanna°+, child of Gideon, 125. 
Hannah", child of Gideon, b. 1747, 

Gideon"+, child of Gideon, b. 17o2, 

125. . . 

Penniah", child of Benjamin, b. 

1744, 126. 
Robert 6 +, child of Benjamin, b. 

1747, 126. 
Hannah, child of Benjamin, 126. 
Benjamin, Jr."+, child of Benja- 
min, 126. 
Cornelius 6 4-, child of Benjamin, b. 

1755, 126. 
Mary 7 , child of Joanna, 125. 
Joanna 7 -}-, child of Joanna, 125. 
Mary W. 8 , child of Joanna, 125. 
Thomas 7 , child of John, b. 1757, 127. 
Thadeus 7 , child of John, b. 1759, 127. 
Abigail 7 , child of John, b. 1761, 127. 
Mary 7 , child of John, b. 1762, 127. 
Benjamin 7 , child of John, b. 1764, 


Joel 7 +, child of John, b. 1766, 127. 
Sybel 7 , child of John, b. 176S, 127. 
Nancy 7 , child of John, b. 1769, 127. 
Jona 7 ', child of John, b. 1771, 127. 


Betsey", child of John, b. 1774, 127. 
Amos 7 , child of John, b. 177(5, 127. 
John B. 7 , child of John, b. 1778, 127. 
Sallys, ^^1,3 f joei^ . 17 9 4i 12 7. 

Serena 8 +, child of Joel, b. 1795, 127. 
Silas 8 , child of Joel, b. 1797, 127. 
Louisa 8 , child of Joel, b. 1799, 127. 
Beniamin F. 8 , child of Joel, b. 1801, 

RhodaH-, child of Joel,b. 1804, 128. 
Joel 8 , child of Joel, b. 1S06, 128. 
Alonzo 8 +, child of Joel, b. 1808, 128. 
Elizabeth", child of Joel, b. 1811, 

Abigail E. 8 , child of Joel, b. 1814, 

Almond», child of Rhoda, 128. 
Joseph M.°, child of Alonzo, 129. 
Eleanor C", child of Alonzo, b. 

1838, 129. 
Henry A.°+, child of Alonzo, b. 

1841, 129. 
Mendana E. 9 -(-, child of Alonzo, b. 

1844, 129. 
Catharine E. 9 +, child of Alonzo, b. 

1847, 129. 
Clarence A.°+, child of Alonzo, b. 

1851, 129. 
Everett A. 1 ", child of Henry A., b. 

1867, 130. 
Herbert O.i", child of Henry A., b. 

1871, 130. 
Edward L.-o, child of Mendana E., 

Arthur W. 10 , child of Mendana E., 

Hattie L. 10 , child of Mendana E., 

George A. 10 , child of Mendana E., 

Ruth W. 10 , child of Mendana E., 

Fred B. 10 , child of Catharine E., 130. 
Elizabeth 10 , child of Catharine E., 

Harry 10 , child of Catharine E., 130. 
Grace 1 '*, child of Catharine E., 130. 
Gertrude 10 , child of Catharine E., 

Alvan L. 10 , child of Catharine E., 

Olive W. 10 , child of Clarence, 130. 
Henry W. 9 +, child of Serena, 130. 
Sarah 9 , child of Serena, 130. 
Mary 9 -}-, child of Serena, 131. 
Adaline u +, child of Serena, 131. 
Ella", child of Adaline, 131. 
Leonard 9 -)-, child of Serena, 131. 
Elizabeth B. 9 +, child of Serena, 131. 
Addie 10 , child of Elizabeth B., 131. 

Mary D.", child of Elizabeth B., 131. 
Lulu E.'", child of Elizabeth B., 131. 
Grace 10 , child of Henry W., 131. 
Mary 1 ", child of Henry W., 131. 
Frances'"-|-, child of Henry W., 131. 
Sarah 10 , child of Henry W - ., 131. 
Raymond 1 ', child of Frances, 131. 
Mary'i, child of Frances, 131. 
Sarah 10 -}-, child of Mary, 131. 
Jessie 11 , child of Sarah, 131. 
Mamien, child of Sarah, 131. 
Glen", c hild of Sarah, 131. 
Charle s 'o-}-, child of Leonard, 131. 
Harrys child of Leonard, 131. 
Evelyn", child of Charles, 131. 
Joanna?, child of Gideon, Jr., b. 

1788, 131. 

Miles W. 7 , child of Gideon, Jr., b. 

1789, 131. 

Deborah F.,?, child of Gideon, Jr., 

b. 1791, 131. 
Nathaniel W.', child of Gideon, Jr., 

b. 1793, 132. 
Gideon C.?-|-, child of Gideon, Jr., 

b. 1795, 132. 
Cornelius'-}-, child of Gideon, Jr., 

b. 1797, 132. 
John D. W.?, child of Gideon, Jr., 

b. 1799, 132. 
Sarah W 7 , child of Gideon, Jr., b. 

1801, 132. 
Thomas H. 7 +, child of Gideon Jr., 

b. 1806, 132. 
Cornelia 8 , child of Thomas H., b. 

1832, 132. 
Nathaniel W. 8 , child of Thomas H., 

b. 1837, 132. 
William W. 8 , child of Joanna, b. 

1808, 132. 
Rebecca 8 , child of Joanna, b. 1810, 

Hannah W. R , child of Joanna, b. 

1812 132 
Sarah B. 8 ,ciiild of Joanna.b. 1814,132. 
Charles G. 8 , child of Joanna, b. 

1820, 132. 
William T. 8 +, child of Joanna, b. 

1822, 132. 
Sarah E. 8 , child of Joanna, b. 1824, 

Abby W. 9 , child of William T., b. 

1854, 132. 
Howland 9 , child of William T., b. 

1855 132. 
Catherine W.», child of William T., 

b. 1859, 132. 
Alice W. 9 , child of William T., b. 

1864, 132. 
Elizabeth C. 8 , child of Gideon C, 



Corneliuss, child of Gideon C, 132. 
Agnes 8 , child of Gideon C, b. 1822, 

Katherine J. 8 , child of Cornelius, b. 

1S25, 133. 
Elizabeth 8 , child of Cornelius, b. 

1827, 133. 
Cornelius 8 , child of Cornelius, b. 

1830, 133. 
Agnes", child of Cornelius, b. 1831, 

Gideon 8 , child of Cornelius, b. 1833. 

Joann D.s, child of Cornelius, b. 

1836, 133. 
Sarah J.», child of Cornelius, b. 

1S38, 133. 
Mary B. 8 , child of Cornelius, b. 

1842, 133. 
Cornelius 8 , child of Cornelius, b. 

1816, 133. 
Joanna 7 +, child of Joanna, b. 1771, 

Thomas?, child of Joanna, b. 1782, 

Charles 7 , child of Joanna. 133. 
Charles H. 8 +, child of Joanna, b. 

1807, 133. 
Ann P. 8 , child of Joanna, b. 1809, 

Seth, Jr. 8 +, child of Joanna, b. 1811, 

Thomas T. 8 +, child of Joanna, b. 

1813, 133. 
George T. 9 , child of Charles H., b. 

1831 134. 
Ann E. 9 , child of Charles H., b. 

1834, 134. 
Henry B. 9 +, child of Charles H, b. 

1838, 134. 

Seth B.°, child of Charles H., b. 

1839, 134. 

Peter S.+ 9 , child of Charles H., b. 

1842, 134. 
Charles T. 9 , child of Charles H., b. 

1847, 134. 
George R. 9 , child of Charles H., b. 

1849, 134. 
Hubert T.»+, child of Seth Whit- 
man, b. 1848, 134. 
Mary T. 9 +, child of Seth Whitman, 

b. 1851, 134. 
Sarah C.»+, child of Seth Whitman, 

b. 1851, 134. 
Jennie A. 9 , child of Seth Whitman, 

b. 1863, 134. 
Ann P.°, child of Thomas T., b. 

1842, 134. 
John T. 9 +, child of Thomas T., b. 

1847, 134. 

Alice P.»+, child of Thomas F., b. 

1856, 134. 
George H.'"+. child of Henry B., b. 

1863, 134. 
Harry T.'°, child of Henry B., b. 

1866, 135. 
Robert E. 10 , child of Henry B., b. 

1873, 135. 
Charles S. 1 ", child of Henry B., b. 

1879, 135. 

William F. 10 , child of Peter S., b. 

1868, 135. 
Arthur B. 10 , child of Peter S., b. 

1871, 135. 
Herbert S. 10 , child of Herbert T., b. 

1876, 135. 

Anna G.>°, child of Herbert T., b. 

1S78. 135. 
John G.'°. child of Herbert T., b. 

1880, 135. 

Theodore F. 10 , child of Mary T., b. 

1881, 135. 

Herbert", child of Sarah C, b. 

1877, 135. 

Whitman C. 10 , child of Sarah C, b. 

1879, 135. 
Ruth T. lu , child of John T., b. 1S84, 

Alice W. 10 , child of John T., b. 

1888, 136. 
Harry W.'°, child of Alice P., b. 

1886, 136- 
Ruth A. 10 , child of George H, b. 

1890, 136. 
Pennialn, child of Robert, b. 1772, 

David?, child of Robert, 136. 
Martin 7 , child of Robert, 136. 
Richmond 7 , child of Robert, 136. 
Charles 7 , child of Robert, 136. 
Elijah 7 , child of Robert, 136. 
Lewis 7 , child of Benjamin, Jr., b. 

1785, 136. 
Cyrus 7 4-, child of Benjamin, Jr., 

Mary 7 , child of Benjamin, Jr., 137. 
Sylvia 7 , child of Benjamin, Jr., 137. 
Benjamin 7 +, child- of Benjamin, 

Jr., b. 1791, 137. 
Benjamin?, child of Benjamin, Jr., 

Cornelius, Jr. 7 , child of Cornelius, 

b. 1788, 138. 
Albert 7 , child of Cornelius, b. 1802, 

Sylvia 8 , child of Cyrus, 138. 
Lydiae, child of Cyrus, 138. 
Mary 8 +, child of Cyrus, b. 1810, 138. 
Cyrus 8 -f, child of'Cyrus, b. 1811, 



Lewis 8 +, child of Cyrus, b. 1S13, 

Benjamin 8 -}-, child of Cyrus, b. 

1816, 138. 
Deborah 8 , child of Cyrus, b. 1817. 

George 8 , child of Benjamin, b. 1832, 

Mary H. 8 , child of Benjamin, b. 

1833, 138. 
Lewis E. 8 , child of Benjamin, b. 

1833, 13S. 
Benjamin F. 8 +, child of Benjamin, 

b. 1837, 138. 
Harriet S. 8 , child of BenjamiD, b. 

1841, 138.' 
Alberta , child of Benjamin F., b. 

1868, 139. 
Osmond", child of Benjamin F., 

b. 1864, 139. 
Mary E.\ child of Mary, b. 1834, 

Maria E. 9 , child of Mary, b. 1836, 

Ellen F. ! '+, child of Mary, b. 1837, 

Rusha A.°+, child of Mary, b. 1839, 

Edgar A.°, child of Mary, b. 1846, 

Levi", child of Cyrus, b. 1834, 140. 
William , child of Cyrus, 140. 
Cynthia A.', child of Cyrus, 140. 
William L.°+, child of Cvrus, b. 

1S47, 140. 
Wendell P.+», child of Cyrus, b. 

1847, 140. 
Laura A. 9 +, child of Lewis, b. 1836, 

Catherine L.°+, child of Lewis, b. 

1838, 140. 
Lucv T.' J +, child of Lewis, b. 1840, 

Algernon J."+, child of Lewis, b. 

1843, 140. 
Svlvania G"., child of Lewis, b. 

1845, 140. 
Julius E. 9 , child of Lewis, 140. 
Nathan', child of Lewis, 140. 
Louisa , child of Benjamin, 140. 
Ellen P.°+, child of Benjamin, 140. 
Chester" 1 , child of Ellen P., 140. 
Florence"', child of Ellen P., 140. 
Nahum I. 1 ", child of Ellen F., b. 

1858, 141. 
Edith A. 1 ", child of Rusha A., b. 

1860, 141. 
Anne W. 1 ", child of Rusha A., b. 

1864, 141. 
Zenas"', child of William L., 141. 

Otho 1 ", child of William L., 141. 
Eben'", child of Wendell P., 141. 
Percy 1 ", child of Wendell P., 141. 
E. Forrest"', child of Catherine L., 

b. 1S64, 142. 
Percy W. 1 ", child of Catherine L., 

b. 1866, 142. 
Ida 10 , child of Laura A., 142. 
Fletcher 10 , child of Laura A., 142. 
Adeline 10 , child of Laura A., 142. 
Hattie"', child of Lucy T., b. 1888, 

Harry 1 ", child of Algernon J., 142. 
Lottie"', child of Algernon J., 142. 
Sarah e -\-, child of Lydia Holmes, b. 

1751. 143. 
Sally 7 ,' child of Sarah, b. 1772, 

Benjamin 7 , child of Sarah, b. 1774, 

John 7 , child of Sarah, b. 1776, 

Mercy 7 -)-, child of Sarah, b. 1778, 

Polly 7 , child of Sarah, b. 1781, 

Elisha?, child of Sarah, b. 1785, 

Nancy 8 +, child of Mercy, 143. 
Nancy"-)-, child of Nancy, 143. 
Anna James 10 , child of Nancy, 143. 
Zodockschild of Judith, b. 1742, 143. 
Mary , child of Judith, 143. 
Joseph 5 , child of Judith, 143. 
Nathaniel , child of Judith, b. 1755, 

Ruth", child of Judith, 143. 
Truelove' 1 , child of Judith, b. 1760, 

Benjamin, Jr.' ; +, child of Benja- 
min, b. 1749, 143. 
Tobias c +, child of Benjamin, b. 

1753, 144. 
Gideon T. 6 +, child of Benjamin, b. 

1755, 144. 
Luther -)-, child of Benjamin, b. 

1758, 144. 
Mercy 7 -)-, child of Tobias, b. 1778, 

Sarah 7 , child of Tobias, b. 1780, 146. 
Gideon T. 7 +, child of Tobias, b. 

17S3, 146. 
Benjamin 7 , child of Tobias, b. 1785, 

Hannah 7 -)-, child of Tobias, b. 1790, 

Elizabeth T. 7 , child of Tobias, b. 

1792, 146. 
Nabbv 7 +, child of Gideon T., b. 

1782, 146. 


Sarah*, child of Gideon T. 

Lucy 7 , child of Gideon T., b. 1786 

Sarah 7 -)-, child of Gideon T., b. 1789 

Gideon T., Jr. 7 -)-, child of Gideon 

T., b. 1794, 146. 
Anna 7 -)-, child of Gideon T., b 

1797, 146. 
Charles 7 , child of Gideon T., b 

1799, 146. 
Ruth 7 +, child of Gideon T., b. 1799 

Mary C. 7 +, child of Gideon T., b 

1805, 146. 
Benjamin 7 -}-, child of Lutlmr, b 

1790, 147. 
Thomas F. 7 +, child of Luthur b 

1802, 147. 
Robert R. 8 , child of Hannah, 14S. 
Eveline 8 , child of Hannah, 148. 
Warren T. 8 , child of Hannah, b 

1810, 148. 
Charles 8 , child of Hannah, 148. 
Frank 8 , cliilcl of Hannah, 148. 
Elizabeth T. 8 , child of Gideon T. 

Priscilla 8 , child of Gideon T., 149. 
Benjamin 8 +, child of Gideon T, 149 
Gideon T.°, child of Benjamin, 149 
Asa, Jr. 8 , child of Mercy, b. 1800 

P'annie 8 , child of Mercy, b. 1803 

Charles 8 , child of Mercy, b. 1805 

Ann 8 , child of Mercy, b. 1809, 149. 
Hannah 8 , child of Mercy, b. 1S09 

Thomas 8 , child of Mercy, b. 1811 

George 8 -)-, child of Mercy, b. 1816 

Mercy 8 +, child of Mercy, b. 1S20 

Lydia S. '•', child of George, 149. 
Mercy W.", child of Mercy, b. 1857 

.John , child of Mercy, b. 1S5S, 149 
George II . ", child of Mercy, b. 1S60 

Mary A. 8 , child of Benjamin, b. 1816 

Benjamin D. s , child of Benjamin, b 

1818, 150. 
Hannah T. e -f , child of Thomas F. 

b. 1826, 150. 
Mary A. 8 -f, child of Thomas F., b 

1S27, 150. 

Luthur 8 -)-, child of Thomas F., b. 

1829, 150. 
Mehitable M. 8 +, child of Thomas 

F., b. 1830, 150. 
J Peregrine F. 8 -)-, child of Thomas 

F., b. 1832, 150. 
j Sarah E. 8 +, child of Thomas F., 

b. 1837, 150. 
Edward 8 -)-, child of Thomas P., 

b. 1835, 150. 
Betsey J. 8 +, child of Thomas F., 

b. 1843, 150. 
Daniel J.»+, child of Hannah T., b. 

1846, 151. 
Hannah E.»+, child of Hannah T., 

b. 1847, 152. 
Lois N. : '+, child of Hannah T., b. 

1850, 152. 
Foster T."+, child of Hannah T.. h. 

1852, 152. 

Alvah IL», child of Hannah T., b. 

1854, 152. 

Ida R.-'-f, child of Hannah T.,b. 1S55, 

Emory A. 9 -)-, child of Hannah T., 

b. 1858, 152. 
Charles S. ! ', child of Hannah T., b. 

1859, 152. 
Mehitable M.+°,child of Hannah T., 

b. 1862, 152. 
Frank E. a +, child of Hannah T., b. 

1865, 152. 
Sarah M. B +, child of Hannah T., b. 

1S67, 152. 
Bethania L.°+, child of Mary A., 

1). 1851, 152. 
! Lynda I. 9 +, child of Mary A., b. 

1853. 152. 

WilliamH-, child of Mary A., b. 

1S55, 152. 
Thomas W.' J , cliilcl of Mary A., b. 

1855, 152. 

Edward F.", child of Peregrine F., 

b. 1860, 153. 
William F. 9 +, child of Peregrine 

F., b. 1863, 153. 
Carrie J. 9 +, child of Sarah E., b. 

1856, 153. 

Anna"+, child of Sarah E., b. 1858, 

IIenry f, + , child of Sarah E., b. 1S59, 

Edward C.', child of Sarah E.. b. 

1801, 153. 
Amelia E. !l , child of Edward, b. 

1863, 154. 
Rebecca C.'+, child of Edward, b. 

1865, 154. 
Edward T.°+, child of Edward, b. 

1S60, 154. 


Charles B.a, child of Edward, b. j Levi C. 1 ", child of Bethania L.. b. 

1867, 154. 1879, 150. 

Leon W. 9 , child of Edward, b. 1S69, ' Luther R."', child of Linda I., b. 

154. 1873, 157. 

Luthur , child of Edward, b. 1S70, Mary F. 1 ", child of Linda I., b. 1875, 

154. 157. 

George P.°+, child of Betsev J., b. Joseph S."', child of Linda I., b, 

1861, 154. 187!), 157- 

Charles F.' 1 , child of Betsey J., b. Henry R. 1 ", child of Linda I., b. 

1S63, 154. 1881, 157- 

Alice C. : '+, child of Betsey J., b. Jessie"', child of William. 157. 

1S65, 154. Joseph T. 1 ", child of William. 157. 

Clark W. 9 , child of Betsey J., b. Mabel F.>", child of William F.. b. 

1867, 154. 1886, 157. 

Irving G. n , child of Betsey J., b. Ruth M."', child of William F.„ b. 

1575, 154. IS!):], 157. 

Charles F. 10 , child of Daniel J., b. Dora E. C", child of Carrie J., b. 

1872, 154. 1884, 157. 

Daniel L." 1 , child of Daniel J,, b. Grace A."', child of Carrie .1., 1>. 

1875, 154. 1SS9, 157. 

Albert W.">, child of Hannah E., b. Harold H.i», child of Anna, b. 1889, 

1872, 154. 158. 

Mabel E. 1 ", child of Hannah E., b. Elizabeth B. J. 1 ", child of Anna. b. 

1574, 154. 1893, 158. 

Florence H. C>", child of Hannah Henry L. 1 ", child of Henry, Jr.. b. 

E., b. 1S77, 154. 1886, 158. 

Almira J." 1 , child of Hannah E., b. Russell W. 1 ", child of Henry, .Jr.. b. 

1880, 154. 1S89, 158. 

Lois ST. 10 , child of Hannah E., b. Carrie B. 1 ", child of Rebecca C, b. 

1S83, 154. 188!), 158. 

Linda I. T>, child of Hannah E., Elizabeth 1!.'", child of Edward T., 

b. 1885, 154. 1). 18SS, 158- 

Bertha L. TV", child of Hannah E., Kay E. 1 ", child of Edward T., b. 

b. 1S87, 154- 1890, 1 r»S. 

Charles G."', child of Lois X., 1>. Ethel P." 1 , child of George P., b. 

1576, 155. 1884, 158. 

Elbridge F. 1 ", child of Foster T., b. . Charlotte F.*', child of Alice C, b. 

1575, 155. 1891, 158. 

Grace F. 1 ", child of Foster T., b. Levi 8 , child of Xabby, b. ISO", 158. 

1878, 155. Xabby", child of Xabby, b. 1S09, 

Lillian B. 1 ", child of Ida P., b. 1872, 159.' 

155. Levi s +, child of Xabbv, b. 1811, 
Frank E. 1 ", child of Mehitable M., 159. 

b. 1881, 155. ; Sarahs, child of Xabbv, b. 1813, 159. 

Gertrude L. 1 ", child of Mehitable Lydia 8 , child of Xabbv, b. 1815, 159. 

M., b. 1882, 155. i Lydia 8 , child of Xabbv, b. 1817, 150. 

Herbert F. 1 ", child of Mehitable M., I Xabby W. 8 +, child of Xabby, b. 

b. 1884, 155. 1S20, 159. 

Jennie E. 1 ", child of Emory A., b. \ James 8 +, child of Xabby, b. 1823, 

18S6, 155. 159. 

Bernice M."', child of Frank E., b. | Sarah C R , child of Xabby, b. 1826. 

1891, 156. 159. 

Austin M>, child of Sarah M., b. ' Sarah W. 8 +, child of Sarah, b. 1S17, 

1891, 156. 159. 

Bertrand R. 1 ", child of Bethania L., j Lucy H. 8 , child of Sarah, b. 1818, 

b. 1873, 156. 159. 

Joseph T, 1 ", child of Bethania L.,b. ! Nancy W/+. child of Sarah, b. 

1S75, 156. • 1820, 159. 

Ruth M."', child of Bethania L., b. Alanson T. 8 , child of Sarah, b. 1822, 

1877, 156. ! 159. 


Lvdia\ child of Anna, b. 18—, 

Samuels, child of Anna, 159. 

George*, child of Ruth, 160. 

Charles*, child of Ruth, 100. 

Elisha 8 , child of Ruth, 100. 

George C. 8 +, child of Mary C. b. 
1820, 100. 

Samuel J. ! '+, child of Levi Sim- 
mons, b. 1835, 160. 

Ann L. ', child or Levi Simmons, b. 
1888, 100. 

Isaac L. 9 , child of Levi Simmons, b. 

1839, 160. 

Edward T.«, child of Levi Simmons, 

b. 1844, 160. 
Levi P. •+, child of Levi Simmons, 

b. 1844, 160. 
Alonzo I).-', child of Levi Simmons, 

b. 1836, 160. 
James M., Jr.", child of Abbv W., 

b. 1845, 160. 
Sarah A. ; '+, child of Abby W., b. 

1840, 160. 

Marv A. 9 , child of Abbv W., b. 

1848, 101. 

James M.. Jr. 9 , child of Abby W., 

b. 1849, 161. 
Lois A.\ child of Abby W., b. 1851, 

Clara L. 9 ^, child of Abby W., b. 

1852, 101. 

Rachel M. 9 , child of Abby W., b. 
1854, 161. 

Helen F. 9 -f , child of Abby W., b. 
1856, 101. 

Manfred E.\ child of James Sim- 
mons, b. 1847, 101. 

Manfred A. 9 , child of James Sim- 
mons, b. 1849, 161. 

Clarence A. 9 +, child of James 
Simmons, b. 1852, 161. 

Alvan T.'-S child of Sarah W., b. 
1840. 101. 

Ida B. ; '-. child of Sarah W., b. 
184°, 101. 

Sarah C, child of Sarah W., b. 
1851, 101. 

Clinton F. a +, child of Sarah W., b. 
1850, 101. 

Alvan L. 1 ", child of Alvan T., b. 
1809, 101. 

Marv S. ,J 4-, child of Xancy W., b. 

1849, 101. 

Charles S. ', child of Nancy W., b. 

1853, 101. 

Samuel E. 9 , child of Xancy W., b. 

1859, mi. 
Chester II. 1 , child of Nancy W., b. 

1862, 162. 

Mary E.°+, child of George C, b. 

1853, 162. 
Robert 9 , child of George C, b. 1859. 

Katie F. 10 +, child of Sarah A., b. 

1866, 162. 
Elizabeth P.", child of Sarah A., b. 

1874, 162. 
Fred F. 10 , child of Clara L., b. 1S74, 

Ralph H.' 9 , child of Clara L., b. 

1890, 162- 
Lucy C", child of Helen F., b. 

1S82, 162. 
Lillian E.'", child of Samuel J., b. 

1864, 163. 
Annie P. 1 ", child of Levi P., b. 1876, 

Manfred E." 1 , child of Clarence A., 

b. 1890, 163. 
Edla 10 , child of Clarence A., b. 1892, 

Charles F.' 9 , child of Mary S., b. 

1S82, 163. 
Ida, child of Mary S., b. 1S84, 

| Henrv E, 1 ", child of Mary S., b. 

18S6, 103. 
Katherine SI.", child of Katie F., b. 

1SS7, 103. 
Minnie S.'", child of Mary E., b. 

1883. 103. 
Ellery B.'°, child of Ida B., b. 1873, 

! Clinton S.' 9 , child of Ida B., b. 1S77, 

Bessie W. 1 ", child of Clinton F., b. 

1881, 104. 
Philip -)-, child of Xehemiah, b. 

1734, 105. 

'< Xicholas -)-, child of Xehemiah, b. 

1735, 105. 

Abraham 7 -)-, child of Xicholas, b. 

1756, 105. 
Olive 7 -)-, child of Xicholas, b. 1759, 

Philip-, child of Philip, 105. 
Phila 7 — , child of Philip, b. 1703, 

Xehemiah 7 -)-, child of Philip, b. 

1705, 105. 
Jolms-f, child of Phila Fox, 107. 
YV. C.", child of John, 107. 
George-', child of John, 107. 
Philip 8 , child of Xehemiah, 167. 
Alvin 8 , child of Xehemiah, 107. 
Justin M"4-, child of Xehemiah, b. 

1S02, 167. 
Xehemiah 8 , child of Xehemiah, 167. 
Willard 8 , child of Xehemiah, 167. 

( ; EXEAL< )( i LCAL I NDEX. 

Orsamuss, child of Nehemiah, 1G7. 
Sylvia, s, child of Nehemiah, 107. 
Sophia-, child of Xehemiah, 167. 
Lucinda 8 , child of Nehemiah, 167. 
Cynthia*, child of Xehemiah, 167. 
Xehemiah , child of Justin M.. b. 

1S35, K)7. 
Willard J. 1 ", 167. 
Clure T 4-, cliild of Abraham, b. 1781, 

Varuunv, child of Abraham, 16S. 
Xicholas 7 -!-, child of Abraham, b. 

1785, 168. 
Annis^-f, child of Abraham, b. 1792, 

Julia E. 5 +, child of Clure, b. 1S06, 

Harley C. s , child of Clure, b. 1S08, 

Mary A. 3 +, child of Clure, b. 1813, 

Caroline C. 8 +, child of Clure, b. 

1815, 16S. 
Erasmus D.*-f, child of Clure, b. 

1818, H)$. 
Martha M. 8 , child of Clure, b. 1820, 

Esther B. 9 , child of Clure, b. 1S22, 

Emeline A. 8 , child of Clure, b. 1S26, 

William V.*, child of Clure, b. 1S2K, 

Carlos L. 8 ,child of Clure. b. 1831, 169. 
Pollys, cliild of Rev. X T icholas, b. 

1805, 169. 
Solomon C. 8 +, child of Rev. Nicho- 
las, b. 1S07, 169. 
Amzi S. 8 +, child of Rev. Nicholas, 

b. 1S09, 169. 
Orrin 8 , child of Rev. Nicholas, b. 

1811, 169. 
Orria 8 +, child of Rev. Nicholas, b. 

1811, 169. 
Sarah M.s+, child of Rev. Nicholas, 

b. 1813, 169. 
Polly M.8+, child of Rev. Nicholas, 

b. 1815, 169. 
Artemisia AV. 8 +, child of Rev. 

Nicholas, b. 1818, 169. 
Seymour L.s+, child of Rev. Nicho- 
las, b. 1820, 169. 
Eliza J. 8 +, child of Rev. Nicholas, 

b. 1824, 169. 
Elizabeth A. 8 +, child of Rev. Nich- 
olas, b. 1827, 170. 
Julia A. 8 , child of Rev. Nicholas, b. 

1831, 170. 
Douglas A. 8 , child of Annis, b. 
1S12, 172. 

Henry S. 8 , child of Annis, b. 1814, 

George 8 +, child of Annis, b. 1S10, 

Williams, child of Annis, b. 1818, 

Lucius", child of Annis, b. 1S20, 

Harriet", child of Annis, b. 1823, 

Amanda8+, child of Annis, b. 1826, 

13yron s , child of Annis, b. 1828, 172. 
Louisa^ child of Annis, b. 1830, 

Jane 8 +, child of Annis, b. 1833, 

Henry 10 , child of Julia E., 172. 
Julia A. 1 ", child of Julia E., b. 1843, 

i Emeline 1 ", child of Julia E., b. 1847, 

[ Annett 1 ", child of Mary A., 173. 
i Julius B.»o, child of Mary A., 173. 
i Julia M."\ child of Mary A., 173. 
[ William H. 1 ", child of Mary A., 173. 
I Adella J. 10 , child of Caroline C, b. 

1847, 173. 
Carrie E. 1 ", child of Caroline, C, b. 

1850, 173. 
Joseph A.">, child of Caroline C, b. 

1852, 173. 
Henry C. 1 ", child of Erasmus D., b. 

1S49, 173. 
Fred W>, child of Erasmus D., b. 

1852, 173. 
Erasmus D., Jr. 1 ", child of Erasmus 

D., b. 1855, 173. 
Theodore T. 1 ", child of Solomon C, 

b. 1832, 173- 
Henry 1 ", child of Solomon C, 174. 
Mary 10 , child of Solomon C, 174. 
Henrietta 10 , child of Solomon C, 

William 1 ", child of Solomon C, 174. 
Alice 10 , child of Solomon C, 174. 
Frank 1 ", child of Solomon C, 174. 
Amzi O. 1 ", child of Amzi S., b. 

1843, 174. 
Mary J>, child of Amzi S., 174. 
Edward L. 1 ", child of Amzi S., 174. 
William' , child of Amzi S., 174. 
Arthur P. 10 , child of Amzi S., 174. 
Louisa 1 ", child of Amzi S., 174. 
Eva 10 , child of Amzi S., 174. 
Capt. Emory W. 10 , child of Orria, 

b. 1832, 174. 
Mary W. 10 , child of Orria, b. 1834, 

Maria 1 ", child of Sarah M., 174. 


Ezra 10 , child of Sarah M., 174. 
Mary 1 ", child of Sarah M., 174. 

Sally 7 +, child of Olive, b. 17S5, 177. 
Polly'-,-, child of Olive, b. 1787, 

Artemisia 1 ", child of Sarah M., 175. 177. 

William 1 ", child of Sarah M., 175. 'Salmon', child of Olive, b. 178J, 

^^fS^JSSSi.l'Sk j pSlto, child of Olive, 1, 1702, 

C1 S3n5 ehild ° f S:lVah M " l jHlnnW, child of Olive, b. 1792, 

Frances C. 1 ", child of Polly M., 175. 177. 

Juliette E. 1 ", child of Polly M., 175. | Abeb+, child of Olive, b. liOi, 

Charles 1 ", cliild of Polly M., L75. | 1(7. 

Corine-, child of Polly M., 175. | Amanda'+, child of Olne, b. 1795, 

W b b r8 r 3fl75 ChMOf Al ' temiSiaW "!ci!2ten, child of Olive, b. 1798, 

N W i;, rflS^ ; ''l75 li,a ° f A, ' tCmiSia ,An5+. child of Olive, b. 1802, 

JU b ia i^\?5 Ud ° f ******* W " SalK, child of Lncinda, 177. 
Artemi^" 'child of Seymour L., b. Ellas*, child of Lucinda 177. 

*Q, r 17-, Chauncey 3 , child ot Liucincia, i( (. 

ClS, child of Eliza J., b. 1845, 175. ; Chester- child of Lucinda, ,77. 
Ann A.'.., child of Eliza J., b. 1846, Jh^clnld of SnU^n^ 

« «"«" <* Eto J - "■ cSMKffiS. 

Ann|'f , child o, HI. J., b. gSSjgMSSS^fi. 1 "- 

hSl-, child of Eliza.,., h. 1^1, Sal,non,cbiblof o Sal fci n7. b ^ 

H S y i?e" C " ild ° f E " Zi * J " ,,: il"na n . + , child of Polly, b. 1812, 
Julia A..', child of Eliza J., b. 1856, ^n*^ chUd ot polly , ,, 1817j 

Mi »i, E W C '"" 1 ° f E,Ua ' ,et " A " "' Hcma,,. child of Amanda, 177. 

Ju£a ifchlld of Elizabeth A., b. ^ cWd of Am^M. 

Co|f Sid of Elizabeths, 1, i = c, obiidof A,^,, 1^ 

LeSto "child of Elizabeth A., b. Niccna M.»+, child of Heman, 1, 

ViS,;|ildo, Eiizabcth A.. 1, M^h..U,.,lof XicenaM., ,7, 

.Tessie'B..., child of Elizabeth A., 1, ,,«* „ hud ,„ xicclM M „ 17?. 

o'gy™ ' E,,zabot " A " fe^.^^oiiy.b.-iS?; 

Le b e S fc iw 0hM "' E " Z,Vl " !t " *" ; HeSan G.», child of Polly, b. 1830, 
Winth,-o^C.», 7 Child of Elizabeth ; ^178.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ „ im 

•"'b'T^s"™"" 1 "' E ' fc, " <!, " A " SaS S.», child of Polly, 1, 1841, 
VSTl^ GeMSC "">' C.;]Lphine,»4-, child o f, 
W i5„,Xb'. .tozV An, """ a HerS^chihlofC. do,o„hin, 

Slla.'fcM.rol'Se, b. 1783, ^G.". child of C. Josephine, b. 

j 77 1)5()4, hi'. 


Salmon C. 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1819, 179. 
Chauncey 8 -K child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1821, 179. 
Charles 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1823, 179. 
01ive 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 1825, 

Albert 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1828, 179. 
Edwin 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1830, 179. 
Andrew J. 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1832, 179. 
Mary E. 8 , child of Abel, Jr., b. 1835, 

LaFayette 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1837, 179. 
Phoebe 8 , child of Abel, Jr., b. 1840, 

Martin V. B.s+, child of Abel, Jr., 

b. 1842, 180. 
Anna E. 8 +, child of Abel, Jr., b. 

1844, ISO. 
Clayton A. , child of Salmon C, 

Annette E. 9 , child of Salmon C, 

Benton 9 , child of Chauncey, 179. 
Charles H. 9 , child of Chauncev. 179. 
Wallace C. 9 , child of Chauncey,' 179. 
Laura M. 9 , child of Chauncey, 179. 
Herbert C.», child of Chauncey, 179. 
Abel S. 9 , child of Charles, 179. 
Curtis C.°, child of Charles, 179. 
Mary P.% child of Charles. 179. 
Johns, child of Olive, 179. ' 
Helen M.\ child of Albert, 179. 
Jennie E. 9 , child of Albert, 179. 
Cora E.o, child of Albert, 179. 
Courtland H. 9 , child of Edwin, 179. 
Cora 9 , child of Edwin, 179. 

9 , child of Edwin, 179. 

Frederick J. 9 +, child of Andrew 

J., b. 1861, 180. 
Rockwell F. 9 +, child of Andrew J., 

b. 1864, 181. 
Ellen B. 9 , child of Andrew J., b. 

1872, 181. 
Frank R. 9 , child of LaFayette, 179. 
Ellis A.o, child of LaFayette, 179. 
Willis D. 9 , child of LaFayette, 179. 
Ruby E. 9 , child of LaFayette, 179. 
Dora M. 9 , child of LaFayette, 179. 
Sadie 9 , child of LaFayette, 179. 
Anna J. 9 , child of LaFayette, 179. 
Ernest A. 9 , child of Martin V. B., 

Rodney L. !l , child of Martin V. B., 


Marian", child of Martin V. B., ISO. 
Florence 9 , child of Anna E., 180. 
Helen M. 9 , child of Anna E., 180. 
Dorothy K.'», child of Frederick J., 

Jackson A.'", child of Frederick J., 

Mae S. 1 ", child of Frederick J., 180. 
Raymond B.i", child of Rockwell F., 

b. 1S95, 181. 
Ann E. 8 , child of Amzi, b. 1827, 1S1. 
George \V. S +, child of Amzi, b. 

1829, 181. 
Bentley S. 8 +, child of Amzi, b. 

1832,' 181. 
Henry 8 , child of Amzi, b. 1S34, 1S1. 
Nancy N. 8 +, child of Amzi, b. 1S38, 

Allen G. 8 , child of Amzi, b. 1842, 

Lillie 9 , child of George AV., 181. 
Claytons, child of George W., 181. 
Elmer 9 , child of George W., 181. 
Frank H. 9 , child of Bentlev S.. b. 

1S57, 1S2. 
Fred L.», child of Bentley S.. b. 

1860, 182. 

Clara A. 9 , child of Bentley S., b. 

1863, 182. 
Herbert A.», child of Bentley S„ b. 

1868, 182. 
Guy B.b, child of Bentley S., b. 1871, 

Jessie C. 9 , child of Bentlev S., b. 

1877, 182. 
Howard G. n , child of Nancy II., b. 

1861, 181. 

Maria 8 +, child of Peregrine, 182. 
! Lucinda 8 , child of Peregrine, 182. 
Mehitable 8 +, child of Peregrine, 

| William 9 , child of Maria, 182. 
i Jane 9 , child of Maria, 182. 
j Cornelia 9 , child of Maria, 1S2. 
Martin 9 , child of Maria, 182. 
Martha', child of Maria, 182. 
Peregrine 9 , child of Mehitable, 1S2. 
Lewis 9 , child of Mehitable, 182. 
George 4 +, child of Sarah, b. 16S9, 

Joseph 4 , child of Sarah, b. 

Sarah 4 , child of Sarah, b. 

Thomas 4 , child of Sarah, b. 

Thomas*, child of Sarah, b- 

Joseph'+, child of Sarah, b. 1701, 




Ebenezer 4 , child of Sarah, h. 1703, 

Joshua 4 +, child of Sarah, b. 1704, 

Isaac 4 , cliild of Sarah, b. 1706, 183. 
Ruth-, cliild of Joseph, b. 1729, 183. 
Ezekiel 5 +, child of Joseph, b. 1731, 

Sarah"', child of Joseph, b. 1733, 

Elizabeth", cliild of Joshua, 183. 
Betsev 7 , child of Elizabeth, 183. 
Susan O. 8 , child of Betsey, 183. 
Joseph", child of Ezekiel, b. 1755, 

Lydia' ; +, child of Ezekiel, b. 1758, 

Gideon W."+, child of Ezekiel, b. 

1761, 183. 
Christopher", child of Ezekiel, b. 

1764, 183. 
Stephen", cliild of Ezekiel, b. 1769, 

Ebenezei-'--, cliild of Ezekiel, b. 1772, 

Joanna", cliild of Ezekiel, b. 1776, 

William", child of Ezekiel, b. 1779, 

Joshua, Jr. 5 4-, child of Joshua, 

Lucy 7 +, child of Lydia, b. 17S2, 

Lydia 7 +, child of Lydia, b. 1790, 

James 7 , child of Lydia, b. 1787, 183. 
James 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Lucy 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Hannah 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Lydia 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
John 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Henry 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Abigail 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Jane 8 , child of Lucy, 183. 
Lydia 8 +, child of Lydia, b. 1810, 

Sarah 8 4- , child of Lydia, b. 1812, 

Benjamin 8 4- , child of Lydia, b. 

1814, 184. 
Edward 8 , child of Lydia, b. 1817, 

Francis 8 4- , child of Lydia, b. 1819, 

Mary 8 , cliild of Lydia, b. 1821, 184. 
John 8 , child of Lydia, b. 1S24, 184. 
Charles P. 8 +, child of Lydia, b. 1828, 

Marv D. 8 +, child of Lydia, b. 1830, 


Thomas S. 8 +, child of Lydia, h. 

1832, 184. 
James', child of Lydia, 183. 
Edward , child of Sarah, 184. 
George 0.°+, child of Sarah, b. 1850, 

Benja m in 10 , child of George O., 184. 
Bertha 1 ", cliild of George O., 184. 
Edith 1 ", child of George O., 184. 
Flossie 10 , child of Charles P., 184. 
Henry J. '"+, child of Mary D., h. 

1853, 184. 

Benjamin J. 1 ", child of Mary D., b. 

1858, 184. 
Robert 11 , child of Henry J., 184. 
Mary 9 , child of Thomas S., 184. 
Clarence , cliild of Thomas S., 184. 
George B.°4-, child of Benjamin, b. 

1837, 184. 
Elisha F."4-, child of Benjamin, b. 

1841, 184. 
Edward B.°4-, child of Benjamin, b. 

1843, 184. 
Charles L.°4-, child of Benjamin, b. 

1846, 184. 
Benjamin , child of Benjamin, b. 

1851. 184. 
William K.°+, child of Benjamin, 

b. 1852, 184. 
George B. 1 ", child of George B., 184. 
William G. 10 , child of George B., 

Robert K. 10 , child of George B., 

Addie 10 , child of George B., 184. 
Edwin S. 10 , child of Elisha F., 184. 
Elisha F. 10 , child of Elisha F., 184. 
Sarah A. 1 ", child of Elisha F., 184. 
Charles D. 1 ", child of Elisha F., 

Benjamin K. 10 , child of Edward B., 

E. B. 10 , child of Edward B., 184. 
William B. 10 , child of Edward B., 

Reginald S."', child of Edward B., 

Katherine H. 10 , child of Edward B., 

Dean K. 10 , child of Charles L., 184. 
Benjamin 10 , child of Charles L., 

Clithero 10 , child of Charles L., 184. 
Herbert 1 ", child of William K., 184. 
Emma F.°+, child of Francis, b. 

1850, 185. 
Edwin J. 9 +, child of Francis, b. 

1854, 185. 

Charles T.°, child of Francis, b. 
1856, 185. 


Arthur H>, child of Francis, b. 

1858, 185. 
Francis E. 10 , child of Emma F., 

Fannie J. 10 , child of Emma F., 185. 
Marion 10 child of Emma F., 185. 
Mildred", child of Emma F., 185. 
Flossie*", child of Edwin J., 185. 
Edwinai", child of Edwin J., 185. 
Nelson 10 , child of Edwin J., 185. 
Lydia 7 , child of Gideon W., b. 1791, 

Gideon W. 7 , child of Gideon W., b. 

1796, 1S5. 
Betsey, child of Gideon W., 1S5. 
Laura 7 , child of Gideon W., 185. 
William 7 , child of Gideon W.. 185. 
Mary 7 -f, child of Gideon W., b. 

1806, 185. 
Mary P. 8 , child of Mary, b. 1S33, 

Moses 8 , child of Mary, b. 1834, 185. 
George W.\ child of Mary, b. 1837, 

Laura T. 8 +, child of Mary, b. 1838, 

Lydia W. 8 +, child of Mary, b. 1842, 

William H. 8 , child of Mary, b. 1S43, 

Ella M>, child of Laura T., b. 1861, 

Ada M.°, child of Laura T., b. 186S, 

Harry O. 9 , child of Laura T., b. 

1877, 185. 
William O. 9 , child of Lydia W., b. 

1875, 185. 
Alfred N. 9 , child of Lydia W., b. 

1877, 185. 
Sumner R. n , child of Lydia W., b. 

1880, 185. 
James 5 -}-, child of George Young, 

b. 1724, 186. 
Williams, child of Gideon W., b. 

1817, 185. 
Edwin 8 , child of Gideon W., b. 1819, 

George L. 8 , child of Gideon W., b. 

1822, 186. 
James 0.\ child of Gideon W., b. 

1826, 186. 
Eliza 8 , child of Gideon W., b. 1828, 

Henry 8 , child of Gideon W., b. 1831, 

CharlesH-, child of Gideon W., b. 

1831, 186. 
Henry 8 , child of Gideon W., b. 1833, 

Gideon W., Jr., 8 , child of Gideon 

W., b. 1S36, 1S6. 
Nancy B."-|-, child of Charles, b. 

1S62, 186. 
Martha C. 9 , child of Charles, b. 

1866, ISO. 

Susie H.°+, child of Charles, b. 

1867, 186. 

Nellie S. 9 , child of Charles, b. 1S68, 

Hattie G. 9 +, child of Charles, b. 

1870, 186. 
Charles O. 9 , child of Charles, b. 

1880, 186. 
Sadie", child of Charles, b. 1SS1, 

Norton B. 9 , child of Charles, b. 

1SS3, 186. 
John H. 1 ", child of Nancy B., 186. 
Frances C. 1 ", child of Nancy B., 186. 
Louis 1 ", child of Nancy B.. 186. 
Charles E. 1 ", child of Susie IL, 

Hattie Y.'°, child of Hattie G., 186. 
Elisha"-)-, child of James Young, b. 

1754, 186. 
Reuben"-}-, child of James Young, 

Jane 7 +, child of Reuben, b. 1789, 

Susan 8 , child of Jane, b. 1814, 187. 
Mary 8 , child of Jane, b. 1815, 1S7. 
James Y. 8 , child of Jane, b. 1819, 

Medora 9 +, child of James Y., b. 

1845, 187. 
Susan M. 9 +, child of James Y., b. 

1857, 187. 
Susan L. "'-(-, child of Medora, b. 

1865, 189. 
Eliza T. w +, child of Medora, b. 

1867, 189. 

Jennie W. ,0 -f, child of Medora, b. 

1868, 189. 

Justin W.t", child of Medora, b. 

1870, 189. 
Annie M.™, child of Medora, b. 

1873, 189. 
Fannie L.'°, child of Medora, b. 

1877, 189. 
Chester W-", child of Susan L., b. 

1894, 189. 
Cora S.», child of Eliza T., b. 1891, 

Bessie P.", child of Eliza T., b 

1892, 189. 
Ernest W.", child of Jennie W., b. 

1888, 189. 
Fannie M. 1 ', child of Jennie W., b. 

1890, 189. 


Walter R.", child of Jennie W., b. 

1S92, 18p. 
James F.i", child of Susan M., b. 

18S4, 189. 
Laura L. 1 ", child of Susan M., b. 

1885, 189. 
Susan M. 1 ", child of Susan M., b. 

1890, 190. 
Leonard E. 1 ", child of Susan M., b. 

1894, 190. 
Susanna 7 -}-, child of Elisha, b. 1763, 

Edward Y. 8 , child of Susanna, b. 

1SI9, 190. 
Jesse D. '•'-}-, child of Susan C, b. 

1843, 190. 
Alexander -}-, child of Susan C, b. 

1849, 190. 

Isabella 9 -)-, child of Susan C, b. 

1850, 190. 

Simeon 9 -}-, child of Susan C, b. 

1S54, 190- 
Lottie L. 1 ", child of Jesse D., b. 

1872, 190, 
Kittie GV", child of Jesse D., b. 

1874, 190. 
George H. 10 , child of Jesse D., b. 

1877, 190. 
Nathan B. 10 , child of Jesse D., b. 

1880, 190. 
Hattie E. 10 , child of Jesse D., b. 

1882, 190. 
Alice 1 ", child of Alexander, b. 1882, 

Jennie B. 10 , child of Isabella, b. 

1871, 190. 
Williami , child of Isabella, b. 1878, 

Susie 10 , child of Isabella, b. 1880, 

Daisy 10 , child of Isabella, b. 1882, 

John D. 10 , child of Simeon, b. 1S83, 

Sherman N. 10 , child of Simeon, b. 

1889, 191. 
Jessie M. 10 , child of Simeon, b. 

1893, 191. 
Thankful 4 , child of Mercy, b. 1699, 

Sarah*, child of Mercy, b. 1700, 193. 
Abigail 4 , child of Mercy, b. 1711, 

Mercy 4 , child of Mercy, b. 1711, 193. 
John*-}-, child of Mercy, b. 1720, 193. 
Anthony 4 , child of Mercy, b. 1722, 

Margaret=+, child of John Carver, 

Alanson"-}-, child of Margaret, 193. 

Barstow-|-. child of Alanson, 193. 
Huldah', child of Alanson, 193. 
Alice 7 , child of Alanson, 193. 
Israel 7 , child of Alanson, 193. 
Lucy H. 8 , child of Barstow, b. 1808, 

Ira 8 +, child of Barstow B., b. 1810, 

Hatch 8 , child of Barstow B., b. 

1812, 193. 
Abel 8 , child of Barstow B., b. 1814, 

Asa 8 , child of Barstow B., b. 1818, 

Marys, child of Barstow B., b. 1819, 

Nancys, child of Barstow B., b. 

1822, 193. 
Caroline 8 , child of Barstow B., b. 

1827, 193. 
Cyrus 8 , child of Barstow B., b. 1828, 

Ira L. 9 , child of Ira, b. 1833, 194. 
Susan C. 9 -f, child of Ira, b. 1835, 

Lucius 9 , child of Ira, b. 1840, 194. 
Adin W. 9 +, child of Ira, b. 1812, 194. 
Lucy B. 9 +, child of Ira, b. 1844, 

Sarah T. 9 +, child of Ira, b. 1847, 

Florence°+, child of Ira, b. 1852, 

John 9 +, child of Ira, b. 1855, 194. 
Lawrence 10 , child of Susan C, b. 

1861, 194. 
Lucius C. 10 -|-, child of Susan C, b. 

1866, 194. 
Allyne C. n , child of Lucius C, b. 

1893, 194. 
Charles A. 10 , child of Adin W., b. 

1876, 194. 
Clara L. 1 "-)-, child of Lucy B., b. 

1865, 194. 
George William, Jr. 10 , child of Lucy 

B., b. 1870, 194. 
Harriet B. 10 , child of Lucy B., b. 

1872, 194. 
Susan A. 10 , child of Lucy B., b. 

1S78, 194. 
Florence L. 10 , child of Sarah T., b. 

1887, 194. 
Gladys A. 1 ", child of Sarah T., b. 

1893, 194- 
Louise C. 10 , child of Florence, b. 

1887, 194- 
Horace W. 10 , child of John, b. 1886, 

Marion P. 10 , child of John, b. 1889, 


( ; EN KA LO( 5ICA L I N DEX . 

Benoni 4 -K child of Peregrine, Jr., b. 

1686, 195. 
Mark 4 -)-, child of Peregrine, Jr., b. 

1689, 195. 
Peregrine 4 , child of Peregrine, Jr., 

Elizabeth 4 , child of Peregrine, Jr., 

Peter 5 +, child of Benoni, 195. 
David 15 -!-, child of Peter, b. 1758, 

John , child of Peter, b. 1700, 195. 
Stephen c +, child of Peter, b. 1763, 

Abigail , child of Peter, b. 1765, 

Grant , child of Peter, b. 1767, 195. 
Elizabeth 7 , child of David, b. 1781, 

Reuben 7 +, child of David, b. 17S9, 

Peter 7 , child of David, b. 1786, 197. 
David7+, child of David, b. 17S9, 

Hulda7+, child of David, b. 1791, 

Ilepsibath 7 , child of David, b. 1793, 

Alvah'-)-, child of David, b. 1798, 

Sybil 7 , child of David, b. 1800, 197. 
Samuel A. 8 , child of Hepsibath, 197. 
Adeline 8 , child of Hepsibath, 197. 
Polly 8 , c hiid of Alvah, 197. 
Danford 8 , child of Alvah, 197. 
Dandridge 8 , child of Alvah, 197. 
James W. 8 -f, child of Reuben, b. 

1811, 197. 

Joseph B. 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1813, 

Elmira F. 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1814, 

Emilv 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1817, 

Anna S. 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1820, 

Orinda 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1825, 

Reuben 8 , child of Reuben, b. 1S28, 

Elias T. 8 , child of David, Jr., b. 

1812, 197. 

John B. 8 -h child of David, Jr., b., 

1815, 198. 
David 8 -)-, child of David, Jr., b. 

1819, 198. 
Andrew H. 8 -)-, child of David, Jr., b. 

1821, 198. 
Clarendon A. 8 , child of David, Jr., 

b. 1827, 198. 

Francis W. 9 , child of David, 3d, b. 

1846, 198. 

Emilia B. H. 9 , child of David, 3d, b. 

1847, 198. 

Salome 8 , child of Huldah, 198. 
Huldah 8 , child of Huldah, 198. 
Parthenia 8 , child of Huldah, 198. 
Reuben 8 , child of Huldah, 198. 
Abby P. 9 , child of John B., b. 1840, 

William H. 9 , child of John B., b. 

1843, 198. 

Fred A. 9 , child of John B., b. 1850, 

Charles A., 9 child of Andrew H., b. 

1844, 198. 

Emma 9 , child of Andrew H., b. 

1848, 198. 

George H.", child of Andrew H., b. 

1851, 198. 
Ellen E. 9 , child of James W., b. 

1840, 199. 
Caroline M. 9 , child of James W., b. 

1843, 199. 
James A. 9 , child of James W., b. 

1849, 199. 

Frank E 9 , child of James W., b. 

1(858, 199. 
Mary A. 9 , child of James W., b. 

1861, 199. 
William 7 , child of Dr. Stephen, 199. 
Peter 7 -)-, child of Dr. Stephen, b. 

1796, 199. 

George 7 , child of Dr. Stephen, b. 

1797, 199. 

Katherine 8 , child of Peter, 199. 
John 5 , child of Ensign Mark, b. 

1714, 202. 
Mark, Jr. 5 , child of Ensign Mark, b. 

1716, 202. 
Elizabeth 6 , child of Ensign Mark, 

b. 1717, 202. 
Mary", child of Ensign Mark, b. 

1719, 202. 
Thomas 6 , child of Ensign Mark, 

b. 1722, 202. 
Anne 5 , child of Ensign Mark, b. 

1724, 202. 
Samuel", child of Ensign Mark, b. 

1726, 202. 
Dorothy 5 , child of Ensign Mark, b. 

1730, 202. 
Stephen 8 , child of Dea. Mark, b. 

1743, 202. 

Samuel"-)-, child of Dea. Mark, b. 

1744, 202. 

Anna", child of Dea. Mark, b. 1745, 

John 6 , child of Dea. Mark, b. 1746, 



Mary , child of Dea. Mark, b. 1748, 

John°+, child of Dea. Mark, b. 

1749, 203. 
Ebenezer 6 +, child of Dea. Mark, b. 

1751, 203. 

Rebecca 6 , child of Dea. Mark, b. 

1752, 203. 

Icliabod 6 , child of Dea. Mark, b. 

1754, 203. 
Marah , child of Dea. Mark, b. 1755, 

Ruth 6 , child of Dea. Mark, by 2d 

wife, b. 1758, 203. 
Daniel 6 +, child of Dea. Mark, by 

2d wife, b. 1760, 203. 
Sarah 6 , child of Dea. Mark, by 2d 

wife, b. 1762, 203. 
Obediah 6 , child of Dea. Mark, by 

2d wife, b. 1764, 203. 
Abel°+, child of Dea. Mark, by 2d 

wife, b. 1766, 203. 
Rhoda , child of Dea. Mark, by 2d 

wife, b. 1769, 203. 
Aaron -)-, child of Dea. Mark, by 2d 

wife, b. 1772, 203. 
Miriam , child of Dea. Mark, by 2d 

wife, b. 1776. 203. 
Mary 7 , child of Ebenezer, b. 1776, 

Ebenezer, Jr. 7 , child of Ebenezer, 

b. 1777, 203. 
Dorothy 7 , child of Samuel, b. 1776, 

Hepsibah', child of Samuel, b. 1779, 

Samuel 7 , child of Samuel, b. 1781, 

John'-h child of Samuel, b. 17S1, 

Anna 7 , child of Samuel, b. 1783, 205. 
Joseph?-)-, child of Samuel, b. 1786, 

George W 7 , child of Samuel, b. 

1788, 206. 
Benjamin F. 7 -f, child of Samuel, b. 

1791, 206. 
Anna 7 , child of Samuel, b. 1794, 

Benjamin F., Jr. 8 -j-, child of Benja- 
min F., b. 1722, 206. 
Henry G. 8 , child of Benjamin F., b. 

1824, 206. 
Mary 8 , child of John, b. 1818, 206. 
George W. 8 +, child of John, b. 

1820, 207. 
Lydia 8 +, child of John, b. 1822, 

Joseph W. 9 +, child of Lydia, b. 

1844, 207. 

Albert S.°, child of Lydia, b. 1S46, 

Nancy F. a , child of Lydia, b. 1850, 

Elliott G.o-K child of George W., 

b. 1S56. 207. 
Marion C.'", child of Elliott G., b. 

18S2, 208. 
Frederick J. 1 ", child of Joseph W., 

b. 1870, 207. 
Alice M. 10 , child of Joseph W., b. 

1877, 207. 
Joseph A. 8 4-, child of Joseph, b. 

1817, 206. 
Joseph F.°, child of Joseph A., b. 

1842, 208. 
William R. 9 +, child of Joseph A., 

b. 1849, 208. 
Joseph F. 9 , child of Joseph A., b. 

1852, 208. 
Howard J. 1 ", child of William R,, 

b. 1881, 208. 
William E. UP , child of William R., 

b. 1S83, 2^8. 
Donald P. 1 ", child of William R., b. 

1S86, 208- 
Margaret H. 1 ", child of William R., 

b. 1SS7, 208. 
Charles G. !, + , child of Benjamin F., 

Jr., b. 1S50, 208. 
Susan K°, child of Benjamin F., Jr., 

b. 1854, 209. 
Charles G. 1 ", Jr., child of Charles 

G., b. 1S75, 209. 
Frank S. 10 , child of Charles G., b. 

1879, 209. 
Goddard M. 10 , child of Charles G., 

b. 1S8S, 209. 
Betsey V. 7 , child of Dea. John, b. 

1784, 209. 
John 7 , child of Dea. John, b. 1787, 

John'4-, child of Daniel, b. 1785, 

Polly 7 , child of Daniel, b. 1786, 211. 
Daniel 7 , Jr., child of Daniel, b. 

1791, 211. 
AbeP, child of Daniel, b. 1797, 211. 
Abraham 8 +, child of Dea. John, b. 

1812, 212. 
Charlotte 8 -)-, child of Dea. John, b. 

1814, 212. 
Winthrop F. 8 -)-, child of Dea. John, 

b. 1817, 212. 
Luthur 8 +, child of Dea. John, b. 

1822, 212. 
Mary S. 8 , child of Dea. John, b. 

1825, 212. 
John 8 -)-, child of Dea. John, b. 

1831, 212. 


Abraham 9 +, child of Abraham, b. 

1834, 212. 
Edward»+, child of Abraham b. 

1836, 213. 
Susan», child of Abraham, b. 1838, 

Fanny", child of Abraham, 213. 
Charlotte 9 , child of Abraham, 213. 
Eugene 10 , child of Abraham, 212. 
Celeste J.°, child of Charlotte, b. 

1833, 213. 
Elbridge 9 , child of Charlotte, 213. 
Luke-9, child of Charlotte, 213. 
Willie 9 , child of Charlotte, b. 1844, 

Harriet A. 9 +, child of Winthrop F., 

b. 1840, 213. 
Ellen S 9 , child of Winthrop F., b. 

1842, 213. 
Susan W. 9 , child of Winthrop F., b. 

1847, 213. 
Albert 9 , child of Luthur, b. 1846, 

Augusta 9 , child of Luthur, b. 1846, 

Mary 9 , child of Luthur, b. 1851, 214. 
Lucy 9 , child of Luthur, b. 1856, 214. 
Emma E. 9 , child of Luthur, b. 1859, 

Carrie E.»+, child of John, Jr., b. 

1864, 214. 

J. Sidney 9 , child of John, Jr., b. 

1866, 214. 
Howard B.'°, child of Edward, b. 

1858, 214. 
Annie E. 10 , child of Edward, b. 

1860, 214- 
Caro A. 10 , child of Edward, b. 1864, 

Clara S. 10 , child of Edward, b. 1866, 

Edward, child of Edward, b. 

1872, 214. 
Frederick H. 10 , child of Harriet A., 

b. 1860, 214. 
Florence H 10 , child of Harriet A., 

b. 1863, 214. 
Arthur H. 10 , child of Harriet A., b. 

1865, 214. 

Nellie E. 11 ', child of Harriet A., b. 

1870. 214. 
Mark W. 10 , child of Carrie E., b. 

1890, 215. 
Abel P. 7 +, child of Abel, b. 1804, 

Nancy 7 , child of Abel, b. 1805, 215. 
Mary 7 , child of Abel, b. 1807, 215. 
Timothy 7 , child of Abel, b. 1809, 

Sumner', child of Abel, b. 1811, 215. 

Francis L. 8 , child of Abel P., b 

1830, 215. 
Josephs-)-, child of Abel P., b. 1833, 

Francis A., child of Abel P., b. 

1836, 215. 
Marshall B. 8 , child of Abel P., b. 

1838, 215. 
Mary E 8 , child of Abel P., b. 1841, 

Katherine", child of Joseph, b. 1862, 

Walter M. 9 , child of Joseph, b. 

1879, 216. 
Lieut. Samuel 6 , child of Samuel, b. 

1766, 216. 
Lydia 6 , child of Samuel, b. 1769, 

Mark 6 , child of Samuel, b. 1772, 

Dorothy 6 , child of Samuel, b. 1776, 

Elizabeth 6 , child of Samuel, b. 1779, 

Sally+, child of Aaron, b. 1801, 

Aaron, Jr. 7 +, child of Aaron, b. 

1802, 216. 
Otis 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1805, 216. 
Mary 7 +, child of Aaron, b. 1807, 

George 7 +, child of Aaron, b. 1810, 

Prudence S. 7 +, child of Aaron, b. 

1812, 216. 
Stillman 7 +, child of Aaron, b. 1815, 

Alpheus 7 , child of Aaron, b. 1818, 

Elbridge G. 8 , child of Sally, b. 1821, 

Sarah S. 8 , child of Sally, b. 1823, 217. 
George A.s, child of Sally, b. 1826, 

James M. 8 , child of Sally, b. 1828, 

Otis W. 8 , child of Sally, b. 1831, 

Augustus S. 8 +, child of Aaron, Jr., 

b. 1827, 217. 
Eliza A.«+, child of Aaron, Jr., b. 

1829, 217. 
Elbridge T. 8 , child of Aaron, Jr., b. 

1831, 217. 
Charlotte J. 8 +, child of Aaron, Jr., 

b. 1833. 217. 
George F. 8 +, child of Aaron, Jr. , 

b. 1835, 217. 
Stillman C. 8 +, child of Aaron, Jr., 

b. 1837, 217. 


Martha O.H-, child of Aaron, Jr., 

b. 1839, 217. 
Harry E.«+, child of Aaron, Jr., b. 

1846, 218. 
George H. 8 +, child of Mary, b. 1830, 

Mary S. 8 , child of Mary, b. 1832, 

JohnS. 8 , child of Mary, b. 1835, 218. 
Mary J. 8 +, child of Mary, b. 1839, 

Sarali S. 8 +, child of Mary, b. 1843, 

Julia 8 , child of George, b. 1841, 

El win W. 9 , child of George H., b. 

1870, 218. 
George I. 9 , child of George H., b. 

1874, 218. 

Carolyn J. 9 , child of Mary J., b. 

1873 218 
Viola S. 9 , child of Sarah S., b. 1864, 

LukeH. 9 , child of Sarah S., b. 1866, 

Leander V. N. 9 , child of Sarah S., 

b. 1871, 218. 
Agnes J. 8 , child of Stillman, b. 

1848, 218. 
Grace S. 8 , child of Prudence S., b. 

1832, 219. 
Horace 8 -)-, child of Prudence S., b. 

1834, 219. 
Myron A. 9 , child of Horace, b. 

1858, 219- 
John E. 9 , child of Horace, b. 1861, 

Hubert A. 9 , child of Horace, b. 

1863, 219. 
Mary E. 9 , child of Horace, b. 1866, 

Fred 9 , child of Horace, b. 1868, 219. 
Flora E. 9 +, child of Horace, b. 1872, 

Hattie F. 9 , child of Horace, b. 1877, 

Glen E. 10 , child of Flora E., b. 1893, 

Rollin A. 9 -|-, child of Augusta S., b. 

1846, 219. 
Nella A. 9 +, child of Augusta S., b. 

1848, 219. 
Alta^, child of Rollin A., b. 1877, 

Bertha 10 , child of Rollin A., b. 1879, 

Eva N. 10 -f, child of Nella A., b. 

1869, 219. 
Florence J. 1 ", child of Nella A., b. 

1875, 219. 

Mabelle E.", child of Eva N., b. 

1887, 219. 
Harold S. u , child of Eva N., b. 

1889, 219. 

Charles M. 9 -f, child of Eliza A., b. 

1849, 219. 
Orion 9 , child of Eliza A., b. 1859,219. 
Lillian E. 9 , child of Eliza A., b. 

1864, 219. 
Donald S. 10 , child of Charles M., b. 

1874, 219. 
Anna M. 10 , child of Charles M., b. 

1876, 219. 
Florence S. 19 , child of Charles M., b. 

1878, 219. 
Frank L. 9 , child of Charlotte J., b. 

1855, 220. 

Fred 0. 9 +, child of Charlotte J., b. 

1856, 220. 

Mariquita W. 10 , child of Fred O., b. 

1890, 220. 

Nora E. 10 , child of Fred O., b. 1894, 

Frankie G. 9 , child of George F., b. 

1867, 220. 
Jennie E. 9 , child of Stillman C, b. 

1867, 220. 
Stella I. 9 , child of Stillman C, b. 

1869, 220. 
Elbridge W. 9 , child of Martha O., 

b. 1862, 220. 
Harry L.», child of Harry E., b. 

1893, 220. 
Records of births from Bolton, 

Mass., 221. 
Records of marriages from Bolton, 

Mass., 221. 
Records of marriages from Worces- 
ter, Mass., 222. 
Records of births from Concord, 

Mass., 223. 
Records of marriages from Concord, 

Mass., 224. 
Records of deaths from Concord, 

Mass., 224. 
Records of births from Acton, 

Mass., 224. 
Records of marriages from Acton, 

Mass., 224. 
Records of deaths from Acton, 

Mass., 225. 
Records of births from Mendon, 

Mass., 225. 
Records of marriages from Mendon, 

Mass., 229. 
Records of deaths from Mendon, 

Mass., 233. 
Records of marriages from Middle- 

boro, Mass., 233. 
Joshua White, 234. 


Cyrus White, Jr., 234. 
Ebenezer White, Jr., 234. 
Solomon White, b. 1787, 235. 
Benjamin White, 235. 
Benjamin White, Jr., child of Ben- 
jamin, b. 1716, 236. 
Silas White, child of Benjamin, b. 

1752, 236. 
Benjamin White, child of Silas, b. 

1779, 237. 
Silas White, son of Benjamin, b. 

1813, 237. 
William L. White, son of Silas, b. 

1846, 239. 
Charles White, child of Silas, b. 

1806, 239. 
Benjamin F. White, child of Charles, 

b. 1851. 239. 
Wendell H. White, child of Charles, 

b. 1853, 239. 
Benjamin F. White, child of Benja- 
min, 240. 
Samuel White, child of Benjamin, 

b. 1746, 240. 
Samuel N. White, child of Samuel, 

b. 1805, 240. 
John White-f, 244. 
Cornelius White+, child of John, 

b. 1711, 245. 
Samuel White-f, child of Cornelius, 

b. 1739, 245. 
Asa Wliite-f-, child of Cornelius, b. 

1752, 245. 
Alfred White, child of Asa, b. 

1785, 246. 
Thomas White, child of Samuel, b. 

1767, 246. 
Stephen M. White, child of Samuel, 

b. 1771, 247. 
Moses White-|-, child of Cornelius, 

b. 1743, 247. 
Calvin White-f, child of Moses, b. 

1774, 248. 
Shubael White, child of Calvin, b. 

1809, 249. 
Samuel White, 249. 
Ezekiel White-f, b. 1707, 251. 
John White, child of Ezekiel, b. 

1742, 251. 
Dea. John White-f, b. 1704, 252. 
Capt. John White-f, child of Dea. 

John, b. 1740, 252. 
James M. White, child of Capt. 

John, b. 1788, 253. 
Mary E. White+, child of James 

M., b. 1820, 253. 
Alfred H. White, child of Mary E., 

b. 1844, 253. 
Harriet A. White, child of Mary E., 

b. 1848, 253. 

Lena T. White, child of Mary E., 

b. 1853, 253. 
Frank L. White, child of Mary E., 

b. 1855, 253. 
Captain Joseph White, child of 

Thomas, b. 1746, 253. 
Broughton White, child of Thomas, 

b. 1773, 255. 
John White, 255. 
Seabury White, 255. 
John White, b. 1744, 256. 
Perez White-f, 256. 
Sidney White, child of Perez, b. 

1794, 256. 
Isaac K. White, child of Perez, b. 

1801, 256. 
Records of marriages from West- 
moreland, N. H., 257. 
Hannah White, b. 1765, 259. 
Nancy White, 259. 
Luthur White, 259. 
Royal White, 259. 
Mary White, b. 1721, 259. 
Jothan White, b. 1724, 260. 
Sarah White, 260. 
Samuel White, child of Eben, 260. 
Samuel White, Jr., child of Samuel, 

b. 1752, 260. 
William White, child of John, Jr., 

Susanna White, 262. 
James White-f, 262. 
Edward White+, child of James, 

1683, 263. 
Edward White, Jr., child of Ed- 
ward, b. 1712, 263. 
Thomas White, child of Edward, 

Jr., b. 1748, 263. 
Patience White, child of Edward, b. 

1714, 263. 
Penelope White+, 264. 
John Crapo-f , child of Penelope, 

Peter Crapo, child of John, 264. 
Michael White, b. 1725, 265. 
Nehemiah White-f, 266. 
Hervey White, child of Nehemiah, 

b. 1794, 266. 
Robert White, b. 1705, 267. 
Rufus White, 267. 
William White-f, 267. 
Ira White, child of William, b. 

1797, 267. 
Abijah White, child of Tilley, 

Sumner White, child of Jeremiah, 

Josiah White+, 268. 
Abel White+, child of Josiah, b. 

1760, 268. 


Eunice White, child of Abel, b. 

1784, 269. 
Josiah White+, 1769, 269. 
Relief White, child of Josiah, 269. 
James White, b. 1691, 269. 
Phineas White, Jr., child of Phin- 

eas, 270. 
Nehemiah White, 270. 
James G. White, 271. 
Lizzie White, 271. 
Betsey White, child of John, 271. 
Isaac White, 271. 
Stephen White, 271. 
Stephen White, 271. 
Isaac M. White, child of Asa, b. 

1799, 271. 
Jacob White, child of Edward, 272. 
John White, child of William, b. 

1775, 272. 
Ira White, child of Stephen, b. 1789, 

James White, 272. 
Josiah White+, 273. 
Josiah White, Jr., child of Josiah, 

b. 1758, 273. 
Betsey White, b. 1775, 273. 
Julia A. White+, 273. 
Julia M. Spaulding, child of Julia 

A 273. 
Thomas White, 274. 
Elijah White, b. 1769, 274. 
Dea John White, 275. 
John White, 275. 
Gideon White, 275. 
Benjamin White, 275. 
George White, 276. 
John White, b. 1781, 276. 
William White, b. 1752, 276. 
Daniel White, b. 1670, 276. 
William White, child of Benjamin, 

b. 1737, 277. 
John White+, child of Benjamin, 

b. 1760, 277. 
Benjamin White, child of John, b. 

1790, 278. 
Nathan White, child of John, b. 

1801, 279. 
Chloe White, 280. 
Nathan White, 281. 
Joseph White, 281. 
James White-h 281. 
James White, Jr.+, child of James, 

b. 1793, 282. 
John J. White, child of James, Jr., 

b. 1816, 282. 
Anna White, child of Richard, 283. 
Mehitable White, 2S3. 
Carpus White+, 283. 
Joseph White-j-, child of Carpus, b. 

1767, 2S3. 

Joseph White, Jr., child of Joseph, 

b. 1795, 283. 
Daniel White, b. 1750, 284. 
Ezekiel, + child of Dea. Samuel, b. 

1722, 284. 
Ezekiel, Jr., child of Ezekiel, b. 

1748, 285. 
Noah-j-, child of Ezekiel, b. 1756. 

Ebenezer+, child of Ezekiel, b. 

1761, 288. 
Asa+, child of Ebenezer, b. 1787, 

Peregrine, child of Asa, b. 1846, 

Sarah, child of Ezekiel, b. 1759, 

Sarah, child of Ebenezer, b. 1794, 

Joel+, child of Noah, b. 1796, 289. 
Elliot V.+, child of Joel, b. 1817, 

Laura J., child of Elliot V., b. 1843, 

Florence N., child of Laura J., b. 

1863, 291. 
Lucy E., child of Elliot V.. b. 1847, 

Herbert C, child of Elliot V., b. 

1860, 292. 
Leafy+, child of Joel, b. 1823, 292. 
Joseph E., child of Leafy, b. 1845, 

Edna, child of Leafy, b. 1850, 2U3. 
Ella, child of Leafy, b. 1853, 294. 
Charles B., child of Leafy, b. 1855, 

Fredrika, child of Leafy, b. 1862, 

Frank O., child of Leafy, b. 1864, 

Holton J.+, child of Joel, b. 1825, 

Orlin W., child of Holton J., b. 

1855, 294. 
Mary E., child of Holton J., b. 

1865, 295. 
Clarissa, child of Joel, b. 1828, 295. 
Achsah, child of Joel, b. 1830, 295. 
Addison, child of Joel, b. 1832, 295. 
Louisa, child of Joel, b. 1836, 296. 
Leander C.+, child of Joel, b. 1838, 

Jeanette M., child of Leander C.,b. 

1862, 296. 
Willmette, b. 1866, 296. 
Alice E., b. 1867, 297. 
Records gathered by William A. 

Kirby, 297. 
Edward Winslow'+, 305. 


Edward Winslow, Jr. 2 , child of Ed- 
ward, by 1595, 306. 

Kenelm Winslow 2 -f, child of Ed- 
ward, b. 1599, 307. 

Eleanor Winslows-f, child of Ken- 
elm, 307. 

Kenelm Baker 4 , child of Eleanor, b. 
1657, 30S. 

Josiah AVinslow 3 +, child of Ed- 
ward, Jr., b. 1629, 308. 

Isaac Winslow*, child of Josiah, b. 
1670, 309. 

Elizabeth Winslow 4 +, b. 1664, 309. 

Thomas Burton 8 -}-, child of Eliza- 
beth, b. 1692, 309. 

Eleanor Burton 6 , child of Thomas, 
b. 1723, 310. 

Nathaniel Bishop 7 ~K child of 
Eleanor, b. 1747, 310. 

Eleanor B. 8 , dau. of Nathaniel, b. 
1781, 310. 

Elizabeth B.°, child of Eleanor B., 
b. 1801, 311. 

Asa Metcalf, 311. 

Benjamin Ferrin, 313. 

Relics found in Plymouth Hall, 314. 

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